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Started by professor plum August 6th, 2018 10:03 AM
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Yeah to be honest some days I'm like I wish I can do art. I know some people that can do both, and I'm like I wish I have talent on both (I don't consider myself talented in writing in any way lol).
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It would be nice to be able to do either at a level I felt was worth putting my actual name on.

I do often wish I could art though, as it's something I've tried to do many times in the past with little to no success. I think the hardest I ever pushed to grow as an artist was around middle school, when I was recreating the cover of "The last battle" from chronicles of narnia for a book report. My copy of the book had a unicorn on the front with a bloody horn and I think I spent more time trying to get that one picture to a level I was happy with turning in than I did actually reading the book and writing the report on it haha. It was around that time that I realized, even my best work when I was really trying was nothing compared to that of my peers who were already doing commissions and designs for other students and teachers.

There's just a really big disconnect for me between seeing something in my head and putting it onto paper, even if it's crappy. I find it much easier to describe with words, and find it really inspiring when I watch artists just... being able to imagine something and actually put it on paper/tablet. It's really hard for me to grasp the idea of having something so vividly appear in your mind that you can work on it over the span of days or even weeks and come out at the end with it even vaguely resembling your initial concept. I struggle with that in writing a lot, and more often than not when I have ideas like that which I know I want to make a certain way I'll just make a list of details about its shape and how or what it do be or do not be... and even then I will struggle to maintain consistency from start to finish.


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I organized a fanfic competition for a local Gothic (games, not style) community and wrote a short satirical fanfic myself in December, but have no motivation do write anything since then.
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