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Last night I made it to what is basically the game's climax, summoning Lunala at the Altar of the Moone, traveling through Ultra Space to Ultra Megapolis, and fighting (Ultra) Necrozma.

I got obliterated by it the first 3 times I tried. But this morning I finally beat it by using an X Sp.Def and two Roto Boosts on Skarmory, then alternating between healing Skarm and hitting Ultra Necrozma, until it finally went down.

The thing is, I'm not sure what compelled them to give an aura boost (+1 to all stats) to a Pokemon with Ultra Necrozma's BST (for perspective, there are currently only 5 Pokemon in existence that match or surpass Arceus's BST of 720--Mega Rayquaza, Primal Groudon, Primal Kyogre, the Mega Mewtwos, and now, Ultra Necrozma). It's like, did they actually expect people new to Pokemon (I don't mean me) to be able to handle this fight alright? I feel like there's some trick to this fight, or that there's just something I missed or was doing wrong up to point that made it harder than it had to have been.

Or am I the only psyducking idiot who had issues with this battle?
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It does seem many had issues with this; I guess I was lucky to decide to pick Primarina this time round (Because I used the other 2 in Sun & Moon) so the typing already have an advantage.

I don't have any faints or healing; my Pokemon were all above it's level except for my Sandslash (A last late party member whom was 2-3 level beneath it).
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I found this battle tough as well, especially with my Magnezone taking surprisingly huge damage from resisted STAB moves. But a PokeTuber named HDvee did upload a video on tips on how to defeat Ultra Necrozma.

Basically, having a Steel-type is your best bet since it resists all of Necrozma's attacks. My guess as to why the battle is hard is probably because Game Freak is trying to encourage use of X Items or Roto Powers, not sure if that's true but I'm assuming that.
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The battle went by easily for me. Since I had a Zoroark disguised as Primarina, the AI wouldn't catch on, and kept using Photon Geyser. I eventually just won by using Foul Play twice.


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Prankster Cottonee used Toxic and then I just protect stalled it until it died. Think it KOed two of my mons until it died. My highest levelled Pokemon was Level 57 Tsareena.

None of my All-Grass team are the bulkiest and Ferrothorn isn't available in Alola not that I would have used it anyway.
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Posted August 7th, 2019
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It took me a couple of tries before I got down a strategy that worked for me. After the first defeat I looked up its stats and understood why it was so tough lmao.
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Posted November 20th, 2018
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It did catch me off guard to begin with. But I think it's great example of needing more than brute force to defeat the final 'boss'.

Strategy is just as important in Pokémon battles, and this is a good situation where you need strategy to win.

In the end, I equipped one of my Pokémon with a focus band (so it would actually get a hit in) and Toxic. I poisoned it and then switched my Pokémon out until it fainted.

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Posted January 27th, 2019
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I was blown away with how difficult this boss was. People always say they want a difficult Pokemon game, and I feel we got it this time around. I managed to beat Necrozma in my first try, but not without difficulty. I can't quite remember how I managed to get it's HP to half. My Honchkrow, I believe, and maybe Pokemon Refresh RNG coming into it with a dodge or a cling at 1HP. It OK'd pretty much all of my pokemon bar Decidueye, leaving it at 3HP. I managed to take Necrozma down eventually, but whew! I don't think I want to Nuzlocke this game!
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It seriously took me less then two minutes my fellow trainers. Two freakin minutes before my battle with Necrozma ended in a humiliating defeat with my Pokemon dropping like it's hot. Yeah so hot they past out in a cold sweat. The only reason why I could hit him once was due to a Z-move but other then that this was the very first time I actually lost a battle since my return to the franchise this past August. I don't think I'm going to even return until my Pokemon have leveled up by twenty points and my strongest Pokemon was at level 61! So for my fellow trainers how many times did it take for you to defeat Necrozma? And if you lost your first battle did you return right after or did you train your Pokemon before returning?


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Posted April 3rd, 2019
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I managed to win against Necrozma with some luck though, Pokemon Refresh's mechanic helped me a little bit, and I have Decidueye and Komala with Sucker Punch, and some revives too. When Necrozma was under about 50% HP, I used the Z-Move Sinister Arrow Raid and get the job done. There are many alternative ways too, but using Toxic is quite the more popular method. My team's level were about Level 54 during that time.


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Oh, well then that's just easier.

Throw your hacked shiny level 100 Uber Tier pokemon team at it from your pokebank.
Kind of ruins the point of having a difficult battle.
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I had to reset the game three times around the necrozma part, not because Ultra Necrozma was hard but because I wanted the Poipole immediately and wanted it to have a good nature. I'm aware that I can decline the gift and get Poipole later, but I wanted to pick it up after I beat Ultra Necrozma. My team wasn't overleveled since my strongest Pokémon on my team was my level 55 Decidueye. I think that I was lucky since my Decidueye had a Sassy nature that boosted Special Defense, allowing her to survive the first Photon Geyser so that I could get a Sinister Arrow Raid in, then I would follow up with Sucker Punch while Necrozma defeated my Decidueye. Afterwards, I would send in my Jynx which was holding a focus sash that I gave it for that specific battle and used Frost Breath since the move always causes a critical hit. I'm not sure if it sounds like I'm bragging or if I cheesed through the battle, but I got through the battle with surprisingly little difficulty.


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It took me a few tries but I ordered my team so Zoroark was sent out first and Illusion'd as a Pokémon weak to Psychic to bait out its Prismatic Laser. Once I could survive the first hit like that it wasn't too hard to just kill it in two hits with super effective STAB Nasty Plot.
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Posted May 4th, 2018
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I was lucky with my team (bunch of beef cakes who could handle a hit), but my boyfriend's team were all hugely weak to it and he was obliterated like 8 times and had no idea how to take it down. He ended up leaving the wormhole and training all his guys up like 10 levels.

In the middle of this time he put his 3DS down for a week to emotionally recover from being owned by Pokemon so hard lmao
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