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    For me a good idea is something simple compared with completed hacks.
    Pokemon Shiny Emerald
    Hack of pokemon emerald
    Features: New tiles
    D/P or unova pokemon sprites (no pokemons added )
    New Trainer sprites
    More rivals
    Some new events that make the storyline more interesting (humor,drama,no trade evolving and more)
    Increased difficulty

    PS: I would made a hack like that myself but i don't have time to and idk much about hacking tools..
    Join TPM (The Pokemon Mooon RPG)

    Use these links to get some points that will help you
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      Also, the hack i mentioned before, I can't really do that because I can't use hacking tools.
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        My ROM hack story idea:
        You're a poor kid from a rural town. Your mother has been taking care of you since your father died in the Pokemon wars, but it hasn't been easy for either of you. You've grown up having few friends, but the friends you do have are great. One even could be a love interest.
        You find a flier posted on a sign advertising a challenge: Whoever defeats all the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four, and the Pokemon League Champion, gains access to a vault full of Pokedollars(or whatever the currency is called). You join because you want to give something back to your mother as thanks for being there and nurturing you even in the darkest of times.
        Each Gym Leader and Elite Four member as well as the Champion, have a special emblem that's needed to unlock the vault in which the money is kept. The mysterious benefactor, whoever it may be, is the final boss of sorts. You have to beat him to receive the money.
        The twists:
        1) There aren't only 8 gyms. There's one for every Pokemon type, maybe excluding Fairy if adding them in proves difficult.
        2) The Elite Four aren't restricted to using one single type and instead have various types.
        3) The Champion also has a vast array of Pokemon with good move sets and his Pokemon are somewhat stronger than the Elite Four's(by around 5 levels, I reckon?).
        4) The Mysterious Benefactor owns at least 1 Legendary(maybe genetically modified Pokemon or clones of Legendaries?).
        May be a bit cliche at some points, but please, anyone who reads this, tell me what you think. What would you add? What would you change? What would you take away?
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          My pokemon game I want to create is Pokémon: Time attack
          It starts off with a battle with the boss of Team Rocket.
          Pokemon owned: Pidgeot level 60, Charizard level 62, Lugia level 61, butterfree level 60 and Raticate level 61.
          Base game is leaf green and pokemon from other games
          Team Rocket boss pokemon: still thinking
          He beats you and you get your mind erased. Things you remember is your family and the professor. You go to Professor Oak's lab, but he has no more starter pokemon. Instead, he gives you a Sneasel level 10. You accept it and a pokedex.
          You start an adventure at the age of 16 trying to find at about your old pokemon memories which you hardly know about.

          Also, during the game when the legendary of the game, Lugia, is in trouble, you are given the three starter pokemons at the same level of your Sneasel. You are also given 4 master balls with it.

          So that's my story. What do you think?
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            Also, you are named Lucas and you were the champion until the boss of Team Rocket beat you. Your rival is named Gary and he helps you for a bit. Note: you can't change the names.
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              My pokemon game I want to create is Pokémon: Time attack
              Why time attack? is there significance?
              It starts off with a battle with the boss of Team Rocket.
              Pokemon owned: Pidgeot level 60, Charizard level 62, Lugia level 61, butterfree level 60 and Raticate level 61.
              What about a Iconic high level Sneasel(65) OR a low level Sneasel(5 or 10?)
              Base game is leaf green and pokemon from other games
              Team Rocket boss pokemon: still thinking
              Maybe he could have a sneavel? or a modified Lugia? Or evil Ho-Oh?
              He beats you and you get your mind erased. Things you remember is your family and the professor.
              Family being alive? captive? Normal?
              Professor Oak is a bit typical? Maybe he was attack and so was your family by team rocket boss?
              Whats your motive for going on adventure? Finding memories seems basic, what about to understand why he took your family? or maybe he stole the starter pokemon and assaulted oak so to stop his evilness (though you dont know the full extent of it) you get given a baby sneavel which oak hid from him?
              You go to Professor Oak's lab, but he has no more starter pokemon. Instead, he gives you a Sneasel level 10. You accept it and a pokedex.
              Why Pokedex? you could make up a reason such as recording data because team rocket is trying to steal them all so if you gather info/catch pokemon you can save them from team rocket or soemthing
              You start an adventure at the age of 16 trying to find at about your old pokemon memories which you hardly know about. BY doing what? challenging gyms? that doesnt make sense??

