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Rosa Valdés // 17

CHAPTER 2.6 - Ranger Danger Finale

The showdown had begun. The Snorunt slowly rushed the Shuppet surrounding the Stoutland and the Pumpkaboo it was tasked with protecting. Nat stared down the mass of Pokemon that was beginning to form and took to his spot beyond the tree.

“Aren’t you going to give them any orders?” Rosa whispered, unsure of what exactly the Ranger’s plan was.

Nat shook his head. “The styler interprets my will. As long as it has control over the Snorunt, they’ll know what to do. As for Stoutland, he’s been battling longer than I’ve been alive. He knows what his job in this battle is. Just watch. Maybe you’ll be able to learn something as a trainer?”

Rosa followed the Ranger’s eyes. If the Stoutland really had been battling longer than either of them had been alive, it would be more experienced than either one of them. Surely if the Pokemon felt threatened it would make a signal. The girl dropped her own ball back into her pocket, contenting herself with simply watching and learning what she could.

The Snorunt quickly leapt between the shroud of Shuppet and the Stoutland, throwing up an icy barrier which protected them from several Will-o-Wisps and some shadowy claws which just barely reflected off of their Protection. The Stoutland picked up the Pumpkaboo by its stem and quickly created distance between them and the immediate danger.

“Pum?” the Pumpkaboo questioned as it flopped about in the wind, the Stoutland’s slobbery drool coating its stem as it carried the pumpkin pokemon away.

“Stout.” The Pokemon gently placed the Pumpkaboo on the ice-covered ground before standing at the ready between it and the Shuppet they’d left behind.

“See?” Nat whispered. “The Snorunt created an opportunity for Stoutland to make distance and he didn’t have to wait for the go ahead to take it. His duty to protect the Pumpkaboo comes first before anything else. He’s strong enough that he could easily take on the horde of Shuppet himself, but if the Pumpkaboo is injured in the process then it’ll be all for naught.”

Rosa’s eyes regained a child-like sparkle that had long since been lost, if even only for a second. What she was witnessing first hand here, was just like some of the stories that her father used to tell her as a child. At the dinner table, right before bed, he’d tell her everything he’d accomplished each time he came home from a trip.

But those moments were just a cover, right? Despite all the good that her father proclaimed to have done, he was undoubtedly a bad man. Even if Nat was a good guy, heck, even if all the Rangers out there were good people, it didn’t excuse her father.

“It’s reckless,” She muttered.

“What?” Nat whispered, having just barely caught the girl’s voice on the wind. “What’s reckless?”

Rosa looked up at the Ranger and then out at his Pokemon. She shook her head. “Nevermind. Maybe some other time.”

Nat looked thoroughly confused, but quickly shook it off. “You’re a weird kid, you know that?”

Rosa let out a sigh, trying her best to clear her mind of all thoughts of her father. Now was simply not the time to have a breakdown. She’d done a good enough job of skirting the issue up until now; to have to explain it all at this point after a total meltdown would just be completely embarrassing. She’d end up having to commit to never actively avoiding the Rangers at all costs, just in case Nat decided he wanted to gossip and someone ended up recognizing her.

The two refocused on the battle at hand. It was still too early to call it, but the Snorunt that Nat had contracted were putting in good work. There were six in total, facing off against the eleven Shuppet which were still actively trying to target the Pumpkaboo despite the losses to their numbers and the immediate danger which surrounded them.

The Snorunt acted in unison, utilizing a mixture of Powder Snow and Icy Wind to conjure up a pseudo-blizzard. Within the current terrain of freshly fallen snow, their attack was sure to hit. Their attacks kicked up large patches of ice and snow, creating a small tornado-like structure which bobbed and swayed towards the Shuppet.

One of the ghosts noticed a chill at its back and turned to look, finding itself face to face with a shifting tower of ice. The Pokemon let out a cry before it was deafened and consumed by the combined attack. The other Shuppet quickly dispersed; half of the Ghost Pokemon floated around the blizzard, while the rest continued on towards their previous objective.

As the Shuppet made their way around the storm, they were met with nearly a dozen more Snorunt that seemed to have come out of nowhere. Each Snorunt then doubled once more, shaking vigorously as their bodies split into identical versions of each other. The Shuppets’ eyes darted around the mass of Pokemon, confused by their sudden explosion in numbers. One brave shuppet put itself at the front of the group.

“Shuuup,” The Pokemon motioned towards the others as a long shadowy claw appeared from its body. The Pokemon cackled as it pierced itself with its claw before pointing at the mass of Snorunt.

From within the crowd of duplicates, a solitary Snorunt suddenly fell over. “Snooorunt.” The Pokemon said weakly as a number of the duplicates disappeared.

“Shuppet. Shup.” The Pokemon turned to look at its allies, nodding its head slightly.

The Shuppet made looks of concern before themselves for a few seconds before finally coming to an agreement. Each Pokemon revealed its shadowy claw and followed their leader’s act in carrying out their Curse. One after the other the Snorunt began to fall weakened. Their duplicates disappeared, and now it was evident that at least for this group, the Shuppet had the upper hand.

The Snorunt slowly rose, feeling the weight of the Curse they were made to bear by the Shuppets’ combined sacrifices. The icy Pokemon quickly threw up an icy shield, hoping to collect themselves for a moment longer. But it was no use. Their moves failed one after the other, forming a collection of half-made walls that the Shuppet eagerly floated over before firing off their Will-o-Wisps.

The balls of fire struck the Snorunt, causing small flames to crawl across their bodies and leaving trails of burns as they did so. The Shuppet cackled once more as they revealed their shadowy claws and weaved signs across the air. After a few seconds, a number of eyes appeared in the air where the ghosts had been waving. The eyes slowly peeled open before focusing on the Snorunt. The flames tracing across the icy Pokemon’s bodies each instantly flared up, encompassing them completely for a matter of seconds as the eyes which were fixed upon them bulged and exploded into a shadowy, dark, mist.

“That was a Hex,” Nat muttered as he began to chew on his thumb nail. “These Shuppet are crafty. They took full advantage of that move's ability.”

“Hex? What’s that supposed to do?”

Nat grunted as he reached into his belt. “It’s an attack that normally isn’t all that powerful. But when a Pokemon is afflicted with a status condition like a burn or paralysis, its power doubles.”

Rosa shook her head. “That doesn’t sound good.”

“No, obviously not. They were hit with a string of bad luck. Curse, Will-o-Wisp, and Hex. Their failed Protect was just the nail in the coffin. Until that point they could have held out even a few seconds longer... “ Nat finally found what he’d been looking for. The Ranger pulled a handful of herbs from the pouch on his belt and then looked over at Rosa. “Ready to make yourself useful?”

Rosa raised her eyebrow in confusion. “What do you mean?”

“I’ll give you a few of these herbs. Feed them to the Snorunt and they’ll wake up. They’ve done all they can for us at this point, so its best if they just get out of here. There’s nothing else around we can use, so we’ll just have to rely on Stoutland and one of your Pokemon. I’ll run around and grab the Shuppets’ attention. You’ll play medic. Understand?”

Rosa nodded her head, followed quickly by Nat nodding back. The Ranger quickly passed over six of the herbs and then rushed out towards the ghost Pokemon which were hovering closer and closer to the knocked out Pokemon.

“Ey! You mukty blankets! Come’n get some of this fresh man soul! Still tethered to its body! Ripe for the picking! I won’t even resist!”

The Shuppet glanced over at Nat and then back down at the Snorunt. All but one of the ghosts trailed off to chase after the Ranger, while the last of them chose to take the spoils of the battle for itself.

“I don’t think so!” Rosa called out as she dropped her bag behind the tree and rushed out towards the passed out Snorunt. The trainer clicked the ball in her pocket and lobbed it towards the Shuppet.

“W-Whis!” Wyatt poured out of the ball in a flash of light. The Whismur quickly looked around at the fallen Pokemon surrounding it and then began to shiver. “W-Whiiii!”

“Don’t get scared Wyatt! I know you’re strong! It’s just one little ghost! Show it what you’re made of so we can get these Snorunt out of here!”

“Whis…” The Whismur continued to shake, but its head tilted up towards the Shuppet which was hovering slightly above it.

“Shuuup?” The Ghost looked down, confused at the little ball-like Pokemon shaking beneath it. The Shuppet grinned, pleased with the human girl’s offering. “Shhhuuuuuuuppet.”

The Shuppet conjured a small ball of fire which floated slowly towards Wyatt. The Pokemon locked gazes as the small flame slowly waved and drooped through the air before reaching the Whismur’s face.

“Wyatt!” Rosa called out, not wanting it to get with combo that the Snorunt were subjected to before.

“Whiiiis!” The Whismur cried out, its voice echoing through the still wintry air. The floating flame crept back up towards the Shuppet, reflected by the force of air escaping the tiny wailing Pokemon.

“Sh-Shup?” The Shuppet backed slowly away, but it was too late. The Pokemon was caught in its own attack. The flames quickly trailed across its body, leaving an ethereal haze behind as it burned at the Shuppet’s body.

“It should be weakened now,” Rosa whispered. She nodded to herself with confidence. She knew the Shuppets’ game plan now. It was time to finish it.

“Whiiis!” Wyatt cried out, causing the snow around it be blown away. The Whismur now stood in a crater of grass while having buried the Shuppet beneath an avalanche of snow which had been thrown up.

“Shup-pet.” The Pokemon conceded defeat, slowly floating away after the flames coursing across its body had melted away enough of the ice and snow for it to move freely.

“We did it Wyatt!” Rosa fell to her knees and hugged her partner.

“Whis!” The Whismur replied enthusiastically. Being held in its master’s embrace, the Pokemon momentarily ceased to shake, placing its ears over Rosa’s shoulders as held on to her shirt with its nubby arms.

“Now, as for these herbs-”

“Snorunt.” The final Snorunt of the group weakly made its way over. The Pokemon took a seat beside its fallen allies. “Snor.” Its eyes moved from its friends, over to Wyatt, and then finally to Rosa. “S-snor…” The Pokemon whispered as it closed its eyes and fell over.

Rosa watched as the Pokemon fell unconscious. She couldn’t exactly understand what it was saying, but she could tell it was deeply troubled by the current state of affairs. The trainer understood fully, and she’d said it before, only this time it had a different meaning; reckless. The Ranger had pulled these innocent Pokemon into a danger they had no reason to be in.

It didn’t matter that he could heal them back up with some herbs or that at the time they were happy to help… come to think of it, couldn’t the same be said for a conventionally captured Pokemon? Just because Wyatt was friendly with her and was willing to fight, did that mean he really had to? Was it cruel of her to have Wyatt fight her battles just because they happened to wind up together? She had already decided against catching Pokemon just for the sake of it, but was what trainers did just a more permanent version of the situation she was currently standing in? Surely she wasn’t the first person to wonder whether it was right or wrong to capture Pokemon, regardless of their feelings.

“We all deserve to be free. Free to say no, free to make our own decisions. But there’s always someone out there asserting dominance over us, telling us what we should and shouldn’t do because its for our own good or because we should. Wyatt… I don’t know if becoming a trainer was the right path for me to go down.”

“Whis?” The Whismur grabbed Rosa’s dress and looked up at her. “Whis!” The Pokemon nodded enthusiastically. “Whis, whis, whismur whis.”

“Maybe… I don’t even know why I came on this adventure to begin with. It was Simon’s idea… all because I didn’t want to leave the house… all because I didn’t want to have to worry about how other people felt about me… I just-”

“Why’s it matter what other people feel about you?” Nat slowly walked up from behind Rosa. The Ranger held the Pumpkaboo securely in his arms, followed closely behind by a fully healed Stoutland.

“Of course it matters… it always matters Nat.” She suddenly worried that maybe she was letting him see to much of her. She’d let her guard down, but now that the words were coming, she couldn’t hold them back. “I have to constantly worry about how people perceive me. Do you know what that’s like? To constantly have to pretend to be someone you’re not just because you’re too scared to let someone see the real you?”

