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Pokémon FULL Hoenn Hard-Mode! Page 3

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Relicanth and Reli-won't
(Part 1 / 2)

Plot Summary: Connie's vocal scoldings (aimed at Slakoth) irritate an exhausted Haley and Sean. Though Connie is too embarrassed to speak out, Haley continues to pester her and Sean feels the need to speak out again, this time in Connie's defense. Haley turns the aggression on him and Sean challenges her to a battle inside the Pokemon Center. Appalled, Connie watches from the sidelines of a rowdy, excited crowd as Haley and Sean send out their starters and prepare to duel. That is before Aldren's Whismur panics and distracts them all with a massive ringing cry. Haley and Sean are understandably angry but Connie finally is able to snap at them. Before Haley and her can go at it, Aldren leads the Trainers outside and away from the irritated crowd. Once outside, the Trainers learn more about him from a phone call. Aldren is a Johto researcher, come to Hoenn to study some ruins just near Oldale. When questioning about a Pokemon named "Relicanth", the Trainers also learn how rare it is and all three are willing to travel alongside said professor to see it (despite him being reluctant).

Current Time: 11: 35 AM

Current Location: Pokemon Center ; Oldale Town

Affected Trainers:
Connie Benatti

Sean Brunelle

Haley Summers

ft. Disclosed, Veevee and sarcasm

Sean looked down at the limp Zigzagoon that he carried in his arms. It was conscious, but still freezing cold from the battle that had taken place earlier that day. It needed to be treated quickly if it was going to stay out of it's Poke Ball, and Sean didn't feel comfortable putting him back in. They had come to the Oldale Town Pokémon Center, but Sean was hesitant to go in because of what had gone down in the building that morning. For his Pokémon, however, he walked inside, right through the glass doors and striding straight up to the counter.

"Hey, can you heal my Pokémon?" Sean asked, as if it wasn't obvious that he was there for that reason. He finally recalled Zigzagoon and handed her the Poké Ball, and then began to dig through his bag for Snorunt's. He grabbed a lot of things before coming to the capsule - some old Berry, a worn map of Hoenn, what felt like a Trubbish, and then finally what he needed. Snorunt had already been recalled after the battle, so all he had to do was pass it to the nurse.

"Alright, it'll take a few minutes." she said, grabbing both Balls and turning around. Sean walked over to the other side of the room and leaned against the wall, looking around as he had nothing better to do.

Meanwhile, in typical licensed garb and rain clothes, a girl sat. She also leaned against the wall, though not out of boredom. In fact, Connie was very occupied in a one-sided conversation with her Slakoth.

"Bad, Slakoth! Very bad Slakoth! Leaving me like that last night? Very bad!"

He said nothing, showed nothing. At the very least, the long-clawed Slacker wasn't smiling anymore. This was the bitterest Connie had seen him. His lolling shoulders, rolling eyes and tiny frown only fueled her anger. She was done feeling relieved that he'd returned. Now, she was intent on unleashing her true frustration. So intent Connie hardly recognized her surroundings, how Trainers could actually be in the Pokemon Center's main room at this time of day.

"Ughhhh..." Nearby the chubby girl with the Slakoth, sat Haley. She was leaning on her chair sluggishly, groaning at the noise. You see, she spent the night playing games because she was very, very bored. Yesterday, she accidentally fall asleep for a short while when she went back to the Pokemon Center of Oldale Town, returning from an encounter with Kirlia and a trainer who saved her from a powerful pokemon. (Compared to Pochiko who was just a starter, not a miracle worker.) Her Pokemon were healed and needed rest then she went to sit then she fell asleep cuz she was bored, what else?

Then she woke up a bit, chatted with her parents and just laid down what happened starting from the time she stepped into Littleroot Town - a very boring town - then blah blah then entered Oldale Town, the current town she was in and also, a very boring town... very, very boring. She told them without all the details. Once done, she stepped out and caused trouble at Route 103 where some trainers were trying to train. (Pssshh, she didn't...! Not really...)

