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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Dewford Gym, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Monday, September 21st

Chapter 2 - 14
Ride the Momentum - Vs. Brawly
Part 2

What I just thought earlier about clawing my way up? I knew it wasn’t easy, but I guess even that level of expectation was off by quite a bit. Especially when I saw the motionless Braveheart who was covered in sand in the aftermath of the battle against Brawly’s Raichu.

Braveheart may have the speed, but Raichu’s speed and nimbleness were on another level. Especially after she used the move Electric Terrain. Terrain moves were something I was really passionate about, which was why I could quickly understand the implications that this giant electric dome gave us.

Not only that this electric dome restricted Braveheart’s capability to find space to launch an attack, but the fact that it helped Raichu gained even more speed on top of what it already had was just utterly bonkers to deal with.

The damned thunder dome was the downfall of Braveheart, even when it could retaliate to several of Raichu’s attacks. Braveheart just didn’t have what it takes to overcome the devastating Electro Ball even when it was equipped with the Eviolite necklace.

I pondered my options for a bit, as Brawly smiled at me while waiting patiently. I knew Brawly was holding back since the start of this battle, but I guessed the fact that I managed to beat Machoke so easily was the reason he held his punches less with Raichu. Welp, perhaps it was me that had caused my own downfall, but I knew that must not err, for the battle was far from over.

So I called upon Nero to bring the advantage back to our team. I was planning to keep him as the anchor of our team, but… The situation just wasn’t in my favor.

Brawly praised my choice as predicted, and obviously, the battle raged on once more.

Raichu threw a fast electric ball that was barely able to be dodged by Nero by lowering its levitating height, but it wasn’t done attacking yet… Far from it even. It used Teleport to reappear behind Nero to launch a blitzing Electro Ball in a curved arc. This one had to be redirected with a Psybeam to change its trajectory as it merged with the electricity in the cage.

Yes, you read that correctly. Nero’s Psybeam was only strong enough to redirect the Electro Ball, not to destroy it. Add the fact that he had Twisted Spoon equipped and you had me almost bitting my fingernail in reflex at the sight.

But of course, with a few more Teleport and Electro Ball, the ball finally hit right on target as Nero was barely able to stop himself from crashing towards the electrified dome during the aftermath. It was almost like a 5 against 1 dodgeball tourney with unlimited balls, and the poor one person was barely able to dodge all of their throws without having a moment to retaliate properly.

My confidence level was going really low at this point, that I instinctively glanced towards the spectator seat. Callie and Cody were yelling their support of me, while Vincent nodded a bit before smiling and clenched his fist as if he was trying to tell me to have faith in my own capability.

I didn’t know why I did that, but it helped me to calm my nerves. If I couldn’t understand what to do at the moment, then there was only one thing I should do.

Which was to stall for more time. No, I’m not joking, I told Nero to use its Psybeam against the ground to create billowing clouds of dust, obscuring the Raichu from using its Electro Ball willy-nilly. But of course, My prediction missed the mark as always as Electro Ball after Electro Ball rained on the field, creating more dust clouds as more and more of it landed on the sand below.

I could only yell at Nero to deflect them as they came, yet even that was just a wishful hope on my part. I didn’t have the ability to see through the dust, let alone to see whether my partner was still able to stand his ground under the barrage of Electro Ball.

Brawly told me to trust my Pokemon and to be honest, yet I was irritated. I knew he meant well, but it was not the matter of not trusting Nero who was struggling for my sake, it was the matter of me unable to concoct a plan to help him which was really making me furious.

But it seemed that my reaction had caused his tone to change. He told me to calm down and think carefully about what I could do instead of panicking. He also added that winning would be hard for me if I couldn't put my anger away and see the battlefield with clarity.

And he was right, what he said was 100% the cause of why I failed multiple times. I would have done my self-deprecating sighing session if I was free, but I didn't have much time to think about what to do next.

Raichu decided it was time to wrap up the battle, as it created a giant wave of water to drown down Nero and reveal where he was by making the dust clouds disappear. However, electric currents and water worked more than just well as the dome’s electricity caused the rapid torrent to be electrically charged, adding more element of lethality to the already dangerous attack.

It didn’t look good at all, and not even Psybeam was able to dispel it, and to rub salt into the wound Raichu launched another Electro Ball just before the waves crashed down on Nero.

I didn't have much leeway in this situation, but I'll just have to trust what Nero could do and just hope for the best. Nero armored itself clad in psychic energy to break through the wave, the Raichu didn't expect it at all which gave me the opportunity to order Nero in delivering a powerful Payback, causing a crater in the sand as Raichu finally fainted.

But of course, as much as I loved the result. Nero wasn’t able to escape unscathed, it was clear that electricity still ran in his body which was a telling sign that he was paralyzed. Combined with his current body condition, I thought that it would only take one to two strikes to put it on the sidelines.

Brawly smiled and said, "See, I told you so, dude."

I could only scratch my face in embarrassment and said 'thank you' to him for the advice he gave.

The last Pokemon he chose was a Hariyama. One of the Pokemon that I would have confidence in to beat had Nero been in a good shape, yet that wasn’t the case. However, I regret nothing, there was no telling if my other Pokemon could beat Raichu as soundly as he did even if Braveheart had already worn it down beforehand. After all, now that I think carefully of it, there was one strategy that could potentially end this for good without letting this battle get even longer than it needed to.

But of course, I didn’t have much time to think about that. With me refusing to switch Pokemon even after he asked twice, Brawly ordered his Hariyama to swiftly send a powerful Force Palm towards the impaired Nero.

It was dodged but things were not looking so good, Nero literally had to tumble down to barely avoid it, there was no sugarcoating able to be done than to think that it’s probably over for him, but that was exactly the moment I was waiting for.

I screamed the next move to Nero shortly before the shockwave from another Force Palm hit and made a giant hole in the ground as Nero was knocked unconscious due to the impact. From there, I could only hope that being paralyzed wouldn't stop him from activating the move before he was knocked unconscious.

A dark purple aura engulfed Hariyama as the fully healthy Pokemon suddenly dropping down unconscious due to the effect of the move I called.

Destiny Bond. It was a really powerful move to use even with the limitations it had, yet if it weren't for Brawly's scolding, I would probably never had the epiphany in order to use it properly.

The spectators that were waiting anxiously for my victory rushed towards my side, patting my head with joy and with a wide smile.

While me? I predicted that I would raise my fist in joy and yelled out expletives like nobody ever saw before without any restraints, but… No, it wasn’t what happened.

I couldn’t even say a single word as tears choked my throat.

It was a long and arduous journey to get to this point, so much so that I almost gave up entirely.

I made it. I finally made it. I finally won a gym battle.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Fanclub Beach House, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Monday, September 21st

Chapter 2 - 15
The Path Forward
Part 1

The aftermath of the battle against Brawly was full of joy.

Was the victory cheap? Yeah, you could argue that it was the case.

If Destiny Bond didn’t manage to be used because of Nero being paralyzed, would I lose? Oh, definitely… I wouldn't want to imagine what will happen to me if I lose once more.

Well, everyone was really cheerful and looking forward to the celebratory party. This includes me, obviously.

I had offered to put the ₱5000 I gained towards the party budget, but Callie and Vincent both insisted that they'll be the ones who were going to pay for the celebrations.

I had absolutely no power above those two lovable weirdos, so I had no choice but to shake my head as they took the initiative as always.

However, in the midst of this celebratory mood. There was one thing that had stayed in my thoughts.

How is Kat doing right now?

Vincent told me that she was relatively unharmed, but he said that his colleague told him that she exerted her legs so much that she re-aggravated her injury. As a result, she had to be bound to a wheelchair once more for the foreseeable future.

I didn't want to make her feel bad for herself or something around that line, so I didn't bother knocking on her door yesterday to give her some time alone. But even when I knocked on her door this morning, she didn't give any reply at all which was really worrying for me.

I only wished that she was alright, that's all. I mean it's sad to lose your traveling companion, but I knew that she must have something else in mind and there's no way we'll be able to travel together for a long time. So I would love to thank her and say my farewells, but…

She wasn't responding at all to me knocking on her door.

So I knocked again. I knew it was rude, I know you would think of that too. But I just... I just couldn't leave her alone you know? I was worried for her mental-wise since she seemed to be the type to bottle everything up herself.

But, there was still no answer from her. I knocked and knocked again, but with no answer at all, I decided to leave while hoping for the best. But just when I was about to give up, I could faintly hear a few barks inside before I managed to walk off completely from her room door.

Not long after, I could hear a loud thudding noise as the door opened, it was almost like something heavy fell off into the floorboards. Not wasting any time, Aurora rushed to me and quickly bit the edge of my pants as she dragged me inside the room.

It surely didn’t help with my worries at all, so I was just hoping for the best only to feel absolutely horrified when I saw what was inside.

Katrina was lying on the floor motionless with her back turned against us.

At that point, I had no other assumptions than expecting the worst.

I ran towards her to check what was going on and put my hand on her forehead to check her condition.

She wasn’t having a fever or anything like that, her temperature felt like what healthy people usually have. But just as a precaution I decided to check her vital signs, just in case because Aurora still wouldn’t stop barking even after I told her that she was fine.

There was no problem at all, her pulse was normal. It wouldn’t be that fast if she had any issues. The next thing to do after that almost escaped my mind though, it’s been a long while since Sis taught me how to check up on people, so the fact that I was supposed to do a pupil check almost evaded me.

And so I opened her eyes slowly as possible. I was afraid it was impolite to do that, but I didn’t have time… If something happened to her, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself for not being capable enough to save her.

But as I checked her eyes, her face suddenly turned red like a tomato before she averted her gaze away in embarrassment.

I wasn’t too averse to the awkwardness either, especially with how close my head was when I checked her pupils. I bet I was looking flushed also at the time.

However, I wasn’t there to stay in the awkwardness. I was there to invite her to the celebration that Callie and Vincent already planned, it just didn’t feel right to not ask her whether she was willing to come or not. Especially considering she already accompanied me in my travels for a few days already.

Yet, our conversation didn’t go as smoothly as I hoped. The atmosphere around us felt… Awfully cold. The reaction she gave felt like what a work-only acquaintance would give, something that was really different compared to the time we traveled together in Slateport.

I was confused, but a sentence uttered by her quickly unraveled what was going on with her.

“Was it you the one responsible for my rescue?”



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Katrina Purcell
Location: Fanclub Beach House, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Monday, September 21st

Chapter 2 - 3
The Path Forward
Part 2

I’m not a burden.
I don’t want to be a burden.
If I am a burden to someone else, then they will discard me.
I’m scared.

Those thoughts couldn’t escape my mind no matter how many times I tried to think that what happened in the past was just one unlucky occurrence.

Even when I knew that Jack was here smiling next to me as he tried his best to show that he cared about my wellbeing, I couldn’t help but think of the worst scenario that would happen next.

I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t hide my insecurities from him. It resulted in a change of expression that he did as I asked whether he was the one responsible for my rescue from the cave.

“Why are you asking that?” He looked confused while answering it.

However, I knew he had something to do with it. The lady who saved me yesterday told me that she was there at the request of her cousin, who goes under the name of Vincent. I didn’t recognize the name, but it was fair to guess that he was an associate of Jack considering he was the only one who knew that I was entering that treacherous cave.

“Haha, come on! You’re being too humble.” I pulled up a wide smile while giggling in order to convince him to fess up. It was awfully sickening to my very core… Yet I decided to do it anyway. I had to know the truth.

“But I’m not responsible for that, trust me… And even if I did, that’s all a coincidence. I did enter the cave depths, but I was lost for hours inside there. I was also saved by someone else I knew, perhaps he was the one responsible for your rescue instead of me.”

He was clearly trying to downplay his exploits, but I couldn’t help but notice the few words coming from his mouth. ‘Lost for hours’ meant that… He… So it was because of me.

“So you almost died there because of me?” I couldn’t stop myself from uttering the word which sent Jack into panic mode.