Nat raised an eyebrow. “I mean, sure. Doesn’t everyone feel that way at some point or another? Heck, look at me. Momma raised me to be a gentleman proper and I sure as hell ain’t retained nun’v’it. But put me in the same room as Momma? You best believe I’m doing my damndest to recall everything she taught me and put up that front. It gets a laugh outta my sis’ seein’ as how they know who I really am, but nun’v that matters.” Nat kneeled down beside Rosa and placed the Pumpkaboo in front of her. “See, when I’m out here doin’ my job, the only person I have to worry about judgin’ me is my Pa. He’s up there with Arceus now, but I know he’s watchin’ me, and I want to do him proud more’n anyone else. The only other thing that matters is the Pokemon. I haf’ta use ‘em sometimes in this line of work, but I make sure they all get back safely to where they belong. Even those Shuppet. I done treated ‘em and sent ‘em packin’, it’s only right if we treat the Snorunt that helped us too. You get what you give, Rosa. If you pretend around everyone else, they’ll play pretend right back.”

“But... “ Rosa’s eyes welled up so she buried her face in the sweater. How embarrassing. She thought to herself. The girl took a few deep breaths, pulling the smell of Simon’s cologne from the loosely knitted wool. Somehow, the scent brought back the memories that they’d shared over the years. It grounded her slightly, at least enough to get herself back under control. “Sorry about that. I hope you can forgive that little outburst.” She smiled weakly.

Nat looked Rosa in the eyes and then put his hand on her shoulder. “Look, you might not be one of my sisters, but as long as my duty allows it I’ll be there for you as if you were.”

The trainer swallowed hard. He reminded her of Simon when he was younger, back before they'd moved to Galar. Rosa averted her eyes and her smile grew a little wider and a little more awkward. “Thank you.”

Nat nodded. “Now, why don’t you go ahead and feed those herbs to these poor Snorunt? I’m sure they’re all ready to get back to feastin’ on them berries.”

- - - - -

The Snorunt had all been nursed back to health and the majority of them had fled. The last of the Snorunt which had joined the group watched as the rest of its friends waddled back to their berries and continued on with their day as if nothing had happened. The Pokemon let out an icy sigh as it sat on the ground and looked off into the distance.

Rosa knelt down next to the Pokemon. “What’s up? Not going to go and eat your berries?”

The Snorunt looked up at her and then continued its thousand yard stare. “Snorunt.”

Rosa looked confusedly at the Pokemon and then glanced up at Nat. The Ranger sighed and shrugged. ‘It happens,’ he mouthed. Rosa sighed and sat down next to the Pokemon. “Can’t get over what happened, huh?”

The Snorunt continued to stare off into the setting sun. “Snorunt.”

Rosa rubbed her hand against the peak of the Pokemon. “I understand how you feel. Its hard to forget sometimes.” She paused, reflecting on everything that had happened so far in her life. “Life is full of things you’ll never forget. Some of those things are good, others are bad, and some are like nightmares that we never wake from. All of these things will follow us for as long as we live.”


Nat started walking away, not wanting to force Rosa to reveal any more of her secret to him than she already had. He glanced at the girl for a second and then made his way back to the tree where Rosa had dropped her bag.

Rosa nodded as she pulled the Pokemon up into her lap and began to rub at its peak with both hands. “But its those unforgettable things that make us who we are. The good things make up our character, and the bad things exist to make us stronger. And those nightmares… well, I’m still not sure about those myself. Maybe they’re a bit of both? Something that makes up a part of our character but also exists as something for us to strive towards overcoming.”


"Hey! Get away from there you thief!"


The Snorunt sat in silence, its eyes slowly closing as the trainer trailed off into silence as well. The two took their time to mull over their words, their eyes growing heavier as they continued to wonder. Nat finally returned, noticing that their conversation had ended.

“Rosa, its time.”

The girl looked up at him, holding the bag out towards her. “It’s time? What do you mean?”

The Ranger nodded in the direction of the Pumpkaboo. The Pokemon’s stomach was beginning to glow, and an insidious fog was creeping out from it as the sun disappeared over the horizon. “It’s time to take this lost soul to where it belongs.”

- - - - -

A shade had appeared from within the Pumpkaboo’s stomach. The shadow of a man, wronged in life and vengeful in death. The spirit made vast, sweeping motions towards the surrounding area as the Pumpkaboo led the trainer and the Ranger. The Snorunt from earlier in the afternoon had chosen to crawl into Rosa’s bag and fall asleep, forcing the girl to carry the added weight along with them.

“Noooo!” The spirit cried out with a ghastly wail, causing the Pumpkaboo to abruptly change direction.

“Where do you think it’s taking us?” Rosa questioned.

Nat shook his head. “We’ve been walking for nearly an hour now, but it's hard to say. The Wild Area is massive, but Pumpkaboo isn’t the fastest Pokemon ever. And given that it was harboring such a powerful vendetta, it couldn’t have made it too far before coming under attack by those Shuppet.”

“Raaaaah!” The spirit called out with a chilling scream.

The sound of the spirits' screech caused the two humans to wince and cover their ears. Their ears continued to ring well after the spirit had faded away. The Pumpkaboo sat on the ground and closed its eyes. The Pokemon let out a massive yawn and then drifted off to sleep after having completed its journey.

“What the hell?” Nat muttered as he uncovered his ears. “Guess it’s somewhere around here then?”

Rosa slowly scanned the area. There didn’t seem to be a body anywhere, but this was the Wild Area. The man may have passed on here, but his body could have been taken anywhere by wild Pokemon or even other humans.

“It must be under the snow somewhere,” Nat muttered as he got on his knees and began to wipe away at the snow covered ground.

Rosa crouched down, placing her bag beside her as she ran her hands across the snow. The two spent several minutes searching before finally…

“What’s this?” Rosa asked. She wiped away the snow from a large pool of ice that had formed on the ground.

“Looks like ice,” Nat started. “Not exactly uncommon to find ice under snow, so its…” his voice trailed off as he came closer to the puddle. “Why’s it colored like that?”

Rosa shook her head. “I don’t know. It’s… not a color I’ve ever seen before.”

Nat shook his head. “No, I wouldn’t think you would. At least, I’d hope you wouldn’t have.” The Ranger pulled a small lighter from his belt and held it against the ice for several minutes. Eventually, a small portion of the chunk had begun to thaw. The Ranger wiped his fingertips against the liquid and shook his head. “That’s not good…”

“What’s that?”

Nat rose slowly to his feet. “Well, it is what I thought it was. But, that being as it is isn’t a good thing.”

“Planning to just leave me in the dark?”

“It should be obvious,” Nat slowly lifted his gaze to meet hers. “It’s blood. Concentrated in one area from what it looks like. Since we didn’t find any big patches anywhere else, I can safely assume this wasn’t a Pokemon attack.”

“Then it was…”

Nat shook his head. “Maybe it’s best if you go ahead and move on. Whether this is what I was looking for or not, I can’t leave it alone… wait… the earth here is off too…”

Rosa slowly leaned in, pulling the dangling locks of hair behind her ear as she got a better look at what the Ranger was inspecting. “It’s uneven. So? What’s that mean?”

“Yes, it’s uneven, but if we follow the fissure line…” Nat continued to mumble to himself as he ran his hand along the overlapping crack, tracing it for several feet in each direction. “This feels deliberate.”

“You mean someone made this crack here? But why would they do that?”

“Put simply, it’d have to be to hide something.” The Ranger rooted around in his pocket for a second before finding what he was looking for. An ATC. Nat tapped the card against his styler. A display appeared from the device, which the Ranger scrolled through for a few seconds before tapping on something. “Got it.” A few seconds passed and a pokeball appeared above the styler. “Now, let’s open up this pit.” Nat tossed the ball out in front of him, releasing the Pokemon he’d just summoned.

“Choooke.” The Machoke came free in a burst of light, flexing and striking a pose as it appeared.

Nat nodded. “Machoke, use Fissure.”

“Choke.” The Pokemon nodded, noticing the crease in the earth. The Machoke placed its hands on the uneven ground and began to grunt. “Ch-Choke. Ma-Choke. Ma-Choke.” The Pokemon slowly peeled the earth apart, revealing a small chasm.

The smell was instant. A swarm of Sizzlipede followed, scurrying out of the crevice. It was only for an instant, but they’d both seen it. The charred and broken corpse of what was left of a human. Nat shook his head. “Something foul is definitely going on here.” He muttered as he took the rope off of his belt and handed it to the Machoke. “I’m going to check things out.”

Rosa slowly moved to the edge of the crevice and looked down it. Nat was repelling into the darkness with only the light of his styler. The girl pulled out her Pokedex and opened it, shining what little light it provided down after him. It didn’t do much to help the Ranger, but it had reflected off of something else that was within arm’s reach.

“What’s this?” She whispered as she reached down into the crevice. It was just a few inches beneath the ground, so it seemed as though it was intended to be buried with the corpse. The girl wrenched the device free from its space in the earth and then brushed off the dirt as she looked it over with her pokedex’s light. “A busted styler… then that means-”

“Rosa!” Nat called from below. “Hey! You still there?”

Rosa leaned over the edge and looked down at the tiny, dim light at the bottom of the hole. “What’s up?”

“I think it’s best if you don’t get involved in this any further. I know, kind of mukty of me, but the way things are going now it’s looking like this might be too dangerous for you to get involved in!”

Rosa shrugged. “Yeah, okay. That’s fine I guess.”

“Sorry about dragging you all the way out here! But I was right! You were my good luck charm!”

Rosa sighed and looked at the Machoke which was holding the rope. The Pokemon looked at the styler in her hand and then stared back into the hole, paying her no mind whatsoever.

“Well alright then.” Rosa muttered as she went to place the broken device in her bag. Surely she’d be able to get it fixed somewhere in one of the cities… not that it was any of her business to get involved in, but curiosity had gripped her, and she was its slave. “What the-”

As she opened the bag, she noticed a shimmering light coming from within it. The trainer reached into the bag, brushing past the still sleeping Snorunt and pulled out the lightly glowing stone. Rosa looked the rock over and then shrugged. A shiny rock, a styler, and an herb that could revive a Pokemon. And a story to tell to her classmates, of course. Maybe leaving her bike -

“My bike!” She’d finally remembered that she’d left the electric bike behind to go on this adventure with the Ranger. She sighed in frustration. “None of this was worth it. That’s like… a half-day walk back to where we started this whole thing at.” Rosa sighed and grunted, expressing her frustration towards the Ranger to no-one in particular. "Better get steppin' then..."

- ₽20
- Notebook and Pen
- 4 Pokéballs
- Galarian Pokédex V. 8
- Rosa's ATC
- Old Rod
- Simon's Knit Wooloo Sweater
- Rotom Brand Electric Bike
- Dawn Stone
- Revival Herb
- Busted Styler



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An official statement from Blackspear Industries:

Good Morning Galar!

We at Blackspear Industries would like to start by giving you a warm welcome and a how do you do today? As the primary energy provider for the Galar Region in these troubled times, we want to promote a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude in the citizens we provide for. Allow us also to offer our sincerest congratulations to the graduating class of Wedgehurst Academy, despite its small size Wedgehurst is one of the most important locales for the Galar region when it comes to education and natural preservation, we're excited to see how the students fair in the upcoming League Circuit, especially against our own sponsored candidate!

Alas it isn't all good news, we're here to issue a warning for the safety of the Galar people, using our platform. We've received word from the Ranger Association that strange individuals dressed head to toe in black suits have been spotted in the wild area. These trainers are using odd black pokéballs and have been shown to respond to interference with their strange activities via force. For the safety of our new trainers and beyond, we encourage those who see these individuals, do not interfere with them. Doing so would put yourself at a great risk, instead we beseech you to contact our friends in the Ranger Association immediately. These brave men and women are trained to deal with criminals, please do not take the law into your own hands and put yourselves in harms way.

The youth is the future and remember our motto, the future is Blackspear.

Thank you and stay safe!

- The CEO of Blackspear Industries.


