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Jordie "Jo" Hughes
Thursday, September 17th
Chapter 1: Part 1

6:00 pm - Slateport International Market

Jordie was actually surprised that they had to wait only one day to finally be able to challenge the gym. That obviously meant that they had two days to be able to explore the city as much as they could before heading to Dewford. And of course there was no better place to start than the Slateport International Market. When Jo read that it had everything, they thought that was just a publicity stunt, but no, it really did have everything, even PokéBall vendors that sold rare stuff like Love Balls, Heal Balls or Jordie’s personal favorite: Dusk Balls, from which they bought a big chunk.

“Gabby girl, which one do you like more: This one…” they said, showing her a white bikini on their left hand. “... or this one?” they showed a black one on the other hand. Gabby looked repeatedly at both swimsuits as Jo smiled at her waiting for an answer. Finally, the Pokémon rolled to her left and Jordie shook their right arm once more and asked if she really liked that one more, to which Gabby nodded. “I’ll take this one!” Jo said, turning to the shopkeeper, a short woman, probably on her 40s with black hair tied on a ponytail. She chuckled at the trainer and their Pokémon’s interaction as she received the money.

Jordie and Gabby continued their trail down the large market, stopping more than one time at the many stalls there, either just to take a look or to buy something to drink, eat, and even two pairs of sunglasses for each one! This was definitely something Shuna and Avril had to know about, but Jo would report later, there was still more shopping to do!

Almost at the end of the road, they found a stall with a small chalkboard outside that had written: ‘Back with more goods from the lands of Sinnoh! Get yer Capsules and Seals now only for ₽200!’ and at the corner it had a cartoonish Sealeo drawing with a pirate hat. A tall, bald old man of around 70 years old, but that was still able to stand on his feet, stood behind the red boxes of PokéBall-like capsules and stickers placed over the wooden counter. Normally, Jordie wouldn’t care much about something as simple as transparent capsules or stickers, but they weren’t really expensive to begin with, and if someone came from Sinnoh to sell those, then there had to be something special about those!

There was another person there -a boy- that left with a lot of heart and thunder stickers, and by the face he had by the time he left, Jordie concluded that they indeed were special somehow.

“Ahoy there, bucko!” the old man greeted, seeing how Jordie walked towards his stall. “What brings ye to this ol’ buccaneer’s ship? Did ye come to buy some of me goods or did ye come to plunder me treasure?”

Jordie tried not to laugh at the pirate lingo the man used by faking a cough before talking, then, as they hooked their second pair of sunglasses on their t-shirts neck, the said: “Yeah… Good afternoon! I saw the board you’ve got over there. I wanted to know what was so special about these Sinnoh stickers you have here.”

“Yo-ho-ho! Ye’ve come to the right ship, then!” he laughed “But yer wrong about one thing.” He put his hand behind his large blue coat and took out one of those stickers. Not one of those thunder or heart shaped ones from before, instead it was a grey cloud shaped one. “Me treasure over here… it be no sticker.” He also took out a Net Ball of his and put the sticker on it, and walked outside the counter to stand in front of the trainer. “Would cover me nose in yer place!” He said before throwing the PokéBall a few meters away.

A huge cloud of grey smoke came out of it instead of the usual red flash PokéBalls and a fat, old Walrein came out of it as the smoke disappeared in the air. The Pokémon crawled across the floor, using its flippers to help it move and thus reaching its trainer it rolled on its back waiting to have its belly rubbed. “O-ho-ho! Ahoy there, Rudder me boy!” the man laughed as he petted his Pokémon and after a while, he turned back to Jordie. “So? What do ya think?”

“That was awesome!” they quickly replied, together with Gabby still looking at the sky where the grey cloud of smoke had dissipated. “How many of those stickers do you have?”

“They be called seals.” he corrected. The old man walked back behind his counter and his Pokémon followed behind him. He took out a few boxes and put them on the wooden table as well. “What do ya want to buy?”