“No, no, no! Why!? Why are you thinking like that!? Look at me, I’m fine! You should be concerned with yourself only, why did you have to think like that!?”

I sighed hearing his answer. “Fine, answer me this, then. Did you obtain a Key Stone inside the cave?”

“No, I didn’t. Is there any point discussing that now? I mean I was there for you, not for that Key Stone. Don’t worry… I can get it any time I need it.” He nonchalantly exclaimed his thoughts.

So he didn’t… Not only he was at risk… But he couldn’t even find a Key Stone because too focused on his effort to find me… It’s… It’s all my fault. I… I...

“Kat… Kat… Oh no…”

I just couldn’t hold it anymore, tears were starting to drip down my cheeks while Jack tried his best to console me.

“Just leave me alone… Please…”

I tried my best to keep any semblance of a smile I could, but it was clear from Jack’s expression that I was failing miserably.

“Will you be okay?”

“Why? Why do you have to care so much for me? I… I’m just extra baggage for you. Why wouldn’t you just leave me be?”

“Because… There’s no reason needed for me to care about you.”

“Are you stupid!? From—”

“If I am a stupid person for me to care about a friend, then you can call me stupid for all you care.” He answered with a resolute face.

His answer put me into silence.

“It’s idiotic that it took really long for me to remember it, but even when the world is cruel on you… There are some people that would care for you even when it doesn’t give them any tangible benefits. The same goes for me now.”

“You sure you wouldn’t regret wasting your time with me?” I asked him while trying to wipe the tears from my face.

“100%. Being with you is really fun, you know? Especially when considering your expression when being teased.” He giggled warmly. “So please don’t feel like you were being a burden, I never thought of you that way.”

I felt a huge feeling of relief hearing his word, but I just… I need some time to think. And so I told him that I needed some time to be alone.

“Sure, just tell me if you need something else.” He stood up from the chair beside my bed before walking towards the door.

“Hey, Jack!”

He turned his head with a perplexed expression.

“Thank you.”

He was visibly hesitant for a moment, but he soon let out an answer while showing his usual smile. “A nice sentiment, but I don’t know anyone with a name like that.”

It was my time to be perplexed by his answer.

“Arthur Weissmann, you can call me Arthur.”

The words he put out surprised me. Yet I was unable to reciprocate the gesture he shown before he went out from my room.

On one side, I was frustrated. It was almost like the gap between us was getting bigger in front of my eyes.

But on the other hand, his words gave me the courage I needed so badly to move forward.

I had to make a decision soon.

What do I want to do moving forward?



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Miranda Lockhart
Saturday, September 19th
Chapter 2: Part 2 - One day job, Part 1
13:00 to 14:00 - Dewford Docks to Dewford Beach
Is there a reason for this Pokémon to still be called Sandslash despite it not being a ground type in Alola? It makes sense for it to keep that name in the normal/common one, but why does the alolan variant keep the name? It doesn’t make any sense no matter how you look at it. Is it because its ice typing lets it “slash sand” or something like that? I’d like to know if there’s some kind of reason a professional could’- You know what? Psyduck it. I didn’t write this muk… Well, I did, but come on! ‘Slashing sand’? What was I thinking when I came up with that?

I bet some of the people that were with us read the dumbassery I posted and are cringing so hard they might as well have jumped from the psyducking ferry if we hadn’t reached Dewford already!

“Ah, Dewford Town! Don’t you like how relaxing this place is? The air of one of the most calm places in this region.” Maritza says as soon as we exit the ferry. How can she know that? We’ve been in the deck the whole time, the air feels the exact same as in the ferry.

“It is just as salty as Slateport’s.” I answer, once again, giving the only hint of seriousness and common sense in this group.

“I was talking metaphorically. Like how this island gives a different vibe from Slateport. Although… the actual air is more humid here, which isn’t good if you wear shirts like me…” Maritza’s expression turns into that of legitimate disgust, as she unbuttons the neck of her shirt and loosens the knot of her tie a little bit. “I think I’ll be going to Petalburg tomorrow.”

“You aren’t going to challenge the gym here either?”

“I don’t think so, no.” she shakes her head. “I’m more excited to visit Petalburg City, honestly.” she giggles and then becomes serious once again after clearing her throat. “What about you? Are you going to try the gym?”

Come to think of it… If there’s something I learned from Slateport’s battle is that I need more training. Maybe challenging Slateport and this gym once I’m ready is the best thing to do and I should head to Petalburg tomorrow as well and start from there.

“... I'll see.” I finally answer.

None of us say anything for a bit, which is strange for Maritza. She would probably talk about the weather, but she’s maybe containing herself from yelling like I do.

I, on the other hand, think on where to start. Dewford doesn’t look as big as Slateport but I’d rather not be running around like an idiot searching for a place to train. That’s when I remember that I’ve been, since I came here, with only ₽100… Which is nothing! I didn't mind at first because I thought I would beat the gym at first, but it's been three days and I still have no money!

Maritza tells me to head to a Pokémon Center which I was going to do at some point anyways. She doesn’t come with me, though.

"I heard there's a place called Resort Cove here. It's for members of the Pokémon Fanclub." She says. "They probably have big windows and a nice air conditioner."

So she's gonna leave me all alone again. At least I know what I'm supposed to do now.

Or not.
"Where am I supposed to look for a job?" I ask the receptionist, nurse or whatever her job is, as soon as I enter. She looks back at me with her eyes wide open and a big smile which intimidates the muk out of me for some reason. "... Hello."

"Good afternoon. How can I help you?"

“Uhm… someone told me I could look for a job here.” I tell her. She keeps staring at me with those huge green eyes of hers and nods. “Where?”

“A job… ? Oh, I guess you are talking about odd-jobs! Do you see that bulletin board over there?” She asks, pointing at some wooden thing cluttered with papers, near the café. “The ‘Help Wanted’ posters there are the jobs you might be looking for.”

I nod and ‘mhm’ at her, looking around the Pokémon Center thinking if every Pokémon Center is the same exact building. The reception and café are all in the same place! How conveniently weird.

There’s this cool as muk black paper with some kind of ghost ship in it, but I don’t know what it is about because I can’t understand anything other than the word ‘tour’ and the bullmuk price of 3000. It’s almost the same money you get to pay in Pyrite Colosseum to watch the tourney from a barely decent seat!

There's like nine million Help Wanted papers on the board, but only one I can actually understand something about: Cleaning the beach. Not from trash, but from Pokémon. There's even a drawing of them and apparently they are called Pyukumuku... however you pronounce that.

So I take the paper and go back to the nurse. "What do I do with this thing now?"

"Hmm?" She says, once again intimidating me with how she stares at me. Why does she do that? It's like she's sleeping with her eyes open because she doesn't even listen to me when I first call her. "Excuse me?"

"Sorry. Wanted to know what to do with this paper now."

“Well, it should have all the information you need in it. Let me see.” She takes the paper and gives it a whole read, then turns it back at me. “This one is from the Dewford Pokémon Rangers. You could try to find one of them at the beach or go to their building in Granite Cave. Since you are new here, I think the beach would be easier to find.”

“I’ll head to the beach then, alright… Thank you very much.”
What the psyduck is a Pokémon Ranger, anyways? That’s something I should have asked instead of coming here to stand like an idiot. It’s so hot and crowded here too! Maybe I should buy an ice cream once I’m done with this, if I survive. But I can’t do that if I don’t find a Pokémon Ranger!

Maybe I should ask someone? But who? Most people are accompanied by someone else, and I’m not talking to two strangers at once.

In the end I find someone alone enough to ask them. It’s just some ice-cream vendor, but these people probably walk across the beach all the time, so of course they know everything that is happening here.

Apparently there was a Ranger around here a few minutes ago. She was having trouble with having her Pokémon moving on the sand, so she is probably still around here.

According to the vendor, Rangers wear some very easy to spot uniforms and most of the time show off their badge on their belt. Weren’t it because of the hat she wore I still wouldn’t have been able to spot her, though. She is wearing a white top and has a tattoo on her right arm, whereas her jacket is tied around her waist. That would've been an easier way to recognize her. Why didn't they tell me that instead?

“Excuse me… Are you a Pokémon Ranger?” I ask, although I think it’s pretty obvious she is. Her Zebstrika is seriously having trouble moving for what I see. “I just picked this job from the Pokémon Center. I thought I should ask some of you about it.”

“Come one, Zebby! If you don’t want to go back to your PokéBall at least let me… wait no, just go back to your PokéBall. At least until we get out of here.”

“Um… excuse me? I want to talk to a Ranger because of this-”

“Or at least let’s try walking as slow as possible so you don’t fall. That could also work.”

“Hey, I’m talking to you, you piece of…!” I yell, and hit the ground with my bat. That doesn’t seem to alarm her, but it does startle her Zebstrika which does make her jump.

“Oh? Sure, what is it?” I hand her over the paper and without even taking a look at it, she says “Oh you are here for the Pyukumuku job! Why didn’t you say so before? What is your name, by the way?”

“Miranda.” I grumble. ‘Why didn’t you say so before?’ What an asshole.

“Miranda… Let me explain the job a bit. This beach is full of Pyukumuku. One of them even hurt my Zebstrika not long ago. They aren’t too dangerous, but they clutter the beach because tourists keep feeding them, so we need to take them back to the sea.”

“So I just have to kick them away? That's easy.”

“Oh, no! No, no! They are going to hit you back if you do that… and it’s also illegal, unless you use your own Pokémon for that. You are safer by grabbing and tossing them away.” She scratches her tattoo and looks away for a while. “That’d be it. If you can stop any tourists from feeding them as well, that'll be highly appreciated. I’ll stay here trying to get my… Pokémon out of the sand. I won’t be too far away. You come here in an hour or so, so I can take care of your pay.”
Sandygast leads the way, swimming across the sand with his shovel looking like Sharpedo's fin on that one movie… or in any movie that has a Sharpedo. Don't ask how you swim across the sand, though, it was the best way to put it. I think he is just rolling underground, but it looks cool as hell.

Actually, Sandygast is just leading the mision underground, while Mankey and I look for Pyukumuku that aren't hidden.

Our first target pops right out of the sand once Sandygast crashes with it. It sends a really quick attack at the floor, that goes completely past the sand, only hitting his shovel slightly. I didn’t get to see what exactly it was that it attacked with, but it came out from its mouth.

The Pokémon lands and Mankey charges at it preparing a punch and before I tell him to stop because of what the Ranger said before, he bounces back at me as if he was the one taking the hit instead.

Once the sand raised from Mankey being launched back goes down, I get to see the Pokémon in front of us angrily shaking its… fist? Why the psyduck does it have an arm inside its mouth? And how does it even fit in there, this little muk is just a small ball.

There’s something else bugging me about it. I’m pretty sure this Pokémon isn’t supposed to look like that, so I take the paper with the job to look at the picture it had of Pyukumuku.

“It’s green!?” I took a second look at the picture. Maybe it’s a dark shade of green, but no, the picture is black with pink spikes while this one green with yellow spikes. “Why the psyduck is it green!? Is this another one of those Alolan variants?” I take a closer look between the Pokémon and the picture, but it’s not. In fact, I took the PokéDex out as well just in case and the text to speech thing said Pyukumuku are native to Alola! And guess what, the picture in the PokéDex is also a black Pokémon with pink spikes!

What the psyduck is happening here? Why is this Pokémon green? Why do the Rangers and PokéDex show a black Pyukumuku instead? Why is it that whenever I’m getting pissed off, Alola is always involved?

And why of all things is this thing taunting Mankey by flipping its finger!? Tourists at the beach really feed the Pyukumuku and teach them to be assholes!

“Okay, now I’m really pissed off! If this is a Pyukumuku it should still be a water type!” I yell, holding my bat against the sand and adjusting my cap. “Sandygast, use uhh… Mega Drain was it?”

Sandygast forms a red ball of energy and shoots a beam of it that is supposed to drain its energy, but the Pyukumuku gladly receives the attack as its body turns into some kind of mirror, deflecting the attack back at him.

So this asshole can’t be damaged by contact moves or special moves!?

