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Trainer School

So, after I couldn't complete my story for GT, I wanted to start writing again. I never wrote story in english or posted something here, so this will be my premiere. Well, what is this story about?

About the world and story:
This story takes place in the real world, where people know Pokemon only as card game. Special PokeDisk was created that makes holograms of the Pokemon. Pokemon battles became so common, that any conflict is resolve with them.

John is 15 years old boy, who decides to travel half of the world, so he can go to the Trainer School - school that teaches students how to become professional trainers. But after he arrives late, does he even have chance to get into the school?
And with that, here's the first chapter:

Turn 1 - Arriving in the City of Spirits

„This is the final turn!” said the young boy. “Your Liepard has only 20 HP left, and I drew Electric Energy Card! I attach it to my Pikachu. And now… Pikachu! Electro Ball!” he shouted with all of his energy.

Hologram image of Pikachu started moving against the hologram of Liepard few meters away. Big electric ball formed on top of its tail and Pikachu hit Liepard with it. That created huge shockwave that pushed boy’s opponent to the ground.

“Yay! I won!” said the boy, while he took his last prize card from PokeDisk.

PokeDisk. The special gadget that allows people to play Pokemon wherever they want. It looks like bigger Pokeball. When it’s open, there is screen on top part that shows whole field. The bottom part has sections for Active and Benched Pokemon, as well as for discarded cards. The deck is held on the right side, so trainers can easily draw new cards. PokeDisk is mostly worn on the left hand and trainers hold their cards in hands.
High above them in the skies, 15 years old trainer John Rainy was sitting on the plane to the Prague. He was about to take the entrance exams to the elite Trainer School.

He was looking at his deck, thinking about all the adventures that awaits him. He also played with his now messy brown hair. He imagined how exciting it will be to live so far from home. What kind of people will he mean? Will he find a girlfriend here? Will he stay here with her or will they move back to the New York?

“Dear passengers, please prepare for landing,” the voice from the intercom said.

Finally! Trainer School, here I come! John thought.
When John got from the airport, it was almost midday. His green hoodie was crumpled. He looked more like a homeless that student.

I still have some time, before the exams starts. I should explore the city first.

It was autumn in the Europe. John now was on an old square. There were stalls everywhere. It was a marketplace. He never saw something like that in New York. It was like he returned few centuries back in time.

He decided to look around. Soon, he found a crowd of people looking at the ongoing battle. Two trainers dressed in the plate armor battled each other. Trainer on the right was winning. He only had 1 prize card left and Reuniclus with 3 Psychic Energy Cards as his active Pokemon. His opponent had Lucario with 1 Fighting Energy. Both of their Pokemon had only 30 HP left.

“Young boy, you aren’t from here, are you?” someone said behind his back.

John turned and saw old man.

“What?” John asked.

“Either that or you are really bad trainer.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked John again, pretty confused.

“You’re completely ignoring your Litten.”

“My Litten?”

“Oh, so you’re not from here,” relief appeared on the old man’s face. “You know, every card has a soul. I can say that you and the Litten have really strong bond, yet you ignore its cry right now. I wonder why…”

John pulled his deck out and looked at the top card – Litten.

“Strong bond?”

“Now, now, focus!”

John took the card to his other hand. It started to glow. It forced John to close his eyes. He fell something touched his leg. He opened his eyes and saw Litten at his feet. But it wasn’t hologram. It looked like it was alive.

“See?” smiled old man.

“What is this?”

“This is Pokemon Spirit. There are lot of them around here. You can also catch them, if you’re good enough.”

“I really don’t get what or why are you telling me this,” said John, still really confused about this whole conversation.

Meanwhile, Litten jumped on him, happy that his trainer can finally see him.

“I mean, this is really cool,” he said and tried to touch the Litten, but his hand came right through it.

“Well, it’s still spirit, so you can’t touch it.”

“But it jumped on me. And I can feel it!”

“What you feel is the connection between you two.”

“I’m really not sure what are you talking about, but thank you.”

“If you’re interested, I could teach you how to catch the spirits into the cards,” he pulled blank card from his pocket. “This is blank card, that can be used to bound the spirit to.”

He gave the blank card to the John, but he didn’t give him time to react and continued.

“But it’s not easy task to…”

Litten jumped down from John, stayed focused for a momen and then started running towards one of the side streets.

“Litten!” John looked how his Pokemon disappeared. “I’m sorry, I’ll be right back,” he apologized to the old man and followed Litten to the side street.

