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Seventh Generation Your favorite gen 7 game?

Started by Prism Fan October 7th, 2018 4:17 AM
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Definitely USUM. More than just an improvement over SM, it took what SM did, and perfected it to create a really strong title, along with fixing a few flaws that were present in the originals. It also should be noted that it introduced the most changes into a third version than the previous ones, ranging from major changes such as the whole Necrozma plotline and Rainbow Rocket stuff, to even minor changes like remixing the battle themes (which honestly, the wild Pokemon battle theme just got more epic).

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my preference between the two would be USUM

though tbh idk why anyone would actually like Sun/Moon more than Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon
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USUM so far. Although I'm seriously dragging my foot on actually completing the game; I'm only up to the E4. Lack of time/motivation and whatnot is preventing me from full-on finishing it.

But I'll do it eventually.
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I liked them both a lot but I'm kind of leaning more towards S/M.

I played these games all the way through about 4-5 times. I got super into them and wanted to play them over and over again.

I did not feel the same way about US/UM. Maybe it's just because I played S/M so much, and not much storywise changed but I don't think that's the case. Honestly, while not much changed, I also felt like the things that did weren't all that important. I felt like they didn't actually listen to what people actually wanted, or their criticisms with S/M. Some examples I can think of off of the top of my head, more/varied clothing (long pants), national dex, festival plaza (sorry, but if I just want to wonder trade why do I need to load this up, then connect to the internet everytime I open up the plaza), and this might be more of a personal thing but why create the character Moan if you aren't actually going to use him? He's the actual founder of team Aether and disappeared through a wormhole. It feels so useless to add this character that literally impacts the story, but not has him be an essential character.

So, while I feel like it would have been nice to get some variations with the story throughout and not just at the end, I feel like it's the creators not listening to what the consumers wanted for the new game that really turned me off from the US/UM.

I'll try and play it again at some point to see if I overlooked anything, but from what remember other than some totem pokemon changing, the game becoming more difficult, and some stuff near the end of the story, I feel like it was just a retelling of S/M.


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I like US/UM better, but I miss the insane Lusamine from S/M. The way Lusamine challenged you for the first time in US/UM felt unnatural.
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I like USUM more than SM, I feel like SM had too many talky scenes and I just wanted to get on with the game. Don't get me wrong, the story is great, but I think the revised storyline in USUM is better and the game is generally more exciting, especially with the Ultra Recon Squad, Necrozma, and Team Rainbow Rocket. I just wish gen 7 had the national dex.
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