[OPEN]Mission B1 ★:
Mysterious trainers wearing full black suits and carrying briefcases have been appearing across the Southern Wild Area! These individuals are up to no good, using mysterious black pokéballs that seem to capture wild pokémon without fail?! The pokémon they send out from these pokéballs have dull, empty eyes and behave obediently to commands, yet they seem weaker than their wild counterparts... When questioned, these people insist they work for an important higher power, but would rather die than give a name. There's only one thing for it! Get your pokémon ready and stand up to these shady character, protect the wildlife of the Wild Area!
Reward: One of the following;
- TR Aqua Jet
- TR Flare Burst
- TR Grass Knot
- TR Rock Tomb
- TR Disarming Voice

[OPEN]Mission B2 ★:
There's something wrong with the wild pokémon scattered about the Wild Area! Suddenly as you travel through the wild area, you encounter a Wild Pokémon with fierce red eyes and a black and red aura surrounding its body. These pokémon are powerful, dangerous, unnaturally violent and impossible to capture... and when you knock them out, they get back up in seconds! Square off against one of these hyper-aggressive menaces and upon knocking it unconscious, it might just flee upon standing back up... and in its place you'll find something it left behind.
Reward: Wishing Piece


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Catherine Carlisle
18 | Female | From Wyndon
Indra (Male, Swift Swim) - Rain Dance, Hypnosis, Bubblebeam, Double Slap, Mud Shot, Refresh
Horsea (Male, Swift Swim) - Water Gun, Smokescreen, Twister, Focus Energy, Dragon Breath

Lightning Strikes Twice

“So anyway,” Catherine said, “It turns out that his step-brother’s mind has been uploaded into the robot Lillipup and that he was killed by the same Mismagius-using witch that turned the MC into a Gurdurr to begin with. Some of the story is a bit… dodgy but twists like that make it all worth it, you know?”

“Poli?” The now familiar tone of confusion and questioning was enough to tell Catherine that Indra did not, in fact, know. At least he was listening though, her new Horsea was not paying any attention to her recount of Dramatical Gurdurr - inspired by a sighting of an actual Gurdurr off in the distance - at all.

“You’ll get it eventually,” Catherine assured her partners, neither of them looking confident in that assessment.

It was only the day after the encounter with the raging Salamence at the subsequent argument in their cave hiding place, but the mood seemed to have improved greatly. Catherine had found herself feeling inexplicably more relaxed, her encounter with Ruben well-and-truly out of her mind and both her Pokemon seemed in fairly good spirits. She had been making a point of letting them spend time together outside their balls. It seemed like a good idea to have them get used to each other.

Even the weather seemed to have improved to match. The sky was still cloudy and grey, and it still rained frequently - it was even raining a little at that very moment. The worst of the storm seemed to have passed for the time being though, the wind speed had dropped to something much more manageable and the rain wasn’t so heavy it almost hurt to be out in it any longer. Catherine hadn’t seen lightning or heard thunder since the early hours of the morning.

That’s why it was a surprise when a bright yellow bolt of electricity exploded into view on the horizon, wide and vast and alarmingly powerful. It was enough to make Catherine stop for a moment, in awe of what she had just witnessed.

“That was insane.”

Indra chirped his agreement, but, as he often did, Catherine’s as-of-yet unnamed Horsea said nothing. However, he too had stopped, his gaze fixated on the sight of the lightning. A moment later, another wide flash of electricity flashed… in almost the exact same place.

“I’m starting to get the feeling that this isn’t because of the weather,” Catherine said, “It might be a good idea for us to go around that.”

“Sea!” Catherine’s Horsea was suddenly off like a rocket, hopping like mad in the direction of the lightning as though hell-bent on getting demolished by another powerful foe.

“Wait!” Catherine called after her Pokemon, but it just kept going, “Fantastic.”

Catherine sighed, taking a deep breath before running after the Horsea with Indra making numerous inquiring noises as he ran at her side. Apparently, her Horsea-related troubles had not ended with the Salamence. This became even more abundantly clear when she caught up to it, stopped at the edge of a small rocky drop.

Beneath them, the source of the lightning strikes was rapidly made apparent: a Manectric was standing in front of a nest, growling at a pair of identical twin trainers. The boys looked to be only a little younger than Catherine and were dressed annoyingly similar to not just each other but also to Melody, whom Catherine had gone to school with. Although, even Catherine could tell they were dressed in a designer mockery of Spikemuth fashion more than the actual thing.

In front of the trainers stood a pair of Pokemon: a Krabby and a Sandile. Behind their quarry, within the nest, was a single egg. It didn’t take long to piece together what was happening, the twins were attempting to capture the Manectric and would likely leave the egg to rot. What was more, the Manectric was hardly moving and when it did, it was with a distinct limp. The Electric type was clearly injured.

“Sea!” The Horsea cried angrily, the sound drowned out by another blast of Electricity from the Manectric. The Sandile moved in front of the Krabby, absorbing the Electricity with no harm done.

The entire scene was enough to fill Catherine with disdain. This was exactly what she hated about people. Everyone was always so self-serving, the effect of their actions on others be damned. She understood her Horsea’s anger. Still though, technically the trainers below were well within their rights to do what they were doing. There was no reason for Catherine to draw herself into what was happening, potentially getting zapped by an enraged Manectric in the process. She turned to walk away.

“Come on,” she said, “Those are terrible people, but this isn’t our business.”


Catherine looked back around, her Horsea was glaring at her now and once more she was reminded of that infuriating train ride. Could she really claim to be better than the trainers underneath if she just left the Manectric behind? It was a Pokemon, they weren’t exactly known for skullduggery like people were… she really didn’t know.


The Horsea looked at her again, then leapt from the embankment.

“You’re insufferable, you know that!” Catherine growled after the Water type, “Looks like we’re going in, Indra.”

She started clambering down the wet rocks.

Spoiler: Inventory
- Expensive PokeGear
- Pokedex
- 800 Poke (On ATC)

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Simon Pearburgh
Scatterbug ♀
Tackle | Stun Spore | String Shot | Bug Bite
Friend Guard
Caterpie ♂
Tackle | String Shot | Bug Bite
Shield Dust
Burmy ♂
Protect | Hidden Power (water)
Shield Dust

Spoiler: Inventory
Pokéball x3
Gramma's Letter
Potion x3
Bug Catcher Net
Too many cinnamon buns
A bunch of Snom
Camping Supplies
Badges: 0

North Lake Miloch

"Oop. That's another Snom."

Simon brought his net down slowly to scoop up the snow under the tiny creature. It was the fourth one he'd run into in the past twenty minutes. They had all come crawling towards him, squeaking softly in the howl of the Blizzard - Simon was familiar with the species, and reckoned they must have been separated from their swarm. He was hoping they would reach it before he got through the area.

The bug catcher and his three partners had been traveling for nearly a week now, having made their way through the rolling fields, braving the torrential rain at Giant's Seat, and finally reaching the area around Lake Miloch, only to be met with a vicious Snowstorm. Simon was pleased with the training his Pokemon had gotten so far though, sparring against each other and practicing moves against (mostly) non-moving targets. The strict regimen he’d put them on didn’t seem to bother Caterpie or Scatterbug, the latter being used to it at the academy. He'd learned a bit about his newest catch too; though his Burmy certainly didn't have much to write home about in terms of move variety, the cheeky Pokemon certainly made up for it in strength. While he enjoyed pulling pranks on Simon and Caterpie (namely splashing them with water while they weren't looking) he seemed to be getting along quite well with Scatterbug, who had undertaken the duty of supplying him with his coats using her collar fluff. While the fuzzy coat still didn't last permanently, it seemed to stick on for much longer than any leaves or sand Simon had tried to put on; and it was effective enough that Burmy had decided to stay out of his ball despite the cold. Simon had also focused on teaching the three to work with each other better- if he had learned one thing from his battle with Sachi, it was that the small bug-types' moves would not work well on their own until they evolved. It also seemed ‘poffin girl’ had gotten his two Pokemon hooked on those little round treats; and the withdrawal had been less than enjoyable to witness.

The little Snoms in his net were wiggling happily in the mesh, eating up the cinnamon buns he'd left inside. The blizzard around Lake Miloch howled around the trainer, the powerful winds pushing against him as he forged ahead. The landscape was near unrecognizable, with the ground being covered in almost knee-deep snow in some places and the only landmarks being the trees tall enough to be visible. Simon was worried he'd accidentally walk into the lake itself if he wasn't careful. He had hoped the blizzard would calm down before he got to it, to get some water-type training done in preparation for Nessa, but it looked like he’d have to push through this weather to get anything done. Both Scatterbug and Caterpie had swiftly tucked themselves into their own Pokeballs at the sight of the snow.

He took a moment to regain his bearings and look around. His coat was thankfully warm enough to withstand the frigid temperatures of the area; the same couldn’t be said for most of his Pokemon. On his face was a pair of goggles and makeshift mask, fabricated using string from Caterpie - surprisingly insulating, as he'd learned. He looked down at the fuzzy Burmy tucked in his coat pocket, its little head appendage sticking out as it looked into the snowy distance, fascinated.

“I reckon you never thought you’d see places like this, yeah?” Simon chuckled. “The world’s a lot prettier once you look past how cold it can be.” He paused for a second to contemplate the accidental poetry of his words.

“Bur, bur!” the fuzzy Pokemon responded, leaning forward suddenly.

“Hm? What are you lookin’ at, lad?” Simoned peered in the distance where Burmy was looking.

The winds subsided for a second, revealing the faint outline of a red flag. “Hey, that must be a ranger camp!” Simon exclaimed, picking up the pace. As he got closer, a large brown tent would become more visible, surrounded by a few snowmobiles and a tall flagpole. Simon spotted two individuals working in front of the tent, of them moving crates off a vehicle while the other spoke into a walkie-talkie. The latter took notice of Simon as he approached, giving him a friendly wave before finishing his conversation.

“...right, keep me updated then. Cheers, over.” he said before turning off his device and facing the trainer. He was dressed in a red coat and hat, with black trousers and boots, the former two bearing the Pokemon ranger insignia. It was a sign Simon was familiar with, as some of his family worked in the organization. He also had a yellow bandanna tied to his arm, which likely signified some sort of leadership role, Simon remembered. The man pulled down his face mask, revealing a neatly trimmed beard and welcoming smile. “Hey there, son! Didn’t expect to see a trainer up here in these conditions!” he shouted over the blizzard.

“What can I say, the weather’s just peachy this time of year!” Simon shouted back, grinning.

The ranger laughed and pointed at the tent behind him. “Name’s Pat! If you’re looking for a pit stop, we’ve got some warm drinks and a Chansey in there for you and your Pokemon!” He motioned for Simon to follow before entering.

Simon followed and was relieved by the instant warmth he felt inside. A Magby seated besides a drinks cooler waved at him, the light above it shining brightly with the power of Sunny Day. Simon quickly took off his bag, goggles and net and ripped off the stuffy facemask. He looked around the large but cozy tent, filled with all kinds of equipment and more importantly, a table with food on it. “Thank you, sir!” he said, quickly making his way to the hot cocoa cooler. “Oh, I’m Simon, by the way.”

The ranger smiled and gave him a thumbs-up, and prepared to head back out. “Make yourself comfortable for as long as you need- wait, are those your Snom, lad?” He suddenly paused as he noticed the little creatures crawl out of Simon’s net.

The boy’s eyes grew wide and he hurriedly swallowed his drink, wincing at the burning pain. He’d completely forgotten they were inside. “Ah, -ow- sorry! They’re not, no. I was picking them up earlier on my way; they looked lost. I’ll take them outside if you’d like.”

Pat shook his head. “No, no! No need to apologize, you’ve actually helped us quite a bit!” He crouched down and allowed the critters to crawl onto his arm. “These little critters aren’t native to this region, you see- so we’ve been trying to herd all the Snom before the weather turns. It’s a good thing you found the ones we missed!”

“Ohh, okay.” Simon nodded, signaling to a Chansey that he was okay after the Pokemon expression concern for his burnt tongue.

“Say, how’d you figure they were lost?” Pat asked, raising an eyebrow.

Simon shrugged. “I dunno, just a feeling, I suppose.”

The bearded man tapped his chin for a second as if mulling over an idea. After a moment, he nodded to himself. “Actually, we might have a favour to ask from you, Simon- if you’re free for a moment.” he said.