He saw his Pokemon turning right to another street and followed it once again. Litten finally stopped. John caught up with him. And right in front of them, unknown boy, probably in the age of John was standing above Litwick. He had neatly adjusted black hair and wore grey T-shirt. He was longer and thinner that John. He held blank card in his hand.

“Come on you stupid candle, get in there,” boy shouted angrily.

“Hey! What are you doing?” John shouted at the boy.

Boy stopped and looked at the visitor.
“That’s none of your business,” he replied.

Litwick took a chance and hid behind Litten.
“Look what you’ve done!” shouted the boy at John. “Tell your cat to move or I’ll make it.”

He activated his PokéDisk, ready to do everything it takes to get the Litwick.

“What is your problem?” ask John.

“Right now? You! Get out of here before I’ll make you the hard way.”

John stepped in front of Litwick and Litten.

“I don’t know what are you doing here, but that Litwick obliviously fears you. I won’t allow you to hurt it.”

John activated his PokeDisk too.

“Hard way is it, then. Let’s battle.”

Two PokeDisks connected. The street becomes the battlefield for two trainers.

Both players drew 7 cards and put another 3 away as prize cards. John drew Litten, Oranguru, Energy Retrieval and 4 Fire Energy.

John chose Litten as his starting Pokemon and put it in Active Pokemon slot and put Oranguru on his Bench.

Two Pokeball appeared on his side of the field and one Pokeball on his opponent’s side.

“Don’t worry Litwick. Whatever is going on here, I’ll help you.”

“Yeah, yeah, of course. I’ll start.”

Pokeballs opened and Pokemon came out of each. Litten and Oranguru on John’s side against Cryogonal on boy's side.

Boy drew a card.

“I’ll attach Water Energy to the Cryogonal and end my turn.”
Water orb appeared and started to circle around Cryogonal.

“Okay, then it’s my turn.”
John drew a card.
“I attack Fire Energy to the Litten and use its attack – Collect! Thanks to it, I can draw another card,” said John and drew another card.

“But with that, your turn ends. So, I’m up once again.”
Boy’s turn started, and he drew a card.

“This’ll be fun. I attach another Water Energy to the Cryogonal and attack with Cryofreeze! By discarding one Energy attached to Cryogonal, your Pokemon will be frozen. And your weakling takes double damage too.”

2 Damage Counters started floating around Litten and its pawns froze to the floor.

“It will be okay, Litten,” John turned to the boy. “What is your problem?”

“I was right in the middle of catching this Litwick and you interrupted me.”

“That Litwick doesn’t want to go with you. Leave it alone!”

“I don’t care if it wants or not. It’s just a stupid card!”

“How can you be so arrogant? I’ll beat to protect the Litwick.”

John’s turn started. He drew card.
“I’ll activate Trainer Card – Timer Ball.” 2 Timer Ball appeared on the field. “These Timer Balls have chance to contains one Evolution for my Pokemon. Let’s see…” Both Timer Balls opened. Big light came from one. The other was empty.

“Well, at least I got one card,” he looked at the card – Torracat. “I’ll evolve my Litten into the Torracat.”
He placed Torracat’s card on top of the Litten. Hologram of the Litten began to shine. It grew bigger and changed shape a little. Then, the shining stopped and Torracat stand in the place of Litten.

“You can evolve your pathetic cat as much as you want, it still won’t do anything,” laughed the boy.

“Now I active Bodybuilding Dumbbells and equip them to Torracat. With this Item, another 40 HP is added to its current HP. I also attach another Fire Energy to it. And with that, I end my turn.”

Ice around Torracat’s pawns thawed.

Bong The tower clock started to beat.

“You’re so annoying. My turn.”


“I attach another Water Energy...”


“Ohh crap! I have to go! Wait here until I return!”
The boy deactivated his PokeDisk. Cryogonal disappeared.

“Wait! What is happening?” John asked.

“I have to go to the Trainer School’s exams! I’ll return for that Litwick later,” said boy, turned around and started running away.

“Trainer School’s exams? Are you serious?” John looked at his watch. It really was time for exams to start.
John deactivated his PokeDisk. All his Pokemon disappeared.

“Wait! Which way to the School?” John asked and followed boy.

“Are you serious? You won’t even make it through the Battle Test,” boy turned to him, while still running.

“We’ll see. By the way, my name’s John,” said John to his new classmate with smile, pretty much forgetting whole incident that just happened.

“Whatever,” replied the boy and started to run faster.

And so, two boys ran to the Trainer School, hoping to make it in time.

End of Turn 1
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