“I don’t want smoke! I want something awesome! I want lights! Sparks! I want my Pokémon to shine the moment they get outside their PokéBalls! Something to fit our style!”

“Sparks, uh?” he said, moving his hand around the many boxes and pulling out a green thunder-shaped one. “What does this one look for ya? Ya can try it if ya want to. Free of charge.”

“Really, I can? That’s great!” they said, taking the seal from his hand and putting it on Gabby’s-

“Wait, no! Not like that!” Jordie jumped astonished and looked back at the old vendor who was holding one of those transparent capsules on his hand. “Ya could damage yer PokéBall that way! Ya put those on the ball capsule. Like this.” he said, taking out his Net Ball and taking the Ball Capsule off it.

“Oh! Right. So…” they took the Ball Capsule the old man left on the counter and with a bit of struggle managed to put it on Gabby’s Dusk Ball. “Like this?” the old man nodded. “And the seal goes here. Okay, Gabby, let’s try it. You ready?” Gabby nodded nervously before going back to her Ball. Jordie took a breath, their heart pumping faster in excitement and threw the Pokéball, the usually red flash the Dusk Ball shoot quickly deteriorated into green sparks that spiraled upwards around Gabby as she looked at them with amusement, just as her trainer who gave a discrete grin as they saw how the sparks disappeared on the sky. “I’ll take them. 10 of them. Should be enough.”
Jordie almost completely ran out of money. There was only ₽3000 on their power now, but it didn’t really matter. Always with their confidence in battling up, there was no way they couldn’t win the first gym. They were gonna recover part of their money there. But there was no time to think about it, maybe it was a good time to report back to Avril and Shuna.

hey, girls! how r u doing so far? i went to check the slateport market and it was great! it has everything u will probs need on ur journey.

i bought a lot of things there and ran out of money lmao

also there’s this old man there that sells seals for ur pokemon’s pokeballs maybe avril would like them if she decides to go for the contests. could be helpful there. i bought some of those and both gabby and i loved them.

im gonna send a pic of my stuff once gabby and i get to the pokemon center, so till then… later lol

ily both <3

Jordie's Party:

I still don't know what to put here :rowlyikes:


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Avril Reese

16 - ♀ - Laverre City

Group chat messages from Cubism

Pokémon / Inventory:
AVRIL'S MONEY: $10 500

🌼 Poppy (Flabebe) - ♀ - lv. 15
Flower Veil
Synthesis, Fairy Wind, Razor Leaf, Lucky Chant

🌼 Character art made with https://picrew.me/image_maker/94097
Differences ≠ mistakes
Thursday, September 17th - 3 pm to 6 pm - Slateport City / North Center

That nap was probably the shortest I’ve had in a good while, but also one of the very best. That is, of course, until it ended so abruptly thanks to the speaker announcing our arrival! I still have an headache because of it.

When I got up from the beach chair I was sleeping on, though, the buildings that were once creating a faint silhouette in the distance were now right in front of me. And it’s mind blowing to just think I’m now walking between them, on the streets of Slateport!

Of course, that little… accident? Well it caused me to be one of the last people to get out of the ferry and into Hoenn. Nonetheless, the first step still felt great and solemn and important… just like when I took my first step outside of Kalos some days ago. Amidst some heavy breaths, I pulled up my Holotch and loaded a map of Slateport, trying to figure out where to go next.

All I knew for certain was, I had to reach a Pokémon Center and get registered for the Hoenn League if I wanted to have all the benefits of being a traveling trainer, like free rooms for the night or discounts on various items. My little Kalosian license that I was given at my Trainer school wasn’t going to cut it by itself. And… even if I was going to up traveling around Hoenn as a tourist, I certainly couldn’t do it without some financial help.

And so, I found out that there were two Pokémon centers in Slateport! One was right in the bustling city center and a bit closer to the harbor, while one was in the northern outskirts. Most trainers in front of me were already heading for the southern one but, of course, I wasn’t so sure about following them all. Both centers were nearly the same distance from the harbor, leaving both possibilities open. And in fact…

Long queues to get registered? Bustling city centre? Even more fiery trainers, possibly including Jo and Shuna? I knew it was further away from nearly everything interesting to do in Slateport, like the market, the museums, the beach… but I still decided to follow my heart and go up north. And this is where I’m headed now!

