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[Team] Pokemon Drizzle (recruiting)

What would the world be like if the oceans rose?

Somewhere, in an alternate universe, unknown causes had lead to a stituation in which Brendan does not exist. Steven Stone, and all others who could have prevented catastrophe, were unable to cease the unfolding doom of Team Aqua's plans.

52 years later, the world is covered in feets of risen sea, turning cliffs into trenches and entire regions into islands. The heavy storms are frequent in many parts of the world, but it is not nearly as ferocious as it was originally. Unexpectedly, other bizarre climate changes have drastically warped environments -- deserts into jungles and prairies into tundras. Not only this, but the Pokemon have changed as well. Tribalism and aggressiveness haunt the wild Pokemon, and many are rumored to have fallen the same fate as fossil Pokemon. Humankind could have never predicted the variability of change, and Pokemon have turned against tolerable coexistence with their once best friends...

Politically the landscape has been distorted as well. Capitalizing on the chaos, destroyed infrastructure, and both economic and governmental collapse, Team Aqua rules the remains of what was once Kanto, Sinnoh, and Hoenn. With armadas of powerful water Pokemon already at its disposal, the archipelagos of the world make mafia-like rule ridiculously easy, and the monopolization of power allows for a tyrranical Aqua Syndicate to have an iron fist on transportation, commerce, and law.

Hope is not lost for the world. Many people still remember what it was like before the rule of thugs, and long for the return of society where Pokemon and people all coexisted in harmony, not to be used as tools for syndicate warlords or to be driven to barbarism and hostility.

A boot cannot stamp on a human face forever. While many younger folk see violent revolution as a cruel impossibility, the tides have begun to change, and what was once the pathetic remains of an outlawed Team Magma, driven-underground, has become a competent revolutionary threat to the status quo of Aqua autocracy.

In this game, you play as a seemingly ordinary kid, born in a docile clearing of Swine Jungle, on an island where rainforests dominate the hills. The game involves exploring islands in a beautiful but rough archipelago filled with wild Boss Pokemon the player must defeat/capture to progress through the story. Not only nestled in the conflict between rulers and revolutionaries, but also within the unlikely conflict between mankind and Pokemon. Will it be Mother Nature who determine the resolution, or the player's willpower?

-----Production Process-----

Okay, so now for he boring part. This is probably going to be a ROM hack of Ruby or Emerald (or maybe even Sapphire if I can find the tools, it might make certain things easier.) I have no estimated time at which this ROM hack will be completed, it entirely depends on my free time and my pretty lackluster scripting skills. I can script basic stuff, make maps and insert music, but there are tasks that would speed up the production process significantly from a crew of people interested in taking this idea up.

Who I need:
The starred roles are jobs that i have some experience in, and will be aided collaborative tasks.

*- Additional scriptors experienced with XSE, specifically the "special" commands for the RSE games, and people who know how to set flags properly
- Anyone familiar with hex editing
- Sprite and tilesets artists
*- Music composition, anyone hat knows RSE instruments and how to convert pre-existing midi files into instruments compatible with sappy
- Additional storywriters

Those are the most important things. There are definitely other useful skills and if you think you might be able to contribute to the team in a helpful way outside of the task priorities I outlined, talk to me about it and it might work.

I plan on making this game somewhat choice-based. Ideally, the player will have the choice of joining revolutionaries (dressed similarly to Team Magma), or to go solo and fight against both teams. The game might still follow a traditional Pokemon game, with Gyms etc., although this isn't concrete yet.

If this idea interests you, leave a comment. If you would like to consider helping the project or joining the team, also let me know. As this is a new account, I can't post a Discord link, but here is he invite code:

Discord (invite code)