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Let's Go has been out for around 10 months now, and many of us have had a chance to pick up and play them. What did you think? Was it better or worse than you expected? Did you end up warming up to the GO-style mechanics?

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i enjoyed it more than i thought i would. like you can't go into it expecting anything hardcore, that's the ticket i think. but i found it to be a pleasantly fun and relaxing experience. i hadn't enjoyed pokemon in quite some time like i did LGPE. it actually surpassed my expectations in difficulty, granted that might have been my own fault for not grinding enough, but i was fine with that. i spent a lot of time training pokemon i just felt like raising and it took me a while to settle on a team.

it's just a really feel good game imo and idk i think its simplicity is part of the charm. i didn't have to think too hard about things and at the same time, i felt challenged bc the gameplay is different and i wasn't just going straight through with a set team and overleveling. having access to only the original 151 + alolan forms + meltan line gives it little to come back for though, but eh, everything has a down side.
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OK well, around the time these games got revealed, I can recall that there was a lot of fan outrage and fans were upset that it was Kanto for what was believed to be the 34958th time (with some claiming that the game shouldn't have existed and it was not worth the money), and it wasn't helped by the fact that it was dumbed down and catering towards the GO players. As time passed though, reception became a lot more neutral, and there was a point where people started getting hyped for the games, a far cry from the reveal period.

Now the games have been out, reception has been a lot more neutral. Sure, it's not at the hype levels of before, but not at the heavy fan outrage levels as before. I didn't really mind the game, I didn't mind the GO mechanics, my only issue with it is that it sticks too close to the first generation. It doesn't really do what FRLG did and expand the world, as a result it felt rather restrictive and the game was being designed to a restrictive map.

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I enjoyed them as well! Originally I thought it was a silly concept but replaying through Kanto (for the millionth time, haha) was more fun than I expected. I wouldn't mind a second series of Let's Go if they can work out some of the issues I and others had with them.

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