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Started by mattymannnn February 5th, 2019 7:41 PM
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@ Kalarie
well....bro chillz mahn..sry i asked ..well i really finished the demo v2 and i realy enjoyed it !! im now waiting for the final release!!!!!!!..
well im now im currently playing pkmn mega light platinum...
and if anyone need cheat help for pkmn saffron demo v2(3 cheats so far)
pkmn saffron demo v2
: master ball ( in POKEMART )
82003884 0001
:everything $1 in shops
10044EC8 0007
:Rare candy ( in POKEMART)
82003884 0044

and for pkmn mega light platinum or light platinum give me a text not on the tread thoughh cuz Kalarie brub doesnt like it!!!


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Sorry but that's my tileset, and it's private. Please remove it from your hack, you didn't even asked me for permission.
I apologize, I found the image online and was unaware it was used in a hack. It will be removed in the next release of Saffron. However, the image is just an indexed version of a screenshot from the original Pokemon movie, so I will recreate it and use my remake.


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Does anyone besides Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc. have the rights to decide that though?

Edit:I believe anyone has the same right to use things like screenshots from movies so you could just use it anyway with no permission needed.It's good the scene from your hack won't get completely changed only because of this.
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