After that, she returned again to get her Pokemon before deciding to crash on the Center for the night, she was really sleepy from boredom... but ended up sleeping in late. Now she woke up after 4 hours sleep, the nap before including. So here she was- dozing off and getting a slight headache. Haley was about to sleep until someone started scolding their Pokemon, near her might I add. It was the girl with the Slakoth, she looked really preoccupied scolding the slacking Pokemon. Normally, she wouldn't care and ignore them but she was so sleepy, the teal girl opened her mouth,

"Your voice is shrilly, shut up." Straightforward, thy name is Haley Summers, "Man, it's grating on my ears and I'm slowly dyiiing, dunno what's your problem with your Slacky but can you bring it outside? You're disturbing everyone." Mostly her, sleepy Haley who has no care for being rude- so long as the chubby girl stop. Ugh, sleeeeeeep.

Sean had been there for all of it, and was getting just as annoyed. Anyone could tell that the girl's comment was pretty harsh, buth he just wanted to relax. So as he would, Sean pitched in with a completely unnessecary "Yeah, I agree, shut up. You're not going to get anywhere with that living carpet."

Connie wasn't one for taking criticism well, constructive or otherwise. It came across as a bombardment, how they chatised in-succession. She opened her mouth to respond to the girl but the boy cut her speech off immediately, leaving her wordless and flustered. Suffering a sudden bout of embarrassment, Connie clamped her mouth close and her cheeks turned a furious shade of red.

Who were these... these... jerks!? Like Tobias, the twat, except there were two of them. Some exhausted chick with a jarring teal haircut, a slouched-over bro with nothing intellectual to add. Was everyone with a license this smug and unapproachable? Why must they always get involved in her business particularly? Yet, she said nothing. Too disconcerted. At the moment, Connie couldn't have been more embarrassed. At the same time too, she was reluctant to leave her spot.

As for Slakoth, he had nothing of substance to add. His smile had reappeared, presumably at his Trainer's expense. His feelings weren't too unreable this time. His eyes spoke for him: "Serves you right for the scolding." Though his eyes did glint while regarding the one boy. The carpet comment had been taken into account and would be remembered.

She yawned, "Oh you shut up, good. Thought you'd be stupid enough to continue raising your voice." Haley could care less of the situation, so long as her surroundings were quiet right now, she needed a few more moments to get back in high spirits or maybe not... unless something exciting happens. Though she did looked a bit amused at the girl turning red, she had an inkling that she would tease the girl a hell lot if there was opportunity to work together but like that would happen... pffft.

That was harsh. Sean thought. He just wanted them to take it outside, but this girl seemed to really want to hurt her. It seemed odd that someone would switch sides just like that, but it happened. He started to back away, but something told him that nobody else was going to stand up for her. So Sean slowly worked his way towards the girl with the Slakoth, turned around, and began to speak. You could hear a nervous tone in his voice, though.

"You know what? H-how about you just stop? If you think someone is stupid because their Pokemon is, well, then, uh, you dont know muk. Hell, you shouldnt a Trainer if you think like that."

That escalated quickly. Even Sean wasn't expecting that outburst, but it happened, and this was quite a scene now. After looking around fearfully, he retreated back to the wall and pretended that nothing had just happened.

Speechless, she was. One of the perturbed pricks, the girl, took the wound and opened it further. Like kicking a bruised man, and Connie was only taken offguard. She thought they'd leave her alone but they kept right on attacking.

Stupid? Stupid!? They think I'm the stupid one!? Her temper surged inside her, red hot and ready to burst. But Connie couldn't let loose yet. There was wetness in her eyes, tears that threatened to dowse her angry flame.

No! You can't let them see you cry! She quickly wiped her eyes.

In that time, something extraordinary happened. One of the perpetrators, they stood up and... defended her!? Vulgarly, too. His voice rose over the otherwise loose, peaceful crowd. Now everyone's heads were turned their way, which obviously made the boy quite uncomfortable. From Connie perspective, he didn't play it off well. She'd seen and heard everything.

And that just left the girl. Was she stunned, shocked? Would she make him the butt of her insults now? Connie's let her flaring temper falter for just a moment.

