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    Originally Posted by UkiTheMaid View Post
    So, been thinking about making a Sailor Moon based challenge, and I'm slowly but surely developing "rules" for it, starting with what pokémon you can pick for your team, based on the senshi. I decided to center myself around the main 10, because choosing pokés to fit all the senshi that appear in the shows would be a nightmare, lol
    Expanding a little on the rules for this idea, after I thought about it yesterday:

    =You pick which team you wanna use: Inner Senshi or Outer Senshi.
    =True to Sailor Moon fashion, your senshi need to be all female (maybe expand to no gender pokémon? I mean as long as they are not male?).
    =Optional rule(?): if you pick the outer senshi group, your Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune need to follow Wedlocke rules, kinda? (still working on this since this is not really a locke challenge).
    =Your sixth Pokémon is the only male of your team and acts like the team's Tuxedo Mask, but I'm not sure what that would entail lol, need to develop this further.
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      Hey guys, I had made a challenge nearly half year ago. I thought that it was a good idea for a challenge but I didn't get any response. So I would like you guys to have a look and give me feedback if this challenge can be improved and played or is it non revivable. I'll post the link below.
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        I didn’t realize this thread was here when I posted in the general thread.
        Here's an idea for a run I've had that I wanted to get some opinions on. It's basically a way to run through every region with a "family lineage" of pokemon. It does require you to go out of chronological order to be able to work...But I still think it sounds fun.

        Start with Fire Red or LeafGreen, catch team of 6 pokemon. Beat the game and do the post game at least up to the point of opening up the breeding center. Breed a team for the next game using your Hall of Fame team as parents. Your Pokemon may be bred with wild pokemon, but if you have two pokemon in your established team that are compatible with each other, they must breed to produce an offspring. Transfer or trade those to the next game. If you have an empty slot (due to mixing of parents), it may be filled with a wild pokemon. This will continue through a version of each generation until the final game where the final team are crowned champs. Genderless pokemon may be used, but no more than 1 is allowed on a team (and this'll make it more boring, as you're essentially stuck with the same pokemon for 7 regions). I’m thinking of calling it the Legacy Run. Obviously it’s a bit involved...but I just started FireRed. I’m open to any pointers before officially posting this challenge.


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