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Casey Holt
Friday, May 31, 2019 // Morning, Day 12
Saffron City
10-18. hold your head up

Spoiler: hold your head up - argent

Casey is very good at compartmentalizing.

Especially when allowed to process emotion by curling up into a plush bed and sobbing his eyes out for half an hour, Pepper clutched to his heaving chest.

It's nice that the bodega cashier doesn't try to make small talk, and that he's become fairly practised at dropping mentholated drops into his lower lids. Still stings like hell, though, every time.

The city towers above him, morning shadows drawing back from the streets below as he saunters, his hands in his pockets the last string of tension picking at his nerves. Ginger eyes the world suspiciously from inside his half-zipped jacket. He doesn't know if he wants to be early to the tournament. He doesn't know what he should do with his time if he chooses not to be.

He ends up outside Five Stars Stadium anyway. It's starting to bustle- a group of people are loitering around the entrance, at least- and a few people on their way to enter get drawn into their conversation. Casey wanders around the block, and finds what he didn't know he was looking for in the shadow of the stadium- a tiny, scuffed training field, empty but for a huddle of young adults in the only sunlit corner. Pepper joins Casey and Ginger in a flash, catching the eyes of the little huddle, and flares his tail against the chill.

"I still don't really know what we should do tomorrow," Casey muses, as if he's even had more than twenty minutes to give it thought. "It's a demonstration of skill, prob'ly, so if we can do fire that's nice and controlled- that's good training for you, too. Wait, it's a musical, we should have music- maybe- here…" Casey sets his phone's collection to shuffle and hits play. "What kind of dance would go with this?"

Pepper contemplates the beat, tapping his tail against the ground, and executes a hop and a stomp in repetition. It's the cutest thing Casey's seen today, but it doesn't fill the right niche in his brain.

He skips through a few more songs, Pepper giving a little demonstration for each, and he notes that he is leaning more toward music that flows into flourishes than energetic beats and jerky movements. That's a lead, at least, and he chooses one at random to let Pepper incorporate flames into.

"Maybe we shoulda taught you Fire Spin," Casey says, watching the flames refuse to warp to Pepper's will, then has to shake off the flickering image of an inferno in a basement room. "Or- or this is fine. What else can we do with this?"

Arcs and puffs, Ember punching holes in Smokescreen and Flamethrower blowing it clear away, a flaring tail sweeping along behind Pepper's twists and turns. There's potential, there are combinations there, Casey knows it- but he's not quite grasping the possibilities yet.

Maybe he's distracted by the group of people inching closer to their side of the field.

"Hi!" Casey waves cheerily, Pepper posing at the end of a twirl to do the same. "Y'all here to train, or just hangin' out?"

"Oh, just hanging out," a green-haired girl heading the group replies airily, as they more confidently make their way into his space. "Thought we'd come have a look at what you're doing. Last-minute training for the tournament, right? How will your Pokémon cope in battle if they're tired?"

Casey clicks his tongue. "Hardly intensive even if I was battlin' today. This's barely a warm-up." Pepper accentuates his point with a cheerful two-thumbs-up.

The girl seems thrown off for a split second, eyes darting between the boy and the Charmeleon. "Glad to hear it," she says simply. "Have you graduated already, then?"

"Huh? No, I'm just not doin' this tournament. We're gonna cheer for our friend! Next time, though." He really hopes he'll be ready to face down Ghosts by the next time a tournament comes around. It's already silly to have to skip one, but two? Three? No way!

"Are you sure?"


How could she pick up on his anxieties so quickly? How could she know he's unsure about the next time? He's good at hiding, especially from people that don't know him, how could she-

"I mean, tournaments are rigorous and demanding, aren't they? You seem like you care about your Pokémon. Why would you put them through that?"

Oh, different angle. His response triggers an odd sense of deja vu, of the same thoughts coalescing in his mind to be used for completely the opposite argument. But it stands, so he says it.

"It's like any human sport, ain't it? I'm their coach. I spend so much time figuring out what they can do, training 'em to improve their capabilities in ways like this, pushing them a little every time. That way they get stronger without a whole lotta stress on them, so by the time they have to go all out for a game- a battle or a tournament, right- they're more than capable of doin' what they need to at that level."

The girl considers that, arms crossed. "Right, fine, but why? Why do you have to train them to battle at all?"

Casey blinks, lips parted. "Uh. Have you ever studied Pokémon?" The girl gives a dismissive wave. "They do this same stuff in the wild. They spar for fun and for practice, so they can go all out and defend themselves or their family or their territory. It's how they work, right? And it's their exercise. You ever seen pet Pokémon that don't get enough exercise? They're sad and unhealthy, I'll say that much. The restrictions on battling without licenses actually affected the lives and health of lots and lots of Pokémon like that, did you know? It's intrinsic to them to battle and use their abilities, they need to be able to do it. So, uh-" He definitely went off in some direction there. Oops. "So I guess the answer is- I train them to battle 'cause it's the right thing to do when you have Pokémon under your care."

The girl whispers to her group, and after a slightly-too-long pause one of them whispers back. "So maybe nobody should have any in their care," she says, shrugging. "Leave them to do their thing in the wild."

"That ain't how the world works." Casey puts a hand on Ginger's head before she struggles out of his jacket. He knows she has big feelings about that, but they're not conversational. "Even in places like Kinyo that're tryna ban training, Pokémon are still friends an' workers an' transit options. We live side by side, don't we? We can't section off cities for people and wilderness for Pokémon."

"Why not?" the girl challenges. "Wouldn't it be better if each got by on their own?"

"No," is Casey's quick answer, a burning gut feeling that has nothing to back it up but frantic digging through his mind's messy filing system. "Imagine- imagine not being able to go outside city gates. That’s how it was back in old times. Imagine not being able to travel, or to get any resources. Imagine how much we'd have to figure out how to do without Pokémon help! Construction, shipping, growing and storing food- Pokémon support us so much! We need them."

"But do they need us?"

Casey's argument slams into a brick wall. Ginger hisses at the girl, whose eyes flick down to her but is otherwise unfazed.

"Isn't it selfish to think the world revolves around human need?"

"Maybe." Casey's brain grinds back into gear. "But I'm human."

"So you are." The girl bows her head a fraction. "And so you have the unique position of considering your place in the world. Isn't that wonderful?" She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a small thing, glinting in the sunlight trying desperately to reach them. "Here. Something to remember us by. And perhaps use to find us again, if you want to continue the conversation."

He can tell by the feel of it, pressed into the palm of his hand as she shakes it, that it is an enamel pin. "See you later, Coach."

"Uh, see ya…"

The gaggle of older kids follow her lead, away from the stadium and into the maze of highrise-lined streets. Casey opens his hand.

A little creature stares back at him. Cold, nauseous dread plunges into his stomach at the sight of its terrifyingly familiar face.

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Chapter 10: Mixed Emotions

🏟️ Five Stars Stadium🕙 May 31st, Morning

"Hop, over here—ow." Jordan grimaces as the Pidgeotto lands on his shoulder. Still adjusting to his new size, he edges closer to the center of Jordan's back, shifting his weight more evenly between both shoulders.

With Hop on him, he ushers the rest of his Pokemon into the Five Stars Club. It's closer to the start of the tournament now, and the place is busy with other young trainers filing in and getting registered. Jordan looks around the lobby, trying to figure out where he needs to go first.

“Hello! Participant or spectator?” Jordan flinches at the loud voice and turns to its source. Seemingly out of nowhere, an attendant has materialized next to him, clipboard in hand and a large smile on her face.

It’s a simple question, but he had not been prepared for the forcefully energetic nature with which the girl had greeted him with. “I—what?”

“Oh! I’m sorry! Are you a participant of the tournament, or a spectator?” She seems to think she needs to ask the question louder; she doesn’t, but at least Jordan has finally composed himself enough to process her question.

“S-sorry. Hi. Um, I am looking to participate.” He manages to get out.

“Great! Over here, please.” She leads him over to the counter to register his team as he murmurs his thanks. Another boy is already signing up, so Jordan stands behind him and waits for his turn.

Someone knocks shoulders with Jordan as they come to stand next to him in line.

"Hey, I'm next in li-"

Of course it's Casey, Ginger stuck firmly down the front of his jacket, taking a keen interest in everyone around. "Found you."

Jordan grins at the sight of his friend, but his joy is swiftly replaced by an annoyance only this boy is capable of eliciting in him as Casey yammers on without pause. “There're a lotta people we know here, did you see? I haven't seen half these people since we left! Is that weird? Have they always been, like, a day behind us? Or maybe they went fast! But aren't we already going fast? I can't imagine doing a journey faster than this, I kind of wanna- oh, Bethany's here. And Flynn. Saw them the other day, don't know if I want to again. Is this registration?"

Jordan grabs him by his shoulders and turns Casey to face him in an effort to slow his roll. "Hi." He says simply.

"Hi, anyway-"

It's an annoyance he misses, though, and the smile creeps back on his face - he's grown quite accustomed to his incessant chatter. And he's right; now that Jordan has a moment to look around more attentively, he notices several of their classmates from Cape wandering around the lobby, some in groups chatting animatedly amongst themselves already.

"Yeah. Um, yeah. Lot of them here. It’ll be nice to catch up with them, I suppose. And yes, I guess this'll be where we sign up and stuff. Did you change your mind about participating?"

"Uh, no, no, can't- can't do that." Casey lowers his voice. "Gwen an' Vera an' Arianne all have Ghosts, I know that, and they're all here. Plus whoever else. No, I- I'll cheer for you and your Ghost! It's fine! I mean, I wish I could, but it's fine!" He fiddles with his cuffs until Ginger swats at him for squishing her. "I don't think everybody comin' through here is participating anyway. It's only sixteen slots, right? What number are you?"

“Oh, I don’t know yet-” Jordan begins, but right on cue, the boy in front of him finishes up and the pair is beckoned to the counter.

“Next, please. Come on up. Ah - one at a time.” The man behind the counter waves a hand at Casey as he starts to follow Jordan over.

"Oh, nah, don't worry 'bout me, I'm just here to cheer him on!" Casey bumps his shoulder against Jordan's again, knocking him off-balance. Irritating man.

“Alrighty, just remember to take a left out that way to the spectators’ area when he’s done - they like to keep the participants separate.”

Jordan ends up registering all five of his Pokemon after all - they all trained well, and more options will give him more versatility during the tournament.

“Anyway, back to what you were saying,” Jordan continues as he fills out the paperwork. “I know it’s fine, but take me up on that Tiny training offer any time too, yeah? I’m sure Vera would love to help, too. Hey, you talk to her since the… the thing? Or text?”

"No- uhhhh, wait, yeah. Kinda. She asked me if I wanted to hang out yesterday but I was in the middle of a thing and I- I told her that, but I guess I never texted her again after I was done? Muk." Casey bites the corner of his lip, eyes darting across the building to the corner Vera has made her own. "She's prob'ly really mad. Is she mad?"

Jordan tilts his head in contemplation as he reflects on the last time he had seen her. “Little quiet and broody at breakfast yesterday. But, you know. That’s not wildly uncharacteristic, so.” He shrugs, finishing up the form and pushing it towards the clerk with a smile. They do tend to be quiet without Casey, but she definitely seemed hurt. Understandably so.

"...are you mad?"

Casey's looking at him with the biggest puppy eyes, one hand coming up to catch Jordan's but pulled away with a jerk, as if he realizes it might not be welcome.

“Ah.” The question catches him off guard. Of all the emotions he’d been processing since yesterday, anger was not really one of them - he had been worried, scared, but… but should he have been mad…? The look on Casey’s face tells him the answer should be ’no’, but the more he thinks about it…

Part of Jordan wants to tell him that not working on his fear has been selfish? Maybe? For a lack of a better word. It seems to be coming up more and more, and not only is it detrimental to Casey himself, but it’s affecting their friendship. But is it his fault if it’s the crippling fear that he knows it is? Is he a bad friend for thinking that?

He’s also realizing the longer he takes to answer Casey, the worse it’s going to make him feel. “Ah, well. No?”

"No, but…?" Casey prompts, hurt already creeping into his voice.

“But…” Jordan lets out a frustrated sigh, unsure of how to put his feelings into words. “I-I worry stuff like that is going to come up more and more, you know? And this isn’t, like, a temporary thing we can avoid for a little bit, right? Tiny’s gonna be with me. And Vera’s gonna have Trixie and Ebony with her, as far as I can tell. And… and yeah, we might even catch more Ghost-types, and it doesn’t seem fair we’re expected not to. And if we do… well, are you going to keep running?”

He’s let out more than he was planning to, but the words just kept coming after he started. He’d kept his eyes downcast as he talked, and he’s almost afraid to, but he glances up now to see how Casey is taking it. His friend squeezes his eyes shut and bites his lip, and when he opens them again they're a bit glassy. Crying does come easily to Casey, after all.

"I'm not," he says, determined and choked at the same time. "I know I can't, I never expected to- of course someone was gonna end up with a Ghost, Bruno even started with that thing, I just- wasn't ready. And I keep thinkin' I could be, 'cause I wanna be with you and be, like, reasonable, but then I end up not bein' ready, and I don't- I want to be there already but I'm not and it hurts. Why-" Casey catches himself from going wherever that may have gone. "I'm trying. I swear, I'm trying. I hate it. But I can't just live by avoiding it. You're right, and I know. But I can't just- I can't just jump back into spending all day every day with you and Vera and your Ghosts, so I… I don't know what to do. I miss you. It's been a day and a psyduckin' half and I miss you, that's so dumb." Casey chokes out a quiet laugh and swipes the back of his hand across his eyes.

Instinctively, Jordan reaches out and pulls him into a hug. “Hey, I miss you, too,” He lets out a soft chuckle. “And I bet Vera also misses you, much as she would never admit it. It’s not the same without you around. And I believe you, I know you’re trying. I just- I wanna help, but short of offering to throw Tiny at you every time this happens, I don’t know what else to do.”