...Haley laughed. "Pfffft- haha!" She couldn't control it, I mean, first he agreed now he was taking the other side? "Oh man, you're also an idiot. Me? Shouldn't be a trainer? What do you expect? Give up because you said that?" Her eyes gleamed, "You're very naive or just plain stupid." So what? It's not as if every Trainer's an angel, like that would happen.This was getting amusing. It was obvious they were trainers that had wool in their eyes. How really naive. This world is not nice, there were people who were trainers that were... not very nice. If they couldn't take her, then how can they take others?

Sean had crept his way over to the counter, where his Pokemon were ready. Just as soon as he turned around, he was met with the arrogant comeback from Haley. It didn't make sense to him why some people just had to be like this. It had gone too far. The only thing he wanted anymore was to get out of this as the victorious one. He had to embarrass the girl and prove her wrong to absolutely everyone. She wasn't going to get away with this - or anything, if Sean was there.

Of course, that's what he thought, overlooking the chance that Haley might actually have some skills on the field.

The (not so) master plan had begun. A challenge would put this all on the line, but he didn't care. He did it.

"You think you're so good, and you can keep talking muk, but I bet it's all a disguise. Show me that you can actually battle, will ya?"

The teal kodana-wearing girl blinked at that, now she was wide awake. Her lips curled up, her eyes light up, "Oooh?" She disregarded his first sentence easily, as if it was insignificant. To her, it was. The guy was now butt-hurt, spouting an insult that she sees as something amatuer, Haley already heard that before, where's the creativity? "Suuure." She drawled, standing up. "I accept your challenge." Man, people were so easy to get pissed over little things.

Thanks to Sean's sacrifice, Connie was out scott free. The girl and him were taking their aggressions out on each other. No longer involved, she could leave them to it. If Connie were cooler, her temper not flaring like the lava in Groudon's lair, she could've turned her back with Slakoth in tow. She could have forgotten everything and just carried on. But, inwardly, she was ashamed. Ashamed she hadn't talked back and defended herself against the conceited kid who'd kick-started it all. Connie supposed she owed Sean but that still didn't make him the most "likable" guy. His earlier words had hit harder than she'd like to admit, anyway.

The other, say, five people wandering about the Center had formed a ring that Connie was practically sucked into. A challenge, right then and there, sparked excitement throughout the crowd. They were all immature, by the looks of it. Wouldn't they realize how messy and potentially destructive a battle in this enclosed of a space would be? It seemed everyone really was an idiot.

"Take it outside!" Alas, her protest was lost among the hoops and hollers of encouraging Trainers. The worst sort of bystanders, so intent on seeing a morning battle the nursing staff had a hard time fighting past them. Things were going downhill quickly and Connie could only look on in disgust.

"I'll send out first, I bet you'll need it," Sean called, as if he could get any cockier.

"You know, you've implied that I'm arrogant, aren't you?" Haley tilted her head and smiled, "But aren't you the one talking muk and being arrogant, instead? Was it perhaps you thought of giving me a "lesson" so that you can make me fall to my knees?" At this rate, she would burst out of laughing. It looks like she got into trouble like the troublemaker she is. (psh, she's not!) "Even if you win doesn't mean you'll win every time we have the chance of battling, you know?" Haley took out a Pokeball. "And you know what? Whatever your motives or whatever your words is, I. don't. care."

Sean chuckled, and wordlessly sent his Snorunt into the room. "Isn't this nice?" he taunted. "Even when we do battle, you still can't stop rambling. This might be easier than I thought. And I thought this would be a breeze." Snorunt looked up into Haley's eyes with almost the same level of anger that Sean currently held. She even growled.

"But I'm not as stupid and naive as you." Haley retorted back, saying the words like in a normal conversation. "Boohoo, I'm a tough guy that's gonna defeat the evil arrogant girl while being arrogant myself like the stupid person I am." She snickered at that her jib, "My, my, whatever should I do~" Out came Mudkip from the ball, he took a glance at both Snorunt and Sean but had already dismissed them.

