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Hello guys,

I was just thinking earlier while casually playing PM a way to make tech type pokemon more useful and sort of a go to pick over pure power when fighting in hard battles.

For instance, Koga's Crobat and Janine's Ariados are very heavily poison orientated you poison them (small chance) followed by the next move which inflicts more damage when the enemy is poisoned. I was thinking wouldn't it be nice if when using Crobat's sync move that it has a 100% chance of poisoning the receiving pokemon.

It would make it so i don't just use the (weakness) type-pokemon to give me a +2000 recommended power and follow up by using my Houndooms sync ability as although the receiving pokemon has a weakness to poison my houndoom does more damage because i haven't poisoned the enemy yet. In supercourses, if you don't get the poison in the third or forth try you're better off leaving and trying again, Or as i do just use houndoom to finish them quickly.

i don't think it would be too OP as you're using your sync move as a sacrifice to inflict this status effect.


I feel like this could be brilliant but i also think that it's a stupid idea. Which is why i am here to discuss the possibilities.