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Hi! Jolteon is my fav pokemon. I caught Eevee in shield but am having trouble evolving him. I caught him with a luxury ball and later on gave him a thunderstone. I found out later after it evolved into the fairy type, the effect of friendship levels. Luckily i saved before it evolved so was able to go back and delete its fairy move. It then evolved into Umbreon because it was night and then Espeon because i set the time to day. I then learned about friendship levels and tried to lower it but after letting it faint several times and giving it bitter health items it still evolved into espeon. Is there anyway to get this Eevee to be jolteon or do i have to start over with a different pokeball type?


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You'll have to use the item on Eevee instead of it holding it. That should give you Jolteon.

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