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Choice Scarf Marowak is a terrible set, on par with something like Flame Orb Garchomp; all that does is cut its damage in half. Giving it anything other than a Thick Club cripples it. Try giving it some bulk instead (max HP EVs would be a good start) so it can take a hit and then attack, or use it with a Trick Room or Tailwind setter if you really want it to move first.
Personally, I'd rather just not use Marowak.
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Hey there!

Does anyone have the updated information on the Boss battles, like was in the docs for the older versions? Would love to see what all changed as I do a playthrough but was not seeing them in the current docs.

Thanks! :D
Look on the Reddit page, it has the title "Radical Red Gym/Boss Battles Pokémon and Move Sets" there is a user that updated the excel file.
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Hey, so not sure if this is the right place to post this, recently finished my playthrough of this game and noticed 2 major bugs in my playthrough, one may be intended tho and not a bug. One is that Aegi doesn't change forms when asleep (on cartridge, if you cue an attack while asleep, it will change forms). This may be intended though, so the other is the reason I'm making this post, and much more serious. Whenever I was in on Gyarados with a mega stone, my opponents would always click EQ if they had it over anything else, so I could easily just setup in their face to +6, and win the game. This can be seen on my latest VOD on my twitch (, where I used this exploit to beat both lance and my rival (you can just skip to the end of the latest vod to see the exploit). Great work on the hack overall tho, I had a ton of fun with it!