Casey, ever the nuisance, rubs his wet eyes into Jordan's neck as he clings onto him. "I appreciate that an' I'll take you up on it sometime an' I'll get there. I really will, I promise," all comes out hideously muffled and scrambled.

Regretting the hug just a little, Jordan struggles to pull Casey off. “Hey- that’s not snot, is it? I can do tears, but you better not be snotting on me.”

"Noooo," Casey draws out the vowel, guilt definitely lacing it, still refusing to move his head. "Probably not? I'm just crying on you, it's fine. You'll dry out. It's hydrating. Maybe. Don't worry about it. Worry about never getting rid of me because you're the best friend in the world. You've sealed your fate."

Jordan sighs again, but he has a smile on his face this time. “That’s reassuring, I guess. I’ll hold you to it.” He finally wrestles Casey off him. “Alright, I guess I should go join them now. Which way are you supposed to go again?”

"Whichever direction you're going, now and forever~" Casey singsongs. Ginger's head pops out of his jacket again, apparently having moved to allow her trainer to be sappy all over Jordan. "Nah, over that way eventually. But I wanna go talk to everyone else who's competing, yeah? C'mon!"


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Skiddo | F | Lvl. 22

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Pumpkaboo | F | Lvl. 22

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Coralie & Elliott Summers

Saffron City

Coralie's team:
  • Florian the Bulbasaur
  • Stella-Luna the Noibat
  • Mavis the Drifloon
  • Clover the Beautifly
  • Teddy the Dedenne


Training - Sibling Style!

Coralie acknowledged her pokemon, gazing at each one individually, a proud expression plastered to her face. She was like a proud mother looking lovingly at her children.

“Alright, loves, we’re going to do some more training for the upcoming tournament!!” She began, momentarily observing the reactions to her declaration. All of her pokemon appeared outwardly eager, aside from Mavis, who seemed dazed and distracted. Little did Coralie know the Drifloon was ogling a child’s cotton candy from across the park. Her lust for saccharine goodies was truly never to be satisfied.

The only member of her team absent was Teddy, who was currently giving a helping hand at the Pokeball Factory. Coralie had stumbled across a distraught employee who had detailed the situation that had occurred at the factory regarding the power outage and subsequent vandalism. In response to becoming cognizant of this, Coralie had instantaneously offered Teddy’s assistance. She planned on picking him up at a later time.

Elliott stood by alongside Charlotte, the two of them listening to Coralie provide her pokemon with a pep-talk.

“Elliott is here to train with us!!” Coralie continued on, gesturing enthusiastically to her brother who beamed and offered a small wave.

Stella-Luna and Clover fluttered about energetically, whilst Florian elongated his vines and was utilizing them to vigorously slap at the ground. He was participating in some precipetory training. Mavis had re-engaged and puffed herself up with air, supposedly enlarging herself to appear more threatening, thus signifying that she was prepared for training. This gesture made Coralie giggle.

“First, things first.” Coralie began, fumbling about her purse before extracting a Technical Machine, the same one her brother had gifted her earlier that day. She gazed at it excitedly, before coming to the stark realization that she had no clue what she was doing. The bubblegum-haired girl glanced at Elliott and cast him a look which informed him that she required his assistance and expertise.

“Just insert it into your Pokedex.”

“Oh, yeah! Oopsie daisy! Silly me.” She fumbles in her bag once more with her free hand before extracting her pokedex. She stared at the screen blankly for a moment, before figuring out specifically where to insert said Technical Machine. After playing around with it, she successfully transferred the data to Clover, who was now capable of using Electroweb. “Ok. I think I got it!” The young girl smiled at the Beautifly expectantly. Clover appeared slightly confused though her eagerness remained.

“Alright, Florian, Stella-Luna, and Mavis, while Clover practices Electroweb, I want you guys to practice your moves with each other, too! Try really hard to concentrate and strengthen your moves as much as possible, okay!? I know you guys can do it!”

Her pokemon collectively cried out in response, indicating that they would do their best.

“Ok, Clover, let’s go for an Electroweb!!”

It took Clover a moment to realize what she was being instructed to do, focusing on utilizing her newly acquired move, a resolute expression upon her face, though was ultimately unable to conjure up an electrified web of any sort.

“Learning a new move via a Technical Machine isn’t always an instant thing.” Elliott rationalized, casting Clover an encouraging glance. “Maybe a demonstration will help.” The older boy gestured to Charlotte, who instantaneously began generating said move.

“Watch closely, Clover!”

Just like in their previous battle, Charlotte shot out the ball of electrically-charged silk which expanded into a web midair. Coralie and Clover both watched in wonderment as it occurred, before the Cape College graduate directed her attention toward Clover once again.

“Do you think you can attempt that, Clover?”

The Beautifly seemed a tad unsure of herself and her ability to produce such a move, but nodded irregardless. She gave it another go, focusing her energy on building up the move, and successfully managing to generate a ball of electrically charged silk, though it dissipated just as instantaneously as it had appeared. “That’s alright!” Coralie swiftly reassured, not wanting Clover to become downcast at this. “Just keep trying, don’t give up. I know you have it in you, Clover! It’ll just take a few tries.”

“That’s right, just really tighten your focus. Imagine the move in your mind, visualize it.” Elliott advised. Even Charlotte chirped in encouragement, waving her pedipalps rhapsodically.

Clover did as she was instructed. The Beautifly closed her eyes, visualizing the attack in her mind, her memory of Charlotte utilizing the move replaying continuously. She managed to produce the silk once more, gradually building it up, the electric currents within the silk growing more powerful by the second. She then spread her wings and now airborne, launched said attack. The silk expanded into a beautifully intricate web, before landing upon the ground, entrapping a rock.

“WOOHOO!! Clover, you did it!! OH, I’m SO PROUD!!” The bubblegum-haired girl couldn’t help but jump for joy, before embracing her pokemon, nearly stumbling over her own two feet in the process. The Butterfly pokemon shared her elation, fluttering about happily after being released from her trainer’s hug.

“Well done. That was great, Clover!” Elliott laughed. Charlotte herself vibrated excitedly at such a feat as well.

“Clover, let’s keep the momentum going! Electroweb, once more!!”

After a while of perfecting Electroweb, Coralie had rallied all of her pokemon together, shifting the focus of their training.

“We’re now going to work on countering!” Coralie broadcasted. Her pokemon, once again, all gave exuberant replies to this. “It’s important to have strategies to deflect and counter an opponent’s moves, especially in the case of a type disadvantage or a really powerful move.” Elliott further explained. “Countering is an essential part of battle.” He then proceeded to extract another pokeball, releasing another one of his pokemon to assist with the training.

Armin, his Armaldo appeared in a ball of light, and Coralie couldn’t help but reach for her pokedex.

“Armaldo, the plate pokemon, and the evolved form of Anorith. Armaldo's tough armor makes all attacks bounce off. This Pokémon's two enormous claws can be freely extended or contracted. They have the power to punch right through a steel slab.”

“Eeeek! What a strong looking pokemon!” Coralie burst, her words appearing to fluster the Armaldo slightly, to which Elliott chuckled at.

“My pokemon here are going to launch several attacks your way. Your job is to repel these attacks and successfully counterattack.”

Coralie addressed her pokemon. “Elliott’s team is very tough, so be careful, and give it your all!”



“Alright. Charlotte, Electro Ball. Armin, X-Scissor.”

Charlotte launched a powerful Electro Ball, whilst the Armaldo raced forwards, his claws aglow.

“OK! Mavis use Shadow Ball to counter Electro Ball! Stella-Luna, Double Team!”

Stella produced a plethora of copies of herself, so as to confuse her opponent. Armin slashed at one of these many illusions, which Coralie capitalized on. “Air cutter, now!”
Stella flapped her wings vigorously, whipping up a gust of razor sharp wind, which collided with Armin, who utilized his claws in an attempt to defend himself against the onslaught. Meanwhile, Mavis’s Shadow ball clashed with Electro Ball, creating an explosion.

Coralie whopped, feeling an overwhelming sense of pride at her pokemon’s individual successes. “YAAAAYY! Fabulous job, Mavis and Stella!”

Her pokemon celebrated their accomplishments momentarily, before Elliott implored the use of more move combinations for them to counter. Whilst the training was ongoing, Coralie was actively brainstorming various ways for her pokemon to counterattack, utilizing some of the tricks Elliott had previously implemented. One of these methods included entrapping Armin in an electroweb, much to his dismay and Elliott’s amusement.

As evening swiftly approached, the training came to a halt.

“I would say that was a successful training session for both of our pokemon.” He remarked, gazing over at Armin and Charlotte, who were both in a state of slumber, their backs against the thick trunk of a nearby tree.

“Mhmmm! It was a lot of fun, too! Thank you for all of your help, Elli!!”

Elliott smiled. “Yeah, of course. It was fun.” He was then promptly interrupted by the sound of his own stomach grumbling, and he patted it reflexively. “Welp, I think it’s time for some food!! I guess all of this training really worked up an appetite - I’m sure our pokemon are just as famished, too. Whadya say we go rustle up some grub??”

Coralie nodded. “Sounds good to me! Ooooh, I know! We should find somewhere that has cake for dessert!”

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Casey Holt & So Many Others
Friday, May 31, 2019 // Morning, Day 12
Saffron City
10-20. like i'm ready to fall again

Spoiler: timebomb - walk the moon

Buoy kiiiiiiid!!” Casey hears all of a sudden. Of course, there's only one person who calls him that, and their identity is reassured to him once he gets tossed a Charmander plushie to his face with great force.

"Dfhsgh!" he says, with a mouthful of soft toy. "Debbie!" he corrects as soon as the toy in question is in his hand rather than his face, catching the girl around the shoulders with one arm and rubbing his knuckles into her hair in revenge. The girl tries to shake him off, but doesn’t really look uncomfortable. "It's been a while!"

“Yeah, I’ve been traveling with Bruno!” she says with her smile not fading away. “A lot has happened! We were attacked by some Cacturne, saved a Braviary, went to Vermilion and did some treasure hunting on our way here!”

"Ooh, busy! Show me the treasure!" Casey lets her go so that she may do so, righting the plush in his hand. "Wait, is this from the Lavender festival game? Is this mine?"

“Oh, yeah that’s yours. It took me the whole evening, I think the guy just wanted me to leave so he just gave me the Charmander and the Eiscue,” she says with a hand behind her head. “As for the treasure… Bruno has it. I gave it to him the other day. But I did something else! You’ll see! Once we battle!”

Casey cuddles the Charmander, even against Ginger in his jacket trying to pull it away from him. "Well, I'll have t' see when you battle someone else. I'm not competing this time. But I'm sure you'll put on a cool show!"

Debbie groans and frowns at him. “Oh, that sucks. Well I guess you’ll be spectating, right?” she shrugs and smiles at him once again. “You’ll just see, it’s awesome! Bruno helped a bit with it too!”

"Yeah, I- where's he at, anyway? Doesn't he wanna watch? I'll sit with him!"

The girl tilts her head and crosses her arms. “Uhh, I don’t know. He said he’ll try to come, but…” she puts her hand inside her pocket, but then puts it on her waist. “I think he’s busy.”

Debbie is visibly troubled by something, but she tries to smile and act like nothing is going on. Casey opens his mouth to ask more, but- “Anyways! Do you know anyone else here? I think a lot of people here are from Cape! Like… uh…” she shakes her head multiple times from side to side, looking at the different participants in the room until she finally points at someone. “You! I know you! You are that rare Pokémon from Route 9!”

"Oh my god…" Fuzzy late-night memories come flooding back as Debbie's dramatic point lands on Gwen. "Gwen Alanis, you still went to school with her, I-"

"What now?" Gwen shouts, turning her head away from who appears to be Arianne, plus two other girls standing beside her, at the mention of her name. Upon seeing Debbie she gasps dramatically, furrowing her eyebrows and gritting her teeth. "Hey, I know you! You're… I don't actually remember your name, but I know you woke me up in the middle of the night for no goddamn reason!" That earns her an amused chuckle from one of the girls she was talking to.

"She's Deborah Cormac, you went to school together-" Casey's exasperation is easily shut down, though, when Debbie leaves them alone to go grab her Psyduck that just walked away. He makes eye contact with Gwen for only a fraction of a second, but that fraction is enough to drag her bouncing focus onto him as he sticks the Charmander plushie down his jacket next to Ginger.

“Wait, we did- wait, Casey!?” Gwen exclaims, shifting her gaze between him and the wandering Debbie. “When did you get here!?”

"I dunno, a bit ago? Why, were you lookin' for me?"

Gwen gasps, her face flashing bright red. “N-no! I just, I dunno, I guess I just didn’t think I’d see you. Are… are you entering the tournament as well?”

Casey grins, always entertained when people's interest is obvious. "Nah, I'm sitting this one out. I'll be your personal cheerleader, though! Unless you're up against Jordan, he's got dibs."

“No point in cheering for someone who's just gonna lose to me.” She cackles before going blank. “Wait, who's Jordan?”

Why is everyone like this? "Jordan Springs, went to school with us, literally sat next to you in some classes, this guy-" Casey drags Jordan in front of him to present him to Gwen, who swats at Casey’s hands and makes unintelligible noises of protest. "Ta-daaaa! Jordan.”

Defeated, and with several pairs of eyes on him now, the boy waves meekly. “Hey, Gwen. Saw you when we were camping too. And briefly in Vermillion? I- nevermind.”

Casey breaks the awkwardness tidily, draping himself on Jordan's shoulders now that his friend is in front of him. “Anyway, you sure are confident. What've the rest o' you got to say about that? Y'all just accepting your losses already?"

"How dare..." one of the other girls hisses, but immediately stops herself, her bright ginger hair waving as she does that. "I mean. She's just tooting her own horn, and I may as well let her do that now before I beat her fair and square."

“I’ll admit, you stand a pretty good chance against me and my Pokemon, but once I unleash my secret weapon I don’t think you’ll be so sure about that.” Gwen taunts. “I just hope we’re not matched up in the first round, because it’d be a shame if such a skilled trainer was taken out so early.”