“Well, it’s not going anywhere despite all that! Sandygast, use the sand thing!” Sandygast tosses a chunk of sand at the wild Pokémon, directly on the eyes, but that wasn't supposed to happen! “No, I didn’t mean Sand Attack! I meant the other sand thing!” I really need to memorize the moves’ names.

I’m sure the Pokémon tried to escape the sand whirl by punching Sandygast, but it just didn’t work. Sandygast is just that strong, or it's probably because of its ghost typing. Whatever it is, it's perfect. I wasn't wrong when I decided to catch this Pokémon.

I’m standing thinking about what move to make next, but after a short time, Sandygast’s whirl just fades and the Pyukumuku is gone. I can see Sandygast’s shovel getting back to me and how he rises with a smile on his face with his mouth is surprisingly closed.

“Where is it? Why did it disappear?” I ask him, but he just nods with his mouth still closed. “Did you eat it? How am I supposed to get my answers if you eat it?” Sandygast shakes its head still with a huge smile that just pisses me the psyduck off. I bet he is an Alolan Pokémon as well. I poke him with my bat, not believing a bit of what he’s trying to tell me and feel something spongy inside. “Spit it…” he shakes his head again and tries to get away from me. “Mankey don’t let him go!”

After finding himself surrounded between Mankey and I, Sandygast gives up and coughs the Pyukumuku outside of its mouth, covered by a chunk of sand. Gross. The wild Pokémon starts jumping, shaking its one fist against Sandygast, trying to fight him, but before the battle even starts taking place, I grab it.

“You are coming with us.” I say. It has to agree, it’s not like it got any other choice.
Miranda caught a Pyukumuku!

Lvl 10 - Unaware - Mirror Coat / Bide / Water Sport / Taunt / Harden

Sandygast grew to level 16!
Current Party:

- 3 PokéBalls
- 5 Potions
- P★DA (Pokémon Digital Assistant)
- ₽100
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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Boat Terminal, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 2 - 16
Farewell, My Friend!
Part 1

Today was the last day of me being in Dewford, or at least for the near future.

I had everything well prepared for my departure. Obviously, I’ve made a prior reservation beforehand so I was able to board the boat ship without having to deal with the risk of not getting a seat at all.

After all, it's not like only trainers who are using that ship. Reaching Slateport wasn’t going to be pleasant if I had to wait for the next boat to arrive.

Yes, I was going to Slateport once more instead of riding a boat towards Petalburg. I wasn’t so sure if it was because I felt like I had the obligation to finish what I had started or because I was a stubborn idiot, but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about fighting Benji once more.

So I followed my heart and booked a boat ride to the city that had almost caused my Pokemon training career to end. Honestly, there was one other reason why I did this, but this was my main driving force to come back, which was to avenge the loss I had beforehand.

And because of that, I was sitting on one of the chairs at the ferry terminal with few other people, waiting for our boat to arrive. The smell of the sea wafting in the air, the scorching heat of the sun, and the chirping bird Pokemon flying about in the beautiful clear sky, the atmosphere was so very Hoenn-ic indeed.

As I sat down, I slowly reminisced about what had happened yesterday.

I was still feeling the euphoria of the victory at the celebration yesterday, but thankfully the talk I had with Katrina reminded me to call my family. I was hesitant to call them because I didn’t want to say that I failed to win a gym battle two times in a row and that would be really embarrassing.

I didn’t want to make any of them worry about my condition, even if their concern would be legit considering I was in a horrible mental state after losing against Benji.

And so I excused myself in the middle of the celebration and went to a silent place where I could call my family. If I may be honest, I was expecting quite a few notifications to pop up here and there. After all, I haven’t opened my main Holotch since last Thursday.

As I expected the notification number indicator on my Holotch started to rise as messages and calls started to pour in my Holotch.

At 136, I thought that there were quite a few people that cared about me.

At 467, It was much more than I had expected.

At 872, I was starting to feel quite worried.

At 999+, I freaked out. What the hell was happening!? It was impossible that I would reach this number of notifications considering I muted several group chats.

And so… I sheepishly tried to open the call application, only to be greeted by a giant wall of missed calls.

My father, my sister, Alice, some friends in the academy I rarely talked with before, and even contacts that I never saw before. They bombarded me with calls that I obviously didn’t answer at all.

All of these raised a red flag for me, 100%. I was very sure that there was no way this could end well at all.

And so I chose to call my dad. I thought that he might be one of the few people who wouldn’t panic under this unknown situation. My Holotch rang a few times as I waited for him to answer, and almost immediately after I said the word ‘hi’, he yelled several profanities I wouldn’t dare to repeat in public.

Apparently a lot of people I knew thought the worst scenario had happened to me, and that was all thanks to what I’ve said to Alice before I departed to Hoenn.

My dad told me that he got a call from Alice, and she was sobbing so much while asking for forgiveness which was very uncharacteristic for her. And just to make things worse, what she said to my father caused most of the people around me to think that I was gone for good.

And so I had to spend the rest of the party sending a lot of text messages to those people to explain that I was alright. But never in a million years that I expected to deal with so many that felt concerned about my well-being, it was really touching.

But this incident also showed how bad of a decision I made about Alice. Yet I declined her plea to call me last night and she had to settle with me constantly informing her about how I was doing from now on. It’s not that I wanted to put her under constant stress or anything, but…

I was too ashamed that my foolish action had caused one of the closest friends I’ve ever had to weep in a feeling of deep sorrow because of me. It was the greatest driving force to why I had to tell her not to call me. One day I would say sorry to her properly face-to-face, but not now.

This was a learning experience. I promised myself that I would try my hardest to not do this ever again as I looked toward the bright skies.

I was going to contact my family to tell them I was going to Slateport at this moment, but before I managed to open the menu on the old Holotch I wore once more, I could feel something really cold touching my forehead.

I lifted my head to notice that the feeling of coldness was coming from a can of soda. The perpetrator of the action giggled as they saw my reaction to their arrival.

“Having fun daydreaming?” The girl asked me while flashing a bright smile, causing me to reciprocate it with a wide smile myself.

“Not as fun as seeing you today though. How are you doing today, Kat?”


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3-5: For Tuna

🌳 Petalburg City 🕙 Sept. 22nd, Morning

"Goldie. Cute, but basic. Topaz... No. Karat," Marcella mused to herself as the group continued out of the city and made their way towards the Ranger Station under Parker's lead. "Hm. Maybe."

"What are you talking about?" Her companion didn't really speak all that much unless he was directly spoken to, so the sound of his voice after several minutes of just hearing herself was a little startling.

"Oh! I'm coming up with a name for this little guy." She nodded towards her new Meowth, who was currently walking a few paces ahead of the group with Opal and the other Meowth. There seemed to be a little chain of command forming in their gang, with Parker's Meowth taking lead. Marcella quickly noted that, while she, too, liked to race off towards people or objects of interest without notice, she always came back to Parker without being told to, and was overall a good influence on her own Pokémon in that regard.

"Ah." Parker went quiet for a moment again, cocking his head to the side as he stared at the back of her Meowth's head with furrowed brows. "Okay, I give up. Why 'Carrot'?"

Marcella wasn't sure if he was joking or not, since it seemed like a pretty self-explanatory name, but it quickly dawned on her that it was also phonetically quite similar to another common word. "No, no, not Carrot. 'Karat'." She repeated slowly, with emphasis on the A's. "You know, like how gold is measured?"

"Oh. Well, I guarantee if you call him 'Karat' in public, most people will be thinking more orange than gold when they hear it."

She sighed. That may be true—a lot of people probably did not frequent jewelry stores enough to make that connection right away. Evidently. She thought as she glanced sideways at Parker.

The trio had noisily returned from successfully bullying a Skwovet into a bush, disrupting her thoughts. Bijou looked like she wanted to join in a few times, but quickly gave up on catching up to them when they raced off, turning her nose up in a "well, I didn't want to play with you anyway"-way as they bounded back. Marcella smiled sadly at the Purrloin next to her, before turning back to Parker. "Whatever. So, what do you call her?" She asked, gesturing to his own Meowth. Might give her some inspiration to start with. Matching names would be cute! She added silently.

"I call her 'Meowth'."

Speaking of 'basic'. So much for inspiration. "But—you can't do that! You have to give her a name."

"Why? She knows she's Meowth." And sure enough, the Meowth now padding alongside him kept looking up at the sound of her 'name'.

"How would you distinguish her from other Meowth?"

"I mean... I only have the one. And if you name yours Carrot, I can keep calling her Meowth with no issues."

"I'm not calling him Carrot. But also, giving them a nickname is how you bond with Pokémon." She argued matter-of-factly, as if Avery hadn't told her this just two days ago. She peeked over at the Meowth. "We'll think of something for you next, okay, sweetie?" Parker's Pokémon looked back at her indifferently.

Marcella spent a few more minutes thinking, not wanting a name too common, but definitely not reminiscent of orange vegetables.

"Okay, I got it—Midas. Like the Midas touch, you know? Turning everything to gold. He's clearly got an eye for shiny things."

"Yeah, it's cute." Was all he had to contribute.

"And we can call her Fortuna," She continued, brushing past his terse praise. "That goes well with Midas."

Parker hesitated. "You know, I found her digging through the trash behind Fatboy's Pizzeria."

"What's your point?"

He shrugged. "Fortuna just sounds a bit... fancy for her, is all I'm saying."

Marcella pursed her lips together as Parker led them up the stone steps towards a large, old house. He glanced back and caught a glimpse of her expression, before looking down to address his Meowth.

"What do you think, bud? For-tuna. She does like tuna. Don't you, Tuna?" She purred in response to the attention of both humans.

"Are you doing this on purpose?"

"No, no. I like it, too." He said lightly, with a small smile. "Fortuna. But Tuna for short."

She ignored him, stooping down to give the Meowth a quick pet. "Midas and Fortuna it is!"

He hummed in agreement. "Kinda missed out on the opportunity to be 'Carrot and Tuna', though."

"That's... not even clever. Or a good combination of foods." Marcella shook her head as he opened the door for her.

Parker laughed. "Well, anyway, here we are. Come on in. Tuna—go get Opal and Midas, I saw them rolling that way."

🏘️ Petalburg Ranger Station 🕙 Sept. 22nd, Morning

The interior of the Ranger Station was more modern than Marcella would have expected, but mostly because it looked so old from the outside. Not that it wasn't without its charm—they still kept a rustic look about it, with polished wooden floors and stylistically rough-sawn lumber furniture, but this was contrasted with some of the machinery in the left wing of the first floor, which, from the looks of it, Marcella guessed functioned as a workshop of sorts. A large, wooden table sat in the center of the room, and Pokémon saddles and harnesses of varying sizes were hung on the walls, with the workstations and tools that created them lined up neatly underneath.

"So, we are still needing help in... area 5C." Parker read out from the monitor of a computer at the back of the room. "That's actually right up against the forest entrance on—hey, are you paying attention? Nevermind, I'll walk you there, sounds like I need to go into the forest to fish out some kids that snuck in, anyway. So, since you're assigned there, you'll need—" He motioned for her to follow him to one of the workstations, before reaching into one of two plastic bins under it and tossing her a pair of garish, green and red goggles. "These."

"Um—" Marcella mustered up a surprising amount of disdain in just the one syllable, as she held the goggles by the strap. "I'm not wearing these."

"It's not a fashion statement, Marcella." He snapped on a pair of his own. Clearly. She grimaced as he continued. "If you happen to run into Shroomish that have wandered near the edge of the forest, you could get spore'd. You'll need these." He repeated.

She exhaled sharply, defeated, but did not want to put them on until they left this area. "Anything else?"

"Yes. So, because it's already a bit distressing for the wild Pokémon out there—with the number of volunteers wandering around this time of year and all—we limit the number of Pokémon you can bring with you for help. Which one are you taking?"

Marcella went through her options in her head, but kept thinking back to the sad Purrloin who just wanted to play with the other Pokémon. She'd probably be happier for it if she could drop a few pounds. But she'd have to work for it. This was a good opportunity for some exercise.

