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I'm currently in the market to sell my pokemon card collections at the moment. I have six complete sets:

• Base set
• Jungle
• Fossil
• Team Rocket
• Gym Heroes
• Gym Challenge (minus Blaines Charizard)
• 4 Promo Cards (9 Shiny Mew, 21 Moltres, 22 Articuno, 23 Zapdos)

I am confident the last four sets and promos mentioned are in flawless / mint condition, the vast majority of the first two sets are also in mint condition. Some of the holos shine on the rim of the card which I would assume would devalue the condition slightly? I also have about 10-20 1st edition cards spread out in these sets.

At the moment I think I will get the holos PSA Rated, and then sell the remaining cards in bulk.

I'm new to selling pokemon cards and want to ensure I make the most from selling this. I've always looked after the cards, they have remained in plastic wallets since they were first released. Can anyone advise on a few queries I have:

• If you are in my shoes would you go down the same route, PSA Rating the holos and then selling the remainder in bulk, or would you recommend an alternative method?
• Is it better to sell as a set or individually?
• Which companies to use to get the cards PSA rated, does it matter which company would PSA rate, are there any which are cheaper or more efficient at returning the cards sealed?
• When sending to PSA, can you advise on the best way to get it packaged and sent off to ensure it is received on the other side in perfect condition?

Thank you for taking the time to look at this, really appreciate any views or recommendations with this 🙂