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Let's Go Shiny Count!

Started by Dragon February 5th, 2019 4:26 PM
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Do you guys have any shinies in Let's Go Eevee / pikachu?

What sorts of shinies have you guys found (whether you caught them or not)?


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I currently have three. A shiny butterfree and a shiny nidoking that are both on my team, and a shiny gyarados while i was trying to hunt shellder. I hadnt picked up the game since beating the elite four but maybe someone in the future ill hunt for more.


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i have a few. i randomly found a shiny pidgeotto. then i hunted for a vulpix and got one. i started hunting for a ponyta, but got psyduck instead. and then i have a shiny grimer my bf sent me from pokemon go, and a shiny geodude i sent from my own go account.
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Two. One was a Shiny Zubat after chain comboing Chansey to try it out and get some levelling for dex completion done, and the other a Shiny Charmander someone gave me (spare, presumably) after I helped them trade-evo some Shinies they had. Guess it pays to help others! :V


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Didn't get any in my main save file, but I've opened another account for a full Shiny playthrough (which I'm starting to regret, but haha)! So far, I've gotten a shiny female Weedle who is now a beautiful green Beedrill (her name is Vespa), and a shiny Metapod which...I didn't catch. ;_; Trying to forget about that one. I'm about to go for a Charmander on Route 3.
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I'm up to 10.
- 2 Rattata
- 2 Spearow
- Fearow
- Mr. Mime
- Drowzee
- Charmelean
- Pidgey
- Pigeotto

and am now going for Bulbasaur and Pikachu.
Pikachu Acquired, two actually. One of each gender. My preference was male but the female came first.

Now focusing on Bulbasaur.

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I've caught a shiny Bellsprout after 21 sightings yesterday and a shiny Vulpix after 45 to 46 sightings today. Both are my very first ones and Bellsprout was actually a surprise encounter, I didn't hunted for one. I only wanted to level up my pokemon.


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lmaooo none ; ; I tried to shiny hunt at the very beginning but gave up right away, really wanted to just play through the game. Determined to get at least a few shinies before I finish up!

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