Steele’s Pokemon!!!

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Steele’s Pokemon

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Hello everyone! I’m excited to get to know people through the amazing community that is Pokemon!

I recently started creating content on YouTube and TikTok and I’m just trying to spread the word about what I’m doing!

I reviewing cards, pack openings, and so much more! I just want to bring the same type of joy and happiness that Pokemon has brought me to everyone else!

I welcome any advice, or input. I want to crest things that everyone will enjoy and that you want to see.

I look forward to hearing FeedBack and learning how to improve myself and my content.

Come check me out!

Steele’s Pokemon



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Hey Steele! Make sure to use the space in your signature to plug your social media since posting off topic links to your channel is technically advertising!

I definitely appreciate someone out there spreading the love of Pokémon. Best of luck to you! :)