"Pft, now you're just trying to win me over with flattering?" The other girl smirks. "But thanks, I guess," she adds with a smug grin. "I already knew I was that good."

"Is this something?" Casey asks nobody in particular, waving at Gwen and the shorter girl. "Is this a thing? I thought I was the thing."

"Hey Gwen! Who is this guy anyways?" The redhead asks. "What is this thing he's talking about, uh?"

“Your guess is as good as mine.” Gwen shrugs, clueless as usual. “But this is Casey, a friend of mine!”

"And who're you to be askin' so many questions, huh?" Casey asks easily. "You ain't from Cape, I know that much."

"So that's how it is… nice… friend you got there, Gwen!" The girl continues as if she didn't hear Casey. But then quickly turns around and replies to him, introducing herself as Courtney. Cinnabar born and raised, Safari student, Gwen and Arianne's rival.

"Arianne!" Casey exaggerates a gasp. "You went an' got a rival and never said?"

"Eh… talk about someone else tooting her own horn..." is how the other Cinnabar girl makes herself heard from further away. She's sitting down on a small bench, close to another girl, and has been looking at Courtney and Gwen 'talking' without intervening. She's not speaking very loudly, so Casey abandons Jordan to the trio of girls- he likes girls, it's fine!- in favor of being able to hear. In his peripheral vision, he can see Jordan throwing his hands up in a ‘what gives?’ sort of motion before slinking off to a vending machine. "Anyways, hi. As I said it's all her, we keep stumbling into each other and… you know."

"You ain't never said that," Casey points out. "Who's this, then? Your real rival?"

"Not really, she's just a friend of…"

"Oh?" The last girl chimes in. "I'm Sarah, nice to meet you! I'm just a friend of Courtney, and also from Safari!" She then turns to Arianne. "Courtney can be spicy and all but… she's not so bad, don't worry. Plus… even if she sounds so fired up, I love what's going on between her and Gwen." Arianne chuckles at that, running a hand through her hair.

Casey's eyebrows crash into his hairline at speed. "So there is a thing?"

Sarah laughs slightly. "I'd say not yet but who knows… I'm just speculating."

"I'm more of the opinion that Courtney just likes to bring this stuff up in general." Arianne states, matter-of-factly.

Casey ponders this. "We may be talkin' about different things," he decides.

"Hehe… probably." Arianne is clearly feeling awkward about this from how she's talking. "Anyways, what brings you here, Casey? Are you participating?"

"Nope, just cheerin' for Jordan." Casey takes a second to look for him- still at the vending machine, he'll catch him again in a moment. "He'll do good, I'm sure. Just wanted to help him psych out the competition or whatever people do when they're moral support, I dunno."

"Oh, well, I see… he'll be fine, yeah…"

Sarah interrupts Arianne here. "What kinda battle cry is that, girl? You're pretty good yourself and all of us are promising trainers, but you gotta be in the right mindset! I'm not going to make it easy for anyone here myself."

"Right, right… I'll do my best too!" Arianne smiles. "And well, I'll keep in mind what I learned from you, Casey."

"As you should!" Casey laughs. 'I've got the best advice." For most things, at least, but he's not going to get into the others. He glances around again, meaning to make a beeline for Jordan, but- "Oh, muk, haven't seen her in a bit! Bye Arianne, nice meeting you Sarah, I have to-"

To search out Coralie, the bouncy pink-headed girl he hasn't seen since the day they left!

He catches her easily with a tap on the shoulder and a wide grin. "Coralie, it's been a while!"

Coralie spins around, squealing excitedly upon seeing Casey. “CASEY! Oh my gosh!! Wow, it’s really you!” She practically lunges at the boy before her, throwing her arms around his sturdy frame. He returns the hug and adds a twirl before setting the tiny girl back down.

"Yeah, really me! And really you! How've you been? Somehow I ain't seen ya since Cape, how the heck did that happen?"

Coralie can’t help but giggle as her feet touch the ground once more. “I've been wonderful!! I’ve been having so much fun!! How have you been? Oh! Have you gotten taller? You look taller! Or, well, maybe I shrunk!” Have I grown? Casey wonders, trying momentarily to figure out a way to find out. Coralie pauses with him, but she's considering Casey’s prior words. “You’re right! Why haven’t we seen each other!?!? Well, at least we’re together now!! Better late than never”

"Must have been just outta sync, huh? Nice that we got told to hang out in Saffron- maybe this's why! So everybody could find each other! Did you see anyone else? Can't've been just by yourself the whole time, right?"

“YES! You’re right! It’s like a Cape College Reunion!” Coralie ecstatically announces, before continuing on. “Oh, I did! I saw Arianne, Courtney, Francis… and a few others now that I think about it! That was back in Lavender Town, though. But, I have my Pokémon with me so I’m never really alone! OH, and I just ran into my brother Elliott, too!”

Coralie's absolute joy at every little thing is infectious, and Casey's grin reflects it back at her. "That's great! He's been doin' a real journey this year, right? How many Bugs has he got by now?

Coralie nods enthusiastically. “Yep, he sure is! And he has quite a few bugs, five right now, I think. You should see his Galvantula, or his Butterfree, they’re really strong!!” She suddenly seems to remember exactly where they are, and the expected question pops out of her mouth: “Oh, are you here to sign up for the tournament, too?!”

"Nah, I'm just watchin' this time around! It'll be cool to see everyone battle, though. Did you do the registration already? They only got sixteen slots, I heard."

“Yep!! I registered just now! It’s a bummer you aren’t participating but I think you’ll have a lot of fun spectating. It seems like there’s a lot of strong trainers here, and all of our friends, too.” She comments, gazing around at the clusters of people who had gathered about.

"Sure are! Even more Cape grads out in the audience, too, saw 'em walkin' by earlier. Don't get too nervous! It's all fun, right?"

“Yeah! I’m not too nervous! Well, maybe just a little.” She laughs sheepishly. “But it’ll be lots of fun! It’s a tad nerve-wracking knowing so many people are watching, but I like to think of it like I’m performing on stage, putting on a show for the audience! When you think of it like that, it’s a lot less scary.”

"Well hey, if that's not scary for ya, there's a show thing here tomorrow- I think there's a flyer up on the desk, you should-"

"Hey. Hey!" A pair of hands suddenly grip Casey's shoulders and begin to drag him away, which is surprisingly rude of his best friend. "Oh, hey Coralie," Jordan adds with a small wave to the girl. "I just need- would you excuse us for a moment?"

“Jordan, oh my gosh, hi!!! And, oh, of course!! I’ll see you later, Casey!! You too, Jordan!”

Casey waves to Coralie and allows this manhandling with not more than a verbal protest. "Hey, what, what's so urgent that you can't just talk like a normal person?"

“Look- who is that?” Jordan steers Casey around and points toward a familiar silver head of hair. Or, more accurately, he seems to be pointing at the person she is standing with.

Standing apart from everyone else is Vera, looking very uncomfortable as a red-haired boy holding a Vulpix is talking to her. She says something that makes him laugh, and he reaches down to retrieve a Poké Ball from his belt.

"Did she make a friend? She kinda looks like that when she's talking to anybody, so he could be a friend. Or he could be botherin' her. He's cute! Maybe she doesn't care. Jordan, we have to find out what the heck this is, c'mon-" Casey switches over to leading Jordan, now, walking slightly backwards to maintain an illusion of not having any agenda whatsoever no ma'am.

“That’s what I’m saying,” Jordan huffs as they make their way over. “You don’t think she’s replaced us, do you…?”

"Replaced us?" Casey squeaks, then shushes himself. Vera's ducked behind her hat now, oblivious to the boys watching this interaction intently.

The cute boy puts his Poké Ball away with a shrug. "That's fine, he should save his energy for the tournament anyway. I'm just saying hi, I noticed you were over here by yourself. Everyone else is singling and mingling, why aren't you?"

Vera shakes her head, muttering under her breath. The boy leans in closer, so she speaks up. "I'm just… going over my strategies. First time in a tournament like this, I need to make an impression, right?"

"Saffron's just full of firsts for you, isn't it?" The boy laughs, not seeing Vera tense up a little. Casey tilts his head. What firsts? What's Vera been doing? "You want some advice, V?" Jordan glances sideways at Casey, raising an eyebrow at the nickname. Casey nods, frown fleeting across his lips. Vera doesn't like nicknames.

"Don't call me that." Vera snaps, finally looking up to glare at him. "But… sure. Advice." The quick turn is surprising. Casey's pretty sure she'd usually just walk away.

"...that was a reaction. But, point taken. Anyway, my advice? Don't think too hard. You're over here, alone, clearly not having fun when everyone else around you is. Why do that to yourself? I know, you said you don't want anyone inside, but you really should loosen up just a little. Find a friend, let a Pokémon out, anything to help you relax."

Vera considers that for a moment, then smiles a bit. "You're just full of terrible advice, aren't you?"

He puts his hand to his chest, looking hurt, but he's smiling. "You insult me. And I thought we had something between us."


"There's nothing between us but space. And I'd like some more of that. Now, shoo." Vera waves her hand like a wizard casting a spell. "Maybe I'll see you on the field, if you're lucky. Or unlucky, if you're facing me."

…and despite her assertion, Casey really can't dam the overflowing curiosity. "Vera! Were you dating this guy? And broke up with him? All before we even knew it was happening? You're terrible at keeping secrets, how did this one get kept?"

"Casey? Where did you come- when did you- no! I am not dating him, I'm not dating anyone!" Vera stutters as she looks between the two, her face turning red.

The boy looks just as confused, but a smile spreads across his face as he fits the metaphorical pieces together. "I take it this is the guy." He puts his Vulpix in the crook of his arm so he can extend a hand to Casey. "Hi, how are ya? I'm Xander, Vera's ex-boyfriend."

"No you are not!" Vera protests, stomping her foot angrily.

Casey takes the handshake with a grin, because even as thrown off as he is by the idea of Vera dating someone- it's too easy to fall back into riling her up. "Casey, nice to meet ya. And this's Jordan," Jordan tips his head forward, and Xander nods back in acknowledgement. "So how was Vera as a girlfriend? I haven't experienced that side of her, we've just been doin' the epic highs and lows of graduation journey."

"Oh, she was very needy. Everything was about her, all the time. Sure, she'd listen to my words, but it was a token gesture, she didn't hear the message, you know? Still…" he sighs wistfully, "I admire her spark, her drive, her, as they say in Kalos, je ne sais quoi."

"This isn't happening. I hit my head again and I'm hallucinating, that has to be it." Vera hides her face in her hands.

"Oh yeah, that tracks," Casey says to Xander, utterly deadpan. Before Vera can protest again he's plucked the hat off her head and deposited it on Jordan's so he can run his fingertips across her scalp. "No lumps or bumps, you're prob'ly not concussed again. Good job! That'd be terrible for the men in your life, you know. Makin' us worry all the time."

Jordan quickly whips the hat back off and gently strokes his own hair, but not before shooting Casey a look. “Anyway,” He cuts in, clearly trying to sound nonchalant about it. “You said ‘the guy’? As in, just the one?”

Xander pauses to think about that. "You know, come to think of it, she never said it was a guy. She just said a 'friend'. That's on me, that's my bad for assuming."

Vera pushes past Casey, or attempts to, reaching for Jordan. "Jordan, give me my hat back."

“O-oh, sorry.” He looks like he’s still processing Xander’s response as she addresses him. Part of the wide brim is slightly crumpled from his grip, but he smooths it out and awkwardly plops it back on her head.

"Oh, that's how it is?" Xander looks between Casey and Jordan. "Now I'm curious. Which one of you said she was bad at kissing?"

Vera freezes midway through adjusting her hat, somehow going even paler than usual.

Casey and Jordan glance at each other with equal confusion. "Uh, neither of us. Right? We both only said nice things, didn't we? Or maybe I didn't say anything, I was thinkin' about the situation at hand. Unlike some people. But I never said anyone was bad at kissing!" It's actually kind of upsetting, the idea that someone has taken his words and actions and created a new, inaccurate narrative from them. Or wait- "Oh, did you kiss someone else that said you were bad at kissing? That's so rude of them! Also, when did you manage that?"

"What is happening here? I haven't kissed anyone!" Vera protests.

"Oh, so I'm no one?" Xander grins, making Vera wince. "I mean, you said you wanted practice, but-"

"Stop! Talking!" Vera lunges at Xander, but he casually holds her at bay.

"Oh muk, you actually kissed him?" This is delightful, even if Jordan is squirming about it. No, actually, that makes it better. "You picked good, Vera, not gonna lie. Was he better than us?" The puppy eyes come out with no effort at all.

“Better than one of us, at least, from the sound of it,” Jordan sniffs indignantly. Casey can’t quite tell if he’s playing along now or genuinely a little hurt. Probably a bit of both.

"Aw thanks, man, you too." Xander beams at the compliment and Casey takes his own with a grin. "And yeah, was I better than them? My ego wants to know."

"I- no, I didn't- I don't want to talk about this! I don't want to talk at all! Why is this happening?" She glares at Casey, tears in her eyes. "You're not even supposed to be here!"

Oh, no.

"Vera, no, we're just playin'- it's nice, right, to know what your friends been up to?" Casey pleads, suddenly very much on the back foot in this interaction. "Xander's cool, even if he's not your ex, or if he is I guess- but some kind of person in your life and we're just- playin' around, y'know? Gettin' to know what's goin' on."

Vera stands up straight, aggressively wiping her eyes and tucking her hair back behind her ear. It wasn't even out of place. "Well, make up your mind, will you? You can't just ghost me like that and then come back like nothing's changed. And you!" She turns to Xander, jabbing a finger into his chest. "I don't even know you! I wasn't supposed to see you again, you were supposed to just disappear!"

"That's a little harsh." Xander mutters, but doesn’t argue. "I do have feelings, you know."

"I din't even ghost you," Casey grumbles. "I literally texted you back like right away."

"Well… it's not just that. It's… I don't know, I can't hear myself think in here, we'll talk about this later." Vera starts walking away from them, then stops. "Oh, and I didn't like kissing either of you." Her eyes linger on Jordan for a moment, then she walks away.

