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Started by strangerhypno December 21st, 2017 7:30 PM
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I was somewhat of a lone wolf in the lower grades. Most kids thought I was too weird to play with and always picked on me. As high school rolled around, things got better. I started to improve and hang out more with others. A lot of the kids were learning delayed like me. Some were also emo, but I wasn't myself. I mainly hung out with them because they were nice to me lol. I've never been the type of person who knew how to make friends until later in life. I did get fairly good grades and tried hard with lessons, but I had several bad experiences with teachers and not just students... but that's personal stuff so let's not go there. :3


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I suppose I'd be the underachiever. I got into some pretty heated arguments with some of my teachers too. Puberty is difficult enough for most people but I was going through a lot of problems in my personal life, so my high school experience really took a hit. I was also in a French language program which totally threw another wrench into it.

I'm now a good student in regards to my post-secondary studies though.
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I was the quiet one. Not shy, just quiet. I barely interacted with anyone other than my friends. HIgh school wasn't easy for me. After full time job I did research to find how to write an essay on time at the highest level and I couldn't sleep the night before exams. I didn't have time for entertainments at all and I used a little help of writing service at https://essayyy.com from time to time. But all these obstacles helped me to learn how to manage my time.

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I was a pretty big perfectionist in high school; I did all my work, studied hard, respected my teachers, and listened well in class. Apart from being nerdy, I was also seen as the "innocent fat girl", and had few friends. I also tended to do group projects alone, and kept to myself. Let's just say university knocked me down several pegs...

After taking a health-related break, I went to college, and I mellowed out somewhat. Grades and school-work were still super important to me, and I continued to be a hard worker. At the same time, I became comfortable socializing, and as the program ran along, I was able to assume leadership roles in various situations. I guess I can say I was a nerdy leader, haha

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A lot of people tell me that I have a good sense of humour so I guess I'm a class clown in a way! I'm also definitely an overachiever in that I overwork myself when it comes to school as I want to do the best I possibly can in all my subjects. However I realised that this only caused me a lot of unnecessary stress so I've been trying to tone that down recently.


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I was kinda a perfectionist as well in elementary. Then I found out about Pokémon ROM hacking. I almost flunked the first half of 7th grade. I'm also kind of a weird person, but for some reason, my school has, like, a polar opposite effect on what you act like. So because I'm a weird kid, I guess that's why people like me? Also, I'm a bookworm. (Only when I feel like reading at all.)



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awkward n mostly reserved student who got good grades despite never showing up to class and never doing any work. im less awkward and reserved now and my grades r failing but hey it happens

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I feel like I was fairly popular until high school. The school combined with another town so we were introduced to a ton of new people and I felt like I didn't fit in anymore. A lot of people began partying around that time and I didn't want to yet.. idk why I just wasn't ready to? So I chose to distance myself from everyone. Essentially I wanted to fade away and not be remembered.

When I think about it now I realize it was a pivotal point in my life because I remember having the choice to do things I didn't want to do to try and fit in and keep my friends or to do what I wanted to do which meant losing all my friends. Until that point I had always done or said things to be like everyone else, even if what I said or did wasn't truly how I felt or wanted to do. So in that sense it was definitely the start of being my own person. I suppose overall I was that recluse person in school
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For most of elementary school through high school, I only cared about grades. For the latter part of high school, I was the person who drew in class and rarely did their homework, but still did surprisingly well on exams. Right now in college, I'm the "I'm just here for my degree person". Social wise, I was the person that no one wanted to hang out around. I certainly made some friends, but they changed every year or were in every class I had.
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i wouldn't say i was a geek because even the geeks made fun of me LOL. they honestly were the meanest.
i never had friends, was always living in my own fantasy world.


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I loved partying and did it for Sixth Form and the whole of my university life, that being said, I did study quite a lot as well, and made sure to focus on my grades as well! I've also always played football for my school/university, so I guess I was the 'athletic' type as well?