I’m currently leaving behind myself all of the more modern, bigger buildings that surround the harbor area, while the city center is somewhere to my left, as far as I can tell from the signs. The road where I’m walking is still quite large and relatively full of people though, and so I already suspect I’ll be here a lot in the next few days. It doesn’t take that long though, and the faint sound of my little chime and of the wheels on the pavement both start getting more noticeable over the background noise. Good!

The streets are less crowded, the houses are smaller and more spread out, and there are definitely more trees on the side of the road. It’s cozy and welcoming, at least for me, and I’m happy to see that this feeling continues inside the Pokémon Center.

There's quite a lot of people hanging in the lobby or near the cafe on the right, but the queue for the registration is much shorter than I expected, and this reassures me that I chose the right PokèCenter. Most people also seem very friendly and cheerful, but never too much, and this is a nice thing for me as I am not looking for battles right now.

The registration, which is the first thing I take care of once I get inside, seems to go smoothly as well, as I don't need to do that much paperwork at all - it seems very well organized. And if anything… I'm the one who makes my own life difficult. I still have that clueless look on my face, and that cracking in my voice. I even get asked something like “Are you sure of this?” at one point, to which I’m caught relatively off guard but still reply affirmatively. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be any rushing trainer in line behind me! Anyways, as a bonus for… that, I apparently get another small guide of Slateport City.

When I get told that my registration will be fully validated only in 24 hours, I’m actually relieved. I have some free time before jumping into Pokémon battles, should I ever want to, but also into contests, which is something I still need to learn about - and because of this, no one can pressure me into doing these things, for now. Time now is… about 4 pm actually, so I better keep that in mind!

Of course, the best way to pass this free time is do those few things that my mind is already set on. I have clothes to wash, I have luggage to organize, I have information to gather. This is why, right after my registration, I also ask for a room key. The receptionist seems slightly puzzled, but complies with my request, and in no time I can finally open the door of the room where I’ll sleep tonight.

And what a nice room it is! I gush at the colorful furniture and blankets, before looking out the window onto the surrounding neighborhood. Poppy is equally excited, and keeps chirping as she floats around the room. The room is not exactly in the style I’m used to - this is looking very modern - but is surprisingly large and welcoming. And it’s just the place I needed to calm down.

I sit on the little chair and start to finally unpack some of my stuff. I don’t know for how long I’ll stay here in Slateport, to be fair, but I still need to take this occasion to sort out all of my items. I put all the dirty clothes aside and start rummaging through the rest of the content, admittedly rather surprised at how much stuff me and my parents were able to fit inside. Sleep bag, body care products, a decent pair of shoes, some cool food containers for things like berries, even a cute cloth bag and a swimsuit - which I honestly didn’t think would have been useful but, being so close to the sea, I can actually make good use of!

I take one more look at the bunch of different flyers I gathered today and still find the image of that “perfect trainer”, now slightly ruined by my tears from before. As I debate whether I should throw it away or keep it as a reminder of how I felt this morning… Poppy floats around me and lands on top of said flyer. She shakes her head sideways and smiles at me. “What is it, Poppy?” I ask. “You say I’m not…”

I’m not that kind of trainer, but… it’s fine! is what I’m understanding from all this. And this makes even more sense when Poppy points at the other flyer, the one with the Contest Hall.

Well, at first I’m actually slightly puzzled, because even here I’m trying to find the differences - it’s like that little game where you have two nearly identical images side by side, you know? And there are indeed some differences: just like the boys are wearing jackets and similar, the girls in the picture have very fancy dresses, heels, and all that. But as Poppy keeps cheering for me, I realize very quickly what she’s on about.

