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Other FULL Venice: City Of Masks [M][OOC] Page 4

Started by Ice May 14th, 2015 1:19 PM
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Posted February 25th, 2019
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Question for everyone participating, I'd like a comment to see who is still available in the coming time. It's very handy for me to know who is available to make a post in the coming week or two, to move along, and hopefully finish up this arc, so that sign-ups can reopen again. Because of the Arc Systemtm, it isn't a problem for anyone to leave, and rejoining with your old character in a later arc is totally fine. For the sake of the RP and our ability to move along, it's necessary to acknowledge when people won't be available, and when they will be, so I really like a comment to see from when you guys are available, and if you aren't available for the current arc anymore, if you want to be put down for the arc that starts up when you are available again. Thanks.

On a second note, if you don't react to this post, and haven't been active for a while, and I can't reach you, I'll remove you from the players list, but if you make a return to the site, you can always rejoin!

This list is just names to notify people, and bug them with my messages:



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Yeah, sorry I've been surprisingly busy since like right around the start of the rp. I've tried a few times to get a post going but it's just not working out right now and at this point I'm just going to wait until the next arc starts before actually jumping in. :/


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You're reactions have been noted, including the people that have been in touch on skype.

On that note, two PAs.

Arc 2

Arc 2: The Sandmen, will start between Sunday the 12th and Sunday the 19th. It's more focused on the families, and with that, the smaller families that align themselves with the Omicidio and De' Medici families. The families themselves will have big roles too, as many players have aligned themselves with those too, of course.

The Arc 2 Sign-Ups

If you're already in the RP, feel free to ignore this message, but if you are not in, but want to join, this one is important. As of this post, sign ups are opened, but if you are accepted, posting won't be allowed until the next arc has started. The sign-ups do differ a bit from the first round, in that in this round your character can't be an actual part of the families, they can't be married in, or engaged to any of the family members. To engage easily with the next story easily, I recommend making your character part of a new family, aligned with the bigger ones. This is of course not a must, but it's a good way to get in the story. Feel free to message me with any questions.


switched account.

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DONE! Thanks, Ice! For helping me for the Power and Job suggestions!

❝Poison Chameleon❞

Name: Ninivi Von Flare Leblanc
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Species: Fae


Unaffiliated. She is the owner of one of the "World's Best" Black Market. It is only self-proclaimed World's Best but it is (or may be?) one of the 'best' in Venice. Her Black Market is known for smuggling, magic artifacts, information, secrets and all other kinds of stuff. It goes by many names. It is known to have the insignia of a Chameleon's tail, colored gold. Also owns small shops such as bakery and tailor. Has many connections.


Stands at 5'0ft height and weights lightly. Peach blonde hair, yellow eyes. Smooth porcelain skin, cute childish face. Sometimes she changes her hairstyle, sometimes she wears a flower ornament as an eyepatch, sometimes her dresses changes.


Like all the faes, Ninivi is mischievous; playfully and maliciously. She welcomes entertainment, mostly chaos and a little (a lot) bit of harm until it is at her expense, an act she would be displeased of. A person who prefers to observe rather than getting involve in a messy situation. It is a different matter if it's advantageous for her, however.

Incredibly vain, she despises ugliness and would recommend it should disappear, they will only taint the all the beauty that she adores. (It is why she cannot and would not get along with sirens, once you tear down their fabricated appearance- ugh, disgusting. So long as they keep the illusion up, it is fine.) Though she may love beauty, if there is an ounce of ugliness, she will frown. (Because a beautiful person could be an ugly in the inside, she doesn't like beautiful people that she sees as ugly on the inside.) The fae would not take a second glance at the things she deems ugly and would be vocal about it. Her mouth will clam up, however, when she is an important event or meeting an important person she knows can be and is influential, it would be a bad action to show such behavior. After that, in private, she would complain how distasteful it is.

Ninivi is a person who's a perfectionist and hard to herself, she would be the best and will be the best, anything that is less acceptable would be deemed a failure; striving to be someone who will not be detained, someone who would be respected at every corner. An very ambitious person, a little lady that knows what she wants. She would drive herself to be stronger.