              Also, during the game when the legendary of the game, Lugia, is in trouble, you are given the three starter pokemons at the same level of your Sneasel. You are also given 4 master balls with it.

              You have some good ideas but yeah :) i can help if you would like. sorry if i sounded rude i didnt mean too ^_^ good luck!
              Storyline Reviewer/Adviser/Ideas man
              Beta/Bug Tester
              Low level mapper
              Looking to learn to script please!
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                This game has no limitations on what can happen, it's as real as real can get and anything that can happen will happen. This is the intro for the game, I already have an idea of what happens for the first few instances of the game, but I'm having trouble figuring out the motivation and goal of the player. What the end result of the game should be basically.

                Project: Digitalize

                A game about how society, true society, would react to Pokemon being ripped out of the game, and thrown into the modern world.

                In this time, Pokemon is the number one best-seller across the globe, no matter who you are or what you do, you know about the Pokemon franchise. Now, a new technology is created that will innovate the way Players enjoy their gaming experience. A Digital Pokemon Starter Kit. This kit comes with your own Pokedex, which records any Pokemon data through infared connection, and later displays any saved information from other Pokedex. It also comes with your very own Pokegear! A cellular phone type of device that keeps records of all of your battling friends and allows you to contact them for battles, as well as use GPS to display a map of your exact location, and plays custom music of course. Finally, in this kit, you will receive six high-tech, realistic Pokeballs! These work by data transfer over local wifi, connecting from a DS system, or laptop, to the Pokeball. After connecting, the player may move Pokemon from the device into the Pokeball and use them in HD Holographic Projection Battles! This technology is every Pokemon fans dream come true, and only two rules for this system.

                1: The players may not transfer legendary Pokemon. The creators of this system were also Pokemon fans and they believed it would not make the legendaries exclusive as they appear in the game if everyone was running around with one.

                2: DO NOT use this technology to threaten, injure, or disrupt the peace...

                However, as many people as there are who love to play games, there are just as many who love to exploit and push the boundaries of what the game may actually do. After hundreds of thousands of attempts at cracking the system, multiple people succeeded. However, the outcome was far more terrifying than a simple exploit. The constant data disruptions caused a glitch in the system that prevented Pokemon from staying inside of their Pokeballs for a certain amount of time. Not only that, but as they began to be exposed to the outside world even more, they solidified into living, breathing creatures. To make matters even worse, the trainers started to lose control. The Pokemon would not listen and begin to turn violent towards their owners and others around them. Trainers would attempt to stop them by using other Pokemon, but eventually, those didn't listen either. Through the fear and misunderstanding of the situation, riots and war flooded the streets. People trying to catch the Pokemon to protect them, people trying to stop others from hurting the Pokemon, others killing the Pokemon, or being killed by Pokemon...after months of killing and fighting, the weaker Pokemon were forced to hide in every creavas they could find, while the strong roamed and terrorized anyone they could find. Eventually, "Trainers" learned how to capture these Pokemon and use them to their advantage, usually by force. After realizing the power of the Pokemon, they attempted to steal from others, build gangs and armies to become strong and have anything they wanted while ruling ith an iron fist. Several people thought this to be a good idea and so multiple gangs emerged and fights broke out everywhere. Soon territories were defined and leaders were formed. Three years have gone by and the world is in an apocalyptic state where the only thing that matters anymore is power, war, and survival...

