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Old 1 Week Ago (11:01 AM).
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Gabriel8897 (Hello) Gabriel8897 (Hello) is online now
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    I had put a lot of hours in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance in pcsx2, actually last night i completed the story mode with bo'rai'cho and had go into the krypt buying many things with all the coins i gained with fighting all those challengers, but it had took a lot of hours to gain that, because i had to switch characters everytime i challenge a new and harder one, the final boss quan chi i decided to choose bo'rai'cho to finally kick his ass, i was deciding to use scorpion until quan chi but i am not really good playing as him so i had to switch characters everytime i fight another and there is other even more harder, man i don't have any words to describe how this game is awesome and also describing how worthy is to 100% the story mode of it.
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    Old 1 Week Ago (12:04 PM).
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    I got Danganronpa v3 yesterday, made it through the prologue last night. Now how to see how the rest of the game goes....went into this one pretty much blind
    Nah ンン
    “No, I... I have to be strong. Everyone expects me to."
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    Old 5 Days Ago (5:34 AM).
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    Recently I played Pokémon Quest and Pic-A-Pix Deluxe on my Switch.
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    Old 3 Days Ago (4:59 PM).
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      Posts: 7
      I'm currently playing Mario Kart 8, as I'm attempting to get my VR higher.
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      Old 1 Day Ago (1:57 PM).
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        Burnout Paradise City. I gave in and bought the cash grab. It's still great.
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        Old 1 Day Ago (7:52 PM).
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        Just started on Horizon Zero Dawn. Great so far.

        Also playing Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, almost done beating hardass Crash 1.
        ...& what's wrong with that?
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        Old 1 Day Ago (10:14 PM). Edited 1 Day Ago by Damien.aspiring.fandev.
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          🌀Tat-tara-taaa, pap-papp-pa paaaaaa para-paaaaa
          🌀paraa pappara-paaaa, paaa-raaa paaaa, para-paa, PAA,
          🌀tara-rara-raaa, tat-tat-ta taaa-rara-raaa, para peppe-re-peee
          🌀pere-reppere-re pep-peppe-rere pep, PEEE

          🌀yatta yada-dooo, yattat yada-doo, yattat-taa da-doo...
          🌀yattat yada-dooo, yatta yada-doo, yatta-ttaa da-duu..

          🌀(By the way, I'm re-playing also because I lost the save files and need to rip a couple things...)


          Aw, come on, the view on Fiore wasn't THAT big! >w<(woooooobbuffeeeet!)
          I am but a tearful clown. Though I smile, I cry inside.
          -Clown Lee. Jubilife TV station(Diamond&Pearl)/various pokémon centers through Sinnoh(Platinum)
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          Old 1 Day Ago (3:56 AM). Edited 1 Day Ago by Zemanahrad.
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          I'm playing so many games right now... I'm playing Assassin's Creed IV and Little Nightmares on PC, Spyro: Year of the Dragon on PS1 and Fire Emblem Echoes and Ace Attorney Trilogy on 3DS. I also renewed my WoW subscription and plan on buying Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy, since I 100 % the original trilogy on PS1 recently.
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          Old 1 Day Ago (8:49 AM).
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            Late into the game, I bought Digimon Cybersleuth after I played the sequel Hacker's Memory.
            "What does a Pokémon Trainer really need to be successful?
            I guess everyone might have their own answer.
            But for me...I want the strongest rival for myself
            - Gladion
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            Old 1 Day Ago (10:43 AM).
            Gabriel8897 (Hello)'s Avatar
            Gabriel8897 (Hello) Gabriel8897 (Hello) is online now
              Join Date: Apr 2018
              Location: Brazil
              Age: 16
              Gender: Male
              Nature: Quiet
              Posts: 246
              Had played the gamecube version of mortal kombat: deadly alliance in dolphin and put lot of time in konquest mode, that is really addicting.
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              Old 1 Day Ago (11:33 AM). Edited 1 Day Ago by Epilogue.
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              Originally Posted by Zemanahrad View Post
              Ace Attorney Trilogy on 3DS
              High five! :D I just finished my third playthrough of the Ace Attorney Trilogy last night, and I'm trying my best not to cry my heart out right now, haha. </3

              "You really are the person I always thought you were...
              Even after that painful nightmare, I still believed in you."

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              Old 20 Hours Ago (3:32 PM).
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              About 8 hours into Octopath Traveler so far. I think the game is pretty solid mechanically, but the story/characters leave quite a bit to be desired. Not a fan of the way the characters don't even acknowledge each other when they meet up, lol.
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