FireRed Pokémon Saffron Version (Demo v2 Released!) Page 2

Started by mattymannnn February 5th, 2019 7:41 PM
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Are hoy going to include the starters of gen 5, 6, and 7 or is only that ones?.
Then in the Next uptades are you incluring More Pokemon in the game?.
Pstd: I like the desing and the list of pokemons (Sorry for muy speelling i speak spanish and undertand the English but not typing :( ).
There are no plans to add any extra pokemon, but that could change.


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A lot of this looks incredibly well made. I'm surprised this isn't getting more attention.


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Posted April 6th, 2020
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gorgeous graphics..!!
The set of available pokemon is also interesting. I wish you luck.
I wonder if you will add Alternate Formes for this hack. How wonderful it will be, if someone makes alternate formes for all the non-legendaries from gen 1 to gen 7! This addition will definitely Spice up the hack up to the maximum.
I am keeping an eye on this hack..
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Yooo! I'm so glad to finally see that a demo gas been released. Trying it out as we speak!
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Hello, I'd like to congratulate you to this amazing hack. I love the design of the environment, especially the White Walls of the town after going by boat. Additionally I like the way, you implented known characters of past pokemon games :)
Also the level curve is very well thought. I'd have probably had more trouble, if I didn't find Pokemon for the weaknesses of each Gym Leader. So I had kinda an easier game.
Looking forward, what's going to happen next!
PS: Will that Torchic in the Lab of Prof. Birch be gifted in the current demo or any later?
Maybe can you pass us a list of wild pokemon, which are catchable at a certain route?

Keep up the good work. And best of luck.
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I played your game and I found some things i would improve:

- If you lose against the rocket grunt at the bayhouse and you dont go into the Pokemon center, you be ported back all the way back to the last healing-station
- its annoying going the way back to the first town with the first gym two times without any new events between the caves
- levels of opponents is way to high (idk because if its of the first demo?)
- In the lab there is a tile, which you cant go on
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