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Helpful Links & Information

What Is This?

The "Helpful Links & Information" thread is basically an area containing all the useful threads you might be interested in viewing! If you're stuck and not sure where to go or want recommendations on sections/threads you should check out, this is the place for you. :D

Remember that each section has its own rules, so make sure to read them!

≈ Important Links

Official PokéCommunity Rules: These are very important to follow as they are the site's general rules. This means that they apply everywhere on the forum. Make sure to avoid breaking them!

Official PokéCommunity FAQ: FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a general site-related question such as why you cannot make a blog, check this link out!

Official PokéCommunity IRC Channel Information: An IRC chat is basically a live chatgroup where you can talk to other members currently in the chat. It's a nice way to get to know members and staff!

Donation Information: The forum does accept donations; by doing so, you can get several perks such an italicized blue name, a blog, bigger avatars, and so forth! Make sure to read each donation tier info list to see what perks each level entails.

Staff List: This page lists all the people who work on the site to make it a nice place to stay. If you ever have a question, feel free to contact them!

Quick Questions & Answers Thread: For simpler questions that don't warrant their own threads such as where to post certain things, you can go here!

Signature Rules & Regulations: This gives you a run-down on signature rules. You're also able to post and ask if your signature is within the limits here!

Infraction System Information: While PC is a rather lax forum as far as infractions are concerned, you should check out the infraction system info to ensure you don't break any rules. If you have a question about an infraction you received or infractions in general, post 'em here!

Official PokéCommunity Leave/Return/Account Switch Thread: If you're taking a break or leaving entirely, this is the place to let everybody know. Remember that all official rules apply here, though, so no bypassing the censor or ranting about how much you hate the forum. You can also announce your account switch here.

Emblem Master-list/Request Thread: Emblems are basically awards that you get for doing certain things. They can be found on your profile by clicking the "emblems" tab! When you receive an emblem from a staff member, it arrives as a private message in your inbox. Keep in mind that this thread doesn't list all the existing emblems, so it's for you to figure out~! You can use this thread to talk about these neat little things and request certain emblems, such as the PC Veteran and Committed emblems.

≈ Chat Threads

Many sections have their own chat threads where you can sit back and talk about that particular subject, which are listed below:

New Users' Hangout

Pokémon General Chit-Chat

Trade Corner Chit-Chat

Video Games Chit-Chat

Computers & Technology Chit Chat

Fan Fiction and Writing's Random Writing Nonsense

Pokémon Anime's DCC

Battling & Team Building Daily Chit Chat

Challenges Daily Chit Chat

Art & Design Daily Chit Chat

Club Helpdesk

ROM Hacking DCC

Keep in mind that the staff of these individual sections sometimes update their chat threads by creating a fresh new thread to reset post count and reduce lag, so if some of the above links happen to be outdated, go ahead and message either myself. We'll update these links as soon as we can. :D

≈ ROM Hacking Helpful Links!

Here are some helpful links for all you aspiring hackers:

Quick Questions & Answers

Beginner's Lounge

Script Help Thread

ROM Hacking: Getting Started

Tutorials, Toolbox & Resources

Recruitment & Team Building Thread

≈ Other Helpful Stuff!

CSS Help & Resources

Desktop Screenshots

Pokémon Gaming Central General Quick Questions & Answers Thread

Fan Clubs & Groups: Rules & Club Guide

The Official Art & Design Resource thread

6th Gen Friend Code Sharing Thread

X/Y Quick Q&A

Trade Corner's Megaguides thread (From Breeding to SVs to RNG.)

CSS Guide and Trade Shop templates.


C&M Radio

Media Showcase

≈ Ending

That's really all we have to say here! This thread'll be updated every once in a while, so check back. ^_^ Feel free to contact Dragon if you ever need anything or if you spot an error!

CSS made by Sheep, made and written by Meganium & Sheep, Edited by Dragon!

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