Simon nodded enthusiastically before pouring another drink. “Yeah, of course!”

“We’ve been trying to round up the final bit of Snom in the northeastern sector, but the lads up there are telling me a Snom is giving them some trouble, one much stronger than usual, and it’s slowing down the operation. I’m hoping someone as… attuned, as you seem to be, might be able to help calm it down, or at least understand what’s making it so aggressive.”

Simon nodded and finished his cocoa. He’d never heard of an aggressive Snom before- those things wouldn’t even harm a cutiefly if their life depended on it. However, the thought of helping on a ranger operation excited him- the soon-to-be-champion helping on the front lines, what a story! He put his drink down and pointed at himself confidently. “You can count on me, sir! I’ll put that snow-topped dumpling in its place!”

The man laughed. “Fantastic! Then talk to my colleague over there, and he’ll snowmobile you over to that sector.”


“Right, we’re here.” the driver of the snowmobile told Simon in an irritated tone. This ranger was not nearly as pleasant as Pat- not that it had bothered Simon, who had managed to talk his ear off with work-related questions the entire trip.

Simon grabbed his stuff and hopped off the vehicle. “Brilliant! Thanks for the-” Before he could finish, the snowmobile had taken off again. Simon shrugged and looked around to see if he could spot any more rangers. The blizzard was slightly calmer in this part of the wild area, and he could make out the silhouette of a person in the distance. He made his way over to them.

“Ah! Ya must be the trainer captain Pat talked about.” a young woman welcomed him. Beside her was a swarm of a dozen or so Snoms, snacking on some pellets she’d left in the snow. “Reckon you know the pickle I’m in, then?”

“Yep! And your champ-to-be’s on the case.” Simon posed triumphantly.

The ranger eyed him down before shrugging slightly and pointing in the direction of a large boulder. After a moment, however, Simon realized it wasn’t a boulder at all- it was a massive chunk of ice. How such a massive block of ice had been formed and moved all the way to Lake Miloch, he had no idea- but he noticed a small creature at the base of it. A little Snom stood in front of the structure, and even through the blizzard Simon could tell that it was glaring right at the two humans. “That lil’ guy has been makin’ my life hell all afternoon. I can’t even get close to that ice to get to the other Snom, and I also don’t wanna leave ‘im behind.” the ranger explained.

“Lemme give it a shot.” Simon gave her a thumbs-up and began walking towards the ice chunk.

Almost immediately, the Snom let out a hiss, shaking its mandibles..

Simon raised his hands and continued forward more slowly. “Hey, mate, I’m not here to hurt you! Just here to chat!” he shouted over the blizzard.

In response, he was blasted with a snowball to the face. As he spat out bits of snow, he corrected himself, “Okay, I’m sorry, girl! You’re not a male, gotcha.” The size and power of the ice-type move had been much greater than what he thought a Snom could generate.

The Pokemon seemed to accept the apology, but continued to hiss at him as he got closer. Simon stopped once he got about a meter away. “There, I’m not getting any closer. I just wanna know what’s bothering you so much about people getting close.” he crouched down to try and meet the Snom closer to eye level.

The Pokemon looked at him for a moment, then squeaked.

“What, that huge thing?” Simon looked at the ice behind the Snom. “How would she even steal that? And it’s just a block of ice- I’m sure they’ve got tons up in Circhester.”

Just as the Snom was about to squeak back a response, Burmy’s head emerged from Simon’s coat. The bagworm Pokemon looked at the Snom curiously and tilted his head. Sensing an intruder, the Snom immediately reeled back and hissed, before blasting Simon with an even bigger, stronger powder snow attack. The boy was pushed back a small distance before landing in the soft snow.

“Right, well that idea’s gone balls-up…” Simon muttered to himself as he got to his feet. “Guess we’ll have to go to plan B! Burmy, hit it with hidden power!” he commanded, extending his arm.

Stretching its head appendage, Burmy latched onto Simon’s arm and sprung out of his coat pocket, before conjuring three blue orbs and shooting them at Snom.

The ice-type stood its ground defiantly. Just as the hidden power attacks were about to collide with it, its body shone brightly- and the attacks bounced right off, now twice the size. Simon ducked as the orbs zoomed past him and burmy, crashing in the snow behind them.

“Well, muke.” Realizing that battling it also wasn’t the best idea, Simon stopped and recalled Burmy back into its ball. He thought about what Snom had communicated to him about the ice block- why was it so important to her? Then, a third plan popped up in his mind.

Without giving the Snom any time to react, Simon grabbed his net and sprinted towards the bug. The Pokemon’s eyes grew angrier as it prepared another powder snow, but Simon had gotten close enough. He raised his net over it, ready to swing- and swiftly brought the metal handle down onto the ice. The impact was strong enough to chip off a small chunk, which fell to the ground.

The Snom let out a pained squeak as it lamented the assault of its precious ice block. It ignored attacking Simon and instead began digging through the Snow, looking for the broken piece. “Not so fast!” the trainer said, pulling out a Pokeball and tapping it onto her head. The Pokemon let out a long squeak as it was sucked into the sphere. It vibrated for a few seconds… before stabilizing with a click.

New Capture!

Snom ♀
Ice Scales
Powder Snow - Struggle Bug - Mirror Coat

Simon grinned and tossed the ball in the air. “That bug just needed to chill.” he joked, expecting a response from his partner, before realizing none of his Pokemon were on him. The ranger girl approached him and noticed the Pokeball.

“Well, that’s about what I expected from a trainer.” she said. “At least he’s out of my hair. Didja figure out what the problem was?”

“It was a she, actually. And it had something to do with this giant block of ice, she thought you were trying to steal it, or something.”

“Huh. Wonder what made it care about bloody rock so much. Anyways, thanks a ton for the help. Captain told me you might find this useful as a reward.” the ranger pulled out a blue pokeball, with black lines on the side- similar to a fishnet or spider web. “Should help ya in catching any more bug-types, though I don’t think you’d need more than two on ya team.”

“Alright, cheers!” Simon beamed as he took the gift.

“Well, I got me some more Snom to round up. You stay safe, alright?” the ranger waved goodbye and headed back to the group of Pokemon she’d herded.

After Simon bid her goodbye, he continued his path through Lake Miloch. The snowmobile trip had carried him quite a distance further than he expected, and he seemed at least a few hours ahead of schedule. After about an hour he stopped, took out the newly-filled Pokeball, and released the Pokemon inside. The bright light materialized into the feisty Snom.

The creature looked around for a second, finding her bearings, before noticing Simon and hissing at him and backing away. Its eyes burned with anger and sadness over its lost treasure.

“Whoa! At least let me explain before using that kinda language.” Simon said, crouching down.

The Snom turned away and squeaked angrily once more.

“What, you mean this?” Simon suddenly fished out a small chunk of ice from his coat pocket.

“Snom!!” the little Pokemon squealed, hopping towards the trainer and attempting to jump up to his hand.

“Well, I just did you a favour, didn’t I? Now you can go with your precious ice anywhere you want! But- you have to promise to work with us in return. Sound fair?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.

The Pokemon considered his words for a second, before letting out an exasperated, squeaky sigh.

“Great! I’m sure we’re gonna be great mates, you and I.” Simon grinned and handed the bug the shard of ice. “Like two cubes in an ice tray!”
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Aeliana Kekoa
Watchtower Ruins
Chapter 2-4 | Carnage

Aeliana's Current Party:

The dense fog made it difficult to tell exactly where she was being led. Under most circumstances, Aeliana would have preferred to hold off until daylight at the very least. That said, the sudden urgency that the Clefairy was showing as they ran back across the Watchtower Ruins was more than enough to convince her otherwise. This Clefairy seemed to trust her enough to show the pink-haired trainer whatever it was that was suddenly of such great interest. After everything she had probably been through, Aeliana figured the least she could do was humor the small Pokémon’s request.

After what felt like hours of running, the trainer and the two Pokémon came to a clearing in the area that was decorated by a small overlook. Tampa and Aeliana watched as the Clefairy’s eyes widened, a look of caution quickly taking over her facial features as she slowly made her way to the ledge. Her body began to twitch and quiver, a reaction that brought concern to the pink-haired trainer. Both she and the Totodile slowly made their way over towards the Clefairy.

“Clefairy…?” Aeliana called out. “Is everything okay?”

The Clefairy slowly turned to look back at the pinkette. Tears were welling up in her eyes as she pointed down below. The trainer squinted, as she followed the pointing of the pink Pokémon, attempting to make out whatever she could under the darkness of the night sky.

“We need to go in for a closer look,” Aeliana suggested. “Come on, we’ll move in closer. Just… be careful.”

Aeliana looked around, quickly noticing a small, narrow, winding trail leading down to the ruins before. A look of relief washed over her face. If given the choice of taking an actual path or climbing down a rocky cliff, it was a no brainer for the trainer. She slowly began to make her way down the path, Tampa on her heels all the while. The Clefairy, who seemed to be in a trance all this time, snapped back to reality. She worriedly made her way towards the descending duo, grabbing hold of Aeliana’s jeans in an attempt to get the Pokémon trainer’s attention. The girl in question nearly stumbled forward in surprise, but she managed to collect herself quickly as she turned to face the Clefairy. Despite almost taking a fall down the incline, Aeliana gave the Clefairy a small smile. She knelt down by the Pokémon and gently began to pat her head once more.

“What’s the matter? Are you scared?” she questioned. The Clefairy remained silent, her body still trembling despite the pink-haired girl’s reassuring contact. “Don’t worry. Tampa and I are both going to be with you the whole time. We’ll keep you safe, okay?”

The Clefairy’s eyes trailed down to the ground, but she nodded just the same. Aeliana wasn’t exactly sure based on that reaction if she had managed to calm whatever fears she had at the time or not, but it was a start at the very least. She gently took the Clefairy into her arms and resumed her descent into the valley below.

As the trio neared the bottom, the sight that seemed to have Clefairy so concerned became clear. The valley, surrounded by various cliffs and stones jutting out from the tall grass, was illuminated by a single campfire lit in the center of the area. Something told the trainer that the three of them were not alone. Something told her that she needed to find a place to lay low while she surveyed the area that the Clefairy had led her. A tall, wall-like structure was spotted just a bit to the east. Gathering Tampa into her other arm, the trainer quietly made her way behind it. Once she felt that she and the Pokémon were fairly well hidden, Aeliana sat Tampa and the Clefairy down on the ground, and then poked her head out from around the wall.

Her mouth went agape. Her eyes wide with shock. The gentle glow from the campfire revealed a sight that made the trainer’s skin crawl. Scattered about the area, were various Clefairy similar to the one she had found earlier. All of them were badly injured. Some of them were worse than others. A sinking quickly rose in the pit of her stomach as she was quick to take in that some of them had died as a result of their injuries.

“Who… What in the world could’ve done this…?” Aeliana whispered, dropping to her knees from the shock.

“Well, well… Looks like this was quite an easy haul to make after all.”

A sudden voice grabbed the girl’s attention. Looking up, she was quick to take in the sight of a well-dressed man standing close by the fire. He was dressed in a dark blue dress coat and slacks, a pair of black gloves covering his hands. He had long, blond hair which he kept pulled back into a rather neat ponytail that was tied back with a black ribbon. A pair of glasses framed his face, covering his emerald-green eyes. He was quite the charmer in terms of looks.

“These Moonstones are going to fetch quite the pretty penny on the market,” the man said. “However, I feel we’ve been wasting enough time here. Bisharp, finish things up so we may get the final stones.”

Aeliana’s eyes shot up further ahead. Cowering against the rugged cliff of the valley were two Cleffa cowering behind a single Clefable. The Clefable was battered and bruised, with scars and slashes decorating his body. His breathing was ragged as his legs shook underneath him. His body was doing everything in its power to try and keep standing. He defiantly stared down at the Bisharp. The Clefairy that she had found earlier peeked around the corner at this point as well. Dread etched across her face as she watched the scene play out, once more gripping onto Aeliana’s leg in the process for comfort.