I’m not the perfect trainer from the flyer, I’m not the perfect coordinator from the city guide, but what I am is perfectly fine! Or rather, all those differences I keep noticing are not a bad thing, and don’t make me less valid. “Oh! You’re saying it’s ok to be different from… this…!” I say out loud, to which my Pokémon smiles once again and twirls in the air. She can’t talk in the human language, but we can easily do without.

I breathe heavily a couple times and begin thinking over what Poppy tried to tell me. My dresses may not be good for adventuring, but they look just fine for contests. I don’t really need to get to the top rank, I can just try them out as Shuna suggested, and I’m definitely not going to look out of place then! And… I do have some ok clothes for adventuring too, just in case. Some shirts, a sweater to wear on top of them, trousers, closed shoes… I’m good!

All the jewelry, including my glasses, are also totally fine. Without glasses I obviously cannot see much, but even those other items that someone like Jordie may find unnecessary mean a lot to me. I will have to treat those items well and try not to ruin them, but I’ll wear them proudly whenever possible.

And how could I forget, my backpack? So far, in Slateport, the wheels have actually been a blessing - and I may go as far to say, they’re definitely worth having for me! And, having such a big, capacious bag is also a nice plus. This is exactly how I should’ve gone about this: I am just being myself and I shouldn’t feel bad for it.

As I keep talking to myself aloud about all this, Poppy nods and listens to my voice carefully, occasionally chirping with excitement. Once I’ve made up my mind though, I’m the one who looks the most enthusiastic. “Alright, let’s get that sorted out before it gets too late!” I announce, picking up all my dirty clothes and waiting for Poppy to land on my head before making my way to the laundry room. After that little moment, even doing these basic chores that I knew I wanted to get sorted out regardless feels great… because I’m just being myself!

A nice and relaxing shower later, I can start planning what to do now. I’m not sure exactly how Contests work here, but I remember seeing them on TV back at home and finding them quite interesting, especially as a little kid, and for this reason I’m interested in trying to participate in at least one! But… I can only do that once my license is all validated, and that will take some time. Same goes for the Gym, obviously, but I’m really not sure I want to try just yet. Hopefully I can just ask around and gauge how difficult it is.

I browse the city guide, jumping from one page to another, as I read more about Slateport’s center, the market, the beach… but also its museums and, up north and closer to where I am, the local Pokémon Fan Club. All interesting places to visit! I get ready to leave my room once again, still falling back on the outfit I’ve used on the last ferry but adding that little purse in place of the entire backpack, as I get some notifications on my Holotch.

hey, girls! how r u doing so far? i went to check the slateport market and it was great! it has everything u will probs need on ur journey.

i bought a lot of things there and ran out of money lmao

also there’s this old man there that sells seals for ur pokemon’s pokeballs maybe avril would like them if she decides to go for the contests. could be helpful there. i bought some of those and both gabby and i loved them.

im gonna send a pic of my stuff once gabby and i get to the pokemon center, so till then… later lol

ily both <3


To the barrage of messages Jo is already sending, I just reply with another “<3” and wait patiently for the pictures they promised. After all, Poppy always stays out of her Pokéball to begin with, unless it’s an emergency situation: those seals have to be really good to convince my Pokémon to go in her Pokéball, and me to not have her on my head anymore! But also… the things they bought have to be just as good for me to meet up with them today.



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Katrina Purcell
Location: Southern Pokemon Center, Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 17th - 2:30 PM.

Chapter 1 - 2
Cordial Invitation

With what she perceived as tension between them dissipated, Katrina walked back to her room so she could rest her exhausted body. But before she could go through the door leading to the rooms Jack stopped her.

“Before you leave, I actually have an important question for you.”

Kat stopped her steps before looking back towards Jack, confused with what else the young man wanted from her. If it was something ridiculous, she didn’t know what she’ll do… But with optimism, she held back her skepticism and showed a curious face instead. “Yes?”

“How many Pokemon do you have in your team?”

Katrina tilted her head, unsure of where the conversation was going. “One, only Vulpix… Is there something wrong with it?”

