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[INFO]My game with Essentials

Started by Hyperx May 12th, 2012 4:57 AM
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Seen December 11th, 2013
Posted December 11th, 2013
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7.3 Years
i'll put screens up and a demo later if people want that.

Hey guys.

Some info here on what i have been doing and what im going to be doing.

Title: to be announced

Story:The story starts years before the pokemon games/anime.
Not much is known about pokemon.The game start when a young
boy turns 16, and starts his journey as a Pokemon Explorer,(something like prof oak before he became the prof)Your goal is to discover new pokemon and explore
the mysteries surrounding them.

Starter Pokemon:Eevee,you get an Eevee for your birthday from your best friend bobby after it was disbanded by his own trainer.Not much is known about Eevee's, but thats about to change.

I don't know yet if im gonna put in pokeballs to catch every wild pokemon.
I was thinking on adding pokemon to the party trough the story.
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