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In more recent games we're used to getting HMs (or ride Pokémon) given to us during cutscenes at important plot moments, but in older games you actually had to do a fair bit of exploring to get some of them. I think RSE did this the most, but FRLG too to a lesser extent, with Surf deep in the Safari Zone and Rock Smash tucked away in the Ember Spa. Did you think finding these was too hard, or did you enjoy it? Did you resort to googling or guidebooks? And most importantly, would you bring back the exploration-based HM finding if you had the choice?
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    I remember I couldn't find the HM flash and my sister had to tell me where it is. I accidentally found surf in the Safari Zone when I was checking out other grass areas to catch pokemon. Bringing back the exploration-based HM finding is a tough question for me. Part of me does not want it back and the other part of me does want it back.
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      On my last play through of Emerald, I forgot how to get Rock Smash

      Usually I get lost looking for the house with cut

      I still can't remember off the top of my head how to get strength, but I could figure it out again if I replay it

      In Fire Red/Leaf Green I can't remember having any problems with the HMs.
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        Yes, I forget where the more useless HMs like Rock Smash in FRLG. I skip out on Flash on purpose in Kanto and blindly traverse Rock Tunnel.

        No, wouldn't want HMs back at all, those few minutes catching HM slaves is a big waste of my time
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        Most of the HM's in Emerald are within the city the gym is in, most are handed to you in a forced event as well so I never forget where to get them.
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