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Recently, I played moemon romhacks. But since these are so limited, I tried my hands on moe-swapping romhacks that piqued my interest and played them for jrpg anime girl fun.

Before, it was only for my own enjoyment and to some of my friends, but now I was thinking of sharing these Moemon mods/patches(.ips) publicly(with courtesy and credits to Moemon Development community, especially their amazing sprites).

Though, I've heard that it would cause complications to the ones who created the Pokemon romhacks that I've made Moemon mods of.

My question is...

What are the factors and circumstances that I should take-in and consider before I share these moemon patches here and is it allowed to share a mod(Moemon mod) of a hack?

The hacks I've moefied and played so far(and ready to be distributed as secondary patch to the specific hack):
Moemon Korosu
Moemon Genesis
Moemon Azure Horizons
Moemon AshGray(english 2020 moemon mod)


Additional info about these Moemon mods:


These are just sprite-swapped pokemon with Moemon(personifications of pokemon). No plot or any events was changed whatsoever in the romhacks.(Also, I used specific freespace found in the hack, so you don't have to worry about data corruption upon patching romhacks.)

Other romhack things I do:


"Currently also, making my own Moemon Hack behind the scenes"


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You know what would be hilarious and a little creepy for these Moemon hacks? If the player's sprite was Master Roshi or someone of the like.