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Other Get Pokemon B/W ad B2/W2 in 2D

Started by Cephei April 25th, 2019 1:27 PM
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Posted May 20th, 2019
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TL;DR : I want my game look like this

Instead of

  • I'm desesperate, I've been looking for solutions all over the internet, I've been here, on projectpokemon, bulbapedia, google, ecosia, bing [...] and I didn't find anything yet. I'm actually looking for a way to get Pokémon BW/B2W2 with a 2D camera, so I can easily screenshot my desmume screen and edit it on Photoshop and make tilesets for RPG maker.
    The problem is the game is in full 3D and while the IV Gen can get a cheat code to put the camera on 2D, there's actually nothing similar for the Gen V.

I know this is possible, as the previous screen prove, but sadly I didn't find any method who comes with this screenshot, which is why I post here. Also, note that I'm extremely demanding: I don't want to export map and I don't want to use blender. I want to take screenshots from the game.

Thanks for reading, if you find something, test something, please tell me. I'm ready to pay for it.
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