"How about it, Bijou, wanna come with me?" Maybe she realized this, too, but for the first time, Bijou seemed eager to do something physical.

"Alright then, Purrloin—"


"Right, Bijou, come up here." Parker patted on a cushion sitting atop the workstation. "We don't have Safety Goggles prepared for every species of Pokémon, but I can make a pair for her really quick. Just need to measure her head—you can take a seat at the table if you want, and there's a coffee machine over there."

Marcella did just that—the coffee was tepid, so she left it alone after taking a sip, and just sat watching Parker gently take Bijou's measurements and work quietly. 20 minutes later, Bijou hopped off the workstation with a brand-new pair of... those ugly goggles strapped to her head. At least she seemed to like them.

"She's really feeling herself in these goggles, huh." Parker smiled proudly at his work, as the Purrloin strutted around the workshop. "Ready to head out?"

Marcella sighed, snapping her own pair in place. "Yeah, they sure... fit her head." Was the best compliment she could come up with. "Alright, let's go."

I rushed the shading and lighting ok leave me alone


Purrloin ♀ // Bijou
Level 22

Fake Out
Sand Attack
Play Rough


Clamperl ♀ // Pearly
Level 13

Water Gun
Iron Defense


Wooloo ♀ // Opal
Level 20

Double Kick


Meowth ♂ // Midas
Level 15

Pay Day

Dear Diary


2-1: M.I.A.
2-2: Footwear Filchers
2-3: Cut Off
2-4: Bijou Bootcamp
2-5: Beached
2-6: Pearly
2-7: Showtime - ft. Avril, June, Tsu, Robynn, Shuna
2-8: Natsuko vs. Marcella - ft. Tsu
2-9: The Three C's
2-10: In/Dependent
2-11: Connections - ft. Avril, Hikaru


3-1: Fiancé
3-2: Promise
3-3: Roughing It
3-4: Feline Friends
3-5: For Tuna


₱31,000, more or less

Medium-sized leather suitcase of clothes
Rotom Phone (Sky Blue)
Fanclub Membership Card (Annual)
Luxury Balls x 3
Silk Scarf
Contest Pass

Trainer Info




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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Docks, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 2 - 17
Farewell, My Friend!
Part 2

Both of us were standing on the edges of the dock as we were being bathed by the sunlight. There were only several minutes left before the scheduled time for the boat to arrive, and so we decided to wait there.

“So how are you doing?” I asked her before sipping the cherry soda she gave me.

“I’m doing much better, thanks.”

I was very happy to see her here. Her rosy cheeks that were shined upon by the warm sun gave way to a wide smile on my face. I was very happy that she was doing much better than how I left her yesterday.

Yet even with that, I just couldn’t stop the jitters. Even when I knew that she was going to come here, thanks to her message she sent me earlier in the morning.

“So you have decided to return to Slateport, huh?”

“Yeah, I don’t know if things will work out, though.” I laughed sheepishly, it was not a lie that I was a bit nervous about my decision to do this. Quite a lot even.

“Come on, for someone who talked all of that back yesterday, you should be confident!” She clenched her free arm tightly while smiling to encourage me.

“Tsk, that is that and this is this.” I took another sip of the cherry soda. “Well, even if I lose again, I guess I’ll just have to bounce back harder.” I smiled in front of her.

There was no doubt in my mind at this time that I was going to trudge on the path of being a trainer even if I lost this battle. But Kat’s response to what I said was not what I would expect.

“You won’t.” She answered with such a resolution in her voice as if she already peered into the future to see this reality.

“How can you be so sure about that?”

“Because it’s you we’re talking about.” She brightly smiled once more which caught me off guard while I was drinking. I was choking on the soda as she innocently uttered the words that caused me to blush.

She was thinking too highly of this young man right here. Not that I didn’t like her compliment at all, of course not.

“Okay now you’re just making me blush, stop it.”

“Oh yeah? Now you know how I felt all this time.”

“Well if you weren’t so cute to tease I wouldn’t even be bothered to try.” I decided to pay her back for what she did, and this one caused her to blush herself.

“Oh, you!” She tried to pinch me while I tried my best to parry it with both hands.

“Well, well, look who we have here.”

In the middle of our tussling against each other, I could hear a familiar voice. It came from Vincent as he and Callie walked in on us. However that wasn’t the only thing that caught my eyes, Vincent was dragging a big suitcase alongside him which could only mean… Nah, no way I thought.

“Vincent! Callie!” I enthusiastically greeted them.

“Haha, hi Arthur. Sorry to interrupt your conversation.”

“No, no… It’s okay. Happy to see you here, uh… What’s with the suitcase?”

“Wait, didn’t you know already? I’m going to Slateport today.” He uttered the word that caused all of us there to look at him with a confused expression on our face.

“What? What’s with the expression? Did I not say that already? I mean back—”

“You didn’t, V.” Callie cut him off while shaking her head.

“Ahaha, my mistake then. But yeah, I guess you should be happy that the dashing gentleman is willing to accompany you on your journey for one more day!” He made a v-shaped gesture on his chin using his fingers while smiling smugly.

The gesture was only met by an eye roll from me, an awkward smile from Kat, and Callie covering her face with both of her hands while shaking her head. She looked like she was ready to dive in the sea any time soon due to the embarrassment of watching this middle-aged man's poor impression of a hip teenager.

“What’s with the expression? Can’t you all be much happier about my—”

The boat horn blared loudly before Vincent managed to finish his complaint, signaling that it was time to board the boat.

“Welp, I guess we won’t have much more time to chat.” Vincent smiled before Callie hugged him really tightly.

“I’m going to miss you.” She told Vincent in a sorrowful voice.

“Yeah. Me too, Callie. Take care of yourself would you?”

“Don’t forget to call me…”

“Of course, I’ll keep in touch.”

“Don’t just say it… The last time you did—”

“Aight, aight… The last time was my fault. I won’t do it again.”

Vincent tightened his hug on Callie and both of them stayed in it for a while. It was pretty telling from their expression that they cared a lot about each other. It was pretty touching for me to see them, but I had my own thing to deal with.

I sent a message last night to Kat about what I was going to do today and the fact that she didn’t bring her luggage here was pretty telling to me of her decision.

This was the end of our journey together.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Docks, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 2 - 18
Farewell, My Friend!
Part 3

I tried to keep it calm to respectfully send her off. But it was not easy to keep a smiling face as we both shared some parting words with each other, it’s just plain sad, you know? Parting wasn’t my strong suit, and even with the few experiences I had, it was still bitter to do so.

Yet I put on my smiling face as always, hoping that at least my smile could help her avoid the same feelings I had about this decision.

“Hey, Arthur. Sorry that I decided to stay here, I just wanted some time by myself to think of what to do next...” She hung her head while avoiding my eyes as she told me what

“Oh please don’t be… I mean you do you, don’t… Don’t let me dictate what you want to do, that’s you know, not good and all… I, uh… What’s your plan moving forward, then?”

My attempt at trying to hide my emotions felt like a waste of time at this point as I couldn’t even speak properly without stuttering my words. But, I continued to do so anyway like an idiot.

“I don’t know. Honestly, I want to try doing contests and still doing gym but juggling both may be a recipe for disaster, haha…” She sheepishly laughed while still averting her gaze away.

“No, actually that’s a good idea! I mean who knows right? Maybe your passion lies in doing contests or perhaps something else different entirely. This is honestly quite hypocritical for me to say, but… Do what you want, don’t let anyone else dictate it for you because you’re the one living it. That’s what my late grandpa told me, back then… I hope it works for you.” I smiled at her as my eyes met hers which was stealing glances towards me.


It seemed that neither of us really wanted this to happen. But maybe this was for the best, she could grow without having to worry about me and the same goes for me. Besides, it didn’t mean we both are completely disconnected from each other, we could just contact or call each other when we want to.

“I guess this is goodbye, then. I hope we can meet again in the future.”

I said my final parting words as I turned myself towards the direction of the boat. With heavy hearts, I slowly moved forward while sipping what remains of my cherry soda.


Katrina’s scream stopped me from taking another step forward.

“I know this is a stupid request I ask you… But… When I’m confident enough that I won’t drag you down… Will you wait for me!?”

I turned my head back while unable to hold my grin at what she was saying.

“Of course, stupid. I’ll wait until you’re ready to, but try not to make me wait really long, will you?” I giggled at her.

“Hey, are you going or not, kid!? I have a schedule to adhere to here so make up your mind quickly!” Our parting was interrupted as the boat captain yelled at me to enter the boat or not at all.

While shaking our heads, both of us decided that it was the right time to end our conversation. And so I took my reserved seat, which was apparently next to Vincent.

“Bye Kat! Bye Callie!” I yelled as I waved my hand as the boat started to move towards the sea.

“Arthur! My name! It’s Sophie!”

The yell turned my eyes wide as I looked towards her with a sense of confusion and joy at the same time.

“Bye Sophie! Take care of yourself!” I yelled once more with a wide smile brightly plastered on my face.

It’s just been a few days since I started this journey with her.

The fact that we have opened up this far with each other when we couldn’t even trust one another the first moment we met at the yacht almost gave way to tears in my eyes. I’m really grateful that I’ve met her.

Phew, at least I wasn’t being sentimental when I’m there, otherwise—

My gladness at the matter stopped suddenly as I remembered that there was someone I knew sitting next to me.

The man in question grinned mischievously while raising his eyebrows up and down. It was hard to ignore him when he constantly nudged me with his elbow.

“Ah, to be young again… Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll meet your girlfriend again soon.”

“For the last time, she’s not my girlfriend!”

“Yet.” Vincent giggled before closing his ears.

“Tch.” I clicked my tongue at his teasing.

And that was how we went our separate ways. It pained us to do so, but it would make our reunion down the line much sweeter.

Goodbye, Sophie. Let us meet again soon.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Docks, Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 2 - 19
Turn it Up!
Part 1

The boat had finally arrived at its destination.

I walked out from it to the pavement of the dock of Slateport. I couldn’t help but think of Benji as soon as I set my foot there or at the very least the worse scenario of what could happen when I challenge him again.

At the very least I had just enough brainpower to know that challenging Petalburg Gym would be an even dumber decision to make when you knew who was the acting gym leader. Nobody in Hoenn that remotely followed Pokemon battling wouldn't recognize his name.

I mean how am I supposed to fight a guy who managed to enter the Hall of Fame with my current situation? If I couldn't even beat Benji, then I could just kiss the chance to even beat the guy goodbye. And so, I just hope I could win this rematch at the very least since it’ll make the eventual losing there taste less bitter.

Thinking about It was quite nerve-wracking even after beating Brawly. And thanks to that, I accidentally tripped on the sidewalk because dumb me had to dove too deep in my thoughts to see the road properly.

“Come on, what’s with the long face, my friend? Are you doing well?” Vincent lent out his hand to help me lift myself which I accepted almost immediately.

“I’m doing well, but you know…”

“The fact you answer with a ‘but’ actually means you’re not.”

I sighed almost instantly thanks to Vincent’s response.

“Argh, it’s just the jitters. I can’t help it!”

“Well, you’ll do fine. Trust me.” Vincent smiled warmly while I could only chuckle.

I knew that both Sophie and Vincent said that I would do well in my rematch against Benji. But it’s easier said than done, but again it’s much easier to wallow in a self-deprecating mindset like this than to actually work towards defeating him.

So I took a deep breath and put those thoughts aside the best I could before I changed the topic.

“So, what are you going to do now?”

“I actually have a meeting with my client soon, so there’s that. You? Don’t you have to book a schedule to get a match against the gym leader here? You won’t get a good time slot if you’re not in a hurry...”

“True, let’s hurry then…”

“Well, actually… I have something to do first, so I guess we should part ways here then.”

“Oh, you want me to accompany you?

“Adults only, kiddo,” He said while ruffling my hair. “But seriously, it’s about the job I’ve told you before. It’ll probably take quite a bit depending on how long my client will ramble on before we go into the meat and potatoes of the matter. You’ll have a better time to plan out what you would do against Benji than joining the conversation between two boring geezers.”