                You start out the game as a 15 year old boy/girl. You go to high school, have friends and battle them with your DS. After living your life for a while, the new technology is realeased and liek everyone else, you purchased one as well. You play through the game as the world around you slowly is shrouded in chaos. Then you soon find yourself caught in the middle of a riot and end up pretty badly injured. You are in a hospital with your closest friends by your side, but then there is an accident. The hospital is crumbling down and your left by your friends as they could do nothing to save you. Helpless and unconcious, your body is burried under the rubble of the hospital. The time skip happens now; it is three years later. You find yourself awake and confused in a territory prison... The rest is open for discussion.
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                  I've been developing this idea in my head for some time now, and I figured it was finally time to share it with the community...

                  General Plot Synopsis

                  The northern region of UNNAMED is undergoing sweeping social and political changes. One of the oldest regions in terms of recorded human history, it traces its origins back to to earliest form of human-pokemon contact and training. However, with each passing generation, this proud history of pokemon training is forgotten a little more, and a movement aimed towards liberating pokemon and cutting the ties entirely between them and humans has gained staggering momentum. In fact, a new government has come to power (through legitimate means), headed by a steadfast archon bent on abolishing training and the pokemon league system, for unknown, personal reasons. As a result, many gyms have shut down, and there is growing tension between different cities and towns who hold different beliefs. However, a sizable population is not about to give up their way of life, and many are fighting back in the underground (not a literal underground, meaning behind the scenes).

                  You play as the hero, the son of the current region Champion, who was sent away in exile as a child for your own safety as tensions towards your farther grew. Your father was allowed to keep his position as a figurehead, an homage to the "old ways", and stayed behind to fight this new government from behind the scenes. Questioning your family's history and fearing for the safety of your father, you neglect his wishes and return to your homeland to seek out your father. However, along the way you find yourself in the middle a political civil war, an ancient strife no one knew existed, and unravel the many mysteries of the region's rich history.

                  My Thoughts/Visions

                  - This game is a more serious take on a Pokemon title. It focuses on many real world themes and philosophical questions.
                  - The focus is taken away from the traditional formula of "earn 8 badges while thwarting an evil team, then take down the pokemon league." Instead of being a heralded "champion-in-the-making", you find yourself an outcast in many areas for being a trainer. However, the 8-gym system is still in place, albeit many gyms are now operated in an underground fashion. While they are still necessary to reach the ending of the game, they become more of a side quest.
                  - Much of the battling thus take place away from the main story and in the wild. Most of your "thwarting endeavors" come as a result of puzzle solving and other forms of gameplay. However, there is still an abundance of likeminded trainers to battle.
                  - I have many story and gameplay elements that i've chosen not to share at this time.


                  I would love to actually make this vision a reality. I have a lot of history with spriting, but none with hacking. I'm new here and still learning the ways to go about doing things, but if anyone would like to contact me who has an interest in working on this, feel free to reach out.
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                    my writings gonna be bad because im on a tabket but heres my ideathe region is unnamed
                    your a 15 yr old whos about to get your first pokemon from the professor whos also your mother you go out into the woods with your friend who already has gheir pokemon a squirtle his older brother who is a gym leader and has a blastoise he tells u to go home or trouble will happen you decide to go home but when you do a charmander and cyndaquil are burning down your house with your mother inside you run inside and save her and take her to a hospitalshe has bad third degree burns and might die the police captur the pokemon and they aee owned by team heat team heat burned down your house because your mother wouldnt give them information on the lava stone a stone that would awaken all fire legendaries on earth youget to choose either charmander or cyndaquil (all starters johto and kanto are available later)you dedicate your life to stop team heat you go on your journey and beat team steam and all the gyms while your at it then ghe aftergame strts and u go to the extra islands and catch legendaries and fight 5 new gyms and then fight the championof the extra islands
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                      Id like some help making a hack of fire red with elements of emerald, i have no clue and dont really understand programming at all.

