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PokePr0n- Adult hackers only!

Started by cjdogger September 30th, 2008 11:33 AM
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Posted October 3rd, 2008
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So I had a great idea last night, how about a porn version of pokemon?! But alas I am not very experienced at GBA hacking *Sigh...
But wait! There is another option! You guys could help!
I've tried spriting but that didn't go very well...
So I need a Spriter or two who can also index them and insert them into the game!
I need a Scripter or two because i can't do that...
A mapper because I can't do that...
I can do the rest I think...

Onto the hack details-
It's called PokePr0n: Bo0bies
All pokemon are porn/dirty versions of them
The characters talk dirty and so does the pokedex
You and your pimping team want to become the pr0n Baron by obataining the porn sigils of greatness and fighting the pr0n stars to achieve your goals! There won't be any screenshots because that'll be against the rules definately, I don't think this is too explicit to talk about...
If you want to join PM me, i'd love this comedy game to work XD

Edit: Oh yeah... It's a ruby hack
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