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What type would it be, what would its design be, etc.?
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Don’t have a design idea quite yet, but I would lovelove to see an ice-type regional form for Mienfoo/Mienshao based on the weasel’s white winter coat. It would be adorable ❤️


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A Clefable that drops its Normal typing for Fighting and gets super swole. Like a buff Dio-shaped Fairy/Fighting Clefable.

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Thought like Fairy did, but with Wigglytuff instead. Whipped up a drawing on a five minute idea, tops. (Spent far longer on the actual drawing part. Shh. Helped to have just drawn the Tamagotchi shell for it. Resembles something like someone with art skills could create.)
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Went for a kind of gangster route, rather than pure muscle, with the black leather glove. Veers towards Dark, maybe. Oh well.
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There are multiple, but I'd mainly like a Regional form for Eevee that would evolve into different types than normal Eevee.
As for design ideas I don't have any myself, but there's plenty fanmade eeveelutions for the missing types out there.

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Mentioned this before in the Ice Club, but I'd love to see a regional Liepard based on the snow leopard and, looking at its jowls, Purrloin could be based on the Canadian lynx. Ice/Ghost makes sense for the typing since both animals are called "ghost cats."
Omg yes. This is officially very high on my wishlist now - I almost want to draw my own interpretation of it! Love the idea!


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A Fire-type Cubchoo that has heartburn instead of a runny nose 🔥


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An Ice/Poison Sableye: a gremlin with a white fur coat that lives in cold caverns. Has ice for eyes instead of gems. Feel like that would be cool to see.
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Ice shinx, white fur, more straight and neat hair, more of a proper pokemon, since the shinx line like this would be based on royalty
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