The back-and-forth banter, the cheers of the crowd... It was legitimate war. Connie felt like the horrified onlooker of a cockfight. This needed to stop. If the professionals were too softspoken to interfere, she couldn't be.

"Stop it! Just stop!" She roared over the shouts which died down a little but the euphoric feeling was maintained. "Take. It. Outside!" Her face grew redder with each word, her temper spilling out of her mouth at the highest volume she could manage.

Obviously, eyebrows were raised. "Can't take the heat?" someone murmured but otherwise, things got a bit tamer, even for just a moment. For the shouts were directed towards the battlers, not the crowd, ready to eat up any action at all. Besides, the nurses were beginning to fight through, so the battle would have to be shortlived if anything happened at all.

"Are you scared? I bet you are, or you'd do something," was the next round of insults thrown by Sean. He was tired of Haley trying to look good, she'd go on forever if she could. This battle was happening, and she'd shut up if she wanted to focus. It wasn't like she was getting anywhere from it.

Now, Sean thought, Mudkip is a Water Type. I'm pretty sure Water resists Ice, so... hmm...

"Use Weather Ball!" he called out. It was the only move Snorunt knew that wasn't Ice type
and actually damaged the enemy, so it would have to do for now. The typical orb began expanding in front of the Pokemon, and it was quickly batted towards the enemy with it's trademark silver streams trailing behind.

"Pffft, scared, you're actually making me laugh." Haley looked as if she was having fun- she actually was. She waited for his first move and he did, she looked at the ball that was closing in on Mudkip if she continued to stay there, "Oh look, a ball." She calculated, "Run for it and use mud slap on it!" Pochiko moved straight towards the weather ball, its tail covering with mud, as it neared him, he swung his mud-covered tail and slapped it. It went back straight to Snorunt before it exploded midway. "Use water gun, now!" Pochiko shot a Water Gun after a second. "Come on, show me that you can make me eat dirt like the arrogant person you are!"

"Actually," Sean replied, "You're going to be the one eating things. How about water?" Sean was about to try something that probably wouldn't work, but it was worth a shot. He commanded Snorunt to use Weather Ball once more, and when the orb was set free, it collided with the incoming Water Gun and absorbed the attack - but the ball changed. It turned into a blue color and the streams melted into water, but the force had slowed it down greatly. It was just barely working it's way towards the Mudkip, and it could only be dodged if Mudkip couldn't move for whatever reason.

The battle had become a stalemate thanks to the floating Weather Ball, but Sean had an idea again. Hopefully it would work. "Use Ice Shard on it!" Sean called, followed by "But make it a small one!" And so, that was how a small ball of ice began to form between the Pokemon's hands, which was thrown and almost immediately broke apart, with most of the shards striking the blue orb in the back. Just as planned, it went flying in the right direction again, but the remaining Ice Shards created somewhat of a hazard on the field.

His reply showed that he was stupid and deaf, what a sad case. "Water's fine." She shrugged because water? Really? Haley looked at the battfield closely, she knew it was going to hit Mudkip whever he moved... but it didn't mean he couldn't move above, right? "Pochiko, continue using Water Gun down and jump, shoot it below!" Haley commanded, he immidietely jumped at the same time, redirecting the Water Gun down, it made Pochiko fly up. "Alrighty~ Use Mud slap on it! Lay it down hard!" His tail was covered in mud again as he went straight down without the Water Gun helping him up, his tail collided with the ball including the Ice Shard, creating an explosion.

"It is? I had no clue that your special little kip kip had Water Abs-"

"Th-that's enough!"

A shriek shriller than a jet plane eminated throughout the room, nearly throwing the crowd onto their backs. As the explosion cleared, leaving a mark on the laminated flooring, another Pokemon entered the fray. Everyone scattered; the nurses, the youngsters, and Connie. The girl in-particular stumbled backwards, dropping her Slakoth and pressing her palms to her ears. The agonizing screams continued for a short period before a man with headphones ended it, clamping the Whismur's ears back in place.

Professor Aldren looked up at the crowd, either oggling him or consoling their sudden head and ear aches. His shriveled, freckled face flashed red like Connie's. He opened his mouth but full words failed to emerge, only a few flustered noises.