So we decided to go our separate ways just shortly before noon. I went to the Pokemon Center while Vincent minded his own business.

I barely managed to snag a late afternoon slot. It wasn’t the best choice though, I planned to rode the boat back to Dewford today so I could go straight to Petalburg, but apparently, I was reading the wrong schedule, and that there was no way I could go from Slateport to Petalburg in one day if I didn’t manage to catch the first boat of the day.

Oh well, more time to do more game-planning I guess.

As I entered my room, I decided that the best action to take was taking a rest for a bit. But I just couldn’t help it, I found myself sitting on the chair in the room almost immediately as I opened the notepad function of my Holotch.

Sophie was clearly trying her best to find out what she wanted to do. And so I had to do my best here to make my friend proud when we both meet each other again.

There were a lot of things I could do to maximize my chance of winning, and I intend to explore all of those avenues as much as I could with what time I had.

It’s time! It’s payback time!


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Edison Kintobor
Tuesday, September 22nd, afternoon
Petalburg City

Ed stops to catch his breath, leaning against the nearest wall. Sunny is faster than him, and he'd allowed her a head start. Worst of all, he couldn't even call her or navigate with his map. All because of his stubborn pride and need to...

She'd called him "Ed".

He pushes himself off the wall, continuing along the main street. He needs to find the Pokémon Center. It's the easiest spot in town to find, and she'd probably go there first.

He can't stop replaying the scene in his head. What had gone wrong? He hadn't planned to capture Slowpoke, and Sunny certainly hadn't wanted it, but she was furious that he gave it away. It couldn't be about Slowpoke, then...

The Pokémon Center comes into view, so he tables the topic for now. Hopefully she's here, but if she's not, he'll need to ask the staff. They probably won't just tell him if she's rented a room or not, that's not the kind of information you just hand out to strangers. He'll have to think of a plan.

Upon entering, he quickly scans the room. It's actually rather quiet at the moment, with only the receptionist at the desk, filling out paperwork. She looks up as he enters, smiling warmly. "Good day to you, sir! Is there anything I can help you with?"

Ed pauses, quickly thinking up a lie. "Yes, actually. I'm looking for a girl." He notices her mouth twitch slightly, realizing too late how that sounds. "I broke my phone, and my friend Sunny told me to meet up with her when I could. I figured she might wait for me here, but I guess not. Have you seen her? She's about yea high, green eyes, red hair, blonde tips?"

"You know, that sounds familiar. I've seen her, but she left already. Sorry I can't be more help."

Ed waves her concerns away, grabbing a local map from the help desk. "I appreciate it. You've been lovely, thank you for the help." He bows his head slightly, then heads to the Cafe section to spread the map over a table.

Various shops, residential area, the Pokémon Center... there's only so many places Sunny would go. The Enomoto Pokémon Conservatory looks interesting... but that's more his idea of fun, not Sunny's. No, she's more likely to go North, to the local Gym.

With a new destination set, he leaves the Center, following the road north. He picks up his train of thought were he'd left off...

Perhaps it was the Lure Ball? She'd given him one, and one to Miss Tsu, keeping the other for herself. But she'd professed no desire for a Water type, and was happy to give them out, so it couldn't be that... is her anger because he gave away the Ball that she'd gifted to him? No... she's not that big into gifts, she wouldn't be bothered by a simple regift.

Of course, there's the common denominator... Marie. Sunny had become more standoffish when Marie arrived. And she'd refused to give Marie a Lure Ball. His hypothesis? Sunny doesn't like Marie, and got mad when Ed gave her a Pokémon inside a specialty Ball that Sunny specifically avoided giving her.

It seems strange to Ed, but then, Sunny is a strange girl. He makes his way up to the Gym, heading on inside. It's a simple building, nothing too extravagant, and mostly empty at the moment. There's a man at the desk up front, and another watching a Zigzagoon run laps around an obstacle course.

"Excuse me, can I ask you some questions?" Ed approaches the desk, and the receptionist quickly puts down the book he'd been reading.

"Certainly, what can I help you with?"

"I'm looking for a friend of mine. She's a Pokémon Trainer, so I figured she might have come to challenge the Gym Leader. Have you seen her?" Ed describes Sunny to the man.

"Y'know, you actually just missed her. She left after we informed her of the schedule around here. Y'see, Leader Norman only accepts challenges in the mornings, and only on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays."

"Oh. That's... good to know..." Ed strokes his chin in thought. This behavior isn't too outside the norm for Sunny. From that, he can infer that she's not angry anymore, so what would be her next stop?

"Anything else I can help you with?" The receptionist waves a hand to get Ed's attention.

"Hm? ...oh. No, but thank you. I'll be going now." The man shrugs and returns to his book as Ed leaves.

"Right. Where was I?" Ed looks around the area. He could go back to the Pokémon Center and wait for her, or he could keep looking around. He could also just give up and do something else for a while, but that doesn't sit well with him after how they'd parted. He needs to find her and set things right.

As he walks back toward the Pokémon Center, he notices a little café off to the side. The setting sun is in his eyes, but he sees a few people seated at the outdoor tables. And one of them, despite having her back to him, looks very familiar.

Ed approaches, stopping just behind her chair. "You know... you can be very hard to find if you want to be."

Sunny glances up at him, then returns to her drink. "Oh, hey Eddie."

It's odd... he suddenly feels lighter, as I a burden was lifted from his shoulders. "Listen, about The Point..."

"Yeah, that was a pretty lousy thing you did." Sunny shrugs, watching a Dustox fly by. How bizarre, I didn't think Dustox would come this close to the city...

"Luckily, I forgive you." Sunny's words catch Ed's attention again. "And I probably overreacted, storming off all dramatic like that, so... sorry."

"You don't have to apologize." Ed responds almost instantly. "I'm just glad you're okay."

"Why wouldn't I be?" Sunny looks up in confusion.

"Well... I mean... when you left you seemed pretty angry... I just thought... you know..." Ed stammers. Had he been concerned over nothing?

"What, you thought my temper would make me do something stupid?" Sunny laughs, and Ed feels his face flush. Now he knows his worry wasn't warranted, and he hates being wrong in public like this.

"Eddie, I was over the anger by the time I got to town. You know me, I run hot, but I get over it. I checked in at the Center, stopped by the Gym, signed us up to battle the Leader in the morning, then decided I wanted a smoothie."

Ed shakes his head, still recovering from his embarrassment. "Right, I figured. I sort of... wait, what did you say?"

"I wanted a smoothie? Do you want one too?"

"No! Well, yes, but... you signed us up to battle the Leader?!"

"Uh, yeah. Duh. Why else would I go to the Gym?" She loudly sips at her now empty cup.

"You can't just... this is the second... don't I get a say in this?!"

"Come on, Eddie." Sunny reaches up to poke him in the chest. "You know that you don't."

He sputters in protest before just throwing his hands up in defeat. "You are just insufferable some times, you know that?"

That gets a laugh out of her. "You know you love me!" She teases him.

Ed just sighs, taking the seat across from her. "I haven't trained at all since I fought Brawly. That was this morning, remember?'

"You'll be fine! It's a Normal type Gym, how hard could it be?"

Ed thinks back to his fight with Brawly, and Addie's performance at the end. "I know better than to underestimate any Pokémon, regardless of type."

Sunny thinks about that, then shrugs in acquiescence. "Fair point. Guess we'll just have to train tonight." She stands up, tossing her empty cup into the trash. "Wanna go check out the forest?"

"Sunny, the sun's going down! We can't just wander into the woods at night." Ed gestures to the setting sun for emphasis.

Sunny huffs in annoyance, crossing her arms. "Fine, then what do you suggest?"

"We reschedule the match." Ed crosses his arms as well.

"Ehht!" Sunny makes a noise like a buzzer. "Not happening, try again!"

Ed groans, pinching the bridge of his nose. "...local Pokémon." He looks back up, pointing to Sunny's wrist. "We scan the area for local Pokémon, and we battle them. They have home field advantage, they don't want to be seen, and they'll probably try to flee. It'll be like hide and seek, but with a battle at the end."

"I think that's just cops and robbers..." Sunny gets distracted by the metaphor, idly twirling her hair around her finger. "But I like it! I'll bet we encounter some kind of Pokémon thieves, scrounging through people's trash looking for scraps! It's up to us to find these criminals and put a stop to them!"

She holds out her hand to Ed, grinning excitedly. He doesn't think it'll be so dramatic, but Sunny's energy is infectious. He grins as he grabs her hand and she pulls him from the chair.

"With our skills and training, those thieves won't know what hit them."

Sunny drops her voice, mimicking that movie trailer guy. "He's a by-the-book detective who always gets his man!"

Ed rolls his eyes, but does the same. "And she's a loose cannon who doesn't play by the rules!"

The two stand back to back, Sunny looking at her Holotch. "They've been partnered up for their toughest case yet."

Ed pulls Neo's ball from his belt. "Tracking down criminals in this quiet suburban town. They are..."

"Dey and Knight!" Sunny proudly exclaims, to Ed's confusion. "Coming to theaters this summer!"

"...so am I Knight?" Ed points to himself.

"Well, you kinda put me on the spot, and I couldn't think of a good pun." Sunny rubs the back of her head sheepishly.

"We'll work on it."

"Yeah." Sunny pulls up the Ranger database for Petalburg, looking for the SCAN. "This is normally your job."

Ed holds up his hands, his wrists clear of any device. "Guess you're the by the book one. I get to be bad cop this time."

Sunny pouts as her device processes. "But I like being bad cop."

"Sorry, sister." Ed growls, doing his best "dirty cop" voice. "But this good cop's gone rogue."

"Hey. Hey hey hey, look at this!" Sunny smacks Ed's arm to get his attention. "You were right, look at all the places Zigzagoon show up. Come on, let's go!"

He winces from the hit, but when Sunny takes off running, he's right at her heels.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Slateport Gym, Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 2 - 20
Turn it Up!
Part 2

“So you’re back! After winning Brawly’s badge too, Great! Let’s see how much you’ve improved!”

Benji was as enthusiastic as ever with his challenger. This time it was rubbing off well with me, or maybe I was just being more open-minded and less cranky which helped quite a lot in me being receptive to his approach.

The fact that I felt that I was well-prepared enough was something that certainly helped with my nervousness.

I’ve done quite a bit during my limited downtime. I briefed them on what they should do when I told them a certain order, taught them what to do when I yelled a certain keyword to catch Benji by surprise, I even did pep talk to each and every single one of them to raise their spirits.

I was very hopeful that all of that would pay off well.

I did a quick handshake with him and after we wished each other good luck, the battle finally began. We both chose two Pokemon while the rest of my team was watching on the sidelines so they could learn something from the battle.

He chose Trash Cloak Wormadam and Pineco while I decided to roll with Nero and Braveheart. Why not using Muchorin, you might ask? It’s just the issue of how this would go down that’s all.

After the last weather-laden affair his Pokemon whipped up last time against me and Sophie, it wasn’t a far reach to guess that he would do the same thing even with the new combination of Pokemon, and with the most probable weather being Sandstorm it would be unwise to proceed with Muchorin even with his type advantage.

I was almost certain that it was the case and it didn’t take long before my prediction became true. Just a mere seconds after the battle started his Wormadam whipped up a Sandstorm which not only obscured the view but caused him to cough as sand entered his mouth when he tried to cheer me up again.

Pineco tried to set up Stealth Rock but unfortunately for it, Nero shot the Pineco with a Psybeam just before it managed to do so, but Wormadam’s Electro Web raged inside the Sandstorm causing an electrified web to fly all around the place stopping a follow-up attack to be done as my Pokemon chose to eject the web with a combined psychic energy push by both Braveheart and Nero.

If I had to pinpoint, that might be the moment where both of us realized it was a battle of attrition. Or so I thought, because I forgot the fact that Benji’s Wormadam had the move Quiver Dance. As soon as he did it, I knew that this would end really badly from my experience against Alice’s Larvesta.