She can be nice, if you are very sincere to her and show goodwill, push past the fiercely guarded wall; you will gain an loyal ally and friend. Even when she has not said it, Ninivi has a soft spot for people who are trying to crawl desperately to survive: the poor people who where either abandoned and defying death in the streets, she secretly donates to the need people such as the orphanage whenever she can and if she has the resources. Sometimes, she's not honest with her feelings.

Skilled at deception, sharp enough to be able to tell of a person's pretty little lies. She knows what kind of world they live in, a harsh environment of kill or be killed, that it is a harsh world and you must steel yourself to carry on and survive. Shows mature tendencies (especially in meetings, getting favors and such) - as mature as she is. Most times, she could act like a kid- in public. Batting her eyelashes, smiling a beautiful innocent smile all to let everyone around her let their guard down. It was so easy with her figure and pretty face. Don't let your guard or she will eat you alive. (Not literally.)

Her words are sharp, subtle, she can use it to hurt another person verbally and will make them cry depending on said person. It's either because she does not like you or is super pissed at you. Her words can be harmful, she can speak to you politely but subtly insult you.

Ninivi has the makings of an fine world-class actress, give her any role- she easily wears it as natural as wearing skin. She hates it when someone knows her cover-to see the bullsht she spouts. She will also be frustrated if she can't read her opponent. Intelligent and possess keen eyes. Fairly knowledgeable and will also be frustrated if she doesn't know other facts. (Not knowing itty bits of another race, for example.)

She also suffers from bouts of psychotic tendencies, specifically the times where she remembers her mother and what she have done. She hates silence, thanks to that; it successfully makes her edgy as time passes on and silence remains, going down on memory lane until she can't take it anymore. The fae would do find a way to destroy the silence, even if it means destroying a valuable ornament.

Denies that she is a sadist. Clearly, it is hinted that she is, finding someone else's pain amusing whether inflicted by her or not. Ninivi is rather fond of trouble, specifically everyone else having trouble and getting their brains scramble to have a steady control. A selfish woman who could be vicious with no sympathies. She can also be surprisingly calm amidst panic, mostly amused and if the situation proves to be difficult: annoyed.

Suffice to say, Ninivi is a bipolar girl. She can be mature then childish the next, she can be polite then sneering the next, she can be kind then cruel the next. May have a personality disorder, it doesn't help the fact that she can act and plaster a different emotion than what she is currently feeling. This girl can be deceiving. Try as she might, she is still her Mother's puppet even after that woman's death.

Her heart is as hard as diamond, not even that so called soft spot of hers could not move her heart. She will look out and put herself first, discarding everything that she deems not worth it. As her mother taught her, she should always be in control or else she will find herself at the bottom. (It also why it's so very hard to have her as an loyal ally and friend, her walls are too guarded.) Not to mention, she trusts less.

She is her mother's daughter after all.


There was a woman named Cordelia. She was one of the most beautiful of them all. Most people that knew her would say she was a "bewitching person". Strangers would say she was a "enchanting lady". At day she was loved, at night she was feared as she dons her mask.

"Madam Allure" she was called. The last her enemies hear is her twinkle like laugh then sweet release to blankness, she leaves with blood on the ground, dead bodies in her wake. She tricks, she deceives, she kills all the while with a pretty, pretty smile. She knows how to play The Game. A dangerous foe to have.

Just as she is beautiful, she is deadly.

Her name is notorious, a highly sought figure for power. It was not easy to locate her, even more so, it was more then difficult to convince her to be an ally, her rejection were shows when bodies of the emissaries were found slain. An independent masked woman she was. There were no sides she picked. There were speculations as to why but an answer did not and will not come.

She was someone to be cautious of, lest you lose your life.

When she is Cordelia the unmasked, she is demure. She hides her pernicious ways in the form of a young, beautiful and vulnerable woman. She covers her lips with her hand, hiding the wicked smile beneath her palm. No one knows, they will not know. They will only see the delicate person, not the black-hearted masked monster.

A news came to the people that knew her, she would be gone outside Venice to visit an grave of her grandmother. That was it.

There was a sweet woman with hazel eyes named Lucia Desdemond who became a part of a small family at the same time, their lord passed down his position to his son. The power the small family had, grew and grew. They were not a weak family no more. It was thanks to their new lord that they have risen to higher positions, slowly but surely. However. There were whispers that it was not he who had raise their small family to power but the woman who had join, the rumors had died down after weeks. It was impossible, they think, for Lucia was not the kind of woman who would dirty her hands. She was an innocent woman that had been caught into the fray, it was not meant to be.

