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    " -My name is Birch. But everyone calls me the Pokémon Professor."
    Screenshot (9).png
    Screenshot (10).png
    Screenshot (3).png

    So can someone please explain to me after Professor Birch clearly introduces himself to the "player character" "cough.. cough.. Brendan", this happens.. If you think about it Professor Birch also introduces himself before you even arrive to Hoenn.

    Screenshot (4).png
    Screenshot (7)_LI.jpg

    Wouldn't you also think he would know if he already met you? I am sure he would remember your name. Just came across my mind and wanted to share this thought lol
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    Perhaps it is a bit like how they included this otherwise meta introduction in the Alola games, Birch speaks to you through a video or phone call.
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      Personally i think that the first part is just breaking the fourth wall to to introduce the real player into the game world.
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        I mean, in ORAS, it's a video chat.

        But, technically it was only with Birch.
        You meet the rest of his family too, May/Brendan, Mrs. Birch, and Rival's Younger Sibling ~
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          Wrong tag though.
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