                      The storyLine, you join team rocket in one of their recruitment drives, you rise quickly. However you start to suspect that your mother may know giovanni, and also your natural concience takes over and you abandon team rocket. As you start to rise up defeating gym after gym you learn through slip of giovannis tongue that he is your father, and you are now more determined then ever to right the wrongs he has committed.
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                        OK,so here is my idea.
                        Hack name: Pokemon Reversed
                        ROM Base:???
                        Storyline: In a alternate universe, in the Kanto Region, the entire Pokémon world is flipped around. The normal Pokémon trainers, Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion are “Pokémon Slavers” and Team Rocket are the one who care for Pokemon. So, the starting is the same until the NUGGET BRIDGE where you are approached by the Team Rocket Grunt. You can now choose whether to join Team Rocket or not. If you join, you will do Gym challenges along with Team Rocket missions. If you don not, you will help the police as you had an "experience" with Team Rocket and try and root out Team Rocket. At the end of the story where you defeat the champion, you will awaken in a test tank(like the one Mewtwo is in the 1st Pokémon movie) which will be the setting for the sequel-Pokémon Awakening(maybe, ending may change) .
                        I would do this myself but I have no knowledge of Pokémon Hacking.
                        I hope someone can give me a few tutorials in Pokémon Hacking so I can try this out.
                        You can use this storyline if I do not start a forum for this game first, just remember to give me credits.
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                        Hack name: Pokemon Legacy?
                        ROM base: Probably Fire Red
                        My idea, though I don't have the time or skills needed to create this, is that the game starts out kind of like how the gsc games start. You see the professor on a screen looking at him as if you're webcaming or whatever and he asks you what time it is there so time based events would occur, he asks what region you're in so that he can notify the local professor that you'll be coming around to start your adventure. You can begin in any of the regions. Your male and female sprite and starting point would obviously change to fit the region, as would the starter pokemon you could choose. The storyline would follow the basic storyline of the games, fight gym leaders, get badges, beat the bad guys, beat your rival, become a champion. But once you become champion you go back and get back on the web cam thing with the professor and show off your new champion skills and he suggests that you go try out another region. At this point the professor from the region you started in would come to you and see that you're planning to go to another region and would take your pokedex and any pokemon that dont belong in that area, basically saying you could bring maybe 1 or 2 pokemon with you but still having to start a new journey in a new region. In that region you would battle the gym leaders and defeat another evil organization and as such having all these accomplishments pile up, organizations will start trying to not reveal themselves as much to you or do the opposite and try to take you on with a barrage of members, npc's would recognize your powers as champion of multiple regions as well as hero. Each region would become progressively harder until the 7th region, a fictional region, would have 10 gym leaders with all level 90-100 pokemon and restorative items and the final pokemon league in this region would be the the previous pokemon league champions that youve beaten as well as your rivals through the regions.
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                          Name: Pokémon Cream
                          Rom Base: Pokémon Fire Red
                          - NDS Style Graphics
                          - New Storyline
                          - Animations
                          - New Sprites (NDS Style)
                          - Minigames*
                          - All Generation Pokémon
                          - Maybe Two Regions
                          - Two Dimensions
                          - Easter Eggs

                          Two millenia ago, there was a alternative world.
                          A dream world, an island where peace and love reigned supreme, with the name of Cream World. Cruelty didn't exist and Pokémons and humans lived in harmony.
                          That world was sustained by two legendary pokémon, Cresselia and Mew.
                          A person named Kriskan found that world, but was dominated by evil.
                          His body was dominated by a unknown disease with the name of EEUS (Extreme Evil Unknown Syndrome). He was possessed by the wish of corrupt Cream World and founded Team Moon, trying to get powers of the powerful Redcker Stone, the ore that was the beginning of all the Pokémon World, he wanted to control Mew and Cresselia.
                          Kriskan created an machine, that machine could suck the powers of everything and control Mew and Cresselia.
                          Unfortunely, he did it and caused a war between Pokémon and humans.
                          But a legendary treiner named Korrin fighted against everything and formed an army of sacred Pokémon, defeating all the legendary Pokémon and saving the world.
                          After it, many wars happened because the world was in redeveloping process.
                          Korrin's descendents manage to defend the idea of truth, peace and love, but Cream World was corrupted and nobody could save it, descendents of Korrin and Kriskan was rivals, all the generations...
                          Two millenia after, a treiner was called by his mother, she say to Kyoshi that the Professor wants to give him a Pokémon to start his journey!

