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2nd Gen Some Pokemon got new evolutions

Started by Palamon February 16th, 2020 10:23 AM
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12 Pokemon from Kanto got new evolutions in generation II. While seven Kanto Pokemon got baby pre evolutions.

A lot of the new evolutions are either trades or friendship. Golbat to Crobat, for example, is a friendship evolution. Poliwhirl into Politoed is a trade evolution, as another example to this.

What is your favorite branched generation II evolution, and why?
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I have always loved Bellossom as soon as I saw her in the pikachu short in the second movie, but I'll be honest. I never realized she was related to oddish until this past year when I found the info hwile browsing something else. Like, that totally went over my head all these years. I guess during my first gold/silver playthrough when I was a kid I just figured bellossom was really hard to find in the grass and left it at that. Never knew I needed to have a oddish/gloom. WELP.
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crobat really defined the zubat line imo. without crobat, I wouldn't know anyone who would use golbat :p

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Kingdra for sure! I always found seadra to look a little too chunky for my liking, but Kingdra fixed it up with a sleek and elegant design. If you ask me, it looked more like a dragon type than Dragonite ever did.
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I think Crobat and Espeon are probably my favourites from this group of Pokémon since I've used Crobat quite a lot throughout different playthroughs and Espeon was probably the best Pokémon on my team during one of my Soul Silver playthroughs. I don't think I have ever used or possibly even owned a Bellossom before.
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