"I-I-I... U-uh...!"

"...well, that worked, I guess." A disgruntled Connie ignored her Slakoth's irritation at being dropped. Returning him to his respective 'ball, she approached the man, quivering arms wrapped around what she supposed was his Whismur.

He was the lankiest thing she'd ever seen, limbs hanging from their sockets like cooked spaghetti. He seemed practically boneless, smothered with freckles and ginger hair pouring messily over his forehead. The professor looked up at Connie but quickly shifted his gaze somewhere else instead.

Just as the battle began, it ended abruptly. By a loud shriek. "MUK." Haley cringed, she covered ears like a sensible person, one eye glued shut as she looked at the source with her other open eye. She sees a Whismur in the arms of a tall man. And then it the shriekiest voice ever that was even worse than the girl with the slakoth was cut off. FINALLY. Now she was having a headache as bad as being scolded for a long time by her Mum. "You giant stick," She pointed a finger at him, expression still cringing, "are crazy! What kind of method was that?! Bleed our ears?!" Then she paused, "That was a bit awesome, by the way." Perfect for prank next time. At least she wasn't sleepy or she would have been in a bad mood.

Pochiko had his face planted on the ground, he probabily slipped because of the sudden loud noise. "What was that for anyway?! Just when it was about to get good." Haley whined, come on! She spent yesterday bored! Alas, the world is cruel and once again, her fun was ended. Dammit.

The backlash seemed to overwhelm poor Aldren who'd already shown discomfort towards the whole situation. He cringed just as everyone had, face flushed and mouth refusing to open. Why he was having such a difficult time defending himself? Connie had not a single idea. Still, with her now-developing headache, she had little tolerance for harshness. This was her chance to redeem herself, anyway, and speak out against this teal-haired mess of a Trainer that'd triggered all this chaos in the first place.

"Hush up. He did it to end a battle you should've taken outside in the first place," she snapped in defense. "If you and that boy weren't such careless idiots, no one would have to suffer."

The professor still seemed distraught, like the words were stolen from his mouth. He cast a begging look in the Trainer's direction that Connie paid no mind to. He may be a pacifist but she still had a few choice words to dish out.

Her gaze moved to the girl before, her cringing expression smoothed out, there were still echoes of the screech right in her ears but low as it can be. Her expression was clear that she forgot the girl with the Slakoth still exists and it was also clear that she mostly didn't care about the trouble and about the girl's snappish words. "Lighten up, will yah?" Man, she was boring. What was she going to do anyway? Lecture her to death. "Bah, who cares what you say." Haley waved her arm in dismisal, returning Pochiko back to his ball. It was very clear that Haley easily disregarded her.

The noise was ear-shattering, and this argument that had just begun looked like it could end up the same way. It was hard to focus on anything with the shreik still ringing strongly in Sean's ears, but he managed to recall the Snorunt who was currently cowering on the ground with her stubbly little hands covering her unseen ears. Since he was fired up already, he began to yell at the two who had caused this.

"Take it outside? Really? That's what you shattered everyone's ears for? Because I'm sure everyone in this room did something to deserve that, and that was definitely the most pleasant way to tell us, wasn't it?"

Her rage surged as Connie continued. "Well, no one else was doing anything and you needed to stop that instant! If you'd just used your damn heads...! Don't blame anyone but yourselves and your poor decision-making! Honestly, if you can't take flack for anything that you've done, don't start bullmuk in the first place!"

There came a eeriely familiar wailing from where Aldren crouched. The gangling researcher sought to quiet his Whismur whose lips began to quiver once more. Preempting a repeat of the earlier event, Connie instantly moved her hands to her ears. It seemed Aldren's Whismur was just as anti-conflict as he himself was.

Like the world's largest spaghetti noodle. Professor Aldren shakily rose to tower over the three Trainers. Despite his headphones sheilding him from the full force of Whismur's scream, he still seemed relatively bothered. Everyone else in the Oldale Pokemon Center was coming to their senses by this point and none seemed pleased. The staff especially. The kind, sparkling blue eyes of the Center nurses transfomed into chilly, spine-tingling ones in single glares. Their Chansey seemed to be warming up a painful Doublesap to dish out to the offenders.