“Hurry it up and get the last of those Moonstones, Bisharp! We’re running out of moonlight here,” the man repeated, his tone growing sharp as he spoke. “It’s only a matter of time before the rangers come here. I’d rather not be waiting around when they finally show up.”

The Bisharp looked over its shoulder as its trainer spoke. A curt nod was given in response, before it turned its focus back to the wild Clefable. The steel Pokémon reached back and prepared to slash at the Clefable with a Nightslash, however the Clefable suddenly lunged forward and grabbed the Bisharp’s arm in an attempt to deflect the steel Pokémon’s attack. The Bisharp looked surprised from the sudden deflection of its attack, a moment that the Clefable wasted no time in taking advantage of. Without hesitation, the Clefable suddenly reached back before slamming into the Bisharp’s head with a powerful Mega Punch. The Bisharp grunted in response, but it seemed as if the Clefable’s assault did little to damage it. Instead, it looked quite annoyed, as if the Clefable was merely wasting its time. A sharp cry of anger echoed out through the night air as the Bisharp’s left arm suddenly shot forward… impaling the Clefable right in his chest.

Aeliana felt the color drain from her face at the sight. Her brain froze, unable to process or make sense of what she had just witnessed. What didn’t seem to freeze up in abject horror however, was the Clefairy. A wail of sadness and grief slipped out of the pink Pokémon’s mouth as she suddenly bolted out from behind the pink-haired trainer and made her way towards the body of the Clefable. Aeliana snapped out of whatever trance the horrific display had put her in, desperately trying to grab hold of the Clefairy before she bolted out from behind her. She wasn’t quick enough to stop her, much to the girl’s dismay.

The well-groomed man raised a curious eyebrow at the sight of the battered Clefairy, before a knowing smirk came to his lips. “Well, well… I wasn’t expecting to see you again…” His eyes drifted down to the Moonstone tied around the pink Pokémon’s neck. “Quite the surprise indeed…”

The Clefairy remained oblivious to the man’s presence, however. Her mind was focused solely on one thing, that being the Clefable. Tears welling up in her eyes as she tried to shake the Clefable, as if he was merely just sleeping and the smaller Pokémon was trying to wake him up from a nap. As expected though, the Clefable wasn’t sleeping. It wasn’t going to wake up, despite the Clefairy’s wishes.

Aeliana watched on in horror. Her eyes widening as she noticed the Bisharp glaring down at the Clefairy. The pale moonlight was shining off the Pokémon’s steel blades, its left arms slowly rising up and taking aim at the Clefairy.

“No… No, no, no…” Aeliana muttered.

She closed her eyes. The lush grass and stone ruins fading from her sight, only to be replaced by the hard, dirty wood floor and faded painted walls of a home she left long ago. The Clefairy transforming into a small, tanned, black-haired youth. Bruised and battered, crying and begging for the pain to stop. The Bisharp grew leaner and taller, taking the shape of a haggard and drunken woman with a worn, and faded leather belt in her hand. The child was crying… Begging for the woman to stop as she held a Pokémon close, an Alolan Meowth. The Meowth, battered and bruised wasn’t moving. Bloody and beaten, the child cried into its chest as she tried to stir it awake, but nothing seemed to work.

“Please… Please wake up, Felix…”

“Mommy told you not to bring that filthy creature in this house… Mommy is going to have to teach you another lesson, you little rattata!”


The man jumped at the sudden scream coming from Aeliana. The pink-haired trainer burst out from around the wall she had been hiding behind and charged past the man without even acknowledging his presence. She dove down to scoop the Clefairy up into her arms, barely managing to dodge the oncoming attack from the man’s Bisharp.

“What the hell is going on here…?” the man questioned. “Where did you come from?!”

The man soon got his answer as Tampa came charging out from behind the wall as well. Putting on a determined face, the Totodile placed herself between her trainer and the Bisharp. An angry growl escaping the gator Pokémon’s mouth.

“I… I don’t know what you want or why you’re doing this… But… But just go! Take the stones and leave them alone!” Aeliana exclaimed.

The man sneered. “And leave a witness? I’ve got a business to run and clients waiting on these stones,” the man replied coolly. “I can’t leave some little brat who’s been eavesdropping on us this entire time.”

“Business…? Business?!” Aeliana snapped. The girl glared in the direction of the man. “You call this business?!”

“Every business has its price,” the man stated bluntly. “Do you know how valuable these stones are? Sure, they’re useful for evolution but with enough grinding and polish, they become fantastic jewelry worth upwards of thousands! I’m doing society a favor by collecting them from these vermin.”

As if to add insult to injury, the man glanced over at one of the bodies of the wounded Clefairy. He grinned maliciously at the creature, before spitting in its direction. This simple action was enough to push Aeliana over the edge.

“Tampa… Bite, now!” the trainer suddenly called out.

The Totodile took off running towards the man, an angry expression that matched that of her trainer as she charged in his direction. The man remained perfectly calm however, reasoning quickly becoming clear as his Bisharp effortlessly intercepted the oncoming attack from Tampa and effortlessly batted her aside with a Sucker Punch. Aeliana watched in surprise as her Totodile went reeling from the attack, barely able to stand on her own feet from the force of the blow.

“Do you really mean to challenge me with that…?” the man questioned. “I’ve seen fiercer looking Magikarp.”

“Don’t listen to him, Tampa! Attack with Water Gun!”

The gator Pokémon reared her head back, jaws snapping open as a blast of water was fired in the direction of the Bisharp. The man sighed at the sight of the attack, rolling his eyes as if the confrontation was doing nothing more than boring him.

“BIsharp, defend with Protect! Then Iron Head!” he ordered.

The Bisharp brought its blade-like arms up, effortlessly blocking off the Totodile’s Water Gun attack as if it was nothing more than a cold sprinkle from a garden hose. Tampa looked surprised from the ease that the Bisharp seemed to have to defend itself. However before she could react further, the Bisharp charged straight ahead. It let out a deep grunt as it slammed its head right into the Totodile’s gut, sending her flying back and slamming into a nearby stone wall. Aeliana could only look on in horror as Tampa’s body laid in a crumpled heap on the ground, pain evident in both her face and the moan that escaped the Pokémon’s mouth.

“F-Fiesta, let’s go!” Aeliana shouted, pulling out the Lotad’s poké ball. The Pokémon in question looked around nervously in the dark, eyes bugging out as he quickly came to spot the Bisharp staring down at him with malice. “Fiesta, Astonish!”

“This is your trump card? Pathetic…” the man sneered. “BIsharp, Air Slash!”

Fiesta began to run towards the Bisharp as he was told, but the sight of the steel type quickly charging even faster towards him was enough to completely paralyze him with fear. His legs trembled. His body quivered in a mixture of nervousness and hesitation. Before Aeliana could react or even call for the Lotad to even try and dodge, the man’s Bisharp swung violently in the air, sending a razor-sharp blade of air in the direction of the Lotad. A pain-filled wail echoed out through the air as the Lotad tumbled over, fainting right on the spot.

Aeliana, now completely defenseless, could only stare in a mixture of awe and horror.

“This is yet another waste of time… However, all work and no play does make Jack a dull boy…” the man muttered. He glanced over towards the downed Totodile, a sadistic smirk rising to his lips. “BIsharp… Let’s begin with that Totodile. I do believe I would adore a new pair of boots.”

“W-What…?” Aeliana questioned.

The Bisharp stalked its way over towards Aeliana’s Totodile, its sharp blades gleaming in the moonlight with every step. The pink-haired trainer climbed up to her feet. Her eyes darted left and right as she looked around for something, anything she could use. Her eyes spotted a nearby rock, and she quickly scooped it up into her hands and began to run towards the Bisharp with the intention of smacking it into the creature’s head. The Bisharp only looked annoyed however as he felt the rock slam into the back of his head. Without so much as even glancing back at the girl, Aeliana soon felt the cold, steely backhand of the Pokémon send her tumbling back onto the grass.

“I wouldn’t recommend that again,” the man stated bluntly, a sadistic chuckle following. “My Bisharp has quite the temper.”

Aeliana watched helplessly as the Bisharp resumed its walk towards Tampa. Her body was shaking in a mixture of frustration from her helplessness and anger at herself for allowing her Pokémon to be put in such a situation. She was supposed to take care of them and now… She couldn’t do anything. Aeliana closed her eyes at the sight of the Bisharp picking Tampa up by her tail, its left arm rising with blade facing the gator Pokémon. The thought of watching her precious Totodile’s fate too much to bear.

“Dragon Claw!”

Aeliana’s eyes snapped open in surprise at the sound of the voice echoing out through the night sky. She turned to look in the direction of the man’s Bisharp, gasping in surprise as the bladed Pokémon was sent reeling back in pain from the sudden assault from a Krookodile.

“What… Where in the hell did that abomination come from?!” the man gasped.

“Abomination…? Funny, the only abomination I see is that pathetic piece of trash standing in front of me.”

The man’s mouth dropped open in shock as he spun around. Aeliana’s eyes darted over in the same direction as well. Standing right in front of the male was a woman. Standing about Aeliana’s height, her fair skin complexion glowed in the moonlight of the night sky. She had blonde hair, cut short to be around shoulder length with the bangs sweeping across her face. She was dressed in a long, dark red trench coat. A pair of black leather boots graced her feet with match shorts on her legs. Her expression was cold and lifeless, with her only visible eye being a steely, pale-blue. The other eye was masked behind an eye-patch.

“Who are… where did you come from?!” the man stammered out.

“I don’t see a need to answer to a worthless piece of muk like you,” the woman stated simply. She glanced up, her eye meeting the gaze of Aeliana for a moment before looking over at the Krookodile and Bisharp. The pink-haired trainer followed her gaze, eyes coming upon the Bisharp who had since dropped her Totodile and was now more or less being pinned against the wall by the Krookodile. A smirk graced the blonde woman’s lips. “Sadie… You know what to do.”

The Krookodile gave a single nod, a loud and feral roar escaping her mouth as she suddenly reached back and took a massive bite out of the shoulder of the man’s Bisharp. A loud, steely wail escaped the bladed-Pokémon as it attempted to slam its bladed arm into the Krookodile’s face. She effortlessly caught the counter attack, however. A look of sadistic glee stretched across her face as she lifted the Bisharp over her head, before slamming it down into the ground behind her. Bisharp staggered, attempting to pick itself off the ground, only to be met with the great weight of the Krookodile jumping onto its stomach. Aeliana watched in awe and sickness as the Krookodile suddenly unleashed a savage assault on the Bisharp, slamming her fists, tail and feet into the creature in a massive Outrage. The sound of chunking metal and snapping blades carried across the air, the Bisharp powerless to do anything as it was literally torn to pieces.

“You… You rattata… Do you have any idea what you just did?!” the man asked, his voice teeming with anger.

The blonde woman let out a dull snicker. “What’s it matter to you? Everything seemed fine when you were the one on top.”

The man staggered back, his hands reaching into his coat for a moment before pulling out a revolver. No hesitation as he smirked towards the blonde woman before pointing the gund down towards Aeliana.

“Call that… that thing back… Or this pink rattata is gonna get her brains splattered on these ruins,” he threatened. The dull click of the man removing the safety snapped Aeliana out of her trance. “I won’t tell you again!”

The woman remained stoic. “Just like him… Utterly and completely pathetic. I thought I was done dealing with pieces of muk like that back in Kalos.”

As if on cue, the man suddenly let out a blood-curdling scream. Aeliana fell back in shock. A Greninja was suddenly on top of the man, delivering a powerful Nightslash which not only forced him to release the gun, but sent his right hand falling to the ground. The sound of gushing, sputtering blood only out done by the man’s pained screams as he fell to his knees.

“You think you’re hot muk… That because you’re stronger than something else that you can dominate and take whatever you want,” the woman lectured. “It makes me want to vomit. You’re muk. Utterly worthless and pathetic muk. Your kind never learns and then when you’re finally forced to take your punishment you act like victim? Stop your pathetic screaming and face your sins.”

