Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Another tale is about to begin — come chat and speculate about the just-announced pair of games retelling the story of the Alola region, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon!

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    I think it's mediocre, didn't fix a lot of the flaws present in S/M, and not worth purchasing. Especially if you bought S/M.
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      If you haven't played Sun and Moon before, then they are good. :)

      If you have then it is just disappointing. I was looking forward to this new game, but they essentially released the same game with some slight changes. Didn't even buy Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, so disappointed I was.
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        I just finished the main story and I personally love this game to death and think it's better than the OG Sun and Moon. I prefer the story and I walked away loving Hau and Guzma even more than before. This game also has Mantine surfing which is the best thing ever

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          They're great games but they feel very half-assed, hand-holdy, and lazy. They're filled with unskippable dialogue which at times made me just want to stop playing all together. So many times I just wanted ti play the game, but every 2 minutes I would get stopped by a cut scene. What's the point of having a cut scene, then making me walk for 5 seconds physically being unable to do anything else, only to produce another hour long cut scene? May as well mash it into one big scene.

          That aside, the story felt very meh. It was basically the exact same and it takes a while to actually feel like you're making progress story wise (I had this same issue with Sun and Moon). Most of the game you're just strolling along, defeating trials, and it's like "alright cool, but what is the point of all this?", and then BAM the story hits you in the face and it feels very out of place and random.

          No new Alola forms is just pure laziness. I'm sure they had their reasons why they didn't introduce any, but it bothers me they bothered to introduce 4 new UB's and a mythical, but no Alola forms? I'd much rather they introduced no UB's/mythical instead. The 5 new Pokemom don't really amount to that much anyway.

          Most of the characters still felt very child like. I understand this is a game for kids but still. I don't want to see Hau get a boner every time he so much as hears the world Malasada and jump around like an idiot, and Lille has some of the cringiest dialogue ever to be seen in a Pokemon game. Plus somehow they managed to make the Rotom dex even more annoying in this game.

          That said, I did find these games to be much more difficult than Sun and Moon which was a nice touch. Much of the difficulty was probably because I picked a bad team, but I feel even if I had a different team I would have struggled here and there.

          Z-moves are still dumb and I forget they exist half the time, bring back megas please.

          I don't know... they're good games but they're very slow and boring. I still don't like trials; even if they ARE harder than gym battles, I'm sure they could bring back the concept of totem Pokemon and rework them into gyms. It's strange. I usually love the third versions much more than the original games, Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, and B2W2 were incredible and I played them for so long, but USUM didn't feel that different... I'm conflicted, they feel very rushed but I feel my opinion is hindered by the fact I wasn't a fan of Sun and Moon.
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            I'm going to be honest here... I still haven't played it XD I got it on release and now It's just collecting dust here in my desk.

            There's these strange burnout feel that's preventing me from playing it. Maybe it's because of too much Pokemon, or maybe it's just because I know that the next Pokemon Game is going to be on the switch and I don't want to bother with the 3ds anymore.
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            It's basically what I expected it to be: just a 3rd version, as well as a (more) complete version of Sun/Moon. Nothing mind-blowing or spectacular.

            I don't mean to say it's bad, because it's not, it's easily in the upper half of the main series games, but that's also not a terribly difficult feat to achieve given how a lot of the games (mostly the first pairs of a generation) tend to go.

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              I am still extremely upset that there is not more clothing options, and options to change your hair and your facical animations are still all the same.
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