(Why, they ask to themselves, was she allowed to join? It was no place for her. She was a blooming flower amidst the dried, dead grass.)

There were more whispers of the secrecy between Lucia and their lord, it escalated as servants that gossiped I saw Miss Lucia coming out of the Young Lord's room the other night., I heard Miss Lucia and Young Lord's voice in his room a night ago!, are they lovers? They ponder. They will never know for after a few days -

The Monroe family were no more.

Although they were not as strong and big as the other large families and compared to the Omocidio and de’ Medici’s, they were slowly becoming well-known. The situation brought a shock. The survivors they have found proclaimed that they do not remember the events that lead to their downfall before they disappeared, never seen again.

The shock dwindled and day after day, the 'case' slowly dropped until it was shoved at the back of their minds.

Somewhere, Cordelia smiled, resting her hand on her stomach.

"Madam Allure" did not show for 2 years.


9 months later, Cordelia Evangeline Oswald née Leblanc became a mother to a girl she named Ninivi Von Flare Leblanc. Holding her crying baby girl in her arms, the woman smiled down at her, she whispered, "I will make you be the best, my little fairy." It was the start of baby Ninivi's life, her hell.

At the age of two, she taught her how to speak, how to write. At the age of three, she dumped her outside with no food, dirty clothes and no money out in the alleys where the people who had no life lived, who stole, who would kill for food and beg to live. At the age of four, she was still out in the streets where she needed to survive on her own. At the age of five, she taught her etiquette, how to talk to people with certain status. At the age of six, she taught her how to start magic. At the age of seven, she tortured her with iron for resistance. At the age of eight, she taught her how to deceive, how to trick and what to do in certain situations. At the age of nine, she made her use what she had been taught in ways that left her boneless on the ground, headache and weak. At the age of ten, her studies continued. At the age of eleven, she taught and taught, she tortured and made her suffer. At age of twelve, she dumped her back to the alleys and threw more sht on her way. At the age of thirteen, her lessons, the torture repeat and repeat. At the age of fourteen, she sparred with her and did not hold back. At the age of fifteen, she threw her on brothels to flirt and seduce, laughing at her disgusted reactions. At the age of sixteen to eighteen, she made sure to drill on her head all the lessons she had taught and forcibly made her learn, she mold her the same way she was.

There was a difference: Ninivi was not and could not became Cordelia.

All the while throughout the lesson, at night, she came out with her mask. The "Madam Allure" that disappeared for two years, sporadically appeared. She was very dangerous, if she were to live; she will only reign chaos, she would be a monster that can never be controlled, free to do what she wanted, free to destroy what she desired to get rid off. She did not side to any family at all.

She was a vicious, threatening monster that needed to be rid off before she turns everything disarray.

When Ninivi was eighteen, her mother acted different, the daughter could see there was something off. Her mother did not gave her a hard time per usual, she did not ask or said anything. At the end of the day, Cordelia looked at Ninivi straight in the eyes and told her, "Dearest daughter of mine, I raised you to be like me, however, in this time, in the future" she leaned in and smiled acidly, so beautifully cruel, "you will never become me. For I am far more, much more greater than you." She turned around and walked away, straight to the double doors with graceful steps. "Do practice a lot harder, my little fairy, survive in this world, I had taught you well enough." A chuckle. "Strive to became as strong as me. If you can manage to do so."

"I wonder, will flap continuously to the top or will you fall down before you could reach that goal? Fufu, it is sad for me to have not to see you fall."

She was gone.

"Madam Allure" was never heard nor seen again.


After days of her mother disappearing without a trace, Ninivi had used what her mother left her for and created her own Black Market, she did not stop to make sure that it will be the best and started to built her connections, she expanded to owning small shops that were bakery and tailor. Of course, she made sure that there was not known to be the owner of her stores.

She did not reveal what she felt at that time, not even to the faithful servants that both her and her mother had for years.

Here is the start of her story.


