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Old May 19th, 2017 (10:59 AM).
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    Hello people of the PC forums.

    I'm finally doing a more serious hacking attempt in FireRed and I wanted to have a NPC Bug Catcher that's rematchable to make grinding for the 1st Gym easier.

    I played the ROM on my VBA and when I came across the rematchable trainer I noticed a really weird bug (Images in spoiler).


    The Bug Catcher.

    Whenever I open the menu while this Bug Catcher is in sight, it glitches out.

    NOTE: When I open the menu when this Bug Catcher isn't in sight there's no problem yet.

    And then when you try to move, it moves the NPC instead and he turns into the hero overworld sprite.

    NOTE2: When I just pass the Bug Catcher without opening the menu the script works as it should and the rematch works perfectly as well.

    Script here:


    #dynamic 0x2594F6

    #org @start
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x67 0x0 @before @after
    msgbox @1 MSG_YESNO
    compare LASTRESULT 0x1
    if 0x0 goto @ChallengeDenied
    settrainerflag 0x67
    trainerbattle 0x0 0x67 0x0 @before2 @after

    #org @ChallengeDenied
    msgbox @2 MSG_NORMAL

    ' Strings
    #org @before
    = Halt!\nNobody passes through here!\lI see myself as the guardian\lof Rose Forest!

    #org @after
    = I'm not worthy...

    #org @1
    = Not a lot of people have passed\nme and my Pokemon so far...\pI'd like to train with someone as\nstrong as you to get better...\pIs that alright?

    #org @before2
    = Great!\nHere I come!

    #org @2
    = Oh... Okay...\nI'll train by myself then.

    TL;DR - Script works, but it seems like it's causing a bug when opening menu, can anyone explain this?
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    Old May 19th, 2017 (7:08 PM).
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      I don't think your script is the problem here, it'll be an issue with the NPC's data. In advance map there are two "face down" settings for NPCs; one of them does what it says it does, and the other is broken. What you've got there is exactly what usually happens when you select the broken one, so changing it to the other one should fix it.
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