Jack sighed, his guess was lamentably correct. “Unfortunately… Yes. Take a seat, I’ll explain it to you.”

Wait… What’s wrong with only bringing one Pokemon? I don’t know anything about this… Did I misread something on the guide? I’m pretty sure bringing only one Pokemon is fine.

With curiosity exceeded her will to get up and walk back to her room, she decided to sit down and hear what is it all about.

“Okay, judging from your response I guess you haven’t known about this yet.”

“Knew what?”

“The fact that the gym leader here only accepts a challenge from trainers in a doubles format.”

“Huh? I see… You’re trying to say that I need to catch another Pokemon soon, right?” Kat quickly caught on with what Jack tried to convey.


“And how did you get this information? If I remember correctly you haven’t been to Slateport for quite a while, right?” Katrina curious about the validity of Jack’s source, after all, if it’s wrong then she can laze herself on the bed instead of trying hard and search for another Pokemon this late in the evening.

“From him,” said Jack while pointing towards the barista who was currently tending to another customer. “Baristas in the Pokemon Center Cafe sure comes in handy regarding trainer information. You should ask them if you have something you’re wondering about being a trainer, they usually know the answer most of the time, after all their job is perfect to gather information from trainers chit-chatting here.” Said Jack while pointing towards the barista who was currently tending to another customer.

She understood completely where Jack based his opinion from, but she still wasn’t sure about something… She went silent for a bit before she started to realize what felt wrong for her.

Wait… The license will be ready tomorrow right? That means that we’ll probably challenge the gym leader the day after… I can just relax in my room and enjoy my rest without having to worry about catching another Pokemon this early. But the fact that he brought this up today instead of tomorrow must’ve meant something. She was suspicious, after all, Jack could’ve told this on the next day instead of today.

“So, are there any particular reasons you tell me this today?”

“Yeah, I’m actually going to the beach soon. I asked just in case you want to tag along and find a Pokemon there. I mean the faster you do that, the more time you’ll have to prepare against the gym leader.”

Hmm… That is actually a tempting offer. Kat thought carefully about this offer. Judging with how much he understood how things work, maybe he was actually a veteran trainer from the start, which would be not surprising judging how old he is from his looks. It’ll definitely help considering she didn’t finish formal education to obtain her license.

“Well it’s fine if you don’t want to, I’m just offering… And by the looks of it, you’re seemed to be quite exhausted by the trip. Just make sure you catch one in your free time if you want to challenge the gym, alright?” Jack stood up from his seat, intending to take some rest before he went to the beach.

“I’ll go with you!” Kat quickly interjected, unwilling to let her chance of easier trip slip away even if she’s a bit winded up.

“Oh, that’s great! Since we’re both need some time to rest, how does 4 PM sound to you?”

“Sure, I’ll be down with that.”

“Okay, if there’s no more question, I’ll be resting in my room, bye.” Jack walked away from the table while stretching his stiff body, ready to take a nice short break in his room.

“Wait!” Katrina stopped Jack before he managed to walk far. There was one thing she was still unsure about Jack it was about his demeanor. Did the information about her being in Hoenn already leaked to her mother? Maybe he was working under her mother, otherwise, why would an experienced trainer still at this stage of his journey? He would’ve finished his a few years ago...

“Is there something wrong?” Jack’s question interrupted Kat’s musings

“No, haha… Sorry I called you for nothing.”

“Oh well…” Jack finally walked away to his room.

“I still can’t trust him, but maybe I can use this opportunity to find out who he really is...” The girl murmured silently. With the doubt still in her mind, she quickly went to her own room in an effort to concoct a plan that would uncover Jack’s true identity once and for all.




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Jacques 'Jack' Tenenbaum
Location: Southern Pokemon Center, Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Thursday, September 17th - 2:45 PM.

Chapter 1 - 1
Brief Rest

“Phew, that was really something…”

I was afraid that the situation would descend to the region of uncertainty, but it was a lucky break for me that Katrina didn’t realize I’ve talked to her about going to the Pokemon Center first, thanks to that I was able to exploit the situation and information I have to improve her perception of me.

