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Old August 16th, 2017 (10:21 AM).
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Originally Posted by Honest View Post
I think a good follow up question would be who here has drank underage. Cause it seems there's a fair few that are law abiding citizens. Am so proud :')

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Old August 16th, 2017 (1:32 PM).
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Rarely. Only on special occasions such as New Years. Otherwise, I don't really bother.

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Old August 17th, 2017 (9:01 PM).
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    I usually drink beer pretty regularly. I'm usually responsible with it, but a while ago I made a couple of meals of 'edibles'. I started playing through Kingdom Hearts for the first time in a while, while constantly drinking. Last I remember, I was in Traverse Town. I woke up the next day, and started playing again. Somehow I had gotten to the next world, not remembering beating the boss in Traverse Town. XD

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    Old August 17th, 2017 (9:58 PM).
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    As soon as I hit twenty-one I'd find myself drinking once a week (limiting myself for medical reasons), and so far this year I've only gotten drunk twice. I don't mind the taste as long as it's something fruity, it's just that when I'm drunk all I wanna do is play video games which is kind of hard to do when you're dizzy.
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    Old August 18th, 2017 (9:52 AM).
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    Me and my friends go to the pub on a Friday night and I'll drink at parties and at the club. I usually drink quite a lot and enjoy it haha.
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    Old August 18th, 2017 (10:20 PM).
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    Used to drink a lot. Almost drowned myself in alcohol once. Ended up being unable to walk for two days and alone in my condominium. Worst nights of my life tbh.

    I still have the occasional beer though.
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    Old August 27th, 2017 (9:45 AM).
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    I never want to touch alcohol, because I believe it tastes absolutely vulgar. Also, because I have nightmares of having a hangover or going on a drunken rampage.
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    Old August 30th, 2017 (4:55 AM).
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      I drink once in a while. I would drink more if I hung out more with other people that did. I've drunk in public more often (at parties) than at home, and I've been drunk outside more often than inside the house. Luckily, I've never been too badly drunk that I couldn't do anything at all, and the times that I was having it badly, I was lucky to have been with friends (I never get drunk when I gotta get home alone). I enjoy spirits and cocktails most; Gin-Tonic is a beloved drink of mine. I don't like beer and wine because they have bad effects on me (beer makes my stomach turn, wine gives me headaches and sleep).

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      Old August 30th, 2017 (5:53 AM).
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      The only thing limiting me from drinking is the fact that I usually don't think to buy any sort of alcohol when I'm out. I have no problems with drinking, it's just that I do it so uncommonly that it never crosses my mind to go look at the alcohol section of a store. :P Uncommonly enough that as far as I remember, the last time I drank anything a friend's wedding last year? Yeah.

      And whenever I do drink, it's just a few drinks at most and then I'm done.
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      Old August 30th, 2017 (9:27 AM).
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      No, but I've tried beer before and didn't like it.

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      Old August 30th, 2017 (9:38 AM).
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        Underage. Though I still had ONE sip of beer. It was okay I guess. Not going to have another drop before I'm 21 though.
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