"I'd advise ya'll move along," one thick-waisted, Sinnoh native snapped.

Aldren gulped, Adam's apple bobbing in his tight throat. With trembling hands, he moved towards the two battlers. Everyone was staring at the three of them, ready to dish out more aggressions, most likely. Not that they were unjustified, the majority would have aggravating headaces to attend to in a few moments time. Still, yet more conflict was unnecessary and leaving in peace--preferably never returning--would be the best solutio. However, he found that difficult to communicate to the children.

"Er, I uh... Let's um... Outside. Let's go outside... don't want to start anything else..." His last few words blended in with each other as he shuffled towards the door, Whismur balanced on his shoulder. Aldren hardly threw a look back at the kids but did linger awkwardly by the entrance, so his intentions weren't too subtle.

Everything, the battle that was interrupted, the reactions, everything only served to make Haley amused. Oh man, it was worth the boredom! Nothing, not even the annoyed attitude and the Nurse's glares were affecting her. But that was just Haley, she was a person who was not shackled by the way the world wants her to be. "I don't even get why you're all annoyed and putting the blame on, when you all were cheering as on and didn't bother to stop us." The teal-haired girl drawled, reminding the 'innocent' bystanders of their action before. Let's just say there were people who feel ashamed and embarrassed at the realization that they were also at fault for egging them on.

And that is a reminder of how people can be ridiculous stupid. Yeah, she and that hypocritical guy should have stop but hey, they shouldn't have fueled them either. They were not just stupid but pure bullmuk as well. So many hypocrites around her.

But that was the norm Haley knew, was it that hard to be true to yourself? She had no problems with it.

(If we think about it, isn't she what represents one of the other people's 'bad' side? Were there even 'bad' or 'good' sides? The world and its inhabitants were complicated. She was not the one to hide what she thought.)

"Meh, dealing with everyone's stupidity wouldn't do me good." Haley shrugged and followed Aldren- well not really, it was a good excuse to get moving, she already made trouble with the help of the hypocrites around her, the troublemaker had done her job again~

Sean really didn't know what to do. It was either take responsibilty, or go with Haley. It really shouldn't have meant that much to agree with someone, but it did to Sean at that time. This couldn't have been worse. So for about five minutes, there he was, just standing there with a blank expression, until he finally made a risky move. He would go alone with Haley and prey that she wouldn't (metaphorically) kill him. Maybe she wasn't always as much of a jerk?

"You know," he said hesitantly, "She's right. You people just cheer us on, until you randomly decide to do... this. Think about it." And with that, he actually went and stood by Haley. In the back of his mind, he had a really disgusted expression, but he couldn't show it.

The trio hobbled outside, the crowd of youngsters with shifting expressions. They were either considering Haley's words or continuing to glare, perhaps even speaking out. Connie herself was not intent on sticking around so she trailing after the two. Her heart still pounded fiercely and that decision would perhaps be the most rational one she made before she could calm down.

Aldren hadn't noticed her quite yet, only the other two Trainers. The scrawny fellow fell against a nearby tree, emitted a sigh of mixed exhaustion and relief. Whismur still shivered against his neck and he scratched underneath its plugged ears. Their timidness was mutual; two troublemakers with a habit of talking back and Aldren would probably have to interact with them both. Oh, them and that other girl who'd stuck up for him back in the Center. Still, she gave off a sense of aggression that Aldren tried to avoid on most occasions. It seemed this time he'd have no choice, however.

Fortunately, a distraction arose. A well-known bubblegum pop song swelled from his ragged labcoat pocket. As the singer performed part of the chorus, Aldren dug his phone and halted the ringtone before lifting the device to his ear. He turned his back slightly to the Trainers, his voice a sort of a murmur but still perfectly audible.

"Hell- Elm! Oh, Professor! I, uh... T-the ruins? N-now, today!? But Professor, I told y-..." There was a drawn-out moment of silence with barely discernable chatter. Someone else's voice. Specifically, Professor Elm's.