She must think that I'm a dependable friend now… Or, maybe not. The deal about her mother might be a deciding factor, but it's not a great choice if I decide to ask her about it now. Ah well… Not much I can do about that. At the very least I’m pretty sure she’ll think twice before doing something crazy against me.

Not in the mood to mull over the details I can't work about, I quickly open the door to enter my room. It's pretty standard, but with this level of accommodation without paying any money, it's absolutely more than worth it.

"Finally, I can relax in peace…"

I throw all of my Pokeballs towards the floor, releasing Muchorin, Braveheart, and Kaplan from their Pokeball before finally jumping to the bed landing face first in exhaustion.

They quickly make a ruckus of their own, especially Braveheart. Just as it manages to roam free, it immediately buzzes to complain and nudge my motionless body with its big iron claw. Obviously, I can’t fully understand what it was complaining about, but judging from what happened today. Maybe he dislikes being inside his ball for too long, after all, he’s used to be outside even before my Trainer School days. Feeling annoyed by the constant nudging I eventually raised my head.

“Sorry okay, it’s not like I can do much. If I bring you out too much, it’s just the same as me screaming that I’m Arthur. I mean not be rude, but you’re gah-” I suddenly feel a strong impact on my hips, with Braveheart in front of me while Kaplan is busy minding his own business, there is only one Pokemon that can be responsible for this.

Apparently it was Muchorin, seeing the angry face I instinctively make, he quickly creep up close to my face with baby-doll eyes in an effort to soothe my anger, which he succeeded to do… Very easily. I should train myself to be more resistant to this kind of thing, but darn this is hard.

“Okay, fine… Don’t be sad… I’m just surprised that’s all.” I pat Muchorin’s head as gentle as I can to pacify him.

Muchorin giggles happily after getting pats, but it was making Braveheart jealous which I’m pretty sure of after seeing how much buzzing noises he let out when I’m patting Muchorin.

“Sure, sure… Here’s some for you too... Kaplan, would you like some patting too?” I asked Kaplan just in case.

Fortunately, he isn’t craving for attention like the others. But the reason why is actually making me a bit sad.

“...You’re hungry aren’t you?”

Kaplan nods, he even makes a feeding gesture with his wings to nail the point even further.

“Okay, since I’ve given you all the attention you guys need, it’s time for you guys to return to your Pokeball.”

All of them complain again, letting out their displeasure of being stuck inside their Pokeball. Especially Kaplan, who hasn’t get his extra meal yet. It was really something.

“I’ll let you guys out again soon, okay? I have some things to finish, so I’m really sorry.”

With the little energy I have left, I wiggle with all of my might towards the edge of my bed. Grabbing an Oran Berry from one of the pockets of my bag.

“Catch!” I throw the berry towards Kaplan, who sweeps in as fast as he can in an effort to prevent his friends from eating his share of food. After all of them are pleased enough, I can finally put them back to their respective Ball without any other issue.

“With all of my Pokemon back to their respective Pokeballs, now I can enjoy a nice tranquil silence and sleep… Argh, I almost forgot about the promise.”

Reluctantly, I drag my body to the desk available in the room. Using my notebook and pen, it’s time to re-check the notes.

“Okay… HRD database already checked, the map is also clear, information about the gym is already in hand…” I continue to mumble as I check what kind of information I already have and which ones I need to obtain. Thankfully, my note is arranged perfectly as always well at least for my usage, although I wish the writing can be half as good as the arrangement. Oh well…

“Boy, I really need more nap time,” I say as I cover my mouth after I yawned. Maybe I should’ve let her handle this on her own, but I’m kind of worried for her due to some unexplained reason. It’s not like I can take back the offer so suddenly anyway, so I guess I’ll just have to deal with it.

With a lot of time left before the agreed meeting time, I guess I’ll just check my information once more… After all, knowledge is power, and who knows what will happen if I’m not prepared.



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Shuna Kamado

Prologue - Epoch 1: Slateport
Thursday, September 17 {2: 30pm}

The Arrival & Beach Time!