Fae Physiology/Magic ‣ Self-Explanatory. Her Mother will never let her be less than perfect and so gruel her with lessons, at times, painfully. Although powerful, she is not by all means invincible enough not to get tired.
Puppetry Creation ‣ Dolls/Puppets. She makes them come alive, their appearance would morph into a human figure, Ninivi must concentrate on giving thought of their background, their personalities and how they will look like to make them even more human. They possess no magic and if they do, it will be low and burrowed. They turn back when Ninivi wants them to or when they are knocked down by even a mediocre spell/magic. She only make two at one day at most.
Slight Resistance To Iron ‣ Her mother made sure to give her resistance to their species' weakness. Although she can resist enough to not be noticable, it is still a weakness.
Heightened Hearing ‣ She can as the skill says- heightened her hearing, she can't keep it long and if she is not careful enough, her ears will hurt from the noise, as the time pass as she uses it, her hearing will slowly grow sensitive enough to hurt. Approx. 15-30 minutes.
Mother's Legacy ‣ What her mother taught her. See: History.


She has no skills in wielding heavy weapons.
Needles ‣ Pointy things to stab in the eye. She coats them with poisons, ranging to harmless to deadliest. Or coats with sleep, or stops nerves. Mostly poison.
Scepter ‣ To keep her magic in check, possibly only for show. (It is actually used in case someone uses magic, alerting her. Sometimes it doesn't work.)
Bows ‣ Although not often used, her arrows are also infused with magic. Her accuracy is below of a pro; her visual ability and keen eyes is better.

Roleplay Sample

click or click!


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Sign ups will close on the 30th of July.

For Arc 2, I thought I'd eleborate a bit. The main conflict is between smaller families. The Omicidio's and the de' Medici's are still very interested in finding out what is happening, but they're more a presence on the side, playing their games through the smaller families. The smaller families are trying to find out the source, as most of them have either a member or an important contacts that are in slumber now. They're hiring people now to work with them to find out what happened and how to solve it.

The slumber is not curable as of yet, not even by the Benedevice's Vial X. Once someone is asleep, they will be indefinitely. The slumberers don't need to be fed, or use any sanitary facilities. They seem to be suspended in their current state, although it's recommended to wash them.


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Hello. ^^

Are you accepting sign ups right now? If so I would LOVE to sign up. It sounds wonderful. <3
Yeah! As mentioned in my post above, you can enter a SU until the 30th, after which they get closed again until Arc 3 starts up. If you need any help with your character, or need some information, feel free to PM or leave a VM on my profile. No catching up is needed really, unless you want to get a feel for the characters. Great to have you interested!


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Name: Pandora Bellerose
Masked Name:Kitty Tuer
Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Succubus

Species Information: Succubi are powerful female Demons who use their sexuality to seduce and prey on Men, who's souls they slowly drain with each encounter. They use the sexual energy to make themselves stronger and the life energy to make themselves live longer. Powers that are specific to Succubi are Kiss of Death, Decelerated Aging , Healing factor, Compelling voice, and Sexual Inducement. They are faster and stronger than humans. It usually takes about about 2 days for a succubi to fully heal themselves.

Affiliation/Job: Pandora's father Agostino, was good friends with Enzo and worked for him. Pandora always grew up around Enzo and his family. Agostino was killed protecting Enzo and after her husbands death, Pandora's mother Alara fell into a dangerous depression and, turned herself into the church as a demon and was burned at the stake.


Personality:Pandora is described as being narcissistic and self-centered, but extremely loyal to her friends and family. She became very shallow and naive as a result of the attention and love caused by her beauty from humans, and had never been envious of anyone. She thought her life was perfect. Pandora enjoys the effect she has on men who become easily stunned by her beauty and women who become jealous of her; however, because of this, she is not happy when someone else appears to be more attractive than her or receive more attention than her. However if she like and trusts you she will show you a different side. Her natural beauty plus her supernatural beauty make her beauty beyond compare. A deeper side to her where she is funny and carefree.

Pain Illusion-Pandora can trick an individual's mind into thinking they are in physical pain. Though it has no physical effect on the body, the pain is quite effective to put a target down no matter the size.

Kiss of Death- A succubus has the ability to steal life force energy from victims via a kiss.

Decelerated Aging

Enhanced Speed,Strength,Reflexes, Flexibility and Healing factor.

