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Einra, like most adventurers, roams the lands and seas with a singular focus of becoming the very best. Faithful Gym Leaders, Elite four, Champion, Team Generic Evil, all presented values and ambitions, but none presented a challenge.

Uninterested in any further adventures, Einra one day found an abandoned amusement park, and with the help of his longtime friends, restored it to what is now a well-known Castle of Challenges. Parkgoers come for the thrill of building a team of Pokémons from roster and challenging one another.

Einra and his friends fight fulfilling battles nearly every day, and nearly every day was contently peaceful... that is until... odd-coloured Pokémons are found at the amusement park.

  • Around 5-8 hours of gameplay.
  • A character-driven story.
  • All Pokémons* from Gen 1 to 8, including the new content from Pokémon Legends: Arceus.
  • Mega-Evolutions, Z-moves and Dynamax are all available.
  • Around 130 new Pokémon forms, ~40 new moves, ~30 new abilities, ~40 new items.
  • Some Pokémons have been re-balanced (detailed list in the manual).
  • New battle mechanic: Assistance. Let a Pokémon from your team help another one in battle!
  • New battle mechanic: Battle Royale. Challenge up to 5 other trainers at the same time and try to be the last one standing!
  • New battle mechanic: Move Seeds. Directly set up a Pokémon on switching in!
  • More chaotic multi battle! Try your best at 4v4, 5v5, and 6v6!
  • A high focus on strategic battles: enjoy multiple tiers**, battle formats and rulesets!
  • Enter challenging battles in which being overpowered cannot help you win, good luck and have fun on your plays of strategies!
  • No catching, no farming. Instead, enjoy a Pokémon Showdown-like menu to strategically build synergic teams!
  • Don’t know how to build a team? Try the random team generator!
  • If the battles are too hard for you, the difficulty will adapt to your win rate.
  • Most of the time, you can focus on fighting and move the story when you decide.
* YES I use a plural form for “Pokémon”. I know it’s a trademark, but I need to have a plural to avoid ambiguity.
** The abovementioned tiers are NOT Smogon-like tiers.


Pokémon Retired Champion is a non-profit Pokémon fangame that I've been developing alone for a bit more than two years.
Everything is implemented, the game is almost finished, but I need to recruit a small team of:
  • Beta-testers to test out my scripts and the game progression.
    I did test everything myself but I am not a player, I am the dev!
  • Native English speakers to check my grammar and wording.
    Even if I write, read and hear English on a daily basis, I am not a native English speaker, so I am bound to make grammar mistakes or use a wrong wording.

If you are interested, post here and I'll send you an invitation to my Discord server in PM.



This game is made with Pokémon Essentials v18.1 by StCooler, using resources available on the web.

In particular, this game was made with the Generation 8 GitHub branch of Essentials v18.1, released as the Generation 8 project for Essentials v18.
Generation 8 project for Essentials v18 by UberDunsparce:

All the scripts /sprites that are not mine should be used only under the terms of their original authors.
All my scripts can be used however you wish. I don’t care. But if you’re patient, I will release most of them as resources.
All the work by JulyArt should be used under his terms which are: for non-commercial only + credit him.
The title screen was drawn by LunaAnandi (Fiverr) for StCooler. All rights reserved.

Sprites - Pokémons
All new fossil forms sprites are by JulyArtDA:
All recolours are made by StCooler.

Generation 6 Pokémon sprites complete by DerxwnaKapsyla:

Generation 7 Sprite Pack 2020-10-21 by DerxwnaKapsyla:

USUM Sprite Pack 1 by Leparagon, Amethyst:

Gen 1-7 Pokemon Overworld Sprites by a Redditor who deleted their post:

Sword/Shield Sprite Project by leParagon and many others:

Generation VIII Pokemon Overworld Sprites by SageDeoxys:

Sprites - Trainers:
The sprites of the characters specific to this game are made by StCooler.

For Generation 4-5 sprites in Gen 3 style by Young-Dante and Mashirosakura;

For Generation 7 sprites in Gen 3 style by Droid779:

For Sun/Moon battle trainer sprites by Beliot419:

RSE battle sprites by Random Talking Bush:

RSE overworld sprites by Furs The Fox, Lunar994:

The soundtrack comes from the original games.
All routes:
Champion themes :
All legendary :

If I forgot some theme, then it’s probably taken from The Bacon Toastie’s Youtube Channel:

Other Audio:
All the cries are taken from the Generation 8 Project for Essentials v19.1:

Gen 8 Move animation project by StCooler:
Animations from Pokémon Reborn + some fixes + adds Gen 8 animations.

Set the Controls Screen by FL;
The title of the script isn’t clear; it’s a key binding script.

GTS system to v17 + Online Panel by tutoriando;
There is no online in my game, I used this as a base for my team-builder.

Quicksave Script v1.0 by Marin;

Mid Battle Dialogue/Scripted Battles by Golisopod User:
Awesome script overall if you want to control a bit your battles (not just make your characters speak)

Name Windows 1 by Mr. Gela;
Awesome script that allowed me to give personalities to my characters.

The ZUD plugin - Z-moves, Ultra-Burst, Dynamax, Dynamax adventures (v18) by Lucidious89 and StCooler:
Awesome script made by awesome people with awesome capabilities.

Following Pokémon EX by Golisopod User:
Again, an awesome script by an awesome scripter.

SOS Battles by Vendily:
This script taught me how to make a new Pokémon join in the battles.

Visible Overworld Wild Encounters by derFischae:
Besides contributing to the “atmosphere”, this script taught me how to spawn events.

Lucidious89's Custom Ability Thread
Nice ideas.

Party screen's Ball graphic matches the Poké Ball the Pokemon was caught in by Lucidious89:

Modular Title Screen by Luka S.J.

The rest
Thundaga for all his guides, but in particular this one:


Cranidos @ 5,873
Hatch @ 5,888
Rampardos Lv 100 @ 6,073
Shiny: No
Points: 100
Tag-team with ReKoil
Mew @ 5,872
Hatch @ 5,887
Mew Level 100 @ 6,112
Shiny: No
Points: 180
Bidoof @ 5,675
Hatch @ 5,690
Bibarel @ Level 100: 5,835
Shiny: Yes
Points: 70
Shieldon @ 5,672
Hatch @ 5,687
Bastiodon @ 5,872
Shiny: Yes
Points: 100
Tag-team with ReKoil
Sylveon @ 5,672
Offered fully-raised @ 5,672
VPP's 2022 Pride Celebration
Shiny: Yes
Points: 0
Zigzagoon @ 5,500
Hatch @ 5,515
Linoone @ Level 100: 5,675
Shiny: No
Points: 70

Looking for beta-testers and proof-readers for my fangame!