The man looked up at the woman as she stalked closer, only for the sharp, stinging pain of a knife to suddenly be felt plunging deep into his chest. The man gargled and cough, blood sputtering out from his mouth as well as the woman’s facial expression remained neutral. She twisted the blade further into his chest, before quickly pulling it out. The man’s eyes rolled back into his head, before slowly falling limp and lifeless on the ground below.

A deafening silence stretched out across the area of the ruins. Aeliana stared at the man’s corpse, mind racing with thoughts as she tried to process just what she had seen. “You… You killed him.”

“Yes,” the blonde replied.

“But… He was… That’s…”


A silent nod. The blonde woman rolled her eye. Aeliana scooted back, a sudden chill rushing down her back as the woman took a step forward.

“I suppose if you want to call it that, I can’t really stop you. However, you would have been in that same position had we not intervened,” the blonde woman muttered. “He killed more. The Clefable… several of the Clefairy. Almost you and your Pokémon. Judging from the looks of his damage, he’s probably been out here for a while… All the while those useless bastards of the rangers probably oblivious to it all.”

Aeliana stared in silence. The blonde leaned closer. “A new trainer, right? No need to answer, I can tell from the look on your face and the fact you clearly bit off more than you could chew. I thought the rookies in Kalos were prone to being dumbasses. Looks like it just spreads everywhere.”

Aeliana opened her mouth to respond, but the blonde’s eye suddenly opened wide. The sound of approaching footsteps mixed in with the barking of Herdier quickly reached both trainers’ ears. Aeliana looked in the direction of the source, quickly spotting the sight of several of the rangers the woman had just lampooned approaching. She turned back to the direction of her would-be savior, only to find that blonde was just… gone. Her Greninja and Krookodile had vanished as well, almost as if they were never there to begin with.

“Holy muk…” one of the rangers muttered.

His eyes went wide as he surveyed the area of the valley. Bodies of Clefairy lying in various states of life and death made him feel numb. He covered his mouth with his hand as he spotted the corpse of the man and the remains of his Bisharp. Finally he gazed down, eyes coming to rest upon Aeliana. He remained silent for a moment, before nodding only once.

“You’re under arrest.”

TM Case:
Attract TM
Aeliana's ATC
Luggage Case
Poké Ball (x3)



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Isla Wright - Discovering Battle Wild Area, Meetup Spot

Isla’s adventure continued with the train to the Wild Area, taking her away from the place she’d called home for the past two years. She caught several of her old classmates aboard, some chatting with each other and others keeping to themselves. Isla found herself in the latter camp, keeping busy by sewing a few of her spare shirts together into a makeshift chew toy.

Her hand was properly bandaged up now, having already had to rebandage it since it seemed Om’s habit of biting her was, well, a habit. At least now she knew how to quickly get him off. And she was actually starting to figure out the timing of Om’s chomps so she could avoid them. It was kind of like a little game between them.

The toy, however, was to keep Om from biting everything else around him when Isla’s hand wasn’t an option.

Eventually they made it to the Meetup Spot, the final sanctuary before the untamed wilderness ahead. There was a store inside the station they got off at where Isla purchased a belt made for holding pokeballs. It had six slots, and Isla was eager to fill them all. Especially after the excitement of catching Om. She also happened to notice a perfectly good poke-doll, something she’d forgotten these places stocked else she wouldn’t have bothered with making one herself. Oh well.

Thus, she currently found herself skulking around the grass at the fringes of the Meetup Spot. She knew there were countless pokemon in the Wild Area proper, but if there were any pokemon unique to this spot in particular she wouldn’t want to miss them. Beside her was Om, laying comfortably in the grass with his new, vaguely-doll-shaped collection of stitched-together shirts (stuffed with further shirt), and Woop who seemed upset with Isla for keeping him inside the ball the entire train ride.

“Sorry Woop, I couldn’t really keep an eye on you and work on the toy at the same time. Couldn’t risk you getting into trouble again, you know?” Isla offered Woop a soft smile. The Mime Jr. frowned at her defiantly, something that lasted mere moments before he just couldn’t be mad anymore. At her, at least, as he’d now shifted the blame for his neglect on Om. He glared at his shelled companion, and Om glared back, the toy in his mouth being the only thing keeping him from taking further action.

Isla continued her search until she laid eyes on a ball of shaggy brownish-grey fur. It stared at her from some bushes at the edge of the Meetup Spot, watching with big yellow eyes and a toothy grin. A thick lump of fur hung limply from its face like a beard, wiggling around as a single mass. Something about that beard was mesmerizing.

It beckoned her toward it with a wave of its paw. Who was she to refuse?

She moved toward it and it pulled its head back, hiding in the bushes. Surrounding the Meetup Spot was a ring of crags with the only opening leading to the Wild Area, so hiding could only do so much. Despite this, Isla pulled apart the bushes and found no Meowth waiting behind. Instead she found a crack in the rocks; an opening leading to the darkness within. The Meowth’s bright yellow eyes gleamed from within, meeting her own before turning to go deeper.

Was it trying to show her something? There was a moment of hesitation as she looked at the narrow crevice, just wide enough at the bottom for her to crawl through. Only a moment before her curiosity got the better of her. It was a bit of a squeeze between her and her bag but she made it through, with Woop and Om close behind.

It was fortunate for her that the gap-too-small-to-be-called-a-tunnel didn’t go on for very long, as her hands and knees were beginning to hurt from the crawling. It opened up into a torchlit cave, and in the middle of the circular area were a pair of Meowth that were locked in combat. They slashed wildly at each other with their claws, as several more of their kind surrounded them in loud excitement.

At the head of this ring of spectators were several boat-looking things. “Boat-looking” because she doubted the boat-shaped collection of branches and litter could survive long on water. And sitting atop one of them was a Perrserker, watching the pair of battling Meowth with glee as it munched on a berry.

The battle continued until one of the Meowth finally fell. The Perrserker brandished its claws, the points coming together so they resembled a sword, and pointed them at the victor. “Serker!” it called. The victor raised its arms and the crowd went wild.

Isla figured it was some sort of Meowth fight club, but what she hadn’t figured was why she was led here. The answer came quickly as the Perrserker turned its attention to her. It pointed its blade at her, then at her pokemon, and finally at the victorious Meowth still in the arena. “Perr! Perr!” it ordered, raising its other claw high. Did it want her to join in the fighting?

Well, she didn’t mind the thought. It might be fun to test her mettle as a trainer, after all. But she wouldn’t force her pokemon to fight if they didn’t want to. “What do you think?” she asked them “Do you feel like battling?” Woop looked at her with a blank smile. She wasn’t sure he knew what was going on, but he didn’t seem against it either. Om, however, seemed more worried about munching on his toy. He laid on the ground paying no attention to the battle-hungry cat pokemon.

“Sorry, I think we’ll pass,” Isla told the Perrserker. “Om isn’t up for it and I don’t think Woop is ready for you guys yet.” The crowd of Meowth and their leader mumbled amongst themselves, considering her answer. The victorious Meowth didn’t need to consider anything, clearly unsatisfied with her answer. It stomped up to Om who was still ignoring everything and tried to pry his toy away.

It struggled to pull it away from Om’s strong jaws, only making the Chewtle more and more frustrated until Om finally let go of the toy. His maw detached from the bundle of rags and instead clamped down on the Meowth’s head. He shook his prey in his jaws before tossing it aside, the once-proud Meowth now unconscious on the ground.

Silence lingered over the crowd before being broken by erupting cheers. Isla looked around at them, still confused. Woop decided to go poke the fallen Meowth’s body and Om only cared about getting his toy back. When Om reached out with his jaws the toy was suddenly flung out of reach by a glint of light. It landed several feet away, a grey coin clattering beside it.

Om scowled and looked to where it had come from. The Perrserker was standing now, its eyes fixed on Om with an eager grin. A tiny sphere of light hovered over its hand, materializing into another coin identical to the one on its forehead. “Serk!” it barked. The crowd of Meowth moved to block the exit Isla had come from.

While Isla searched for another exit, the Perrserker flung a coin between Isla’s feet. “Perrrr…” it growled in warning. She looked at where it had hit, having dug firmly into the stone floor. It didn’t look like she had any choice in the matter.

“Sorry but I guess we’re fighting, guys,” she told her pokemon in defeat. “Are you ready?”

Ready or not, the Perrserker wasn't waiting. It charged at Om with its arms wide and ready to strike. Om stood its ground, ready to strike back the moment it came close. But Perrserker wouldn’t let it. Before getting in Om’s range it clapped its hands, the impact creating a shockwave that made Om flinch. Perrserker took the opening to grab Om. It spun the little turtle around laughing all the while, and launched him into one of the boats.

Om pulled itself out of what was now a pile of rubble, shaking off the dust and defiantly facing its foe. The cave filled with the audience’s raucous cheer. Isla, meanwhile, was still struggling to figure out what to do. “Om, uh… Bite?” It was the only move that came to mind when she thought of him, really.

When Perrserker was done flexing for the crowd, it came in for another attack. Its head glimmered with a metallic sheen as it crashed down on Om’s own, pushing the Chewtle back. But not far back enough. Om sprung back immediately, clamping its jaws on the Perrserker’s arm.

Perrserker flailed in a futile attempt to shake the Chewtle off, even slamming it into another of the boats. But Om wouldn’t budge. It glared at Om before letting out an ear-splitting Screech. Even Isla was forced to cover her ears, a luxury Om didn’t have. Om held strong but Isla could see he was shaken.

Another metallic flash passed over Perrserker’s head as it crashed it into Om’s, the force of it finally knocking the Chewtle loose. Om reeled from the hit, feeling it far more than the last one.

Isla could tell it wasn’t going well, but she wasn’t sure what she could do about it. “Om, try to Protect yourself and buy some time.” She searched through her memories of everything both Sonia and Winston had taught her, hoping that looking through her pokedex at the same time would help things spring to mind.

Perrserker brandished its claws and rushed at Om with a flurry of Slashes, each one colliding harmlessly with a barrier. Om focused intently on keeping it up against the onslaught, unable to do much else. Then, the viking pokemon stopped its attacks. It summoned another coin, flipping it in hand before throwing it straight at Woop.

The Mime Jr. had been watching intently at its first real battle, a battle he hadn’t expected to end up a part of. The coin hit his head dead-on, sending him tumbling back into the crowd. The crowd tossed him back out into the arena. He stood up, fear across his face as the Perrserker casually approached him.

Isla hadn’t considered the possibility that she’d be using both her pokemon. Words sprung to mind, Winston’s words after she got her starter. ”He doesn’t have a lot of offensive power but he’s got some good support moves. I’ll be counting on you to have my back if we end up in any double battles.” She didn’t really know what most of Woop’s moves were good for, but if Winston thought they were useful then they had to be.

Perrserker loomed over the frightened mime pokemon, the little thing suddenly less interested in battling. “Parharharhar!” laughed the Perrserker, enjoying the upper hand. It crouched, meeting the mime face to face and letting out a deafening Screech.

Isla plugged her ears again, but Woop seemed unbothered by the attack. Now that she thought about it, Woop didn’t react to the last Screech either. It was a chance. “Let’s try your moves, then, one at a time.” she said. “Copycat.”

The command clicked in Woop’s mind immediately. His demeanor did a 180, the trembling little thing suddenly standing straight and sneering his opponent just like they had done to him. He still didn’t look the slightest bit threatening, but it managed to catch Perrserker off guard. A pale glow enveloped Woop as he opened his mouth and unleashed a Screech identical to the Perrserker’s own.

Perrserker clutched its ears at the sound, a chance Om wouldn’t miss. Without waiting for Isla he rushed in and clamped down on its leg. Perrserker screamed with pain, taking a step back and tripping over the turtle in the process.

“Hmm. I think I get it,” said Isla as she watched the results. “Okay, I already know about these two… Let’s try Encore.” At once, Woop’s expression returned to its normal, cheerful vacancy. He clapped for the fallen viking. Suddenly, the Perrserker’s screams turned into Screeches. It tried to force its own mouth shut by hand but it couldn’t, control of its own body having been forced away.

Om winced from the sound but kept attacking, gritting his teeth right on its opponent’s body.

It looked like the tables had turned, somehow. “I wanna try the next one but I don’t think I need to anymore. Can you use Copycat again, Woop?”