“I come from Kinyo and I came here to register for a trainer license.”

Shuna stood in front of the reception desk, talking with the receptionist and registering for a Hoenn trainer license and transferring her information from her Kinyo license. As the receptionist started creating the Hoenn trainer license, Shuna was asked questions, mainly to review the information and make any changes necessary. It would take awhile since she needed to show proof that the same person on the Kinyo license was her; She showed the receptionist the proof of her name change.

In the background, Finn sat at one of the free cafe chairs at an empty table, eating pokepuffs bought at said cafe. On top of the table sat Pidge, eating his own Pokepuffs, but with a different flavor than Finns’. Finn ate a pink pokepuff, placing one hand on the plate to grab more, only to feel nothing else but the smooth surface of the plate. He looked down and saw no pokepuffs, but noticed Pidge still had some: should he risk it? Feeling a stare, Pidge paused his eating and turned, noticing Finn staring as he munched on his last pokepuff, one of his paws on an empty plate. Pidge, as if sensing his thoughts, glared, using one of his feet to push his plate further away from the mudfish. Finn whined, wanting more, but Pidge would push his plate more until Finn couldn’t stretch anymore without risking a fall.

“Thank you miss.” Shuna bowed her head before turning, walking over to the table her pokemon are at. So she has to wait 24 hours for her trainer card to settle? It might be annoying, but it gives her time to relax and enjoy the different views. Maybe she could go to the beach and play a bit, Finn would love the water for sure, Pidge… not so much. The pinkette stopped at her table and sweat-dropped as she watched; Pidge was eating his pokepuffs, pushing his plate away from Finn, who was stretching as much as he could, whining.

*Timeskip - Slateport Beach *

After returning her pokemon to their pokeballs -she waited for Pidge to finish his food-, she went towards the beach, hoping to spend some time relaxing, however…

“Woah!” Shuna awed as she watched a Sandygast appear from the sand, a red shovel on its head. She didn’t expect to see one here, reading from one of her books that they were native to Alola.

Three children were making a sand castle when one of the kids tried to grab a shovel nearby. Keyword: Tried. The red shovel shook a bit before a pile of sand rose from underneath the item, revealing the Sand Heap Pokemon. Two of the children ran behind Shuna as the other one stood still, slowly extending a hand towards the pokemon’s mouth. One of the children panicked, alarming the others that putting a hand in the tunnel causes the pokemon to take control. Shuna quickly grabbed the child and pulled him away before his hand could touch the pokemon. The child was upset, wanting to touch the sand pokemon, but the pokemon was more so: it’s narrowed eyes and angry cries proved so. Shuna called out Finn, who appeared in front of them with his own cry. Shuna pushed the children back as she began issuing commands, starting the battle!

Finn puffed out his cheeks and released a water gun, hitting Sandygast in the face. Said pokemon cried out as some of his sandy body fell off, making his body smaller. The cause and effect enraged the pokemon, summoning much more sand, sending it to Finn and causing it to surround him as a tornado.

Finn, from inside the tornado, puffed out his cheeks as the mystical water glowed. Sandygast formed a red ball inside his mouth, but before he could fire it, water started spraying from inside the tornado.

Sandygast lost concentration of the red ball, dispersing it, as he moved his body down, dodging the water, but some sprays did hit him, causing more damage to his sandy body. The tornado of sand slowly dispersed, wet patches of sand laid around as Finn let out one last water gun, hitting Sandygast in the face, again. The Sandy Heap Pokemon cried out, more sand falling out, the shovel on his head was barely being kept up, on the verge of falling.

The Sandygast melted into the sand, the shovel on their head vanishing into the sand. Finn looked around, looking for the pokemon, but since the beach was mainly sand, it was impossible and the shovel was nowhere to be seen. A lump of sand rose behind Finn, a shovel appearing on the tip with eyes popping out and a tunnel in the middle.