Supernatural Beauty-The power to be so supremely beautiful that it affect others. Any men that see her become instantly attracted and any women that see her instantly become jealous.

Sexual Inducement- Pandora can cause others to become attracted to her emotionally and psychically through touch

Compelling Voice- Pandora can persuade people by speaking, the victims are unable to disobey. However the compelled only obeys if you dont get pulled out of the trance.

Tiara's Choker- This artifact allows Pandora to transform into a cat and gives her 9 lives.

Weapons: Black Leather gloves with Iron "Cat Claws"

Roleplay sample:


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Zatanna's Pandora Bellerose is denied. The character has a lot of powers, and on the basis of her being really really strong, that needs to be dialed back. Any form of immortality outside of the non-aging one for certain monsters, is a bit of a no go. I recommend either switching your character's species to fit some of these abilities (as some of them have them by default). Shrinking the list down by adding all vampire powers together and either not mentioning them or calling them 'vampire physique' , it makes the list a bit more manageable. If I were you I'd pick one of the powers on that list and use that instead, although some are still a bit strong on their own. For your character itself, maybe pick a succubus instead? That's a demon mostly based on the woohoo interaction in the sims, I think that fits your character well, haha.
Model isn't a job in this time period, that really only started to be a thing in the 20th century.
There is some history needed for her origins, as she's a vampire, but aligned with the de' Medici's, who are no fans of monsters. Is her whole family vampiric? Or did she get turned later in life?

After revision, Zatanna's Pandora Bellerose is accepted.

-Pushes SU out of the door to never had it reappear-
Ricochett's Ninivi Von Flare Leblanc is accepted.


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Marco Moretti
Age 21 | Male | Wanderer/Amnesiac


"The Phantom Blade"


As a ghost, Marco's personality is subject to irregularity and change, due to the variable nature of his form. This is only augmented by his amnesia. For the most part, Marco's demeanor is dark and sullen. This can all change however, as he is prone to random outbursts of emotion. He is generally quiet, and even helpful at times when working at the forge, as it takes his mind off his current situation.


It is said by some that not all who die find peace. Indeed, some unfortunate souls are cursed with restlessness, unable to depart from the material world despite meeting their own demise. Becoming a ghost can have strange and unpleasant effects on a person, and there is no typical case.

Marco Moretti awoke one morning, not too long ago, inside a coffin. It was his own.

After much confusion, shock, and terror, he rose from what should have been his final resting place, passing through the earth and wood as if they were nothing more than air.

His mind was hazy, and he could only grasp two clear thoughts-

His name was Marco Moretti, and he was not supposed to be here.


It would seem that Marco had become some kind of phantom, merely a shadow of his former self. The problem was, who exactly was that? He had no memory of anything before his ghostly awakening. All he remembered was his name.

After wandering around on the streets for days, he suddenly felt the ground beneath his feet for the first time. Confused, he stumbled around, realizing he could now feel his body. Other streetgoers were beginning to stare, finally able to see the strange disoriented man. Feeling the eyes on him, Marco escaped into the first open shop he could find, a local Venetian silversmith's shop.

The smith inside did not seem surprised, instead he simply looked at the intruder, and told him it was about time he came, and to get to work. After some dialogue between the two, it became clear that the silversmith thought Marco was a newly-hired worker, and the latter took advantage of the former's ignorance, accepting the position.

Now Marco works smithing silver while he is in tangible form, but spends the rest of his time looking for clues to his past identity.....


In addition to all the powers a ghost has, Marco has a few additional tricks up his sleeve.

- Sword Proficiency: Marco is adept with most styles of swords in use. He is particularly masterful with a rapier.
- Ghostly Rapier: It seems that Marco's sword, which he was buried with, has obtained some of the mysterious energy that turned it's wielder into his ghostly form. Whenever Marco turns intangible/invisible, so does his weapon.
- Mysterious Ring: A gold piece of odd craftsmanship, the ring that adorns Marco's finger glows faintly with an eerie aura. What secrets does it hold?


Marco's weapon of choice is his trusty Rapier, Spectre. The long-bladed weapon has been with him ever since he can remember, which was when he awoke.

Roleplay Sample

What's a roleplay?

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art by the churiffic Infinite


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Sorry I'm taking so long, just really struggling to make words happen.
Expect a post during the coming week though.
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