Woop obeyed, though he wasn't imitating the Perrserker this time. He got down on all fours and furrowed his brow as he crawled toward the Perrserker. The glow from before coated him again, gathering in his mouth as he opened it and forming a set of sharp, purplish teeth. It used said teeth to gnaw on Perrserker’s other leg as it shrieked helplessly.

Isla stretched, glad to finally be out of that cave. Those Meowth really needed to get a bigger opening for it. At least it was pretty nice of them to let her free after their leader passed out. But what she really needed to worry about was getting her pokemon healed. Both of them looked pretty worn out, Om more than Woop. Om was mostly glad to have gotten his toy back, while Woop was still busy nursing the wound on his forehead.

Despite everything, she'd say it was a good experience. She learned some new things, her pokemon gained some experience, and she managed to make it out of there alive at all. It was a shame she wasn't able to get one of them, but her pokemon probably weren't in a state to go catching.

Just as the thought crossed her mind she felt a tug at her pants. It was a Meowth, using its beard like a sort of basket to carry a bunch of berries. They looked like the berries that Perrserker had been munching on, berries she recognized as Oran now that she could see them closely.

"Are you giving these to me?" Isla asked. The Meowth nodded. "Thank you. Give them to the others, please." The Meowth obediently set them down in front of Om and Woop, who eagerly ate them right up. Task done, it looked back at Isla expectantly.

A thought occurred. She pulled an empty pokeball from her belt. "I'm not sure what you want, but I want to take you with me. What do you think?"

The Meowth answered with gleeful hopping. That was good enough for her. She tapped the ball to her new companion's head, pulling it inside.

One. Two. Three. Click.


Fuzz the Galarian Meowth
Ability: Pickup
Nature: Hasty
Moves: Fake Out, Growl, Hone Claws, Scratch, Pay Day, Metal Claw

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Simon Pearburgh
Scatterbug ♀
Tackle | Stun Spore | String Shot | Bug Bite
Friend Guard
Caterpie ♂
Tackle | String Shot | Bug Bite
Shield Dust
Burmy ♂
Protect | Hidden Power (water)
Shed Skin
Snom ♀
Powder Snow | Mirror Coat | Struggle Bug
Ice Scales

Spoiler: Inventory
Pokéball x2
Net Ball x1
Potion x3
Bug Catcher Net
Too many cinnamon buns
Camping Supplies
Badges: 0
Raphael Allard
Vito ♂
Rollout | Defense Curl | Powder Snow | Growl | Water Gun | Aqua Ring
Carmen ♀
Splash | Tackle
Swift Swim

Spoiler: Inventory
Holocaster Smartphone
Pokéball x4
Black Parka x 1
Black Wool Hat x 1
Badges: 0
Watchtower Ruins - Spirits Entombed - Part 1

Raph stepped slowly onwards across the grassy fields of the Wild Area. It had been a few days now since his conflict on Lake Axewell and he had been taking his time meandering through the woodlands and grasslands since then, training his pokémon, battling other trainers, his victory streak was perfect he might add, things were back on track, even if he didn’t get a powerful pokémon like Hydreigon as he wanted. He had realized that Vito and Carmen were both powerhouses by themselves anyway, especially Carmen which had surprised him. Whoever said Magikarp was a weak pokémon had clearly never met her.

As he walked on with hands behind his head, he was moving in the general direction of Motostoke, at least he was pretty sure that’s where he was going. He couldn’t tell why, but something in his gut had just told him he’d been going the right way. It was a strange feeling, but something just felt right about the path he had chosen to take… almost suspiciously so, as Raph wasn’t one for gut feelings most of the time. He ponders that for a moment, rubbing his chin and closing his eyes, only to open them and find yet another strange occurrence.

“Fog..?” He mumbles to himself, looking around with a slight mote of confusion. The weather forecast hadn’t said anything about fog near Motostoke right? So why was this here? His brow furrowed and he reached into his pocket, pulling out his smartphone and pressing the button at the side, letting the screen flair to life. He scanned the systems briefly, looking for the weather forecast, but alas…

“No signal…? Ugh, really?” Raph sighs in frustration and keeps walking with a frown. He supposed he’d just continue to follow his gut for the time being, since nothing else was working clearly. Surely at this rate he’d arrive at Motostoke before too long anyway.


Leaping from the fog, a screaming figure, shorter than he was, charged at him. Before he could react, Raph felt a sort of bag or net come down on his head and ensnare his shoulders, before being slammed in the stomach by a small creature. This was followed by a glob of sticky gel pinning his foot to the ground, and a splash of water and snow hitting his side.

“Release your misty terrain, you weird, well-dressed fairy-type!” he heard the figure speak. It had the voice of a young man, and he could feel the small creature from earlier crawl up his chest. After a second, the critter let out a chirp.


“Wait, he’s a what? Oh.” the boy responded.

Raph simply stood there, somewhat stunned, yet somehow unsurprised. Nothing could ever be easy, this was clearly just today's flavour of bothersome. With one hand he grabs the small creature now clinging to his chest, a Caterpie, common enough that even he recognized it and pulled it from his chest, holding it in one hand. The other moved up to the rim of the net now encapsulating his head, which he slowly pulled up, off and tossed to the side.

With a tired gaze and the Caterpie still held in his hand to signify his frustration, he turned his head with a furrowed brow and a tired gaze towards the trainer who had attempted to… capture him. He was dressed a little ridiculously, that was for sure. Definitely not for the cold weather anyway. “Hmm…” The hat, the net, the caterpie? This guy looked like a bug catcher, one of those guys they always made fun of on TV for being extraordinarily weak. Did people still do that? “...I don’t even look like a fairy type, you pillock.”

"Hmpf." the boy narrowed his eyes at Raph and stowed away the net. The three worm-like creatures clinging to his white coat eyed Raph curiously; he counted four including the Caterpie. The critter wriggled in his hand before the bug trainer took it from him. "I see you got the same idea that I did by coming here." he said, crossing his arms.

“...what?” Raph mumbled indignantly, his expression darkening by the second. Who was this guy supposed to be anyway? The same reason? What was he even talking about? “I’m just trying to get to Motostoke mate… that was the plan until you tried to catch me in your net. What reason are you on about?” The question rattled off and Raph had to wonder why he was even bothering rather than telling this guy to sod off and move on. It was… strange, he had to admit. The weird get up, the chirpy voice, the bug obsession, it all rang just a little bit familiar, though Raph couldn’t figure out why.

"...Motostoke…?" the boy mused, looking down as if remembering something. "Wait, yeah, why did we come here again?" he looked at one of the bugs on his shoulder, which responded with a squeak and shake of its head. The boy nodded back; he somehow understood the bug's reply? After a moment of consideration, the strangely familiar trainer stepped forward and extended his hand.

"Sorry for attacking you, friend. I'm Simon. I know you're scared and this might sound weird," he leaned in closer, "but we might be falling prey to some sort of fairy-type illusion -assuming you're not one. But don't worry though, I'm a trainer from the Wedgehurst academy, so I've got us protected if the bugger tries to pop out at us."

Raph sighed and rubbed the back of his neck with an exasperated expression. Right, that made more sense than he cared to admit. This kid, Simon? He was one of Raph’s ill fated classmates. The older trainer couldn’t say why he was so forgetful, maybe remembering was too much effort? Was he… subconsciously lazy too? That was one hell of a thought. Still, if a bit… eccentric, Simon seemed harmless. Raph reached out, grasping Simon’s hand firmly and giving it a rather non-committal shake before letting it go. Judging by the introduction, Simon didn’t remember him either, though much like with Arrietty that didn’t surprise him.

“I’m Raphael.” He states, otherwise not reacting to Simon’s lunacy and rambling about fairy type illusions. Still something about what he said struck Raph as odd. “This… isn’t the way to Motostoke?” He furrowed his brow once more in mild confusion. How had he gotten so far off course? He had been fairly sure this was the right way, even if Simon said it wasn’t, he still felt like it was. Why was that? He cursed to himself once more in regards to the lack of signal, if his GPS was active this wouldn’t be a problem. “Don’t suppose you’ve got a phone that has a signal? I’ve been trying to check my GPS to get out of this damn fog but I can’t get a signal through.”

Simon shook his head and tapped his Xtransciever to be sure. "Nope. We've been walking with no signal for almost half an hour now, but I wasn't really checking before that either. I reckon we should just keep walking and we'll probably reach Motostoke, assuming that's where we are going." he pointed in the direction Raph had been heading in, coincidentally also the one he'd been going in too. Simon leaned into one of the bugs on his shoulder, a white larva. "If that thing turns out to be an illusion, you do your ice thing again, right?" he whispered a little too loudly, to which the Pokemon gave a squeaky hiss at Raph.

"I'll lead, just in case there's any danger ahead. Stay close."

So he said, but all it elicited from Raph was a tired sigh. “Alright mate, go right ahead.” It was far too much effort to argue with him at this point. Besides, something was off about this whole situation… at least this way if something terrifying did happen, Simon would be eaten first.

As the pair and pokémon continued to wander aimlessly through the fog, they would notice how that gut feeling leading them forward would grow stronger and stronger, almost ominously so. Raph pondered the effect with increasing worry. It didn’t feel like anything he had ever felt before. It was a desire to push on in the current direction, but it felt almost alien to him. He was loath to admit it, but had Simon been right? Was some other force influencing their actions? He stops in his tracks, taking a second to ponder, but before he could go much further with that, another familiar voice cuts across the fog.

“Well hello there sonny!” Slightly muffled and clearly elderly, the words rang out through the haze towards Raph and Simon. The former watching as waltzing out of the fog was the old man he had met near the shore of Lake Axewell. “I thought I heard some voices in this soupy mess, wouldn’t have thunk it was you!” His warm eyes closed into a smile as they had before and he moved to stand in clear view of the two youngsters.

Simon would take note of the man’s appearance as he turned to face him. His soft brown eyes were long and showed wisdom, topped by exceptionally bushy grey eyebrows. A large green parka jacket topped with a hood covered most all of the man's face besides that. His clothes were an odd mix of tracksuit and snow wear, all matching that same dull green colour, very uniform. “You must be another one of the students from Wedgehurst eh? It’s good to see two of you travelling together so early on your journeys!”

“Yeah, we are…” Simon narrowed his eyes at the man and nodded. Something told him this one wasn't an illusion, and the voice and appearance were oddly recognizable. He was confused by what he had just heard, however. "Wait, you two know each other? You're from the academy too?" he turned to ask Raph, both a little relieved but also a bit offended by the mistrust.

“Um… yeah. My bad, I thought I mentioned that.” Raph mumbled, shooting the old man a glare, getting a grin in return. He had hoped to avoid unnecessary reminiscing, but still, Simon didn’t seem too perturbed as he turned back towards the old man.

"Are you on your own, sir? If you're as lost as we are, you should stick together, I have a feeling it's not safe here." As Simon spoke those words, the Scatterbug on his hat let out a timid squeak, as if warning him about something.

“Ohoho, what a kind young man… but I wouldn’t worry sonny, I’m more than capable of taking care of myself.” His eyes tell Simon he’s smiling, but after a moment they open, dressed with a more serious expression. “Neither of you are incorrect to assume there’s danger in this fog however… past the soupy grey mist, something is waiting, luring travellers in closer. A ghost type Pokémon up to much mischief, I think you’ll find.” He pauses. “Though mischief isn’t the best ‘M word’ to describe what that creature is doing.” With a bombshell dropped, the old man shakes his head and returns to a cheerier tone.

“Keep walking this way and you’re sure to encounter it eventually… If you were to deal with the creature and make things safer for those passing through, well, I think a reward would be in order. The pair of you are trainers now, aren’t you?” The man’s eyes shifted from Simon to Raph; there was a greater knowledge underneath those innocent old eyes. Raph couldn’t help but feel himself being taken back to his encounter with this man on Lake Axewell. Since that day, he had been wondering if he had somehow had a hand in the scenario that had played out on the island. It all seemed too conveniently timed, like he was being tested by this crazy old man. If that was the case, then was the geezer testing him again? Testing him, and testing…

His eyes turned to the other trainer standing beside him. Testing Simon?

