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When do you usually get on?

Started by fenberry April 16th, 2019 11:59 AM
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Moved this to I&T with permission from Tyler as it pertains to internet activity ^^

usually for me it's whenever I sit down at work or at home after I'm fully awake



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These days whenever I'm at home, really. Wasn't like this until a few months ago but then I decided to start getting back online and now I'm back to old habits I suppose.
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i check pc frequently whenever im available. but i usually browse and post during the afternoon or the evening since that's usually the time when i have free time.


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i literally almost never am "off" ahah. Even if I'm not visibly online, I'll notice if you ping me on Discord or other app from my phone quickly enough.


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^ pretty much the same, except for the times when i'm asleep so that's roughly 4 hours of nothing... then 24 hours of being here again


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Usually when I feel like getting on. I don't have a set time on when I do. It just has to be a time when I'm in the mood for it.


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i have too much free time so like... whenever I'm not really busy doing anything. no set time period for it, really. :P


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If I'm awake, I'm probably online to some capacity.


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It varies! When I worked I used to use laptop in the evenings, but nowadays it can be anytime. Evenings probably remain my most free zones though aha.

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For years, I've woken up, grabbed some coffee, and checked PC.

Nearly every morning, even if sometimes I skip days and try to do other things. lol

Also late at night when I get home from work I check in sometimes!

When I was a newbie and still in school, I would be on for longer periods of time in the afternoons and evenings.

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Usually early morning and late at night. Every now and again I'll pop in during the day, but I usually don't have time to post.


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i have too much free time so like... whenever I'm not really busy doing anything. no set time period for it, really. :P
haha so much for this

I'm only on in late evenings on weekdays because I work ridiculous hours + whenever I'm not super tired on a weekend.


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Currently living the NEET life and during my waking hours I'm always attached to my phone or my computer, so I'm basically always online or reachable by ping. :v

I suppose I'm more likely to be actively around in early afternoon and late evening, though.

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I'm usually around mostly in the mid afternoon or evening. If I'm not here, I'm usually watching anime or playing a mobile game.
I don't always post around when I'm online here, either, there are some days I literally only lurk, tbh. Back a few years ago, too, I was on a different forum completely and not really here, lol.
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When I'm not asleep, sick or busy, I get online.
Though my time on PC isn't much.
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