The boys watch her go in cowed silence.

Casey breaks it with the soft pap of his fist to open palm. "I don't think Jordan's a better kisser than me, but he does it nice. But she just likes him better. Emotion-based, that one."

"For the record, we just met yesterday." Xander helpfully contributes. "You can tell she likes him from all that, huh? Congrats, buddy! And good luck." He playfully punches Jordan's shoulder.

Jordan’s ears glow pink. “Oh, um. Thank you?” Looking confused as ever from the whirlwind of emotions they just cycled through, he turns from Xander to Casey. “Wait, you really think so?”

"She said she didn't like kissing either of us, but either is only two, and me an' Xander were the ones askin' about it. So she at least didn't dislike kissing you. And probably liked it, or she'd say something. 'Cause she's like that." Casey puts his hands on Jordan's shoulder and stares into his eyes. "You have a girl interested in you."

"You lucky dog!" Xander grins, then nudges Casey. "Hey, maybe she thinks we need to practice kissing, huh? Haha!"

"Just 'cause she-" A fully separate train of thought cuts off his first very quickly. "Well, if we both want to, I wouldn't object to that."

The gears are shifting quickly, though Jordan’s mind is clearly still on their previous comments. “Hm. Well, I guess I’ll leave you guys to that. I have things to think about. Like… the tournament. Yes.” He tacks on as he turns to leave. Casey's fingers slip off Jordan's shoulder and curl into the back of his collar.

"Hold on, hold on. First we gotta find out who's better, don't we? So we're gonna need a judge."

"Wait, for real? We're doing this?" Xander pumps a fist in excitement. "Man, I love Kanto! Take five, Tails." He returns his Vulpix to its ball.

“What is happening here…?” Jordan sighs, echoing Vera’s earlier sentiment, but in a far more defeated tone.

"A good time all 'round~" Casey grins. "Now, who-"

He's interrupted by the crackle of the intercom, the speaker right above their heads drowning out all other noise. "If I may have the lobby's attention: would the one person not registered for the tournament please find your seat in the stadium. Brackets will be announced when you have done so. Thank you."

"Oop," Casey grimaces. "That's me, we're gonna have to postpone. Meet up later?" He offers Xander a fist bump.

"That's a rain check, for sure." Xander raps his knuckles against Casey's, then points to Jordan. "You be there too, Senpai. Teach me how to win over the prickly lady." He laughs at his own joke.

Jordan rolls his eyes with a smile, before pushing Casey out of the participants’ zone. “Go on, get out. Come on, Xander, let’s go get ready.” He tilts his head at the other boy, pointedly ignoring his latter request.

"Listen for my cheering!" Casey calls over his shoulder, and trots out into the stands. He counts himself lucky to find a seat front and center, even though the stands aren't nearly as full as regular tournaments. The screens at either end of the field suddenly display a countdown timer- ninety seconds until the bracket will appear.

This should be a hell of a ride.

Cubeth as Debbie
Eleanor as Arianne, Courtney, and Sarah
Groc as Vera and Xander
Juno as Jordan
Ninetales as Coralie
QueenNothing as Gwen

Pepper Bomb • Charmeleon • lv40 | Ginger • Buneary • lv39 | Parsley • Gogoat • lv38
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Sabbatical '84 | a sinnoh pokémon journey set in the 1980s
Hoenn: Square One | twenty years after emerald
Trainers | a journey through kanto as a final exam

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By Chance Or Fate
it was fate, we did not in fact randomize this

Arianne, Coralie, Debbie, Gwen, Jordan, Vera, and others
written by Aquacorde, Cubeth, Eleanor, Groc, Juno, Ninetales, and QueenNothing
Five Stars Stadium, 10am, Friday May 31th

The intercom crackles again inside the lobby. “Participants, please direct your attention to the screen above the registration desk for your match assignments.”

The entire room thrums with tension and excitement as the on-screen clock ticks down. Five… four… three… two… one…

And the brackets flick onto the screen.

“Well I guess Round 1 won’t be so easy after all.” Gwen says, turning to Sarah behind her. “For you, that is!” The Fuchsia girl smiles slightly, but stays quiet, as she already has the hype talk part covered.

“Hah!” Courtney (and who else could it be) pokes Gwen on her shoulder, eager to remind her of one thing. “If there’s one person who’s clearly stronger than me, it’s her. And you’re barely at my level anyways.”

“We’ll see about that once I get to the second round.” Gwen cackles. “Assuming you’ll beat… who are you battling again?”

“No need to worry about that. If Gwen versus yours truly isn't going to happen, it sure won't be my fault."

Xander laughs to himself, clapping a hand on Jordan's shoulder. "Well, this should be interesting. Wish me luck!"

“Tch, yeah, you’re gonna need it.” Jordan chuckles, idly stroking his Pidgeotto. “Think she’s gonna be extra motivated to win after our little chat just now.”

Across the floor, Vera smirks to herself, tossing her hair back over her shoulder. This will do. He'll regret telling me about this tournament!

Debbie, uh? That’s someone I haven’t met in a while! Arianne scans the room, searching for her opponent, still trying to hype herself up in any way. She sees the short girl also moving her eyes across the room, with her Psyduck on her arms. When their eyes meet, Debbie grins at her as her Psyduck waves hi at Arianne. So the Cinnabar girl smiles and waves back sheepishly, before directing her gaze elsewhere.

Coralie, who had distracted herself momentarily with searching her purse for some lip gloss, gazes up at the bracket reveal, intrigued to see who she was to battle in the first round. “Oh my gosh!!” She instinctively glances about the clusters of people once more, spotting Francis standing on his lonesome in the corner. After finally locating her gloss and liberally applying it, she took it upon herself to approach her initial opponent.


He hadn’t seen her coming and nearly toppled over from surprise. ‘C-coralie! Oh! H-hi.”

The boy chuckles nervously, adjusting his glasses reflexively whilst flashing the petite girl a sheepish smile.

“It’s been so long! Anyways, it looks like we’re facing each other in the first round of the tournament!!’

Francis nodded. “Oh, yes. It appears that way. Doesn’t it?”

Coralie grinned, somewhat deviously. ‘Sure does! Oh! Arianne and Courtney are here too!” Coralie gestures towards the screen, where the aforementioned girls’ names were clearly displayed. At the realization that his crush was competing, Francis turned red as a Darmanitan!

Coralie giggles. “Francis, there’s no need to be worried! We’ll give them a fabulous battle!” She flashes her opponent a beaming smile, a glimmer in her eye. “They’ll be watching us, after all!”

Francis nervously combs through his hair with his fingers as he was envisioning Courtney’s icy expression whilst he observes their battle. He certainly couldn’t make a fool of himself in front of her!

“Anyways, I just wanted to say hi! Oh, and good luck - ”you’ll need it.”

Coralie skips away, stifling a giggle, she could practically feel Francis’s nerves increase tenfold. She wasn’t quite as confident as her words implied, though knew just how to fluster Francis.

Mission Accomplished.

"Who's that?" Jordan wonders out loud, but Xander at his side merely shrugs, looking around the room.

He's pretty sure she's not from their school, at least. If only Casey could sit with them, he would know. Just then, a crackle of the intercom alerts the group of some trouble in the lobby. scree
"Attention, trainers - a few registered Pokemon are still in the indoor club area, please pick them up as soon as possible. We have a Litleo here who- oh, he really likes incinerating those papers, hope they weren't important-"

Jordan turns to Xander and snickers quietly until the intercom crackles again.

"-also the trainer of a small Pumpkaboo riding a Skiddo, please come and collect them. They appear to be bonded so I assume they are here with the same trainer."

"Oh, muk- that's me." Jordan quickly shuffles Spirit off his lap and into Tangles' care, before making a beeline for the door.

In the midst of all this stands a boy with brown hair wearing a cap and fishing gear, furiously trembling in terror as he fear-strikenly gazes upon the monitor. Of course this boy is none other than Flynn Sting, and he’s fully aware of the carnage that will ensue in his first round match.

He looks around cautiously, desperate to call out to anyone for help, no matter what form it could take. It’s just his luck then that the first person he spots is his first- and last- round opponent, a blonde girl wearing an elaborate poofy dress that’s topped with a tiara, Bethany Miller standing right next to him.

Flynn, unable to look away from the Galarian trainer, quivers quicker, petrified to the point he’s unable to speak. Bethany doesn’t pay him much mind, and simply gives him a brief side-eye. Even if she pays him little mind though, that side-eye is enough to have Flynn on the verge of collapsing into a fetal position and bawling like a Bonsly.

“W-why did it have to be me?”

From afar, Gwen watches. As easy as it is to laugh at Flynn’s misery, it is a little difficult to not sympathize knowing from experience how much of a slaughter that match will be. It’ll be a good opportunity for her in that she can further analyze Bethany’s strategy in-case they’re matched up later down the line.

But for now-

"Gwen and Sarah, please make your way to the field. All other participants are invited to take seats in the competitor's box. An attendant will grab the next pair between matches. Good luck!"

CSS originally by Eleanor


Sabbatical '84 | a sinnoh pokémon journey set in the 1980s
Hoenn: Square One | twenty years after emerald
Trainers | a journey through kanto as a final exam

signatures are king
bring them back on mobile!! also i did my own css/flair/sig/art thank you
roleplay is just collaborative writing
it's not hard or scary come join!!
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Gwen Alanis
Friday May 31
Saffron City
Even if Gwen has yet to see a proper display of Sarah’s potential as a trainer, she has zero doubt in her mind that she’ll make it to the next round, with or without the use of her “secret weapon”. Courtney had said a good deal about her, but spending most of the previous day training meant Gwen should be able to come out on top easily.

Both trainers toss their Pokeballs at the same time, and on Gwen’s side is Jess, her Arbok she hasn’t used in a hot minute. With Intimidate, she’s never a bad lead, especially not against Sarah’s Pokemon - a small but nimble Buizel. Jess’s expression is similar to Gwen’s arguably overconfident smirk, only difference being her ill-intent on display. She lets out a nasty hiss and stands upright, emphasizing the pattern on her hood while shaking her tail- an old habit from when she was an Ekans. Buizel doesn’t seem too happy to see that, and looks back towards her trainer for reassurance, but Sarah is deadpan.

The referee starts the match, and Jess stares Buizel dead in the eyes as her flash red, aiming a spiteful smile at her foe. “Sonic Boom, quick!” is the command coming from the other side, and Buizel quickly twirls around, launching a series of shock waves towards Jess from her tails. She grunts before evading every in-coming wave with her long, serpentine body and then slithers straight to Buizel, displaying her sharp fangs. She comes closer, undisturbed, for a while, but Buizel and Sarah react before she can make contact. From Sonic Boom, Buizel switches to Water Sport, and a cloud of water droplets gets in Jess’s way to irritate her from above, slowing her down. From here, Sarah calls for a Tail Slap, and Buizel repeatedly flings her tails at Jess as she keeps twirling, aiming for the back of her head.

It doesn’t turn out completely in Buizel’s favor though. Jess is able to turn around in the midst of the attack and take the brunt of it with her middle body, using the rest of her body to wrap around Buizel. A sadistic smile forms across Jess’ face.

Here is where Sarah clenches her fists and starts to look worried. She takes some time before shouting another order, and that only plays to Gwen's advantage - but then, she instructs Buizel to use Water Gun around her. In the meantime, though, Jess has already been able to Poison Jab Buizel in the back of the head while tightening her grip, laughing maniacally at the suffering on display. It’s an intense sight, maybe even too much for Gwen, but Jess continues despite her concerns.

A combination of Tail Slap, to loosen the grip, and Water Gun on the battlefield itself, to make Jess less stable and prone to falling over, eventually lead to Buizel freeing herself from Jess. She's barely conscious though, which leaves her completely vulnerable to another Glare from Jess. And so, Buizel is paralyzed.

"Alright Jess, finish with Bite!" Gwen calls out just as Jess was about to wrap around Buizel to drag the round out. Jess rolls her eyes, frustrated she won't be able to basically torture the poor thing and lunges forward, jaw first.

Sarah, clearly resigned, calls for an Aqua Jet, but already holds two Pokéballs in her hands. Buizel still executes the attack, and is able to get some chip damage, but the two Pokémon colliding leads to only one of them fainting - Buizel, of course.

With the left hand, Sarah recalls her Pokémon. With the right one, she lets out her next pick, a Trapinch. The Ground type looks up towards Jess intently, standing nearly entirely still. While it would be a good idea to switch, Gwen decides to keep Jess in to scout Trapinch's abilities.

Jess once again uses Glare, staring down her foe. But Trapinch reacts quickly, and blocks his own view of Arbok with Mud Slap. The sand he’s raised from the battleground splatters on her face and gets into her eyes, negating the attack. She reels her head back in pain before flinging it straight forward again to bite Trapinch on the head.

As she does that, though, the ground under her body gets more unstable, until she starts sinking into it. Trapinch’s Sand Tomb eventually leaves Jess with no escape.

"Muk…" Gwen clicks her tongue. It's a good thing she has two Pokemon left, or else her brain would probably shut down. But since switching out isn't an option at the moment, she'll have to guide Jess through the rest of the round.

"Jess, hang in there with Stockpile!" Jess coils into a spring shape as her body fat seems to increase subtly, doing her best to resist the trap Sarah had set. But once Arbok is in there, it’s easy for Trapinch to damage her with Bulldoze. Sarah’s Pokémon slams his jaws on the battlefield repeatedly, and every hit becomes a seismic wave headed straight for Jess. Each wave does her considerable harm , and even with Stockpile she's still struggling to stay in.

With Jess continuously stunned by the attacks and the Sand Tomb damage building up, Trapinch only needs one Crunch to get the final blow on his opponent. Sarah finally displays a sly smile on her face, as Gwen recalls her first Pokémon.