I had to finish this as soon as possible, but the fact that Pineco kept shooting Pin Missiles while adding Stealth Rock and Toxic Spike to the whirlwind of sand was really keeping both Braveheart and Nero from being able to drop that decisive blow against Wormadam.

Wormadam had to constantly shift position and threw attacks of itself instead of using another Quiver Dance so that was a win, but Magnet Rise as a mobility option made it really hard for Braveheart to land on close-ranged hits.

As the battle raged on, it was clear that both Pineco and Nero weren't going to last longer in this hazardous surrounding filled with Toxic Spikes due to the typing they had compared to Wormadam and Braveheart.

And with both of Benji Pokemon able to run Sandstorm outlasting it wasn’t a choice either. It was getting so much out of hand that we had to stand much farther than what trainers usually do for their battles thanks to how hazardous the condition inside the

It was clear to me that it was the time to sack Nero with Destiny Bond. It worked wonderfully against Brawly’s Hariyama, so there was no question regarding its effectiveness.

And so I yelled one of the keywords I taught to Braveheart specifically. I yelled “Braveheart, hard press!”. This actually meant the opposite, I basically ordered Braveheart to change its attacking plans and calmly use the attacks at its disposal to reduce pressure instead of rushing through with barrages of Bullet Punch with Zen Headbutt like it was doing right now.

The reason why I shouted the order was so it could tone down the pressure a little bit to allow Wormadam to do his Quiver Dance and ensure that it would power up so it could land a powerful attack on Nero and knocking both of them out, which would leave the weakened Pineco for Braveheart to finish off.

Sadly my partner never listened at all. I couldn’t tell if it was because of it being engulfed with anger or the sandstorm just muffled my voice, but it just didn’t go the way I envisioned.

Braveheart kept raining down Bullet Punch again and again which kept Wormadam on its toes. It was just not what I wanted and with me unable to blurt out the plan without causing Benji to understand what was going on, I just had to roll with what was currently going on without yelling more orders after that. It’s just too risky and the chances are that Benji would be suspicious if I kept telling Braveheart to press even more while it already did that.

So decided to improvise and ordered Nero to press Wormadam also, but the flying hazards combined with the constant Rapid Spin from Pineco prevented any sort of opportunity from opening up as Nero was busy fending for itself.

Then suddenly an accidental breakthrough opened up for us as Braveheart’s attempt to use its signature technique of the rapid speed rotating Zen Headbutt was dodged by Wormadam who used Quiver Dance as the opportunity opened itself. It was a great opening, I thought. If I could get Nero at the right spot in time, I could potentially knock it out now.

It only lasted a mere moment though, Nero finally tumbled thanks to the damage it sustained inside the sandstorm, and with the situation now two against one in the state Braveheart was… I just did what I can until Electro Web and Pin Missile finally took my final Pokemon out.

And it’s over… Just like that. An even worse result than my first battle.

Benji cheered me up and told me that he would wait for my rematch again with great enthusiasm, and I smiled at him. I even confidently said that I'd get him next time, but damn if it didn’t sting.

I needed ice cream… Lots and lots of them.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Slateport Gym, Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 2 - 21
Turn it Up!
Part 3

“Arthur! Hey, Arthur!”


“Uh, I know you’re upset… But uh… Are you sure you’ll able to eat all of that?”

“Dunh wurry!” I gulped a huge portion of ice cream in my mouth. “I’ll manage.”

Vincent’s jaw continued to drop as he watched me finishing the seven scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream I ordered with cherries, nuts, wafers, and chocolate syrup on top.

I needed some outlet for my frustration and so I decided that the best way to do it than to swear a lot inside a public space was for me to wolf down on this ridiculous amount of ice cream without caring about anything. Not even brain freeze or my usual healthy diet plan could stop me from chowing this down.

I was going to order a bigger bowl of ice cream, but I was pretty sure that the only place I was returning to if I finish the entire bowl was the ER. So I was barely able to restrain myself from ordering the ‘Heart-Attack Bowl’ from the menu.

Unfortunately, I was unable to escape the consequences of my action as I was barely able to walk due to stomachache.

“Geez, I’m glad that you didn’t do binge drinking to vent like some of my colleagues do, but please have a handle on yourself…” Vincent complained while helping me to walk.

“Sorry… Urgh…” The stomachache I had started to act up as I covered my mouth in an effort to stop the nausea I had.

Vincent had to give me some water to drink while we rested on a bench as I wasn’t in the shape to continue moving. Several minutes elapsed with him helping me to get my body good enough to walk again, but soon after I was feeling better he started the conversation as usual.

“Well… This is not what I expected to see after coming back from finishing my business. Far from it even.”

“What? You thought I’d cry in self-loathing?”

“Maybe?” He answered in a playful tone. “Although, I must admit that eating ice cream is a much better way to cope than to wander aimlessly to in the streets past midnight, but still, eat responsibly please.” He launched a playful dig at me which managed to elicit a chuckle from me.

“Well, I’ve learned my lesson at the very least.”

“Yeah, you should. You would attract more ladies if you do so.”

“What’s with the sudden comment?”

“You don’t realize? Some girls were stealing glances at you, you know?”

I looked at him with a shocked expression. Nah, it can’t be… The only reason they would’ve glanced at me is probably because I did something weird without me realizing it. Stealing glances in the context he was trying to imply? Nah, no psyducking way, it’s just not realistically possible.

“What the hell, Vincent? That’s not true, even back at the academy—

“I don’t know you back in your academy days, Arthur. But you’re pretty good-looking right now if I may say so myself, combined with how you constantly dressed to impress and you get yourself a killer combo.”

“Oh please. It’s… I mean I got these from thrift shops, no way they’ll attract the girls.” I was still adamant that there was no chance in hell that what he said was true at all. All I did was just applying what I learned about dressing nicely from Alice, nothing more than that.

“They might be from a thrift shop, but what important are they didn’t look that way. Let’s see…” He started to examine my clothes more closely.

“Marc Fuller… Gabriel’s… Giancomo Androssi… These are high-end brands. Hell, even your belt comes from the same tier of fashion brand. The way I see it, you’re looking like a supermodel on vacation, even down to the part where you looked like you’ve been binge drinking to drown your sorrows.”

We both chuckled at his joke, but listening to it… I couldn’t help but think it was strangely detailed. Did what he just said comes from his personal experience? If so was he actually a model? Well, how messy his look was almost dissuaded me from questioning that, but he certainly had the physique to excel in modeling...

And so with nothing to lose, I fired my question bullet.

“Your personal experience, huh?”

“Uh… Well, kinda. I was the guy who carried the said person to the hotel we stayed at. You can say that it was a fascinating experience.”

“Is that so... So you’re a model?”

“Perhaps so? Or maybe not? Who knows?"

"You, dumbass." I answered him with a snarky tone while squinting my eyes.

"Well, sometimes humans can't escape their forgetfulness." He laughed before lifting himself from the bench we sat on.

My question was deflected once again. Of course. I didn’t know why I expected any answer from him after he always changed the topic when I asked about it back in Dewford. My curiosity about his job grew and grew each time he deflected my attempt, but looking at the current situation I probably would never know the truth.

Either way, we decided to call it a day. Vincent said that he would need to ride a boat back to Dewford anyway, so he could accompany me until that point at the very least. And so we entered the Pokemon Center only to be greeted with a sight that made me extremely nervous.

A girl looked at me with a concerned look. Her auburn hair and fair skin were mesmerizing as always, yet the sorrowful smile plastered on her face was enough to make me hung my head and avoid her gaze.

The girl in the white dress I saw there was my beloved sister.



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Jordie "Jo" Hughes
Sunday, September 20th
Chapter 2: Part 2 - Midnight Tours
23:45 pm to 00:05 am - Littleroot Passage

The worst part of going on a tour or similar is having to wait in line, even if part of it is Jordie's fault and their obsession with being early everywhere.

The midnight tours don't start until well… midnight, at least theirs, so it's still around fifteen minutes to go, which also explains why there's barely any people, and the few there are, are groups of friends, or just couples.

Jordie sighs, it's a terrible time to be alone. Not just being single, in fact, Jordie hasn’t felt something like that in a good while. They did leave a few people in Unova, though, and while they do plan to go back there at a certain point, their ties with them aren’t as strong as they were before.

It’s not Jordie’s fault, though. They didn’t understand this was important. To be the strongest trainer in the world may be a fantasy for many, but it’s a lifelong dream for them and they had to pursue it. Starting in a familiar place like Unova wasn’t going to help when they got to other regions, they had to take the big step forward, even if that meant to tell everyone to go psyduck themselves. It’s not selfish to follow your dreams.

They still miss those people, though. A bit.

"Good evening, everyone. The last group should be returning from their tour shortly. We will set sail to start the shipwreck tours in a few minutes." The tour guide suddenly claims, interrupting Jordie's nostalgic thoughts and welcoming the feeling of excitement and anxiousness, similar to that of going to watch a movie you've been so hyped for months. "For now, you are free to take a seat. Please board our boat carefully and try not to push other passengers."

Jordie decides to stay as close as possible to the front and the water. If they fall, they'll be fine. They just verified the water is warm enough for them, so swimming back to the boat won't be a huge issue unless the water Pokémon decide otherwise.

Of course, nobody sits with them, because… groups. Not until a familiar face shows up at least.

"You are that guy from Slateport." Jordie asks. "Hui, right? From Alola."

He doesn't seem to recognize them at first. That, or he was just caught off guard because he was looking at his phone when Jordie called him. Still, he takes his time to react and point at the trainer. "... from Unova. It was…"


"Or Jo. That's right." Jordie smiles and invites him to sit with them. "I'm gonna be honest, I didn't expect to see you ever again."

"We are both trainers, though, right? It was just a matter of time we would meet again." They ask back, to which Hui confirms although he doesn't seem very sure. "What brings you here?"

"Well, while people usually complain this region has too much water, Alola is four islands so this isn't much, really. Heh." He explains. "It was natural for me to build some interest on the sea, that includes shipwrecks. S.S. Cactus in particular is a strange case. Nobody really knows why it sank to begin with, one of the engines just stopped working."

"That's interesting. Leave a bit of work for the tour guides, though" Jordie laughs. "So you are not here for the league?"

"Uhh... not really." He says. "I'm a trainer too, but my brother is the one interested in the league and becoming champion."

"Why not start in Alola, though?"

"There's no point in doing that. Or that's what he says, at least…" Hui answers. "He wanted to start there at first, but the Pokémon League in Alola is practically recent and therefore not so big. He is very competitive, so that was important to him."

"I agree with him." Jordie smiles and blushes a little bit from finding someone with a similar mindset than them. "I don't think there's something like 'competing for fun', you see. People compete to win. If you want to have fun you can battle random trainers on the street or enter a Trainer's House. If the competitive scene isn't too big in Alola, then he is just wasting his time."

"He might like talking to you… but he may hate you as well." Jordie laughs. "What about you? What brought you to Hoenn?"

"Unova's competitive scene is pretty big, unlike Alola's. The problem is that I already know each corner of the map, and while that would make it easier, it would also be too boring and not worth a first experience. I wanted to take a huge step forward." Hui just nods to that. "Being a Pokémon trainer has been my goal since I was a kid. My parents are trainers too."

"I assume they liked when you told them you wanted to start your journey here."

"They didn't." Jordie answers. "They wanted me to stay there just like they did."

"So… how…?"

"I left on my own. Haven't talked to them since I got here."

And there goes the awkward silence. Thankfully by then the tour finally started.

It’s interesting enough listening to the tour guide talk even if Jordie doesn’t pay enough attention. Hui is paying really close attention to him, though.
“To finish our tour, our main attraction: The S.S. Cactus.” The guide says.

As the boat goes closer, a huge ship starts rising from the waves. About half of it is being held by stones and seaweed and Jordie can spot a few Binacle making their homes outside of it.

