Greenlit Top 10 Ash's Pokemon

Started by Kostas February 15th, 2019 2:01 PM
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So, Josh had an idea a while ago about this. Unfortunately, he doesn't have the free time he want about this to collab with me so I'm suggesting this instead,

I think the thread title says it all, just a simple Top 10 article based on my opinion and writing an explanation for each Pokemon in that list! How does that sound?



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As long as his actual best Pokemon (Infernape) is on there somewhere I'm happy

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Agree with ddrox must have infernape (tho lbh who if anyone didnt in their top ten what anime are they watching bc)

That said im really curious as someone who stans ash your top ten and how you rate them hahha.


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That is an interesting idea. I think it'll be a fun article. Can't talk about who should be or not be on this list, but as long as it's clearly your opinion, all good! +1, approved.

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