Her next Pokemon is an expected counter, that being Marshall to counter Trapinch's ground-typing. “Alright, let’s test the waters,” Sarah still smiles, before calling for another Bulldoze. It does rock Marshall around a bit, but it does a pitiful amount of damage and does nothing to stop him from shooting Water Gun straight at Trapinch. This time though, when he bashes his orange head on the ground, boulders fall onto the battlefield with a thud, right between him and Marshall.

"Using Rock Slide as a barrier? I like that!" Gwen smirks. "Nothing we can't take care of though! Marshall, Mud Bomb!" From his mouth, a large blob of mud crashes right onto the wall of rocks to weaken it. Ground is good against rock, so the same must be true here.

“Feint!” Sarah yells in the meantime, something which definitely explains why Trapinch isn’t behind those rocks anymore when they’re broken down. Soon after that, Sarah’s Pokémon is straight up biting Marshall’s tail, as a white light fades away from his body.
Marshall's solution to this is pretty straight forward. With Trapinch attached to his tail, he repeatedly slams it against the ground, and it’s obvious that the Antlion Pokémon is not enjoying that. With every Slam, another Bulldoze shockwave is produced, though, eventually leading to Trapinch being flinged off Marshall's wide tail.

At this point, Sarah doesn’t lose time, and calls for another Rock Slide, creating once again a protection between Trapinch and Marshall. Marshall releases Water Gun at the barrier while walking toward it, and after weakening it enough, he slams his tail into the wall and has it crumble.

Of course, when a Pokémon stands still on the ground for too long, Trapinch can set up a Sand Tomb. And that’s just what he does, taking advantage of the time Marshall uses up to break the rocks. When they shatter, a circle of quicksand and unstable terrain takes their place. It’s definitely annoying, but nothing detrimental, as Marshall summons a series of clouds that release a drizzle over the battlefield. With that, another Water Gun is shot from his mouth, and right at Trapinch’s face again. That spells the end for Sarah's Pokémon, who needs to be recalled shortly after. His place is soon taken by a familiar face… her Murkrow.

She looks dead serious at the battlefield for a moment, but isn't above yelling a quick and concise "Bring it!" towards Gwen. Gwen’s smirk just grows wider, and she intends to keep Marshall out for this last round until the sound of one of her Pokeballs opening suddenly without her doing. She looks around, alarmed, and spots Bead pressing his face against Marshall’s Pokeball to withdraw him.

“Huh!? What the hell!?” Gwen shouts in shock as Bead floats over to the battlefield. She uses his Pokeball to return him, but he swiftly dodges any attempts to be withdrawn, determined to stay in. It’s so baffling that he’d wanna go out against a Pokemon with a clear advantage… but she might as well roll with the hand she’s dealt.

For Bead though, he’s mostly astounded to see his old friend from the Lavender Graveyard in a setting like this. Murkrow seems rather excited too, and lets out a caw that’s definitely less menacing than usual. Sarah doesn’t call out any attack either, and looks slightly amused as her eyes jump between the two Pokémon and Gwen.

“Bead? What’s the matter?” Gwen raises a brow. “If you’re gonna stay in then use, I dunno, Astonish or something!”

Bead continues to stare wide-eyed at his old pal until he decides to comply with Gwen, flying forward and getting uncomfortably close to Murkrow, screeching at him with fierce determination. Bead’s life of playing tricks is behind him, and to further cement that he’s set on defeating Murkrow in battle. At first, Murkrow takes some hits and retaliates with some weak Pecks, until Sarah makes herself heard.

When Bead comes close once again, Murkrow spews out a thick cloud of smoke - Haze, once again - and once both Pokémon are cloaked by it, connects a strong Pursuit attack that sends Bead hurtling back. He smacks into a wall but bounces right off it so he can fly forward and flash his eyes red while sounding like he’s cursing under his breath. Murkrow flashes his eyes as well, but in this case, a beam of dark energy is materialized in front of him, and expands as it moves closer to Bead. He’s just barely able to dodge and gets up close again for Astonish, which Murkrow answers with a Wing Attack. After feeling the impact of his wing, Bead zips around Murkrow to use Astonish from behind, this time with a less vicious screech. Murkrow once again twirls in the air to try and hit Bead, but this time he does so with less strength than before. And despite Sarah’s commands, that is all he ends up doing eventually - trading hits this way with the Misdreavus, whose attacks weaken with each use. A slight giggle can even be heard under his breath after every now and again.

“I’m so confused…” Gwen scratches the back of her head. “What’s happening?”

At first Sarah doesn't seem to notice her: she's still busy shouting commands that clearly Murkrow isn't executing. But then, she loosens up and looks straight towards Gwen.

"Looks like this is it," she grins. "Well done girl!"

And with that, she officially forfeits.

"If they just want to play together, let's let them have some fun. It's fine." She states, walking closer to the Saffron girl, as the two Pokémon are still trading nudges above their heads. It was a little out of nowhere, but a win is a win, and Gwen would be foolish to pass that up.

“That was a good match!” Gwen compliments, giving Sarah a thumbs-up and a flash of her pearly whites. “You and your Pokémon did well, but not as well as us.”

"Hah, if you say so…" Sarah chuckles. "But yeah, you did well, you deserve to keep going. Good luck for the next rounds! And as for you two…" she looks over to the two Pokémon. "Come over here, we'd better give space to the next trainers!"


Main Team
  • ? lv. 29|F|Drought
    Flamethrower|Will-O-Wisp|Hex|Quick Attack|Dig|Fire Spin
  • Tusk (Axew) lv. 33|M|Mold Breaker
    Iron Tail|Taunt|Crunch|Dragon Claw|Dragon Rage|Dragon Dance
  • Bead (Misdreavus) lv. 28|M|Levitate
    Hex|Psybeam|Spite|Astonish|Confuse Ray|Mean Look
  • Marshall (Quagsire) lv. 27|M|Unaware
    Water Gun|Rain Dance|Slam|Mud Bomb|Amnesia|Haze
  • King (Gyarados) lv. 22|M|Moxie
  • Jess (Arbok) lv. 29|F|Intimidate
    Wrap|Poison Jab|Stockpile|Spit Up|Bite|Glare

  • Scar (Bouffolant) lv. 20|M|Reckless
    Revenge|Fury Attack|Horn Attack|Focus Energy|Pursuit|Rage
  • Talon (Rufflet) lv. 18|M|Hustle
    Peck|Leer|Hone Claws|Tailwind|Wing Attack|Fury Attack
  • Custard (Pikachu) lv. 25
    Thunderbolt|Thunder Wave|Double Team|Electro Ball|Quick Attack|Spark
  • Alex (Salandit) lv. 18|F|Corrosion
    Poison Fang|Ember|Smog|Poison Gas|Scratch|Dragon Rage

  • King's Rock
  • Iron Tail TM
  • Protect TM

CCS and art by Aquacorde


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Vera Hill
Chapter 10 - Every Dog Has His Day
Saffron City; Friday, May 31st, morning

Vera feels confident about this fight. Xander has already shown his hand, and she knows he has a Growlithe and a Vulpix, at least. She has a clear advantage against two of his team, at least.

She takes a moment to collect her thoughts, slowly letting out a breath. "I can do this..."

She can hear Xander laughing as he waves to the crowd, clearly enjoying the spotlight. She scoffs as she tosses her hair, letting it flow dramatically in the wind. "Of course I can do this, I'm awesome!"

Vera sends out Bonnie, while Xander sends out Growler. The Growlithe is more brushed and groomed than the last time Vera saw him, wearing a sequined vest and collar.

Vera has to adjust her hat to block the glare coming from the ostentatious outfit. "Do you have enough sparkles on that costume?"

Xander grins, shrugging nonchalantly. "Hey, gotta make sure he shines, y'know?"

"It'd be a shame if it got dirty, then. Bonnie, go underground!" Bonnie leaps into the air, diving bone first into the dirt floor.

Xander quickly barks out "Light her up!", and Growler spits a burning Ember at Bonnie while she's still in the air. She shrugs it off as she vanishes underground.

Xander pumps a fist in excitement, even smiling. "Alright, she's coming, so get ready! Let me hear you awoo!" Growler Howls with his trainer, his fur standing on end as he gathers his power.

Vera looks at the crowd in confusion as some of them "awoo" in response, including Casey near the front. She mouths "Really?" as her eyes linger on him for a moment, before throwing up her hands in exasperation and deciding to ignore the spectators for now.

Bonnie erupts from the ground in a shower of dirt, striking Growler with her club. Vera smirks as her plan comes together, knowing Bonnie excels at close range combat. "Hit him with a Bonemerang!"

Bonnie throws her bone with all her might, but Growler sits upright, exposing his sequined collar to the spotlight, the sudden glare blinding Bonnie and throwing off her aim. The club sails past Growler's head, and he pounces onto Bonnie, knocking her to the ground. The club curves in midair, heading back toward Bonnie's hand.

"Catch it with Bite!" Xander calls. Growler shifts his weight before he jumps off Bonnie, knocking the breath out of her as he leaps to catch her club in his teeth. He runs back toward Xander, his tail wagging exactly once as he drops the bone at his owner's feet.

"Good boy! You like to play fetch, don't you? Yes, you do!" Xander fawns over his Growlithe, and there's a largely positive reaction from the crowd, although some sympathize with Bonnie as he rises to her feet without her weapon.

"Bonnie?" Vera calls out, a twinge of concern in her voice. Bonnie glances back, and although her helmet hides her eyes, Vera can see her shaking with anger. That club and the various Ground-type moves Bonnie uses it for were her biggest advantage here. She needs to recover them, but for that...

She needs to use her head, just like her fight against Beaumont.

"Okay Bonnie, he's got some tricks. So we're gonna go for the big hits, understood? Focus Energy!" Bonnie looks at her stolen weapon, feeling the rage building in her belly as she lets out a loud battle shriek.

Growler holds his position, barking loudly at Bonnie and releasing an Ember each time. Bonnie charges forward, shrugging off the weak flames, as the fire of her rage burns hotter than Growler's weak attacks. Xander seems to recognize the ineffectiveness of his attacks, sending Growler forward to Bite again.

Bonnie ducks her head as Growler bites onto her shoulder, bashing him in the face with her helmet. Growler yelps and lets go, and Bonnie throws herself forward, tucking into a roll and grabbing her weapon as she comes to her feet. She doesn't give Growler time to recover, throwing her club and striking him in the hip. The club bounces off and returns to her hand as his leg gives out, and she throws the club again, hitting Growler in the jaw and knocking him out with a critical hit.

The crowd cheers as Bonnie hurries back to Vera's side and Xander returns Growler.

"Good job! She really knows how to fight." Xander gives Vera a thumbs-up, but she just rolls her eyes at him.

"She's a warrior, not some fancy house pet. Send out your next Pokémon and we'll show you, cheerleader."

Xander looks almost offended for a moment, but shrugs it off with a smile. "You say that like it's an insult. Honestly, that you think it's an insult is more insulting, but I'm not gonna be insulted today. Come on out, Doog!"

He throws his next Poké Ball, revealing a Houndour. The Houndour is wearing oversized black sunglasses and snarls at Bonnie in a way that resembles an arrogance smirk.

"...Doog?" But Vera is more focused on the terrible nickname. "He looks so cool, why call him something so silly?"

"Because he's a Doom Dog." Xander reaches out to scratch behind Doog's ears, and the Houndour's tongue lolls out of his mouth as his tail wags happily.

That's kinda cute, Vera thinks. "That's silly and dumb." She says.

Xander pouts playfully. "Aw, come on, V! Uh, I mean, Vera." He quickly corrects himself when she glares at him. "We're here to have fun, right? Come on, Howl with us! Awoo!" Xander and his Houndour both howl, and some of the audience join in, but Vera isn't looking at them.

"No, we're shutting that down. Bonnie, Growl!" Bonnie crouches down low, holding her club at her side, as a low Growl builds in her chest. The sound reverberates inside her helmet, becoming louder and deeper as it echoes, and Houndour tenses, somewhat intimidated by the armored reptile before him.

Xander dramatically puts a hand to his head, wagging one finger of the other hand at Vera. "Really, Vera, trash talking? You're better than that. I thought I knew you." Doog shakes his head in mock disappointment, somehow making tsk, tsk sounds.

"You don't! Why do you keep saying that?! What, are you trying to mess with my head? ...wait. You are, aren't you? And your Houndour-"

"Taunted little Bonnie so she's too angry to think clearly. They say dogs take after their owners, after all." He flashes a smile at Vera, and his teeth don't actually sparkle, but she wouldn't be surprised if they did.

"Quick, dive back underground!" Bonnie leaps to the hole she'd dug earlier, but Doog is already at the other end, belching a thick purple gas into it.

"Is that Poison Gas?" Vera looks at the ground in panic, hoping Bonnie was able to avoid it.

Xander shakes his head, abruptly serious for a change. "It's just Smog, actually. Less toxic than Poison Gas, and the body more actively rejects it."

As if on cue, faint coughs echo from the hole. Doog crouches low, jumping into the air as Bonnie bursts from the ground, dodging her attack.

"Impressive acrobatics, wouldn't you say?" Xander cheers. "Now for the pyrotechnics!" Doog barks at Bonnie, spitting Embers just like Growler had.

"Uh, um... Bonnie, deflect those with Bonemerang, I need to think!" Bonnie nods, throwing her club so it makes short loops in the air and returns to her, extinguishing the small flames in the process.

Vera desperately tries to remember when she trained with Pepper, but they hadn't practiced moves, just control in general. Was that anything? Could she work with that? Maybe she could stop Houndour from using flames, but how?

"Bonnie, aim for the throat! He can't breathe fire if he can't take deep breaths!" Bonnie doesn't waste time responding, she just charges forward, letting the flames wash over her. Her club emerges from the flames to hit Doog in the chest, then falls to the ground. Bonnie slides in, grabbing it and striking the Houndour's throat. He begins coughing from the hit, unable to bark.

Xander winces at that hit. "Tit for tat, I suppose. We'll have to do this up close. Fire Fang!" Doog snarls angrily, his jaws bursting into flame as he lunges and snaps at Bonnie.

