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Do you own a tablet? Page 2

Started by Auticorn December 14th, 2018 5:30 AM
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i have a samsung galaxy tab E, its on android 7.0, so its a bit behind, (not as far behind as my 6.0 android phone :))
i prefer a computer honestly, so i use that over my tablet almost 24/7 but i play games and stuff on it every once in awhile, or when my computer is broken and dont have a computer to use.


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Currently have an iPad 9.7 I'm pretty sure. I got it when I upgraded my phone, they had a nice deal going and I always wanted one. Sometimes I really forget I have it if I'm completely honest. I like having it though, since I rather watch videos on it and play some games that require me to have a bigger screen.
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Nope haven't needed one! I preferred small laptops.

However... now that i have begun to love mechanical keyboards, I'd almost want to have a tablet and a small bluetooth keyboard for it instead of a laptop o:


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I have a Huion art tablet, but it's not a proper tablet with a screen and muk so it doesn't count. Otherwise no, I don't really see the point. I have a smart phone and a laptop and even my TV can do Netflix/Youtube these days. There's just not really any good reason for me to own a tablet when those three between them do everything a tablet can do but better.

The only form of tablet I'd really consider would be so I could draw directly onto the screen, but I don't do art enough to warrant the expense.


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I used to have a samsung tablet......................but it died{it actually got virus because i used to browse unnecessary sites (lmao)}

I bought another and this one works fine (you see, i have been working on tabs for 3 years so i guess returning to mobile phone is gonna be pretty hard because my fingers are adapted to the big screen ;-;



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I do! It's an.. um.. okay I don't know what it is. All it tells me is that it's an iPad (6th generation) :L
Okay after looking that up, it's a 9.7...? Maybe? Apologies for the stupidity there, it's my first iPad.

I used to own a Kindle Fire until it broke. I loved playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on that thing..



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I have a Lenovo tablet, not sure which model. I got it as a Christmas present from my parents a couple years ago.

It's fine for what it is, I mostly just use it for watching TV/Youtube or streaming.
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