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I reaaly couldnt find any way to report a glitch, so ill just say it here (sorry if this annoys anyone) but basically for some reason when i go into the room before the elite four, my game moves at 1/20 of its normal speed, and opening menu doesnt work and the game freezes every time you try to go into the elite four or leave, so im stuck in the room for all eternity. my other saves still work but they are far behind in the rom. Ive gone into that pre-elite four room before, and it hasnt done this, ive also been able to access the elite four before, but these are my latest saves as i saved before going into the elite four that time, not realizing something was wrong
that could be a emu problem, what is it?
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How does one Evolve Kubfu in Radical Red? Thinking of adding one to my team when I get to it. Thank you!
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"Radical Red is a very hard and unfun game, please make an easier version so that I could spam the A button in every battle without using my brain to come up with smart strategies..."
The game has been fun, but there are a few criticisms that I have with the game, it's very annoying to keep searching for a Pokemon with decent IVs, it takes way too much time and makes me not want to add more Pokemon into my party, maximazing all IVs is also a time consuming process, it takes way too much time to grind for Lucky Eggs, I also dislike how the open world aspect in the midgame was taken away by making things more linear as I really loved to just walk around and beat the gyms in the order I wanted.
Another problem I have is that you have to either wait days or change the date just to encounter a Dracovish in the raid den.