Vera is momentarily taken aback, but Bonnie steps up, Headbutting Doog as he tries to bite down on her. The Houndour gets a mouthful of helmet for his troubles, and Vera relaxes a bit. "You got him where we want him! Give him the Bonemerang!"

"Get her with a Fire Fang!" Doog snarls as he lunges at Bonnie, her thrown club sailing past his head. Vera has a brief moment of panic as Bonnie gets bit, but her club curves back around to hit the Houndour in the back of the head. The club bounces off Doog's head, and he yelps in surprise. Bonnie is freed from his jaws, vaulting up onto his head and leaping up to catch her weapon. She glows with the aura of Focus Energy as she descends, bringing the weapon down onto Doog's head with a resounding *crack!*

The Houndour falls, leg twitching slightly, but solidly unconscious. Bonnie returns to Vera's side, breathing heavily and walking a bit stiffly. Vera looks at her with concern. "You still good?"

Bonnie nods, holding her club at her side like a samurai holding a sheathed sword.

Vera grins. "Then let's finish this. He has a Vulpix, so be ready for its tricks."

Xander tosses his Poké Ball, wordlessly proving Vera wrong as it reveals a Torkoal.

"Wait a minute!" Vera yells. "That's not the Pokémon you had in the lobby!"

"Well, yeah. I have more than three." Xander shrugs. "I wanted to show her off, too. I love all of my dogs."

"That's not a dog, it's a turtle!"

"Tortoise." Xander corrects, petting Torkoal's shell. "A tortoise is just a dog with a shell. A shell hound."

"Shut up!" Vera facepalms, hating that she almost found that funny. Xander’s crazy ideas and sunny disposition make him almost likeable, but she doesn't want to like him, she just wants to win this battle. "Let's just do this, already!"

"If you say so. Ready, King? ...that's his name, by the way. Tor King Koal."

"Oh my god... Bonnie, Dig underground!" Vera groans in frustration, not sure what to expect from a Torkoal.

King doesn't react as Bonnie burrows, and Xander casually instructs him to "armor up". Spurts of magma leak from his shell, rapidly hardening across his body. Vera grits her teeth, hoping Bonnie is strong enough to break through the Iron Defense.

She doesn't get a chance to test it, for as soon as she emerges to attack, steam hisses out from King's shell, and a translucent barrier appears between him and Bonnie.

Xander sighs, smiling sadly. "I shouldn't be giving away my strategies, but King has an almost unbeatable defense. He'll just Protect against your Dig attacks, and his shell protects all of his weak spots, so don't bother with Focus Energy. Ideally, Bonnie would have been burned or poisoned by now, but she's tough, and lucky. You'd be better off with another Pokémon."

Vera's hands slowly clench into fists as he talks, but when he tells her to switch out, she snaps at him, "Don't tell me what to do! Bonnie, Bonemerang!"

Bonnie rushes in, flinging her club at King, who barely reacts to the hits. Xander takes a step back as lava erupts from King's back, flaming droplets scattering across the field and bustling into small fires wherever they hit.

Bonnie can't dodge, and falls to the flames, finally at her limit. Vera returns her to her ball, quickly trying to come up with a new strategy. Did I really come here expecting Bonnie to just carry me to victory?

Xander actually applauds. "Bonnie did really well! I'm down to my last dog, while you still have two more. Come on, let's see what other tricks you got. Don't tell me the hat is just for show."

"You leave my hat out of this!" Vera complains, turning red as she hears some laughter from the crowd. "You want some tricks? I'll show you some tricks!" She grabs another Poké Ball, pausing just long enough to look over at Casey and lift the ball pointedly. "Say hello to Ebony!"

The little Misdreavus lets out a little yawn as he emerges, but quickly takes stock of his surroundings. His eyes go wide at the sight of so many people, and he quickly ducks behind Vera for cover. "Hey, Ebony, focus here! We're almost done, I just need- don't go in there!" He tries to hide under her hat, and she almost knocks it off trying to grab him.

"Need some help with your ghost?" Xander cautiously asks, not wanting to anger her more.

"I'm fine! He just has stage fright!" She gets him to stay in front of her, but he still keeps looking around in awe and fear. "Honestly, don't you eat fear or something? How are you this afraid of people?"

Ebony looks down in shame, sinking toward the floor.

"Hey, stay with me, I need you. You see that turtle?" She points to King, ignoring Xander calling out "Tortoise!" from the other side. "He knocked out Bonnie. It was supposed to be a sweep, but his armor is too strong. So I need you to work your magic, okay? Hex him up!"

Ebony nods slowly, slowly reaching out for Vera with his hair hands.

She smiles, lightly tousling his hair. "Yes, I'll let you ride in my hair if we win. You ready?"

Ebony smiles, floating out onto the field. Vera's smile fades when she sees the goofy grin on Xander’s face. "What? What are you looking at?"

"That was just so cute, the way you interacted with him! You act prickly, but you're really just a big softie, aren't you?"

"Can we just fight, already?" Vera stomps her foot in annoyance. "Here, I'll start! Thunder Wave!"

Steam hisses as King Protects against the attack, the electricity shorting out against the barrier.

"Stop that! Ebony, shut that down!" Ebony's eyes glow pure red as he uses Spite, preventing King from using protect again. In response, Xander calls for another Lava Plume, raining fire down on the field. Ebony dodges and weaves through the air in a panic, but still gets hit by the flames.

"Thunder Wave again! He can't hit you if he's paralyzed!" Electricity crackles in Ebony's center gem, spreading out to the other pearls before launching out to hit King. Vera isn't sure if it worked, as the Torkoal already wasn't moving much. But when Xander calls out for Lava Plume and King doesn’t react, she knows it worked.

"Alright, now use Confuse Ray to be sure!" Ebony's eyes glow white, the eerie light shining on King. Xander looks nervous, and King falls forward, burying his face into the dirt.

"Let's finish this, shall we? Ebony, use Hex!" Shadows gather around Ebony, spreading to surround King. The electricity paralyzing the Torkoal crackles as the shadows swirl around him, suddenly converging and forcing him to the ground.

"Yeah, I think we're done." Xander recalls King, heading for the center of the field. "When I asked what tricks you had, I wasn't expecting that kind of black magic!" He laughs.

Vera removes her hat as she approaches him, lightly fluffing her hair as Ebony swoops over to her. His body fades as he settles on top of her head, staining her hair purple. She puts her hat back on, grinning wickedly as she covers her eyes. "I told you you'd be unlucky to face me, didn't I?" She cackles.

They exchange a handshake for the audience's sake, but when they're close she whispers so only he can hear her. "Don't think this makes us friends. You are just way too much for me to put up with right now."

His smile falters, and he nods once. "That's fair. But... can you blame me for trying?"

Vera narrows her eyes at him, then smirks. "No, I guess I can't. I'm pretty great." She walks away, not seeing Xander roll his eyes as he follows her off the field.


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art by Aquacorde
Arianne Chandler
Saffron City
Friday, May 31st, Five Stars Tournament

featuring Cubeth as Deborah

It’s more fun when you are good at it

Her battle has come sooner than expected, but at least she can get it out of the way. She can see with her own eyes whether or not the concerns of those… people she put to sleep earlier are actually all up in the air.

Arianne is still somewhat stiff under the weight of everyone else’s expectations - not to mention her own - and chooses Eric as her first Pokémon. Seeing him on the field, ready to fight, gives her confidence. He materializes just at the same time as Debbie’s first Pokémon, Dukko the Psyduck, waddles into the battlefield at her signal.

“Dukko, let’s try swimming a bit!” Arianne’s opponent makes the first move, dragging one of her legs backwards as she confidently gives the order. Her Psyduck doesn’t seem too sure, though; after hearing his trainer’s command, he looks back at her, clueless, and with both hands on his head, so Deborah has to nod at him to reassure him. Dukko then looks at the ground and shakes his head before allowing himself to fall, mysteriously materializing a puddle around him.

Oh right, I can do that too now!

"Use Dig, Eric!" Arianne calls out, and her starter happens to hesitate for a few seconds - just like Dukko - before eventually disappearing into the ground beneath the battlefield.

Both Pokémon become completely invisible for either trainer, and a breeze travels across the empty battlefield now. Arianne has a dumb smile on her face as she stares down the battlefield, between the points where the two Pokémon hid underground and Debbie herself. “So… what now, uh?” She smiles, facepalming internally as that is not the way her battle should’ve started in her head.

Debbie looks clueless at the battlefield. She scratches her head, and then puts a finger on her lip. She looks back to see Arianne is just as clueless as her and chuckles.

“Heh, heh, heh, everything according to my plan!” she says with a huge grin on her face. “Dukko, you know what to do. Chaaarge!!

The shock comes when Dukko actually starts moving, showing which path he’s using by turning all the ground around him into mud, occasionally jumping out of the water with the help of his Aqua Tail just to fall into another puddle. But he’s just moving around aimlessly, he’s not gotten even close to the hole Eric dug.

Eventually, Eric has to resurface. He seems surprised if not amused as he looks around him and notices all the puddles, but waits for a command from Arianne before doing anything. And yet, she doesn’t have a plan either. She does, however, call for a Rapid Spin attack, which lets Eric build up speed as he spins around the battlefield, slapping some mud on Dukko’s eyes while doing so. It doesn’t seem to damage him, but it affects his eyesight, and since he’s sensing Eric spinning at high speed around the battlefield, he’s forced to hide again until he stops.

Deborah stops to think while Dukko is still hiding, and she is quick to think of something. She tells Dukko to Dive into another puddle, and the Psyduck does as he’s told, waiting there until he sees his trainer’s signal. When Eric gets closer to him, he closes his eyes to avoid more mud from getting in his eyes, and presses his own head when Deborah yells “Fire!”, sending a blast of psychic energy against Arianne’s Pokémon.

The Cinnabar girl clenches her fists, clearly upset by that move. Eric really isn’t enjoying that as his movement is slowed down. But since there’s no time to analyze the situation, Arianne just goes with her gut. “Dig, quick!” She yelps, waiting for what feels like an eternity to her for Eric to hear that… although it’s actually just a matter of seconds. The Wartortle has to shake off Confusion, but after that, he’s ready to follow Dukko underground.

Dukko jumps out of his puddle and shoots a Water Pulse at the air, using it to clean his eyes. Eric comes right after, quickly beginning another Rapid Spin in an attempt to reach and hit Dukko, just to find himself at the edge of the battlefield, while his target has gone back to his trainer’s side.

“Challenger Deborah has requested a switch out!” the referee announces.

Deborah grins and starts sprinting on her own spot as she picks up her next PokéBall.

“It’s time!” she yells, clearly excited, and sends out her next pokémon. The Exeggutor that manifests into the battlefield, it’s easy to notice this one is way bigger than a normal one, towering above both trainers and even some of the spectators. “Jade Squad…!”

Arianne should’ve seen it coming, if her battle with Courtney taught her anything. She’s considering who in her team she could switch in to have a fair chance against that enormous opponent… but Dukko’s own strategy gives her some ideas. “Eric, Rain Dance!” she commands, trying to brace herself for Debbie’s next move.

The Jade Squad’s eyes glow a blue-ish light, and a huge wall is placed around the Exeggutor, shielding them from all kinds of physical damage from Eric.

“Girls, use Extrasensory!” The Jade Squad focuses on Eric, their eyes glowing another light from which a psychic beam is shot, which is refracted by the transparent wall.

It’s not like Arianne has many options here, but this won’t impact her plan much either. “Dig around them!” She calls out, and Eric does as told, trying to line up his tunnels with the Exeggutor. With the rain from above and Dukko’s leftover puddles… the Jade Squad should be sinking sooner or later, or so Arianne hopes.

Debbie calls for another move now that Eric is underground, Leech Seed. The Jade Squad aims upwards and shoots seeds aimed at Eric’s holes. While they won’t be helpful to draw some health, they are able to grow on their own, albeit slowly, becoming useful to cover the holes made by the Wartortle, at least in a way.

That doesn’t seem to do much for Eric, but what is making it harder for him to keep going is the Reflect that has been set up earlier… something that can be seen directly when the Wartortle gets back on the field’s surface again, surrounded by pink sparkles of psychic energy. Given that, and all the seeds scattered around, Arianne is growing nervous… until she makes up her mind and requests a switch herself.

“It’s your time to shine, Lulu!”

Lulu is received with a blast, getting stomped by the Jade Squad free-falling over her. It’s a strong move that actually splashes some mud at Arianne, but when the Exeggutor gets up, Lulu doesn’t seem to have been affected aside from the physical contact of Debbie’s move.

Arianne takes the attack worse than her own Pokémon, in fact, because she immediately kneels down and tries to wipe away some water from her legs instead of… issuing a command, for example. Luckily for Lulu, the rain is already reinvigorating her after the hit.

Debbie uses Arianne’s reaction to her own advantage, giving a different order this time. “Girls, Hypnosis!”

The Jade Squad’s eyes glow, and the three heads attempt to stare at Lulu to put her to sleep with the hypnotic waves coming her way. She's really not fast enough to dodge that attack, but she is able to use Ingrain and extend her mycelium at least a bit into the muddy field, before being put to sleep… to Arianne's dismay.

Debbie goes for another Extrasensory, this time without any possibility for it to be dodged by her opponent’s Pokémon. The only problem for the girl here is that this move might wake Lulu up, which is, of course, perfect for Arianne. As soon as the psychic beam lands, Debbie calls for Hypnosis once again, putting Lulu to sleep a second time, and then repeating the process. Or not…

A flash of light surrounds Lulu as she’s stared down, and when it fades away, she’s still awake. The Jade Squad also seems upset by that attack.

Really upset.

The Exeggutor tries to shield their eyes from Lulu by having their head on the ground. Their leaves shake violently and the Pokémon starts growling, just for they to swing their neck against Lulu with great strength, just to show their anger.

Without any need of Debbie to give a command, The Jade Squad aims another Extrasensory at Lulu, who doesn’t mind taking the hit. This actually gives Arianne some confidence in her defensive prowess, and in her typical Lulu strategy. “Let’s grow out!” She watches as Lulu’s Ingrain expands throughout the field, beyond where the Jade Squad is standing, and making full use of the last few raindrops that Eric provided.