Finn’s head fin shivered, sensing the change in the air behind him. The mudfish pokemon turned, only to see Sandygast with a black ghost face appearing in front with pink glowing eyes, a smile, and a red aura. Finn flinched at the scary face and jumped, landing on his back. As Finn was getting up, the Sand Heap pokemon charged up a red ball in its tunnel-like mouth. Once the mudfish pokemon was on his feet, the Sandy Heap pokemon released the beam, hitting Finn square in the chest.

Finn cried out as his body glowed a red aura, his energy being drained for a few seconds before the beam dispersed. Finn collapsed to the ground, half of his energy drained and his health as well, whining as he flopped over to his stomach. Sandygast’s sandy body started reforming itself, the lost pieces reconstructed as some of his energy and health was restored. Sandygast turned, remembering the children, and saw Shuna with another pokeball in hand, ready to summon another pokemon if necessary.

However, a blob of mud hit the Sandy Heap pokemon in the back, causing said pokemon to cry out and hunch over. Sandygast slowly got up and turned, seeing Finn glaring, his cheeks puffed out. The mudfish pokemon opened his mouth and let loose a powerful water gun, his energy and health low, activating his ability. Sandygast cried out, his sand body slowly seeping into the sand until little was left, his eyes formed into ‘X’s as the pokemon fainted, the shovel on his head close to falling.

The children noticed the pokemon’s fainted form and ran over to their sandcastle, resuming and playing as if the Sandygast never appeared. Shuna sighed, going over to Finn, checking him over and using potions and berries to heal him. After words, Finn immediately ran to the water, and jumped in.

Current Team:
{Male}Mudfish Pokemon - Finn (Mudkip -> Marshtomp)[Torrent] - Bide, Water Gun, Ice Ball, Mud Shot {Lvl.19}

{Male}Tiny Bird Pokemon - Pidge (Pidgey)[Keen Eye] - Quick Attack, Air Cutter, Sand Attack, Gust {Lvl. 16}


... to the w o r l d. 🥂

Age 26
Seen 1 Hour Ago
Posted 19 Hours Ago
Marie Rachelle Mocinno

AGE: 17 ⟡ PRONOUNS: she/her ⟡ HOME REGION: Johto ⟡ DEVICE: PokéGear
DATE: Thursday, September 17 ⟡ TIME: 1:30pm ⟡ LOCATION: Ferry

Prologue #01 - Inbound

"Tuie! Wake up, we're almost there!"

Her Natu's talons flex in her hair, accompanied by a groggy coo. "You can't just sleep all day," she scolds. Tuie pecks at her bandana in retaliation.

Almost to Slateport! Marie has been to Hoenn, of course she has, but she'd always flown in. Hanging off the rail of a ship, watching the city emerge from the slight haze of the warm sea- it's a much different experience. Much more exciting! The speed of a plane just doesn't allow a build of anticipation like the slow chug of a ship into port. She's been able to see distinct shapes in Slateport's skyline for quite a while, but only now are they close enough that Marie can make out lettering on the various docks. And soon enough, she'll disembark alongside all these other trainers.

Maybe she should have talked to some of them. Maybe later she'll regret not doing so. The maps, though, they were important to read. The topography, the microclimates, the horrifyingly outdated surveys…

Tuie startles at Marie's sudden laugh. She's already thinking like her dad. Which isn't surprising. They both were raised into their business-focused family, absorbing the same buzzing background knowledge, educated at length in particular areas. And so they both see the world through very specific lenses and focus on very specific things.

It isn't a bad thing. But neither is broadening your horizons. And that's what Marie is aiming for.

...Yeah, she should have talked to some of the others.

Spoiler: Team
Pokémon On Hand
Tuie ⟡ Natu ⟡ Female ⟡ LV 15 ⟡ Magic Bounce ⟡
Peck // Teleport // Stored Power // Cosmic Power
Spoiler: Inventory
Trainers' License [registered in Johto] ⟡
$30,000 ⟡
Empty PokéBalls x 3 ⟡
Variety Of Necessary But Uninteresting Things ⟡