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Not sure I'll have time for this as it'll have to be before the 27th. But hey, here's a pitch!

Either it'll be a listicle, or a mock discussion between someone on TPC and both Katy Perry and Post Malone about songs they will perform. It'll go through parody titles of their songs - so I'll have to come up with them (welcoming ideas!)

E.g. we have Sunflower -> Sunflora (obvious), Swish Swish -> SwSh SwSh, Eye of the Tiger -> I Kissed a Girl -> I kissed a Mon ("actually, no, let's not give the children ideas. Don't perform that."). I might have to look at lyrics of songs, not just song titles as well.

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You don't even need to parody Katy Perry's song titles she has literally "Diamond," "Pearl," "Firework," etc. Not sure about Post Malone but I'm sure there's stuff to work with there as well. +1 from me.

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So a huge +1 from me for this, I've put together a list of some titles to help you out!

Katy Perry
Trust in Me -> Trust in Mesprit
Last Call -> Last Resort
Growing Pains -> Growth Pains
My Own Monster -> My Own Pocket Monster
Spit -> Spit Up
Naturally -> Nature-ly
When There's Nothing Left -> When There's No Moves Left
Waking Up in Vegas -> Waking Up in Vermillion
Thinking of You -> Thinking of Pikachu
If You Can Afford Me -> If You Can Afford TM33
Lost -> Lost Loot
I'm Still Breathing -> I'm Still Frost Breathing
Teenage Dream -> Teenage Dream Eater
California Gurls -> Castelia Gurls
Firework -> Keep the same as Rivvon said
Circle the Drain -> Circle Throw the Storm Drain
The One That Got Away -> The Legendary That Got Away
E.T. -> P. C.
Pearl -> Keep the same as Rivvon said
Roar -> Keep the same cause Roar the move
Legendary Lovers -> Keep the same cause legendaries lol
Walking on Air -> Walking on Air Stream
Unconditionally -> No-conditionally
Dark Horse -> Dark Pulse
Ghost -> Keep the same
Love Me -> Luvdisc Me
By the Grace of God -> By the Grace of Arceus
Spiritual -> Spiritomb
Choose Your Battles -> Keep the same
Roulette -> Rowlette
Swish Swish (feat. Nicki Minaj) -> SwSh SwSh (feat. Nessa)
Power -> Power (insert bracelet item here)
Miss You More -> Miss Your Move
Teary Eyes -> Baby-doll Eyes
Harleys in Hawaii -> Haxorus in Humilau
What Makes a Woman -> What Makes a Woobat

Post Malone
Big Lie -> Big Liepard
No Option -> No Option To Save
White Iverson -> White Version
Go Flex -> Go Ilex
Congratulations (feat. Quavo) -> Congratulations (You Are the Champion!) [feat. Prof. Oak]
Feeling Whitney -> Keep as is
Spoil My Night -> Spoil My Corviknight
Zack & Codeine -> Zach & Yanma
Rockstar -> Brockstar
Psycho -> Psychic
Ball for Me -> PokéBall for Me
A Thousand Bad Times -> A Thousand Bad Arrows
On the Road -> On the Cycling Road
Staring at the Sun -> Staring at the Sunkern
Sunflower -> Sunflora
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