GO What's Your Local Area Like?

Started by Ho-Oh February 26th, 2019 4:23 AM
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Do you live in an area with lots of stops, gyms, maybe even EX Raid gyms? Tell us all about what your part of the world is like!


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Some blocks away from my house we have a generous set of stops, though I've only been there once recently. Several gyms as well that I also don't participate in at all. My local PoGo Discord community has a lot of people chatting in it so there's that! We had way more of a community for the game here than I thought. @[email protected]
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It is more difficult where i am. I only live a couple blocks from a gym. (Idk what ex gyms are) and the nearest 1 pokestop is lik 4 blocks. I have to go downtown if I want anything more lol. I still haven't ever battled at a gym or raided because I dont have any groups and the gyms are mostly at churches and they dont like when you just loiter in their lots... Even the one down the street Im too scared to sit there long enough to battle lol


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Posted March 8th, 2020
Almost nothing where I live there's no point in going out. The only time I can really catch much of anything or do any raids is by going into the next town and going to the college there and the surrounding area. Thus why I don't play very often.


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I live in a town with literally zero Pokéstops and, of course, zéro Gyms. The closest Pokéstop is in the nearby city, about 15 km of distance. Even spawns are really rare I walk for real long distance to no avail.
Luckily, I work in the center of the city so I have access to several Pokéstops and Gyms that I visit daily.
Sadly, I often break the 7 days Pokéstop spining streak since I don't work on Sundays and I don't always go for the city on Sundays.
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Hello guys,

I've moved from another city, but here doesn't have any pokestop or gym. I'm in level 34,so I can't ask a pokestop until 40. Anyone could ask a pokestop for me?
Use a Location mocking/spamming app. It will work best if you belong in an area without any pokéstop(but dont use it too much otherwise the game would detect you changing your location frequently and would ban you). Recently my Area just got an update for the Pokéstops and Gyms. But the nearest is still 1 km away.(which is still good enough)

Edit: Do you even still play Pokémon Go even during this time of Pandemic?
Or is it that your city doesnt have much Cases and less Lockdowns and can still have much activity going around in the streets. In my area, its prohibited to walk in the streets without a mask n everyone's pretty much afraid due to the increase in numbers of Infected people in my area.


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There are a few gyms and pokestops in my vicinity, but I don’t care about this game too much to go to the places (plus Pokémon go stopped working on my phone for some reason). The main times I can go to gyms are when I go on vacation and sometimes in school (there’s a gym and pokestop near my school)

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I've got about 10 gyms, 3 ex raids, 50-75 stops, 5 clusters.
10 people.
So if there's a 4-5 star raid, nope