Now that she's stuck on the ground, Lulu is also more vulnerable to the Exeggutor's attacks, making her an easy target for their Extrasensory. But even though those attacks deal a considerable amount of damage to her, the Morelull’s morale stays high, and with it, Arianne’s. Ingrain is slowly helping her regain some health, and Moonlight - the next move her trainer calls for - seals the deal. Debbie's grin fades away, and she nibbles on her thumb as she starts getting nervous.

Knowing that this wouldn’t be going anywhere though, Arianne moves onto a different strategy. “Alright, get them immobilized!”

There is a move that Lulu would likely be very glad to use right now (if she knew about it) and that does exactly what Arianne asked her, but… Ingrain shall do. Mycelium resurfaces from under the Jade Squad, trying to latch onto her or make her trip. Lulu is in full concentration mode at this point, deploying as much energy as she can into her attack.

Debbie tries to have her Pokémon use Extrasensory to cut down the mycelium, but it's useless as it quickly grows around the Exeggutor, forcing the Pokémon to back off and tripping with one of the holes previously dug by Eric, falling on the puddles, splashing a lot of mud across the entire battlefield, with some of it falling on top of Lulu's head.

“The Jade Squad… can still keep fighting, it seems, it's just immobile” the referee looks at Debbie.

The girl stares at the battlefield, still with her thumb between her teeth, and after a few seconds of watching her Pokémon try to get up with no positive results, she notices they are losing a lot of energy just trying to get up.

She takes them back to her PokéBall.

“Tired. I’m retiring them.”

Debbie stares at Lulu and stops to think before sending out her next Pokémon. She looks at Dukko at first, but opts for another one instead.

“Challenger Deborah retires Exeggutor from battle and sends out Machop!”

Machoo the Machop–that’s what Debbie called her– cracks her fists, adopts a boxing position, and without any command from her trainer starts sprinting on her own place, suddenly disappearing from where she is just to re-appear in front of Lulu with a fist that seems to affect her more than the average punch.

Arianne is still bothered by the mud, but this time, it's clear to her as well that… she just brought it upon herself. She just had to do it in order to stun the Jade Squad, right? She was justified for that, right?

Finally, something clicked, and Arianne just laughed it off. That's just the kind of Pokémon she had and that's the way they seemed to like their battles. Lulu nodded right after, probably trying to shake off some mud… but in Arianne's mind, she was just ready to take on the new opponent.

And that brings her to the fist that she just received. She takes it with resignation- although it's not like her face has that many different expressions- and gets ready for another hit, both her and Arianne knowing that she's now immobilized herself. "Sleep powder!" The girl calls out, though, hoping that it will have an effect on Machop.

Machoo backs away from Lulu as soon as she hears Arianne's command. The amount of powder Lulu scattered around her is not big enough to affect her, thanks to the mud covering the Morelull, but it's still enough to make the Machop sneeze while she's in a safe spot.

The Machop this time looks back at her trainer, and Debbie stops to think just to point at a puddle next. She's quick to understand and starts circling the battlefield, sticking her eyes on Lulu, positioning herself in front of a puddle between both of them, and then, another Bullet Punch, this time with the intent of splattering more mud at Lulu.

There's one move that could potentially get Lulu out of trouble, but it won't be easy like this. Her mushrooms are the catalyst to most of her moves, after all.

All but one, Giga Drain. Which she promptly uses, trying to draw in energy from different branches of her mycelium and having them crawl up from the battlefield, looking for Machoo. It should soon turn into a game of "the floor is lava" for Machoo, although that may not be enough to stop his onslaught.

“Heh,” Arianne's opponent grins. “I see how this works. Turning Bruno Mode off.”

"W-what?" The Cinnabar girl questions, getting distracted in the process.

“Machoo, if she can't see you the branches will have trouble getting you, use Bullet Punch again!”

The Machop nods, and is quick to dodge the mycelium branches coming after her with the speed boost her Bullet Punch gives her. She lands a direct punch on Lulu, consecutively kicking more mud on her eyes.

Bullet Punch… that's a name to remember- but it's just a punch, right? Maybe she has one last trick up her sleeve, before fully giving in. With Lulu barely standing, it's worth trying.

"Lift yourself up!" Is the command. And so, the Morelull lets more of her Ingrain erupt from under her, slowly building up a pedestal on which she can stand. She can barely see what she's doing, but now Machoo will have to climb up her dangerous mycelium if she wants to land a strong hit.

However, Debbie doesn't seem startled. This is what she was waiting for, or so she says. For Arianne's surprise, Machoo decides to stay on the ground, in fact, she is running towards Lulu's mycelium.

A branch comes out of the Morelull's mycelium, pointing directly at the Machop and Debbie grins.

“Low Sweep!” The Machop pushes a foot forward and waits for the branch to get close.

“And… Vital Throw!” Machoo grabs the branch, allowing Lulu to drain some energy until she pulls it her way, tearing the Morelull out of the ground. As Arianne knows well by now, that is a clean knock-out for Lulu if it works. And of course, it works. She’s down one Pokémon and unlike Debbie, she really has no choice but to face the evidence. But she tried a few different things, and it felt natural to her even if not all of her strategies were that effective.

This prompts her to send in Eric once again. He looks around warily as all the mycelium left over by Lulu dries up and dissolves over time, while Arianne calls out a Rain Dance as a scouting move. May as well let Eric’s attacks get more powerful if Machoo will let him do that.

Debbie looks at Eric warily until her Machop looks back at her, showing her her fist. The girl nods, and Machoo dashes towards the Wartortle with another full speed attack that this time doesn’t seem as effective as before.

Of course, water types, but Machoo’s Bullet Punch allows her to get close enough to the Wartortle, allowing her to follow with a quick Low Sweep.

Falling over just makes it easier for Eric to start spinning on top of his shell, though. With that motion, he hits Machoo right back, even if it’s for minimal damage, and keeps circling around the battlefield, a trail of water and mud coming after him. This time, it’s Debbie’s Pokémon who gets sprayed by it.

The Machop shakes her head and tries to wipe off some mud from her face. She stretches her neck and upper body after getting up and gets in a more defensive position, waiting for the Wartortle to get close with open arms. When Eric gets close enough, she catches him and forces him to reduce his speed, then lifts him above her head and allows his weight to drop her backwards, while also throwing Arianne’s Pokémon behind.

Wartortle is able to shield himself with Protect the moment he falls, limiting the damage and bouncing back up more easily. From there, the most obvious move is to hit Water Pulse from behind, and that’s just what Eric does, the rain helping him out in creating a fast-growing bubble of water.

The move gets Machoo just as she gets up, making her fall down again and also dazzling her for a second. Instead of getting up a second time, she uses one of her arms to take impulse and counter with a kick to Eric’s face with full force.

Arianne is clenching her fists now, annoyed by all the answers that Machoo seems to have to her moves. It’s not like she’s pulling off any dazzling moves but her movements all work well and she can still land some effective hits. Meanwhile Eric’s strategies and moves are… always the same, aren’t they?

The one thing she still hasn’t tried is Dig, so she calls that move. The Wartortle then hides underground, away from Machoo, and stays there for the time being.

There's not much Machoo can do now, giving Arianne some time to think. The Machop is just standing in the middle of the battlefield, carefully waiting for the Wartortle to come out.

Eric himself can’t stay down there for too long, but the water that’s drenched the battleground is helping a fair bit. He pokes out on one edge of the battlefield, far away from Machoo, and as Ari instructs him to do, he waits there with just his head outside, scouting once again for another move. After all, it does seem like Debbie doesn’t know what to do once Eric is hidden under the field.

Machoo does follow the ground moving beneath her, trying to catch up to Eric as he resurfaces and hides again. But in doing so, she eventually trips onto an obstacle that Arianne surely had forgotten about: Jade's Leech Seed. And thus, the stalemate is broken again!

Arianne quickly tells Eric to get up to the surface, and he does so right from underneath Machoo. He pushes her upwards, making her lose contact with the ground, and quickly follows that up with a Water Pulse.

Machoo tries her best to propel herself away from Eric’s move using Bullet Punch, but the impulse from said move doesn’t help her much when she’s airborne. The Machop lands on her head and doesn’t move for a bit, but before the referee calls her fainted she puts a fist on the ground.

She kicks away Jade’s vines and has to battle a bit to maintain her balance. Her heavy breathing shows Debbie she’s started getting tired, and she’s about to retire from battle too, but Machoo shakes her finger as soon as she notices.

The Machop prepares her fist and sprints at Eric, using Bullet Punch to give her some impulse and not allow him to dodge her next move with Dig. She jumps at the Wartortle once she’s close enough, colliding her Revenge with his second Water Pulse, managing to deal a lot of damage on Eric, but at the same time, being sent rolling backwards in retaliation, this time completely unable to get up, more because of her own tiredness.

Debbie puts her thumb between her teeth again after taking her Machop back inside her PokéBall, then her last Pokémon walks in again.

With the rain now subsiding again and Eric very damaged by that last attack, Arianne makes her second switch of the battle. After all, there is a good chance that Dukko might get the best of him here, unlike before, and she does have a way to make sure it doesn’t happen.

“Come on out, Blitzle!” Arianne yelps, as her Electric-type materializes on the battlefield.

Dukko starts the battle just like before, except this time he falls backwards before sinking down another puddle. He starts swimming in circles, jumping to another puddle using Aqua Tail as a whip and trying to aim a Water Pulse at Blitzle while he's airborne.

She’s able to dodge, but just barely, as Arianne still weighs her options. Blitzle doesn’t seem to enjoy the wet, rough terrain, and Dive acts as a way to protect Dukko from her Shock Wave… but isn’t this situation kind of familiar? That’s just what Machoo and Eric were doing, but in reverse.

“Flame Charge around the field!” Arianne finally orders, and so, Blitzle starts running around, not surrounded by sparkles of electricity but by little embers and steam. She’s not trying to hit Dukko when he resurfaces or anything, she’s just building speed to make it easier to dodge his attacks.

Debbie asks Dukko to stay in the puddle he is in right now, doing the same thing he did when Eric used Rapid Spin earlier. When she feels Blitzle is getting closer, she orders him to fire a Water Pulse at her.

The attack connects this time, and snuffs out the Flame Charge, but Blitzle gives herself momentum to pass through it, using Quick Attack to get closer to Dukko’s puddle. She attempts a Shock Wave right after that, the jolts following the Psyduck down the puddle.

Instead of hiding back again under his puddle, Dukko uses Confusion to lift a mud barrier in front of him, still receiving damage from the few jolts that managed to get past it, but still neutralizing the other ones.

Blitzle, who has sustained damage because of that Water Pulse, seems rather upset that her attack still didn’t amount to much damage. “It’s fine, just Charge up!” Arianne reassures her, and so Blitzle just readies herself for her next attack. Sparkles surround her mane as she bolsters her defenses and waits for Dukko to make another move, jumping in place and staying alert.

Debbie realizes Dukko has to stay close to Blitzle to have a chance here. Her Psyduck starts swimming closer to Arianne's Pokémon, but this time he doesn't attempt jumping to another puddle. He shows his head at Blitzle and tries to startle her with Screech, before hiding back again and attempting to slap her with Aqua Tail. Case in point, Blitzle’s Quick Attack collides with that, causing more damage to her than to Dukko. Maybe this is not the way…

Arianne once again tells Blitzle to keep her momentum going with more Flame Charge, and she does channel her feelings into running around the field erratically, keeping herself ready for another attack.

It's really difficult for Debbie and Dukko to predict when and from where Blitzle is going to strike next, now that she is running around with no clear path. Debbie can't aim a Water Pulse at her in that situation, so she opts to have her Psyduck jump out of his puddle.

Dukko waits with his hands over his head for Blitzle to come at him, getting dizzy from all her running around. When the electric-type finally charges forward at blistering speed, Dukko receives her with a Zen Headbutt, except Blitzle’s Quick Attack seems to have more strength put into it thanks to Flame Charge's speed boost, sending Dukko bouncing back.

“Thunder Wave, quick!” Arianne shouts, and Blitzle is just as fast to execute that command. It’s not like she can aim it well, but after having landed that hit on Dukko, she just needs to fire a few electric impulses in his direction.

Dukko has problems getting up after being struck with the Thunder Waves, but once he gets to do it, he starts waddling away from Blitzle, who in turn just tries to use Shock Wave to get in some damage. Dukko falls down after being struck by a full-force Shock Wave, but he still has some hits left on him.

Except… he doesn't want to get up. Dukko is just sitting in the battlefield, swinging his body in a constant rhythm. This is the signal Debbie needs to interrupt the battle, walking inside the battlefield and picking her Pokémon on her arms.

“Good game,” she says with a huge grin. Dukko waves at Blitzle and Arianne. “We should do this again!”

She almost can’t believe it, but… Arianne eventually recalls Blitzle and nods happily towards Debbie. “Of course!” She answers, smiling back. “Wow, you did very well!”

She shrugs. “It’s more fun when you are good at it.”

“Yeah, looks like it…” Arianne runs a hand through her hair. “It sure was fun!”

Eric, lv. 38 ↑ • Espurr, lv. 25
Blitzle, lv. 30 ↑ • Alice, lv. 19
Lulu, lv. 35 ↑ • Mizar, lv. 23

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Chapter 10: Sour

🏟️ Five Stars Stadium🕙 May 31st, morning

The girl across the field has a sour expression on her face, evidently unhappy about the matchup.

Up until now, they both had the advantage and disadvantage of not knowing a single thing about each others' teams, and it seems on this occasion, she drew the short end of the stick as they both throw out their first Pokémon at the same time and Spirit materializes in front of her Aron.

But the match must go on. She nods at her Aron. "Go on, like we practiced."

Jordan doesn't know what that means, but hastily throws out a command of his own to stay on top of the match. "Um, yeah, Focus Energy. Like we practiced."