“I’m going to guide you across the ship to explain a few things about the myth of the S.S. Cactus. There will also be a few actors putting up a show for you to see, however, you are free to wander as you please. The Pokémon here enjoy getting visitors and joining the show as well. You are free to catch one of them if you feel like it... We gotta make trainers interested in this as well.” Everyone laughs. That’s exactly what Jordie wanted to listen to, of course they were aware of it.

With Gabby's Ball and a few empty Dusk Balls on their belt, Jordie gets up from their seat, and makes their way to a wooden plank just after the tour guide.

The guide helps them exit the boat and Hui comes next. While he is helping the other passengers, Jordie walks to him.

“Excuse me. About the wild Pokémon to be found here, which could we expect to catch?”

“I suppose you caught a glance of the Binacle outside the ship, right? Other than those, Shellder are also a common sight. Inkay are often playing around the ship as well. There's also Dhelmise, but it’s rare for them to appear in this ship, or really hard to spot at least since they are often confused with normal seaweed.” He answers.

“And I assume we can battle them too.”

“You can, but… with a lot of people taking a look around the ship, it’ll be a difficult and dangerous thing to do.” he says, lending a hand to the last passenger. “Most trainers come here with the help of other boatmen for that same reason. You can definitely befriend one, though, as I said, the Pokémon do enjoy having visitors.”

"I see. Thank you very much, sir."

"Thanks to you for joining us today. Hope you've had a good time in Dewford so far. You're Unovan, right?"

"... Yes, I am! How did you know?"

"I overheard your conversation with your friend." He explains, pointing at Hui who is now at the entrance of the ship. "I've also been in this job for a while now, it becomes easy to recognize accents with time. Unovan accent is the easiest one to recognize, for we get a lot of tourists from there, many of them with interesting stories. You guys talk too loud as well." Jordie blushes and opens their eyes in surprise to that. It was certainly unexpected, specifically the fact that they talk too loud. "I'm going to start the tour now, by the way, some other passengers must be waiting." The tour guide walks away from them and says some words to the tourists waiting for him, but Jordie goes there at their own pace to reunite with Hui once again.

"Do I have an accent?" Hui turns his head at them a bit confused by the question. "Actually, never mind. Shall we keep going?"

"I suppose you'll catch a Pokémon?"

"You guessed right." They answer, smiling at him. "Still thinking about what, though."

"I'll go watch the tour instead. Thinking about spending the entire hour exploring this ship. I'll go a different way, so I guess I'll see you again later."

"O-oh, a-alright." Jordie stutters, a bit disappointed although not really surprised. They expected Hui to come with them. "Don't… want to drag you with me either, so do as you please. Have fun! I'll see you later."

He chuckles and looks away. "You too… have fun, I mean."
Jordie's Party:

- 30 Dusk Balls
- 10 Potions
- X-transceiver
- ₽5000
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Name: Kira Wolf || Day: Tuesday, September 22 || Time: Evening
Location: Dewford Town

Sandy Challenge Part Two, Azure vs Mantine!

Mantine was met with a loud groan from Alex as it splashed on the beach, getting everyone nearby wet.

“I’m sorry what?” Kira asked, giving Brawly a confused look.

“Mantine! She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Brawly doted, petting the large Sunfish-like Pokemon on the nose. “You know in Alola they surf on Mantine! Riding up and down on the waves they can build up speed and eventually launch themselves into the air.” Said Brawly with a not so subtle wink.

“I didn’t mean the Mantine itself! I mean I thought you were a fighting type gym leader!”

“Right!?” Alex interjected with a clear tone of frustration.

“Oh that? No, You’re talking to the surfing gym leader!” Brawly explained, Alex’s eyes nearly rolling out of her head in response.

“That’s not what it said in the travel guide...”

“Eh, that things outdated!” Brawly dismissed before turning out to the ocean. “Anyway, I think it’s about time we got this started?”

“Right…” Kira replied, not entirely convinced. “Let’s go Azure!”

“Ah, so you actually do have a Spheal then! Assuming that isn't a second Zorua at least.” He said before turning to Alex. “Whenever you’re ready then.”

“Yeah, alright… Spheal vs. Mantine, Begin.” Alex said in a very disinterested tone.

“Alright! Use Aqua Ring!” Both Kira and Brawly said simultaneously.

Glowing a bright blue for a moment, Azure pulls water from the sea to form several rotating rings of water around himself. Mantine, through a similar process, formed a thinner sphere around herself.

Kira raised her brow a bit at the strange looking aqua ring “Azure, Aurora beam!”

“Mantine, Tailwind!”

The wind began to pick up as Mantine flapped her fins, causing the ocean to stir a bit more violently. Azure, as he fought against the ocean’s wake, managed to fire off an Aurora beam. Quickly the attack streamlined through the barrier, freezing a chunk of it on contact, and struck Mantine dead on.

“Nice! Let’s do it again Azure!” Kira cheered.

“Mantine, Mirror Coat!”

As Azure launched his next blast, Mantine’s aquatic barrier reformed and shimmered brightly, absorbing the beam as it struck. With a brilliant glint the attack was reflected back towards Azure, a thin layer of ice forming on the surface of the water as it struck.

Kira gritted her teeth as Azure shook off the ice “Fine, if that won’t work, Ice ball!”

“Don’t let them approach so easily! Mantine, Surf!” Brawly called out.

Azure rolled forward on the surface of the water, leaving behind an icy wake as he charged at Mantine. Flapping her fins forward, Mantine created a wave towards the charging Spheal which easily swallowed Azure as he tried to power through it, choking out any speed he had and leaving him disoriented.

“Alright Mantine, follow up with a Water pulse!”

Taking advantage of Azure’s dazed state Mantine shot a bright blue ball of water from her mouth, striking Azure head on and sending him under the water with a large splash.

Kira tensed up as she watched Azure struggle to reach the surface once more, his small fins propelling him forward slowly. “How do we break through this?” Kira wondered out loud.

“You two are wiping out.” Brawly remarked, turning towards with a smile. “The surf is rather rough, It isn’t smart to charge into it head first.”

“Did you just…” Kira began to ask before turning her attention back towards the battle. “Azure, pick up speed with Ice ball! Don’t charge Mantine head on just yet!”

Azure gave a quick nod before beginning his second roll across the water surface, orbiting the Mantine as he slowly picked up speed.

“Alright Mantine, give them a chase! Surf!” Brawly called out.

Flapping her wings once again Mantine called forward another large wave, this time however it came from behind herself as she allowed it to carry her forward.

“Azure, cut left! Follow along with the wave!”

With a large splash, Azure managed to shift his momentum just in time to be picked up by the wave as well. Quickly, he picked up speed once more as he followed along with Mantine.

“Mantine, Water pulse!” Brawly called out.

“Azure! Climb up the wave!” Kira called in return.

As Mantine fired another bright blue ball of water, Azure quickly circled around towards the top of the wave, letting the pulse sail right by him as he rode along.

“Azure, now’s your chance!”

Traveling across the wave Azure broke through Mantine’s aquatic barrier and slammed straight into her from above, causing the both of them to be swallowed up by the wave. As it passed overhead Azure was the first to surface once more, followed shortly after by a dazed Mantine.

“Azure quick! Aurora beam.” Kira called out.

With a deep breath, Azure fired his multicolored beam at Mantine once more, striking her before she managed to recover from her own dazed state. However, despite the beating, she still seemed to be fine.

“This battle has been lasting a long while hasn't it?” Brawly asked as he turned to Kira. “Let's say we end this quickly shall we?”

“Right…” Kira replied, unsure of what kind of Trump card he might still have up his sleeve. “Azure, get ready!”

“Mantine!” Brawly called out, pausing a long time for suspense. “Return!”

With a flash of red light, Mantine was recalled to her ball. Leaving behind a confused Azure and an equally confused trainer. “I’m sorry, what?” Kira asked.

“Yeah, that’s all.” Brawly replied “This battle would have gone on like that for a long time and it’s getting late. It’d be dangerous to battle when it gets dark and the tides unpredictable.”

Kira blinked, visibly confused. “Wait, that’s it? Are we going to continue it somewhere else?”

“No” Alex cut in, raising one of her flags. “Leader Brawly recalled his Pokemon, the winner of this Gym battle is the Challenger Kira.”

Kira looked in between the two of them, visibly stunned. “Wait a minute, but I didn’t actually win!”

“Sure you did.” Brawly said as he picked up his backpack. “You showed me everything I needed to see. Your planning could use a lot of work but you think quickly on your feet and your Pokemon trust you enough to respond in kind. That was more than enough for you to earn my badge.”

“But… you basically told me what to do against your Mantine. I didn’t come up with that by myself.”

“I guess I gave you a hint, but are you about to tell me you would have Azure there keep charging her head on?” Brawly asked, tossing a bag towards Alex for her to carry. “If so, I can keep the badge.”

“N-No! Not at all! Not sure if I would have thought about riding the wave though… I think I probably would have had him try to attack from below honestly.” Kira admitted, looking down at Azure as he made his way onto shore.

“Well, that’s enough for me then.” Brawly smiled. “If you don’t mind, could you grab that bag back there for me? Your badge will have to wait until we get back to the gym, I’ve been giving quite a few out the past few days so I gotta open up a new box.”

“Alright…” Kira nodded. Slinging the bag over her shoulder she quietly followed along behind, lost in thought.

After several minutes of walking, Alex momentarily slowed her pace for a moment, keeping pace next to Kira as they returned to the Gym. “Hey, don’t mind dad, he does stuff like this all the time.”

“It just feels kinda hollow.” Kira admitted in a hushed tone. “It’s not like we won, he just gave up because it was getting dark. If I knew he’d do that I’d have challenged him back at the gym...”

“That was just an excuse, he’d have given up back at the gym as well.” Alex dismissed before taking a look at Kira’s jacket. “That there, that’s Benji’s badge isn't it?”

“Yeah, I beat him back in Slateport. In all honesty I kinda stumbled into victory there.”

“Do you think you would have beat him if he brought his A game?” Alex asked.

“N-No, of course not! He’s a gym leader, we would have been slaughtered!” Kira stammered out.

“Well, it’s the same with dad. He just has his own way of doing things.”

“I… guess I can accept that.” Kira conceded with a sigh.

“Good!” Alex chimed, skipping forward ahead a bit. “Then congratulations on your badge Kaden!”

“You’re not going to let that go are you?” Kira asked with a bit of a chuckle.



Pokemon on Hand


[B]Azure the Spheal
Male / Calm / Thick Fat
Level: 24 --> 26
- Brine
- Aurora Beam
- Aqua Ring
- Rollout --> Body Slam
- Defense Curl
- Ice Ball

[B]Nyx the Zorua
Level: 22
- Pursuit
- Feint Attack
- Fury Swipes
- Hone Claws
- Fling
- Snatch


₱1,500 --> ₱6,500

1 Burn Heal


9 Oran Berry
5 Chesto Berry
4 Leppa Berry
5 Cheri Berry
2 Pecha Berry
3 Rawst Berry
3 Aspear Berry
1 Persim Berry

Trainer items:
Ability Capsule
Rocky Helmet
Eviolite Collar
Eviolite --> Eviolite Broach
Silk Scarf

TM56 Fling

One Piece Swimsuit
Pokemon Fan Club Membership (Expires: October 17th)
Mysterious Stone

Gym Badges:
Cloak Badge
Knuckle Badge



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Location: Contest Hall, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 3 - 1
Small Steps
Part 1


My Pokemon were breathing roughly as they finished training their choreographed session for the contest in two days.

I knew joining a Pokemon Contest is no easy feat, but this was… This was something else. I never thought about how many aspects there were that I had to keep in mind to make a wonderful performance.

“Aight, that’s enough for now.” Miss Callie clapped her hands with a warm smile plastered on her face as she stopped our training session for the time being.

Garnet and Aurora were very eager to continue while Stolz didn’t waste any time before he laid down on the floor. It seemed that my Pokemon had different ideas about entering this contest.

But even with my Pokemon’s stubbornness, Miss Callie who never seemed to miss a beat ever since she offered to help me when I accidentally told her my plans was able to convince them without any visible issue at all.

