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Maps Max's Pokémon Region map pack(Kanto to Sinnoh)

Started by PokemonTrainer_Max October 26th, 2018 7:51 PM
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Seen October 26th, 2018
Posted October 26th, 2018
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1.1 Years
This map pack was a very old map pack that i made back in May
2014 and since then i grown alot and learned alot about mapping
and i just found this old thing just lying around soo i just think i would post it here
so it can get some use out of it like it's not like i'm gonna use it i'm done with map making i need a break.
so why waste it so enjoy those maps i made kanto-jonto-hoenn-sinnoh credit me if you will
i would love to hear from you guys cheers:) i hope you enjoy those just note it was made in frlg style
just to give you a heads up if you think it was made in dpp or hgss style because it was not.
Download Link:
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