                          I don't want to say what happens after that.

                          I don't know absolutely nothing about hacking, mapping, editing sprites, tiles.
                          If somebody like the story, feel free to help me or use it in your hack, but make it the best hack ever and give me credits!

                          *Talk to me personally for details about that implementation.

                          That's just a prototype, feel free to add something to the storyline!
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                            I have an idea for another hacker to make. I am not sure how to undergo a hack so I decided for this idea to hand out...

                            You are exploring a cave in a the region of Pacem (Latin for peace) you find many pokemon migrating out of their position. You even encounter Arceus who reaches out to you: Stop End. The reason for this: The gods that hold the universe in place, known as Elder Gods, have to let the strongest of the gods have their turn at his being. His name is End. The universe is created, but also destroyed every fourteen billion years.

                            He is coming, no one knows it but you and his followers that want to continue the cycle, the natural cycle. Team End. You have one year to rally up all the trainers you can with a unknown power you obtained to show the truth to people. You prepare for war against End and gain powers you never expect, including seeing the future. Even seeing the Elder himself and what the End looks like, a never ending white void and you soon realize that not even Arceus and all the pokemon in the universe can destroy End. Only your own strength can, powers you obtain throughout the journey in four hidden stones which grant special powers to use against End. Aura Shield, Beginning, Destruction, and Time seal. (Note: Thoughts on how the final battle in the story will turn out is your character as a "pokemon" and End as another where you battle with those stones powers as the attacks. The end of the game ends with destroying End as much as you can, six forms in which he has, and sealing him in time for extra insurance as you bring the beginning again and return to the beginning of the Universe as the Creator along with a special someone you met along your journey.)
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                              Pokemon Hack Idea (Who said it had to be a Pokemon game?)

                              The Defenders!

                              You play as Jason Wilson, A.K.A, Inferno! Seventeen years ago, the Earth flashed green. It returned to normal in less than a second, but who's to say it didn't have any after-effects?
                              The Infected, as they are refferred to by normal people, are the less than 1% of the population of Earth that were genetically changed by the flash, creating superhumans. Some good, some bad. All with their secrets, and all under threat from the governments of the world, the ones trying to start a war against those that they fear, but need not.
                              Anyway, Jason has just turned seventeen, and his older brother Xavier is returning to Starlight City.
                              Later, you hear of an attack at your father's laboratory, Wilson Labs. You go to investigate, and meet Blue Phoenix and Golem there, two super villains. You fight them, but they almost beat you. Someone hacks into the Wilson Labs security systems and saves you, requesting you meet them later that day.
                              Before your rendevous with the hacker, your father is arrested for experimenting on Golem, because the laws have yet to be changed for Infected. You decide to never tell your parents or brother about your abilities.
                              You meet up with the hacker, who turns out to be a boy's mind in a robotic body. His name is Techno, and his body died of cancer at age ten.
                              In short; Blue Phoenix is making a Villain Society in order to enslave the humans. Inferno, Techno, and a new heroine, Telene, must work together to save humanity.
                              They become The Defenders.