The appearance showed and the clothing she wore gave her the aura of a total plain jane. Disheveled blonde hair tied in a ponytail, thick glasses, and a face bare without any visible make-up at all combined with the oversized shirt and short pants she wore exuded that feeling. It was logical to assume that she was just a regular girl just like what she said she was earlier during our lunch together.

Yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was more than what she let on. The same thing could be said for Mr. Vincent, they—

No Sophie, you must not think that way… The fact that Arthur trusts them is something in itself. Don’t think negatively… Don’t think negatively… I shook my head several times to shake off my unfounded suspicion.

“Are you oka—”


I accidentally let out a scream as I fell down, was surprised by Miss Callie’s face who was too close to mine for comfort.

“...That’s going to shave some of my lifespan alright.” Miss Callie sighed heavily at what I just did.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to—”

“Haha, it looks like someone needs some time to rest herself, no?”

We sat down for quite a bit to cool down. I took care of my Pokemon while Miss Callie seemed to be enjoying her choice of afternoon snack gleefully. With a huge smile on her face, she chowed down on the salad she brought.

“Want some?”

“Oh no, I don’t eat much.”

Miss Callie continued to eat, and I was content enough to let her finish her meal. But curiosity eventually crept up and I was unable to keep my lips sealed.

“Miss Cal—”

“Cal-lie~ Don’t use miss, let’s drop the formalities, shall we?”

“Sorry… Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what are you curious about? I can teach you about Pokemon moves, maybe basic affinity for moves, or maybe you want to learn some makeup tips? I’m pretty proud of—”

“Why did you help me?”

“Oh boy, so it did come to this, huh…” She scratched her neck as she visibly tried her best to think of a proper answer.

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”

“No, no, no… It’s just the answer may be more complicated than I initially thought. Umm… It’s because… Um… The friend of your friend can be your friend.”

“Huh?” I couldn’t hide the feeling of surprise and confusion at her strange statement.

“Uh… You know there’s a saying where an enemy of your enemy is your friend. So if we… Uh… Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way huh? Oh no. Just, forget it would you?” She went down on her knees as she covered her face that was flushed red by embarrassment.

I couldn’t help but giggle seeing her flustered with her own mistake. As always it seemed that I’m the one who always suspected others without any reason… I really need to stop thinking that way.

“But you didn’t have to help me, you’re running your family Cafe, are you not?”

“Well, yes… But if I do help my parents right now, they’ll go ‘But you’re on a vacation Callie, we couldn’t impose on you and blablabla’, so the only time I was allowed to help was during late in the night, where my parents fully knew that no customer would come. So yeah… Don’t have any choice in that matter. They just wanted me to lie down and do nothing but being pampered with kindness while I’m free… Which I really appreciate, but you know I wish they would let me help once in a while.”

“Must be nice.”

The word slipped from my mouth. Callie looked at me with a confused look before I eventually realized what I did.

“U-Um... Let’s go back to practice, shall we?” I tried to act cool and avoid bringing up the topic once more. While it was clear that she didn’t believe that I was fine, she refrained from bringing the topic at all even until we parted ways in the evening.

Focus, Sophie. This is not the time to let sentimentality ruin your effort. Arthur is trying his best, so you must do the same.



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Arthur Weissmann
Location: Southern Pokemon Center, Slateport City
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 3 - 1
Unexpected Development
Part 1


“Yes, Sis?”

“Do you really want to do this? You’re already pretty old, you know?” My sister asked with a playful expression.

My head rested comfortably on her lap as we both relaxed in my room. Nobody knew about the fact that I loved being doted on by my sister, not a single soul except my dad. Not Alice, not Kira, definitely not Sophie, and literally nobody else could know this. I Couldn’t imagine how much teasing they would do if someone knew this fact.

“So what?” I answered nonchalantly.

“Don’t ‘so’ me, isn’t it embarrassing for you?”

“Hmm… Maybe… Nah~” I nuzzled my face against Elaine’s lap.

“You know that I’m only doing this because you asked me, right?”

Oh please, I knew full well you loved doing this to your little brother.

“Well it’s your fault for being such a kind sister.”

“I guess I pampered you too much, huh?”

“There’s no affection too much if it was from you, Eli.” I winked at my sister before breaking into laughter.

“Oh boy, here we go again…”

She gently caressed my hair like she did back when we were younger. I wanted to stay like that for a really long time, but I wasn’t so dense as to not understand the reason why she came here especially with the face she showed me earlier at the lobby.

And so, looking forward to clear the situation. I reluctantly raised my head from her lap. “I think I can guess why you’re here in the first place.”

“Of course you do…”

“Sorry, I never meant to make you all panic like that.”

“What you said to Alice is quite… There’s a reason she acted like that, you know…”

Of course I knew it full well, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.

“I understand, I was wrong. It’s just that, I just felt like she’d be better off without caring about me so I pushed her away.”

“...You knew well she wouldn’t like it, do you?”

“Well… I mean, not everyone is a saint like you, Eli. I’d rather stay away from her if it meant that she’d be freer to chase her dreams.”

It was my true feelings. I never had the intention to hurt her this way. I thought it was the best way that both of us could move forward without hurting each other, but instead I inflicted panic to the poor girl I deemed as the closest friend I’ve ever had.

“...Geez, you both are taking things too seriously. It’s normal for people as young as you to bicker and accidentally hurt each other’s feelings you know. What’s important is what you do after you realize that your action hurt others, Artie. I’m sure neither of you wants to hurt each other, and it was just a product of the heat of the moment.”

“...Yeah, I should’ve learned from what happened back th—” I didn’t manage to finish my sentence before finding Elaine’s finger blocking my mouth.

She pouted while squinting her eyes. She was clearly not happy that I was blaming myself and lifting back the topic that she tried to bury since years ago.

“Okay, okay… I’ll shut up about that. But...” I put my head back on her lap and moved her hand to my hair while smiling impishly.

She who probably understood me more than anyone in the world started to caress her little brother’s hair once more while softly smiling like she always did. But as much as I loved it, it didn’t last long as I realized that someone was knocking on the door.

And of course, Vincent had to come in now.

“Hello, I hope I didn’t disturb your reunion.” He greeted us with a grin on his face.

“Uh... No... Yeah, no... Is something the matter?”

It’s a lie, Vincent! Why the hell did you have to come now!? Scram!

“May I talk with your sister for a little bit?”

‘Why?’ That was the first word that came to my mind as he asked this unusual request. But I said yes almost immediately. There was no reason to be alarmed with it, after all I didn’t do anything weird or crazy that he could tattle me on… Oh shoot, Granite Cave happened.

Nah, he wouldn't. I was very sure that Vincent wasn’t the type to do that on me without any good reason. Whatever he said must be to reassure her that I was going to be okay in my journey.

I was really curious what he was going to say, but he stopped me and said that ‘it wouldn’t be fun to reveal a present without wrapping it first, don’t you think?’. I said it was nonsense and as always he bailed from my room with Elaine in tow.

Arghh! I wanna know!



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Location: Fanclub Beach House, Dewford Town
Pokemon at hand :
Tuesday, September 22nd

Chapter 3 - 2
Small Steps
Part 2

It was half past eight, I was carefully drying my hair with the hair dryer while sitting down on the chair.

A warm bath is exactly what I needed to calm myself down. After all, it never failed to do so even back in the mansion.

Aurora wasn’t quite happy with my decision. Scratch that, she wasn’t happy at all, even now she still sulked because of the fact that I chose to eat first before taking a bath.

“Silly girl,” I said while patting her body which was laying on the table.

Garnet was already out cold as exhaustion was too much for it to try and stay awake while Stolz… Apparently Stolz was also out of commision. Perhaps he slept during the time I took my bath.

But the enjoyable time bathing wasn’t going to solve the problem I had to deal with tomorrow. There were still a lot of aspects of the contest that I was still unsure of, such as choreography, routine, aesthetics, and other stuff. Just having one more day to prepare seemed to be really lacking considering I’m still new to this contest thing.

And so I opened Arthur’s notebook while drying my hair to learn more about just anything that I haven’t understood yet about Pokemon battling. The first round of the contest seemed easy enough considering I had Aurora that suited the theme very well, but the second and third round looks really daunting for me to pass. Yet I knew I shouldn’t cower in fear.

Same as the pages I’ve read before his notes are very detailed which showed how much effort he poured into mastering Pokemon battling. Some pages are really filled with the white ink from a corrector pen, with several small drawings of him which from the dialog box above them indicated that he was trying his best to motivate himself to study harder.

Compared to him, I still had a long way to go.

Ten minutes in, and I was amazed with the lengths he went to explaining how important status condition was to winning a battle and how to combat the issue. Although I must admit that some of his writing inside was more of him being distracted and gushing about his favorite Pokemon trainer before going back to explaining the point as he tried to get his idea across to the reader. It’s cute, though.”

My Holotch suddenly rang, and I got up as fast as I could from my seat towards the table next to my bed where I put my watch.

And it was just a notification for a software update. Nothing major happened but I sighed anyway and went to lay on my bed for some reasons I couldn’t understand.

Did I really expect it to be a message from Arthur? Maybe, yeah… But, It just felt strange, I guess. I wasn’t really looking forward to separating with him, but this kind of feeling was just not what I had in mind.

I grabbed my Holotch instinctively. I really wanted to call him, right now. But would he even answer? Wouldn’t he be resting or planning his next battles right now? Would he even like it if I called him right now?
“Aaarghhh!” The thoughts eventually plunged me into frustration as I yelled loudly before rolling several times on my bed like a rolling pin.

Why did I hesitate this much? Why was I being nervous for some inexplicable reason? It’s not like I’m going to tell him bad news or something… That’s right! I shouldn’t—

*Beep*… *Beep*…

My eyes widened in horror as I realized that I accidentally pressed the call option on my Holotch. The worst part was that it was Arthur’s contact that I called.

I felt like time was standing still, as the agonizing beeps almost exploded my fragile heart.

On one hand, I’d be glad if he didn’t answered my call, less distraction for him and yeah my call probably wasn't worth answering… But another side of me really want him to answer.

“Hello?” A boy’s voice could be heard through the Holotch, it was Arthur.

“H-Hi Arthur, good evening.”

“Is something the matter?”

“No, no… I’m fine… Am I disturbing you?”

“Geez, so that’s why your voice is shaky. Hey can we do a video call instead?”

“Huh!? Why?”

“I mean why not? Those beautiful eyes can be really mesmerizing, you know.”

“Hey mister! Just woo another girl already would you?” I said that as I turned on my video feed.

“Haha, I’m just kidding… How are you doing?”

Our conversation went better than I expected. And he was apparently much more happier than I expected, and so I teased him about his gym badge victory. But sadly, it wasn’t the case which caused me to immediately panic and ask for forgiveness.

He laughed at my act and said that everything is okay and even joked around about his loss, something that I never expected to happen before. Perhaps Mister Vincent and Mi— Callie, helped him much more than I had thought initially, it made me feel worse about how I initially acted with suspicion towards her.

He continued his story with great enthusiasm as he didn’t waste any time gushing about his big sister who came to see him. It was very clear that he adored her so much… I envied him, very much so. If only I could contact mine… I… No, I shouldn’t think about that… That’s… Just no... Not now.

I then told him about what I was doing right now. And how I was nervous for my debut contest tomorrow.

He smiled brightly from the other side of the screen.

“Hey now, I’m sure you can do it.”

“Haha, why could you be so sure?”

“Because you are yourself, Sophie. I just know you can do it.”

I said the same thing to him earlier, but I was still taken aback with his comment. I was very happy that he said that.

Our conversation continued for quite a while. It felt like time flowed very quickly as I continued to talk with him. But eventually he brought up the fact that I was still studying for the contest tomorrow which I couldn’t refute.

“Hey, Arthur.”


“Can I call you again later?”

“Of course, silly, I would love to talk with you again. Take care, Sophie.”

“Yeah, you too, Arthur.”

I hung up the Holotch call and went straight to the desk once more. And with a huge smile on my face, I continued my study while hoping that everything will be okay the next day.