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Hi, how do I make an NPC notice me (using an exclamation point) without actually triggering a battle? I tried to copy and paste the script but it hasn't worked...
x= Event Number
x= 0 = Protagonist; x = 1 = Female Protagonist

And well, if you callin the event to "Trainer(3)" its will play the script:

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Posted April 1st, 2019
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I don’t want him to be a trainer and I don’t want him to move, he’s like talking under a tree and than he notices the player
Using "Trainer(#)" does not actually make them a trainer.

Its just a name the scripts use to identify when they want to use the notice player actions (oh, you also have to set the trigger to event touch)

It 100% in no way requires the event to be a trainer. It just means the event will be called that in name only.

EDIT: To clarify, a battle will only happen if you specifically put the code/comments to make a battle happen. For example, this event would result in exactly what you asked for with no battle happening.

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