                              -Superheroes/Supervillains, not Pokemon
                              -Interesting Story
                              -New Tiles
                              -Hack of Fire Red
                              Ok, so it is my Johto Dream Team...
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                                A hack called: Fight for future
                                It should be a hack of fire red and there shold be mega evolutions. MEGA STONS are hidden all over region and you must defeat certain legendary to obitain a single stone so you can fight the last team of legendarys ARCEUS,YLVETAL and XERNEAS.
                                Legendary will be replecment to the gym leaders
                                I curently have no more imagination but if someone has this could turn a great storlyn for hack.
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                                  The main character is pokeborn, the only known human capable of using pokemon abilities and attacks. Raised by pokemon from birth, the main character lives in the wild secluded from any human contact. At the beginning of the game a trainer comes and tries capturing a pokemon from their community. Thus, the main character learns he is not unique. The pokemon chief explains how humans capture pokemon and force them to fight, with eight humans being the advocates of this pokecrime. So, the main character ventures out into the world on a quest to defeat these people and free pokemon from their enslavement. As the main character fights as a pokemon himself, he/she is able to have five companions along. The starter pokemon in this case, could be a friend the main character grew up with.
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                                    I got an idea for a rom hack I just need someone to implement them into Fire Red as a Rom Hack
                                    Rom Base: Pokemon Fire Red

                                    The Idea instead of being a Trainer only going through gyms and the elite four you go on missions to catch the pokemon for certain people and sell them for how ever much money they offer or you can keep it for yourself. For instance you can go to catch a Hitmolee you can either keep it for yourself or you can go to Blue for example and sell it to him.

                                    The missions will be ranked as the higher the rarity of the pokemon it will be later in the game and certain missions will only be able in certain towns. For example a mission to catch a Deoxys would not be on hand right off the bat you would have to progress through other missions to gain the attention of the bigger missions but a mission to go and catch a Torchic would be avalible right off the bat.

                                    The Higher prestige the pokemon and the more wanted it is the more difficult it will be to catch the pokemon. For instance for Porygon you would have to battle other Catchers that want it, Team Rocket or even Red, Ash or Blue to try and catch the Pokemon for themselves. So you would have to have high level pokemon on you. Some missions may be locked until you have a certain level Pokemon.

                                    Gym Leaders and The Elite Four would more of side missions to do on the side and the badges would more of be for show. A mix of the gym leaders of Kanto and Joto.

                                    Pokemon from Generations 1, 2 and 3 are available in the game

                                    Your sprite choice can either be Red, Blue, Green or Yellow all from Pokemon Adventures and with your choice of character you get an Ally and a Rival. Green and Yellow are allies and rival Red and Blue and Blue and Red are allies with Green and Yellow as the rivals (not exactly following the manga)
                                    They can be renamed

                                    Your rivals will go on catch Pokemon on their own and try to earn their own notoriety for being the Top Catcher. You will have to battle them for certain pokemon (Legendaries for example and Rare Pokemon such as Porygon, Evee etc.) Your allies will help you along the way such as battling along side you in battles and giving information to you.

                                    The Game will be free roam as always

                                    Starters will be Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur.

                                    All the pokemon from Generations 1, 2 and 3 will be avaliable in missions.

                                    Ultimate Goal is to be Top Catcher by having completing all the missions and catching pokemon and selling pokemon to rank as a reliable catcher. Once you have completed that you can still play the game but the focus will then shift towards defeating the massive crime group Team Rocket and shut them down.
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                                      Second post! :D
                                      So here is my hack idea which I have been preparing to make for about 3 weeks now.

                                      Hack Name: Pokemon Torn
                                      Hack Base: FireRed
                                      Region Name: Ultar

                                      It is your 13th birthday which means that you can choose your starter and start your journey through the mysterious Ultar region. You go to the town's professor's lab (Prof. Kapok), who gives you your starter, pokedex & pokeballs. So you start your journey and you have to get through a forest to progress to the 3rd town (possibly going to call it Dewdrop forest) however, you find that the road is blocked so you have to venture further into the forest. Eventually you find some kind of portal, being the curious 13 year old that you are, you jump into the portal, not knowing of what awaits you in there. This is where the main idea comes in. Throughout the region of Ultar are portals just like the one in the forest, they lead to an alternate dimension called the Torn World.

                                      And since I don't want to give away too much, thats it.
                                      (Also the hack is going to be full of fakemon :D)
                                      U liek absolz? :D
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