As Spirit closes his eyes to channel his power, the Aron skitters into position and stomps its feet. At first, it doesn't seem to have done much, but Jordan can see a rippling motion in the dirt under them, spreading down towards where Spirit stands. Suddenly, pointed stones emerge from the earth and float around his team's side of the field. Before Jordan can make sense of what they are doing, Olivia is already recalling her Pokémon.

"Good job, Nini." She cooes. "Come back!"

In a flash of red light, the Aron disappears, and Jordan's opponent is reaching for a different Poké Ball. Her brows furrow in contemplation as she looks at her two remaining options, so Jordan also takes this time to evaluate the stones. They appear to float aimlessly around them still, but do not seem to be hurting or attempting to hurt Spirit.

Is this an... entry hazard? He remembers learning about those—it's a more advanced strategy that he's not gotten around to using yet. He's going to have to be careful switching out his Pokémon.

Jordan looks back at the girl across the field. Boy, she's even more in her head than I am in battles, he thinks to himself as he watches Olivia, who is now clutching a Poké Ball to her chest and still looking unsure of her selection. Finally, she tosses it out onto the field.

"Come on out, Terrinea."

Spirit takes a step back as a much larger Pokémon takes form in Nini's place, baring a menacingly toothy grin as it stares down at its opponent. It's a Carnivine, and it hovers about, looking at its surroundings curiously.


Would it be wise for him to switch Spirit out now as well? His opponent didn't chance leaving her Aron out against the Cubone, but he didn't want to play a switching game for the whole battle. They have limited switches too, and it's a costlier decision for him, with the Stealth Rock still surrounding their team. Plus, if Hana's gym taught him anything, a type advantage doesn't always mean much...

"Alright, Spirit. Let's go with a Swords Dance."

The Cubone springs into action. His eyes are still tracking the strange movements of the levitating plant Pokémon as he dances and stomps to get himself in the zone.

Immediately, it becomes clear as to why the girl was so reluctant to send out this Carnivine.

"—Terra, please—" Jordan can faintly hear Olivia begging from the other end of the field. He recalls seeing Carnivine on Route 6 and wonders if that's where she caught it. Must not have had much time to train it. It hovers closer to Spirit to mimic his dancing, but not to the same effect.

Jordan feels kind of bad doing this, but it's a tournament and it's not his fault she registered an untrained Pokémon.

"Okay! Hit it with a Headbutt!" He calls out as Spirit finishes up his dance with a flourish. With the Carnivine still dancing close to him, Spirit crashes into it on command, catching it by surprise. "Yes! Again!" Emboldened by how smoothly this was going for them, Jordan decides the quicker they can keep hitting before Olivia can get her act together, the better.

Spirit knocks into the Carnivine squarely with another Headbutt, but this time, it doesn't flinch—angered, it chomps down on the Cubone, unprompted by its trainer. Spirit bats back at it with his Bone Club, but the Carnivine has levitated back out of his reach.

Relief floods the girl's face as the playing field finally evens back out in their favour. "Hit it with a Leaf Tornado, please!" She calls out.

Ah, shoot. She appears to be getting her act together now. Terra finally decides to listen, and whips up a swirling storm of leaves. The vortex spins faster and faster, and the Carnivine sends it hurtling towards where Spirit is standing, where it encircles him briefly before the razor-sharp leaves rain down on him.

It's a rough hit, but the scrappy Cubone still has a lot of fight in him. A few dizzying leaves were still whirling around, and he traces them with his eyes distractedly. "Don't lose focus, Spirit—get her with a Feint Attack!"

On Jordan's command, Spirit darts around the field, looking for the right angle to attack from. It's hard to catch a levitating Pokémon off guard, but his movements catch Terra's attention enough for her to drift down towards him. "Terrinea, don't..." Her trainer cautions warily.

But it was too late—once she draws close enough, the Cubone slinks behind her quietly and jumps up to deliver his attack. A residual glow from his Focus Energy tells Jordan he lands a concentrated, hard-hitting blow. Yes!

With the attacks it had sustained, the Carnivine shouldn't be standing - or levitating - for much longer. Do we just power through from here? It seems possible, as long as—

"Terra, get him with a Vine Whip!"

Darn. Okay, let's not power through. "Spirit, come back! You did great!" So close. But no sense in having the Cubone take more hits that clearly disadvantage him when Jordan still has two perfectly healthy Pokémon ready to go. He'd done enough for now.

At least his next choice for finishing off the Carnivine is obvious. He deftly reaches for and tosses out his Poke Ball. "Alright! Hop, let's—"

A squawk of surprise cuts his confident rally short as the Pidgeotto materializes, but is instantly pelted by a barrage of pointed stones. Ah. The entry hazard. From across the field, a smug grin could be seen on Olivia's face. Damnit! I forgot. Jordan grimaces. "S-sorry! Are you okay?" He calls out to Hop, who stands up, reeling from the ambush.

With Spirit out of sight, Terra's Vine Whip cracks down on the grounded bird, but the attack does not affect him nearly as much as the rocks did. Hop ruffles his feathers before taking flight. Jordan smiles. Okay, it's over for Carnivine.

"Okay, let's finish this off! Wing Attack!" He commands, wiping the smile off Olivia's face as Hop swoops in with outstretched wings. The impact knocks Terra to the ground; she makes a half-hearted attempt to close her enormous jaws around the Pidgeotto, but he's already flown back out of reach.

"It's alright, Terrinea. Return—" The Carnivine's trainer tries to call her back, but the obstinate Pokémon takes off after Hop with grunt. Vines outstretched, she grabs at the bird to little effect. "Terra! Oh-!" Olivia exclaims as the Pokeball she throws misses its moving target and bounces back to her, empty. She tsks. "For the love of—try A-Acid Spray, if you must."

Taking her trainer's suggestion, she stops mid-air to tilt her head back, opening her gaping maw to expel a thick, purple liquid in Hop's direction. The goopy acid clings to his feathers as he flies away.

It's quick thinking despite her circumstances, Jordan has to admit—must be one of the few non-Grass moves she has. Poison...

Doing some quick thinking of his own, Jordan calls out, "Mirror Move!"

Hop does a sharp U-turn and, with a broad, forceful sweep of his wing, returns the heavy acid still clinging to him back towards the Carnivine. She's knocked back down towards the ground, and doesn't appear to be getting back up this time.

"Oh, Terrinea!" Olivia rushes towards her Pokémon, whose leaves are browning slightly with a sizzle from the poison. "I'm sorry, you weren't ready..."

A crackle from the loudspeaker can be heard as the commentator chimes in. "Aaand it looks like we have our first knockout of the match!" He exclaims as Casey can be heard whooping well above the rest of the crowd. "Good work, Jordan's team. So, to recap—both trainers have two switches left, and we've seen an Aron and a Cubone from Olivia and Jordan, respectively. Will we see a third Pokémon from either trainers yet...?"

Jordan quickly gives Casey a thumbs-up as Hop does a few victory laps around the arena. He's wondering the same thing the commentator mused, though—it would make sense for her to send the Aron back out, wouldn't it? Maybe he should send Spirit back out pre-emptively. He's not forgetting the Stealth Rock this time, though. Wouldn't be quite as bad for Spirit, but maybe they should wait and see what happens before sending him into it.

Olivia's taking as long as ever to decide on her next Pokémon, though. Maybe she's anticipating the switch into Spirit and avoiding sending out the Pokémon I'm anticipating as an answer to the Pokémon she's anticipating, so maybe I should switch into the Pokémon she's anticipating because she'll be sending out her third Pokémon, which isn't what I'm anticipating—oh, my head hurts-

"Gracie, come on out." The bright flash of a Pokeball followed by a short yip announces her third Pokémon, demystifying her whole team. It's an Electrike.

Okay! Great! Well, not great for this particular matchup, but he breathes a sigh of relief knowing the rest of his team is well equipped to take on hers.

As the Electrike raises her head to let out a Howl, Jordan calls for a Twister. Hop has a good enough variety of moves that even against an Electric-type he has a few decent attacks, even if they may not be the hardest hitting. At least he's fast, and has an aerial advantage. Hana beat Jordan by hitting fast and using the terrain strategically; he will do well to take a page out of her book.

As the Electrike rights herself after being buffeted by the whirling tornado, she lets out a few short barks to catch Hop's attention, before throwing a steely gaze in his direction. He mirrors the move and Leers right back in her direction.

"Okay, Gracie! Charge up and hit 'em with Thunderbolt!" Jordan bristles. Oh, that sounds like a problem. Think fast.

His gaze bounces from the Electrike charging up her energy to Hop, who is flying around the stadium warily. Looking past his Pokémon, Jordan's eyes land on the metal beams above them. "Roost, quick!"

Deftly, Hop swoops upwards and slots himself into the metal slats overhead, perching over the field just as the charged Thunderbolt is shot his way. The electric blast strikes the beam he's on, and Jordan can see him jolt upright as the shock travels through the metal, but it seems to have buffered the attack from him enough to keep the Pidgeotto from being knocked out.

The Electrike runs in circles directly below, barking incessantly at the Roosted Pokémon as he takes his time to rest. Olivia seems to be evaluating the situation quietly, which Jordan takes to mean they don't have a way of forcing him back down, so he sees no reason to rush Hop. "Give them another Twister when you're ready."

It's quiet except for Gracie's annoyed yips, but a short moment later, Hop unfurls his wings and comes out of the beams to conjure another vicious whirlwind. The Electrike stops barking as she's hit, tumbling backwards with an indignant grunt.

"Quick Attack!" Don't think! Hit fast! Jordan chants mentally, his heart racing. He's thinking so fast, though, he forgets to account for—


On impact, Hop crackles with electricity and crashes to the ground, giving the Electrike an opening to retaliate with a Thunder Fang. Static. No.

As her Pokémon bounds back, Olivia eagerly continues their line of attack. "Yes! Finish it with a Thunderbolt!"

Still paralyzed, Hop is an easy target for the electric attack this time. Jordan swiftly returns the bird to his Poke Ball, before sending Spirit back out.

"And we see the return of Cubone!" The commentator announces. "Wonder if Jordan's third Pokémon will see any play this match?"

Maybe. Jordan is quite confident in Spirit's ability to win this, though, not just the match but potentially to the end of the whole battle. Olivia's victory is cut short even as the Stealth Rocks dig into Spirit; his momentum from earlier was lost, but he quickly launches back into his Swords Dance.

"Gracie, hit him with a Tackle!" Olivia calls out. With a short ruff, the Electrike charges at Spirit, who drives his club into the ground mid-dance to brace for the impact. A scraping noise could be heard as he's knocked backwards, but doesn't fully topple over thanks to his grip on the club still wedged in the dirt. He retaliates swiftly by returning the blow with his own Headbutt.

Gracie throws her head back to let out another Howl before Olivia calls for another Tackle. The Electrike lunges forward, but instead of colliding with Spirit, a well-aimed Bone Club stops her in her tracks. As Spirit collects his weapon, he rushes towards her and strikes down once more with it.

"And they're going down like dominoes!" The commentator's voice booms out once more to pronounce Olivia's Electrike unable to battle. "So, if you've been attention in the bleachers, all that's left for Olivia is..."

The Aron skitters back out of its Poke Ball on cue, with a look on its face that's as grim as the expression her trainer wears. "It'll be okay, Nini. Dig."

Obediently, the little armored Pokémon bores into the dirt and disappears from their line of sight. Spirit has his bone club held up at the ready as he whirls around, looking for his opponent expectantly. "Can't be helped, Spirit—Focus Energy until it comes back out."

They bide their time, channeling the Cubone's energy once again until a faint scratching noise announces the Aron's resurfacing. Spirit bristles in anticipation, but is still caught off guard when Nini emerges from the earth from directly below him. Not missing a beat, though, he swings his club like a bat at the Aron while they are both mid-air, sending her crash-landing back towards the ground with a loud, metallic scraping noise.

"T-Take Down!" The Bone Club seems to have done a number on the Aron, but she follows through on her trainer's command as soon as she can get back up, recklessly charging at Spirit.

Jordan's nails dig into his palms as the Pokémon collide. The little Cubone has been holding his own really well so far, but the injuries have to be starting to stack up. But if they can get just one more in... "Spirit, do you think you can manage another Bone Club?"

For a moment, it seemed like he couldn't hear him, but soon enough, Spirit draws himself back up and winds his throwing arm back to take aim at Nini.

"Wait, stop!" The voice is coming from across the field. Jordan shifts his attention to his opponent, who is clicking the button on her Poke Ball to recall the Aron. "Stop, I forfeit."

It's quiet until the microphone crackles again.

"And it looks like this battle is over! Congratulations to Jordan, who will be advancing to the quarters, and well fought to Olivia as well."

Jordan can see Olivia taking a deep breath as she walks up to him to shake his hand. "God, it was brutal out there."

She doesn't follow it up with the courtesy 'congratulations' he was expecting, so he wasn't sure what to say. "Um. Well—I guess I got pretty lucky with the matchups."

"Yeah, you did." She responds rather bluntly. "Good luck with the rest of the tournament, though."

"Thanks, you too—oh," He responds reflexively, his face flushing red as he realizes what he said. "I-I mean, thank you."

She narrows her eyes as he withdraws his clammy palm but doesn't contribute further, so they exchange sufficiently awkward goodbyes and return to their seats as the next pair is called to the field.

Tangela | F | Lvl. 25

Vine Whip
Sleep Powder
Poison Powder

Pidgeotto | M | Lvl. 27

Mirror Move
Wing Attack

Alolan Cubone | M | Lvl. 19

Focus Energy
Feint Attack
Bone Club
Swords Dance

Skiddo | F | Lvl. 22

Vine Whip
Play Nice
Razor Leaf
Leech Seed

Pumpkaboo | F | Lvl. 22

Razor Leaf
Shadow Sneak
Confuse Ray
Scary Face
Worry Seed

??? | ? | Lvl. -

It appears to move occasionally. It may be close to hatching.


- Pokédex
- Pokégear
- 2-person tent
- Tangles' plant

Moon Stone