6th Gen Male Versions of Cosplay Pikachu

Started by LegendChu March 27th, 2015 11:49 PM
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Well I've not played any 6th Gen game yet, but I like the concept of Cosplay Pikachus, each one having its own signature move. Its high time that Pikachu, being the mascot of Pokemon (arguably){:3}, got a better representation in the games (Pokemon Yellow being an exception) & with Cosplay Pikachu, I think its a good incentive for Pikachu lovers, like me.

The only thing I don't like is, "Why is a Cosplay Pikachu always female?" I mean, its not as if male Pokemon are not used in Pokemon contests or guys don't do Pokemon Contests, after all Pokemon Contests are not only about beauty, right?

I really think that there should be male versions of Cosplay Pikachu as well, don't you guys think?

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Well, it was just a suggestion, its not as if I hate female Pokemon. If those cosplays were for female only Pokemon like Chansey, Kangaskhan etc. that would be ok, but since Pikachu has a 50:50 gender ratio, it'd only be fair & logical, that male versions for Cosplay were also available, as a "choice". Just sayin :|

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What I don't like about it always being female is that it doesn't fit with some of the Pikachu outfits, like the wrestler and rock star ones. It fits the Pop Star and Belle ones perfectly, and maybe the scientist, but the other two...
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Most people don't really care about Male or Female. Except when male and female differ in designs, I don't see why you should care about the gender. Now this opinion is coming from a casual gamer, who doesn't play 24/7. I mean, sure there are some times I want to pick only one gender, but that has happened very rarely. And plus, why be sexist? I have my cousin, who is kinds macho, and he only picks male pokemon.



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Actually gender does have some effect in Gameplay, I mean having an all male team (or all female team for that matter), will make you vulnerable to moves like Attract & Abilities like Cute Charm.

I'm a guy, but I've always had female Pokemon in my Team, that's not the point. My point is only about "CHOICE", I mean there should be an option to choose if you want a Male Cosplay Pikachu or a Female Cosplay Pikachu, I mean maybe a Male player gets a Male Cosplay Pikachu & a Female Player gets a Female Cosplay Pikachu, or even vice-versa doesn't matter, but at least there should be an option, right!

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Being a Pika-MANIAC like myself, agree on the male Cosplay Chu idea! I've never really liked using females due to that feminine heart-shaped dent in the tail, but Cosplay Chu female is still cute. I wish we had a choice to choose between genders.. and it wasn't fixed like it is now.

PS: Fat Pikachu FTW.... New skinnier one is still cute though. #needmorepikachu's

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Being permanently female would make some sense if the Pikachu you got each time was the same one. But if not, there's not much sense in it. After all there's a lot of men who cosplay too.

I support:

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I think Cosplay Pikachu is fine as female. After all, you do get it from doing your first Pokemon Contest Spectacular which is like a fashion contest with pokemon, and normally Females are considered "pretty" while males are considered "Handsome". Fashion kind of things are normally for pretty (I'm not saying there are no pretty men/males). So Cosplay Pikachu should keep being female (that's only MY opinion).


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Ultimately I don't mind since they're still cute either way. I used to be obsessed with the female gender icon (pink!!) years ago though so even if it could be male, I'd probably still reset to have that cute symbol. :D; haha
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I mean, maybe cosplay Pikachu is Spiky Ear Pichu, but evolved. She can't breed, or evolve. Well, Spiky eared Pichu can't either, and this is just a theory, but you only get one ever anyway, so that could be a very unlikely possibility.

Although, I'm sure if cosplay Pikachu were male, you'd only allowed to be able to dress him up in the Libre and Rock Star costume, anyway, since they're more "masculine" or whatever.
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