"...I'm sorry. Alright, I'll, uh, find a way. To get the Relicanth. I'll... manage, I suppose. I mean--! Well, uh, bye." Aldren hung up.

Okay, why did she follow him again? Oh right, she didn't mean to, Haley didn't noticed that she had "followed" him. She eyed him, comparing him to the tree. ...He really was a stick. A tall stick that looked ready to snap into two pieces with one poke. Hmmm, now she's wondering if that can happen when she pokes him. He looked really... delicate. When Haley was about to decided- she had paused at the ringtone that suddenly played. She "eavesdropped" at the answered call. Well, not really eavesdrop when she and the other two could hear it loud and clear.

After the 'conversation' happened, Haley leaned in. "So," she spoke out, lips turning up into a small, "What's this ruins and Relicanth, hmmm? Who you anyway?" One of our 'protagonist' questioned but more like prodded. This guy had a fault of ruining her fun so he had to repay her... right? (That and she thought it'll be interesting.)

Sean quickly followed suit, but instead of saying something, he walked over to the wall behind them and began to "eavesdrop", even though everyone knew he was there. This might be a little fun.

"Ruins!? Relicanth!?" The bombardments hit just moments after Aldren had shut off his phone. The teal-haired Trainer oggled him, awaiting an answer, and the Professor felt intimidated despite himself. It didn't take much to persuade him into speaking. A sturdy-enough tone and he'd spill the details, which was exaclty what Aldren did.

"Er, see I'm, uh, from Johto... Gotta get this assignment done..." he humbled without an ounce of eye contact. "Just the, uh, past three or four days... Studying a ruin... (Might have gottten distracted in Slateport)... Gotta bring back a Relicanth..."

The Professor's murmurs interrupted Connie from talking Haley down again. Nosiness was not something she admired. Yet, Aldren's private conversation was admittedly interesting. A researcher from Johto? She deduced he worked for Professor Elm, expert on Pokemon breeding and abilities. But why would be searching for a Relicanth, of all creatures? ...what even was a Relicanth!? Connie'd heard the name before but it failed to bring up any memories. This was so unlike her. She knew the name and battle capabilities of every Hoenn species, or at least as she so thought. Was Relicanth legged, winged...? No, she was entirely without knowledge.

"Relicanth? Er, how would you describe a Pokemon like that?"

Aldren jumped again, as if Connie's inquiry had come from nowhere. "W-what? Oh, the Longevity Pokemon. Rock and Water-typed... fishy features... Hunted to near extinction... Unchanged for 100 million years... It's not-"

"One hundred million years!? That's insane! But Rock and Water typing? How disappointing. Not to mention fish Pokemon are difficult to train in-general."

"Yeah, well, I'm not really looking to train one... Relicanth are rare, not many Trainers have even heard of it... I just specialize in ancient Pokemon... Relicanth could hide a lot of secrets, you know?"

"That means Relicanth are important." Haley piped up, there was a gleam in her eyes. Now this was getting very interesting. "You think someone else knows that Relicanth exists and possibly finding them now?" That was the usual, right? Like the ones shown in TV, Haley bet tha are 'bad guys' appearing... or that's what she was wishing for, cliche as it may be. She smiled, it wasn't pretty. A mischievous smile. "But you'll be alright, right?" She was not asking out of goodness of her heart, more like concern over the fact she couldn't see if he could break, he really, really looked like a stick or something she wants to poke badly.

Haley's sly-seeming question certainly got Aldren's attention. His face flushed sudden color like a Kecleon's. The surprise was assumed to be "Aldren being Aldren" at first but it seemed the words themselves had actually terrified him.

"W-what!? Oh no... Ohhhh nooo..." His hands were shaking and his eyes were darting everywhere in some fretful fit. Whismur groaned and Connie felt aggravated seeing his sudden, starling panic attack.

"Calm down, Professor!" she snapped, and he did, looking minutely ashamed.

"I-I'm sorry! I-it's just..." -- he looked around again -- "...I feel like I've been being f-followed lately, a-and I never thought... Maybe... Someone else looking for Relicanth! B-but why would they...?" His voice was shaky and overflowing with panic and dread, something that only bothered young Connie further.

