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Emerald Another Pokemon Emerald Hack (Beta)

Started by LergiOfficial March 30th, 2016 5:54 PM
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Posted March 30th, 2016
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My Pokemon Emerald hack doesn't change the story of the game at all, but adds in some new features. For starters, the Physical/Special Split, Reusable TMs, indoor running, a working ingame clock, and fixed RNG. Credits and huge thanks go to DoesntKnowHotToPlay, Itari, Hackmew, Gamer2020 for these features, respectively, as well as a thank you to Ratiqu for making them all into one big patch for the game.

Another Pokemon Emerald Hack, or APEH, has changed the following things in the game:

-Adds a new diversity of wild Pokemon to encounter from the beginning of the game to the end
-Adds some new Gen 4 evolutions to already existing Pokemon like Tangrowth and Weavile, among others
-Adds in a few map changes and items
-Changed the department store in Lilycove City to now sell evolutionary stones
-Starter now holds an Oran Berry to make the early game slightly easier
-Buffed a few Pokemon that needed buffs, as well as moves
-Gen 6 type chart, Ghost and Dark deal neutral damage to Steel
-Moves are now their Gen 6 equivalents (unless they got buffed)
-All Gen 3 Pokemon missing from Emerald are now present
-All trade evolutions have been fixed to evolve in a different method (mostly stones and happiness)

Goals for future versions

-Fix new Pokemon's cries
-Add more items and NPCs into the game (May not be needed)
-Add more Pokemon evolutions (The current version only has 6)
-Add more evolutions into the game
-Buff more Pokemon and moves (maybe)
-More diverse Wild Pokemon

The only bug I could find was an odd passive one where the allied Pokemon's info box (HP and stuff) during battles has a tile that freaks out, and I have no idea how to fix it, but it shouldn't effect gameplay at all.

Screenshots (Only two because I'm lame) (Ignore the level 5 Magnezone, you can't actually get one)


Feedback is appreciated, and enjoy!
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The 3 starter pokemon have thunder stones, I'm going to continue playing that's nothing ground breaking, and I'm with classiccartoonsftw classiccartoonsftw, You should make some documentation about this hack, like the events with new Pokemon and there new abilities Evolution levels and what Pokemon are OK each route
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