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Old January 4th, 2018 (4:09 PM). Edited January 4th, 2018 by Lostself.
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    Hello all. Fellow Pokemon fan here. I'll add all the lenghty paragraphs talking about the reasons of my motivation for this in a spoiler tag in case anyone is not interested in reading it.

    I've been a fan since who knows how long. A kid. I've known of fan made pokemon games but never tried to do one. However, since i was a teen i always wanted to make a game. Not only a Pokemon game, just a game to tell a story and add things i always wanted a game to have but they didn't have. But again, never dared to. This year, i decided to try something, since i have an habit of not finishing stuff i start unless it's for work or study. And this year, one of my goals is finishing a goal of something i always wanted to make: A game. This time, a Pokemon game.

    Now, i know i am a newbie. Hacking/Developing is hard, requires time and even knowing it's going to be hard, i feel i'm still underestimating the amount of hard work it requires and the amount of ideas i have that might never happen or be possible. Wich is why i come here to put some of them and see what do you guys, experimented and non experimented hackers can say about it. If they are possible or not.

    There's something i've always wanted to see: A pokemon game that goes apart from the very same route almost every pokemon game has: getting 8 badges, beating the Elite 4 and becoming the Champion. Also breaking from the 10 year old slayer of mafias trainer. I always felt a bit weird seeing my 10 year old trainer with a derpy face stomping Giovanni and catching Mewtwo like childs play.

    I need to highlight that, knowing i'm a newbie, i won't expect to make a first complete hack. So, my goals are making a mini one. And move from there. Some ideas for the story i have are:

    Very brief story of the game i one day want to make:

    You're an 24 year old elite trainer from Kanto. You are famous and you have the ability to hang with or beat any Gym Leader as you've demostrated beating them in tournaments. Your journey begins in a party made for elite trainers to congratulate Will as he is the new Elite 4 member, in the S.S. Anne. You hear there will a free spot to become an Elite 4. Agatha, who's there, announces her retirement.

    Characters in the party:

    • All current Elite 4 of Kanto: Will, Bruno, Karen and Agatha
    • Ex-elite four: Lorelei
    • Champion Lance
    • Elite trainer Blue
    • Elite trainer Leaf
    • Hoenn Champion Steven
    • Some Kanto Gym Leaders (not Sabrina. She's too edgy for parties)
    • Some elite four from Hoenn: Glacia and Drake.

    Mostly all the elite trainers there look interested in joining. But most of them acknowledge that 4 of those has the highest chance. Three of the strongest elites and you.

    *So, there's where the game mostly begins. Now, the ideas for this are:

    You're an elite trainer. You have powerful pokemon. Not lvl 5. So maybe adding a way to let the player choose two or three pokemon of lvl 35 from the available pokemons in the game.

    - In game, i had something in mind like: The character left his pokemon in the Pkmn center. Joy is too busy so, knowing him from all life, she trusts him and sends him to the back to fetch his pokeballs. The places his pokeballs are have a password. The password will be the number of the pokemon in the Dex. For instance: If you add 025, an image of Pikachu will appear with a dialog asking you something like: Is this your Pikachu? Yes/No. You click yes and you get another dialog: "Player grabbed his Pikachu". And that being the way you get your starters (2-3).
    • Three rivals pursuing the Elite 4 spot - (Pokemon glazed has 3 of them so i think it's possible) one of them being Gym Leader Koga.
    • Flying services in each town for a fee. (5000 pokedollars) and the ability of having a Boat: This is because as a player, i've wanted to make mono type teams. But Fire, Bug and some others forces you to have HM slaves as those doesn't have Surf. I've wanted to add a swiming sprite of the trainer if you choose it. Explanation below.
    • Three different type of trainers per gender: all with a different perk. Muscular: Ability to use strength by yourself. Swimmer: Ability to Surf like the swimmer trainer, Esper: Ability to cast flash and accuracy boost to your Pokemons as you are kind of communicating with them with telephaty.
    • Ways to generate money: You're famous. You have luxury or at least, you should strive for this. I think of adding ways for that such as:
    • Winning tournaments
    • Signing autographs
    • Opening the pokemon league battling another powerful(and famous) trainer or Gym leader
    • Teaching moves to another trainer's pokemon. - Note: You won't charge for teaching the move. It's mostly done on something like a convention. The owner of a stablishment invites and pays you the money to assist to his place and you can do that. For instance: A school, Dojo, Poke fan club or Tournament bulding.
    • Gym Leaders optional: You're on their level or above them all (similar to Clair who's said to be above the E4). You're reaching for something higher than the Trainers Pokemon League.
    • Two types of leagues. One for Trainers like the anime in something similar to the Pokemon Tournament in B/W2 and the Elite Four league. There you receive challengers or, at some point, earn the right to challenge the Champion)
    • At least two regions.
    • A Girlfriend or Boyfriend trainer. Can be either Misty/Erika or Lt. Surge/Brock. - This idea is kind of crazy. I meant to have them as trainer pals. In case the difficulty of the game goes off my hands, you have someone that'd help you train. However, i'm not sure as i would add other ways to train like elite tournaments and fighting the winner of the Trainers Pokemon League wich, once a week (I assume can be exploited with the hour of the pc) will grant boosted xp.
      Enraged Team Rocket. They are going to be defeated, but not by the lone effort of someone. By a lot of people doing their part.

    **Note: The game will be different in the sense that you don't have to be a statue standing on the Pokemon league waiting for trainers. You have your life (and your journey). If anyone (not common trainers going to the pokemon League) needs to challenge you, they can give you a call on the Pokegear. If i manage to, after learning, finish the game, part of the "things to do" after you complete the game would be these calls. The Champion, by the time being, will be away from your reach. You'd have noted this is set in the timeline between R/B/Y and /G/S/C**

    Gonna stop it there. Like i said, as a newbie, i don't plan on making a full game with all these stuff at my first try (in case these ideas are even possible on a rom hack). But i'd love to learn and then finish these ideas separately and then, if (when) i become more seasoned, implement them all in a game.

    Greetings and i am sorry if this doesn't belong here. I read and searched and this looked like the place to post this.
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    Old January 5th, 2018 (12:42 PM).
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    I think it belongs in the launch pad. Also I don't think any of these features will require any heavy ASM/C programming. The starter selection may need some light touches, and the Pokegear calling thing will, depending on your implementation.
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