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Old October 14th, 2013 (11:32 AM). Edited October 16th, 2013 by TheTorraRegion.
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    Rated T for mild violence. I received inspiration from the Silverwing series.

    Two species have been at war forever. At various times, there has been brief, uneasy peace between them. But now, they are launching themselves into battle. Both are powerful, silent night fliers.

    They are the owls....and the bats.

    Hundreds of years ago, there was a great battle between the birds and the beasts. The bats didn't know which side they should fight for. They had the wings of a bird, but the teeth of a beast. They decided that they wouldn't fight at all. At the end of the war, both sides were furious with the bats. The owls took it upon themselves to see out their punishment...forever. The bats fled, and decided amongst themselves to only come out at night, when all of the birds and the beasts were asleep. But owls also adapted to this, detirmined to stop at nothing in their mission to punish bats. After hundreds of years, bats have fled to a remote forest. But the owls are coming.

    It is up to you to choose your side; it is up to you to finish the war.

    Rules: The usual. No godmodding, powerplaying, you know.

    You may be either a bat or an owl.

    When choosing a species, you can choose to be a real species (f.e. Barn Owl), or a made up one (f.e. Blazing Owl. It has orange, fiery feathers).

    Don't just go around killing each other willy nilly, okay?

    If you die, you can make a new character.

    Both sides need:

    Healers: Healers, well...heal! They heal all of their colony's injured, sick, and such.
    Elders: Older bats and owls that make most of the important decisions. Younger animals can become elders if they are very wise.
    Comanders: Leaders who come up with battle strategies and lead their warriors n battle.
    Warriors: Strong animals that figjt.
    Scouts: Stealthy animals that gather information.

    Owls need:
    Blacksmiths: These owls work in their forges to make armor and metal claws for the owls.
    Hunters: Owls that gather food.

    Bats need:
    Assassins: These are stealthy bats that can kill quickly and silently.
    Hunters: These bats hunt for food.
    Gatherers: These bats gather fruit for the fruit bats.


    Character Name:
    Owl or Bat:
    Igloo's Shtuffs
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