"Professor, please. Who could possibly be tracking you?"

"B-but I swear! I heard something the other day... A-and someone else--"

"You sound insanely paranoid." Connie's assumption was a confident one as she crossed her arms. Earnestly, the researcher's schizophrenic behavior was more disappointing that anything.

"I..." Aldren extended a finger to argue but retracted it immediately. There was no need to. Connie would only stay steadfast, no matter his reasoning. So he fell silent.

Ruins, huh? Sounded like something interesting. If only Sean could go... luckily, he had another idea.

Because the first two worked sooooooo well.

The stick - uh, Professor, - was paranoid. Maybe he would feel better if he went with somebody. Sean could be that somebody, and he could check out the ruins if he was. He'd like to see the Relicanth, it would be pretty cool to see such a rare Pokemon in person. So he began to speak.

"Hey, if you're so worried, how about I come with you? It might help you feel a little safer..."

"I'm going too." The troublemaker piped in, grinning widely, "It seems fun." She said, what kind of Pokemon Relicanth looked like anyway? She hadn't seen one from her Dad's photos nor anywhere. Fossil Pokemon. Haley wanted to see one and hey, it cures the boredom!

Connie hesitated. It was most likely expected of her to agree, and she really wanted to. But that duo, the ones who'd started the conflict... It was either go with them or go with... Slakoth.

I can at least delay the inevitable. "Alright, I'm in too. That is, if you'll let us come, Professor."

Aldren was speechless for a while, even after the three Trainers had piped up. Personally, he would really, really, really prefer going alone. But that brought up two issues. The first, saying "no", and the second, potential ambush. No matter how stubborn Connie seemed, the professor was certain he was being tailed. That glimpse of black and blue yesterday had to be a spy of some sort and no Trainer, inexperienced or otherwise, was convincing him on the opposite.

Still, traveling through the thick foresty woodland with a trio of Trainers that had been bickering just a few minutes prior...? It seemed like a disaster waiting to ignite. Another signature wail from Whismur wasn't an option either. The ruins were fragile, some parts already crumbling. Small yet chockfull of secrets... Could the children handle it? Well, to be fair, these Trainers weren't as young as he'd assumed. Seventeen, eighteen years of age was the requirement nowadays. That and thier Pokemon seemed tough enough. Aldren was especially interested in that Mudkip. If Birch can trust them with starters, I suppose I can trust them too.

"Um, alright. You can all come along."

His answer was met with inward celebration on Connie's end. No matter how crazy he appeared, she wanted to see a Relicanth and explore the secret ruins it most likely inhabited. Much more engaging than bumbling around in the tall grass with her unfortunate Slakoth partner as a sole companion.

"Are we leaving now or later?" she asked.

Aldren took a moment to think. "Um, now, I guess. Wh-while it's early. Make sure you have your things... Uh... I'll just, uh, wait near the eastern part of town... Where the ruins are..."

He was never good with parting messages. But, with that all said, he stood and shuffled over.

"Good!" Haley chirped, her lips curling into a smirk, leaning in towards Aldren, "Though you looked like you were thinking of rejecting first, you made the right decision on changing your mind." Her eyes glinted, her expression was similar to cat that ate the canary, "Because I'd still come even with 'no'!" She was not about to let the fun slip from her grasp.

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@Disclosed, Veevee & sarcasm: BEFORE I GET STARTED I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE LAYOUT AND HOW EVERYONE'S WORK IS DONE IN DIFFERENT COLOURS, makes it easy to see who's doing what and so on. I love Connie thinking that Tobias is a twat, that word just gave me a chuckle! I loved the back and forth between Haley and Sean, early signs of a rivalry perhaps? The battle is so realistic and I'm just picturing it so clearly, great work. Aldren's personality is coming across better than I could have imagined! THAT WAS AMAZING GUYS JOINT POSTING AT IT'S FINEST, keep up the awesome work, I'm eagerly awaiting the conclusion and hearing of this expedition!
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