“Alright.” Raph sighed, shoving a hand into his pocket and pulling out a pokéball. With a swift toss, the capsule burst open with shimmering light and an excited looking pokémon landed on the ground. Vito looked around to see a bunch of people and pokémon he didn’t recognize. With abject glee, he bounced swiftly in place, unsure of who to approach first. Both of his flippers started wagging like crazy as he examines so many potential new friends! Raph closed his eyes and rubbed a hand over the bridge of his nose in response. “I’m willing to go give it a look, at least.” His gaze turned to Simon once again. “...and you?”

Simon was looking at the spherical Pokemon curiously, tapping his chin as if remembering something. As he did so, the Scatterbug and Caterpie on his shoulders widened their eyes and scuttled into the back of his hood. Simon snapped his fingers. "You're the spheal guy from school!" he exclaimed, looking at Raph then pointing at Vito. "I knew I'd run into him before, so that clears you up as not an illusion. This little ball almost helped me catch my first Pokémon!"

"Sphee! Sphealelel!" Vito puffed himself up just a little in response, positioning his flippers as if they were hands on his non-existent hips. Raph rolled his eyes, but it was amusing how chuffed his pokemon seemed over 'almost helping'.

"Hell yeah, laddie!" Simon grinned at Spheal. He was still slightly suspicious of the old man- but the familiarity of his face and the believability of his story made it unlikely that he was trying to trick them. As a Ballonlea boy, ghost-type tricks and mischief were no stranger to Simon, and attracting unaware humans on a massive scale in an area as wide as the wild area did sound difficult, but plausible. It would have to be an extremely powerful ghost-type, and one with some sort of hypnotic power- and Simon was up for the challenge.

"With us and Vito - I mean Raph - we’ve got this spectral troublemaker covered!” he pointed at himself confidently, somehow having learnt the Spheal's name. “We’ll give a shout when it’s safe. Let’s go, Raphael!” Without waiting for a response from either of them, the eager trainer marched ahead and motioned for Raph to follow. To which Raph watched tiredly for a few moments, raising his arms and positioning them behind his head as he stretched.

“Geez… what a handful…” Raph mumbled, Vito already rolling ahead, following the other trainer who had such a similar energy to himself. Raph was about to take off as well, when the voice of the old man caught his attention one more time. “The strange sense of longing instilled in passers by… the mysterious fog clinging to this area without letting go. I wonder, are they connected truly? Or is something else the cause of the latter?” In response to the words, Raph raised a singular eyebrow, but the geezer just laughed and waved a hand flippantly. “Oh don’t mind me boyo, just an old man rambling. You’d better get a move on, eh?”

Raph was almost certain that nothing this old man said was simple rambling anymore, but as Vito was getting further and further away, he thought better of hanging around to ask more questions.

As the pair and their pokémon meandered through the fog covered woodlands, Raph found himself having to move just slightly faster than he would normally like to to keep up with the bug catcher. Vito rolled circles around the two of them, moving in front of Simon then looping back behind Raph constantly, as if trying to keep the two reined in together. However, he noticed the creatures perched in the various parts of Simon’s attire were cowering more and more by the second into their hiding spots, in stark contrast to the enthusiasm of their trainer or his own Pokemon.

Raph was already a little tired of this other trainer. He was over excited, too eager to throw himself at… whatever this was. Hell, Raph had been ready to go himself but Simon had sprinted off before they could get much more info. It was kind of funny that he remembered Raph for Vito, despite the fact that he had only received Vito on the last day of their time at the academy. It was admittedly unlikely Simon would remember him for much else, he didn’t interact much with his other students, it had been far too much effort for him to consider it worthwhile. He watched as the other trainer paused for a second to give Vito a mid-roll high-five.

...and considering his interactions with people like Simon, Aeliana and Pia, Raph had probably been right in that assumption. Arrietty had seemed alright though, maybe it would have been okay if he had picked and choosed.

Simon himself seemed sociable and eager to talk, but was clearly more captivated by the energy of the Spheal circling them. The spirit of this Pokemon was immensely strong- surely Raph couldn’t always be as aloof and laid-back as he was now; such a relaxed training style would be an insult to his creature. Though despite Simon’s aversion to Raph’s low energy, he had a feeling the older trainer knew what he was doing, which was reassuring given the situation they were going to be in. In his thoughts and fascination with Vito’s speed, he had completely neglected to notice that all of his own Pokemon had completely tucked into his coat and pockets. Even his recently-captured feisty Snom, who he expected would jump at the opportunity to battle, had snuggled into his hood and out of sight.

As they walked the fog seemed to get thicker and soupier by the second, the feeling in Raph’s gut got stronger as they followed it to its source. Eventually, however, their movement was interrupted by a sound. Raph stopped walking entirely as a dull, droning ring was heard nearby, like… a tolling bell. He sped up slightly to catch up to Simon and nudged him to get his attention. “Do you hear that?”

Simon stopped, nearly tripping over Vito when he turned around. He waited for the sound to play again. “...is that a church bell…?” he asked. “Mad creepy. Where’s it even coming from?”

“No idea, I-”

Before Raph could finish a sentence a tingling sensation ran down his spine. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand and his heart started to clench. This feeling… it was the same thing he had felt when confronted by the Houndoom, the same feeling he felt when Hydreigon had roared. This feeling meant danger.

“Move!” Without thinking, he grabbed Simon’s jacket and threw him roughly to the ground… only for Vito to crash into his own back at the same moment, knocking the whole party to the ground. Within the same second, the fog was forcefully parted. A massive orb of black and purple energy raced through the area, crashing forcefully into a nearby tree and crackling with ominous black energy. A shadow ball. Quickly looking up from their pile, Raph saw the source. An ominous spectre of a pokémon looked upon them. A single empty eye peered at them and a strange antenna upon its head crackled with greenish energy. Gold filigree marked its body… and mouth. Its entire stomach opened into a gaping, empty maw, from which the shadow ball had erupted.

“Dusk… noir!” Immediately, more energy began to seep into the pokémon’s stomach through the fog. Dusknoir, that must have been its name. It was charging another attack. Without stopping to think, Raph scrambled onto his feet and stumbled forward, moving quickly towards any nearby trees that could serve as cover, glancing over his shoulder as he did so to make sure Simon was following. He’d also managed to get to his feet, dazed from the fall but otherwise unharmed. The pair noticed a dead tree a few meters ahead; wilted and bent, as if something had sucked the very life force from it. They hurried to find cover behind it- but not quick enough, as the ghost Pokemon fired another deadly purple blast from its maw. Inches before it hit them, the ball exploded into thin air, blocked by an invisible force which shimmered slightly in reaction to the blast. Sticking out of Simon’s coat pocket, a small burmy’s eyes glowed yellow as its Protect attack faded away.

“Muke, muke, this is bad!” Simon gritted his teeth as the two safely made it behind safe cover. Safe for how long, they couldn’t tell. “That’s a Dusknoir! Those things are insanely strong!” Another shadow ball coasted forward and the tree cracked and strained behind the pair. They were lucky they had selected a sturdy oak, but even that wouldn’t last long in response to this pokémon’s onslaught.

“...merde.” Raph muttered as his eyes scanned the nearby area for something that could help. Alas he could see nothing in the fog. “Damn it, I can see it’s bad… we’ve got to do something though, don’t we?!” He quickly peeked his head out and saw Dusknoir charging another shadow ball to launch their way. The fitful ghost type’s eye looked dull and empty, and every time it moved to attack sparks of green energy burst from its antenna. Yet the more it attacked, the more fog it dragged away and into itself. That gave Raph reason to pause, as the area around Dusknoir became more visible. It was standing in front of what… looked like a ruined tower? There was something just in the tower’s door frame. It floated ominously there, some sort of stone..? A soft green glow seemed to emanate from it, pulsing every few moments. Was that what the pokémon was after?

“Psyduck me- alright!” Raph dashed out from the tree, moving to the next one and waving his arms wildly. “C’mon you twat! Shoot this way!” There was no way their tree would last another blast and Raph desperately needed to make an opening for a counter attack. Their opponent seemed to need to take time to charge attacks between shots, so if Raph could guide one away…

Dusknoir turned to aim at him and the trainer cried out as he dodged and ducked to the side. “Vito, use Powder Snow! Simon, do… something! Attack or whatever you bug nuts do!”

Vito immediately rolled out from behind the tree as the shadow ball was launched, gliding over and barely missing Raph, it crashed roughly into a large mound of stone. The ice type pokémon responded to the opening swiftly, unleashing a barrage of snow and ice from his maw as he rolled on by. The attack glanced off of Dusknoir’s side, dealing some minimal damage, but it alone was barely enough to grab the powerful ghost’s notice…

“It’s bug catcher!” Simon yelled, dashing in the opposite direction Raph and Vito had gone in. He ran a short distance to flank the Dusknoir, and reached into his coat pockets with both hands. He felt a dozen legs cling on to his sleeves as the Pokemon inside anticipated an order. “Alright, lads! Hit him with every special attack you’ve got!” he commanded, and quickly took his hands out, pulling along with them a Caterpie and Burmy. As he did so, Scatterbug and Snom emerged from his hat and hood, ready to attack. Sliding into a stable position, he pointed his arms forward like two cannons. “Now!” All four bugs squeaked in unison, blasting string shots, hidden power and powder snow at the enemy Dusknoir.

The ghost Pokemon barely reacted as the globs of string hit its side, but its eye flinched slightly as the combined snow and water splashed against its head. Letting out a deep grumble, it turned towards Simon and dove underground. Simon noticed a purple shadow quickly approaching his position, swimming through the dead grass and rocks.

Simon gulped and attempted to sprint away from the Shadow Sneak attack, barely avoiding a full-on hit as the Dusknoir resurfaced and knocked him off his feet. He fell hard on the ground, his coat cushioning the impact but sending the Snom and Caterpie clinging to it tumbling off. Simon hurriedly picked them up and shoved them back in his pockets, crawling backward as the Dusknoir stared him down with its single soulless eye. However, before he could move to attack the boy further, Vito barrelled forward with a Rollout, rocketing off a tree. He struck Dusknoir hard on the side of the head and caused the ghost type to stagger a little to the side. Without missing a beat Raph ran in quickly, grabbing Simon by the arm and roughly dragging him to his feet. His heart was fit to burst in his chest, but he wasn’t quite at his limit yet. He had to think quick, if he didn’t do something fast then Dusknoir wouldn’t be the only ghost wandering about.

Expecting Simon to follow, he released the bug catcher’s arm and took off at a similar pace. Vito was falling in behind them in turn, having turned after his impact to maintain momentum. Without a source of water nearby, Carmen wouldn’t be too much help… so the little ball was Raph’s only lifeline right now. Well, him and Simon were. Raph glanced over his shoulder at the trainer, his brow furrowed and his gaze serious. He was a pillock alright, but he had gotten this far too, with four pokémon besides. Like it or not, they were in this together.

“Dusknoir isn't nearly as aggressive as it could be! Judging by the speed it’s moving and the attacks it’s using it could already have us dead!” He gasped a little, talking and running was hard. “You know what that means right? His focus is divided! He’s distracted by something and…” The fog had cleared even more now, the floating stone Raph had seen earlier was clearly visible. It was glowing with the same green energy as Dusknoir’s antenna. “Listen Simon! You see that rock over there?”
Simon squinted for a second as he looked in the direction Raph was pointing in. “Uh, yeah?” he responded, nearly tripping over himself as another shadow ball crashed into the floor behind them. Raph felt himself knocked forward by the impact slightly as well, but he couldn’t let that affect his judgment right now.

“This might sound kind of nuts, okay? I’m going to get its attention again… while I do, you need to hit that thing with everything your little guys can manage alright? Absolutely everything!” He felt his breath running out, there was no more time to push himself, he was getting close to the breaking point. “Can you… Can you do that?!”

Kinda nuts? That is psyducking nuts, mate!” Simon shouted back, but after looking back towards the Dusknoir, quickly changed his mind. “A-alright! But if we die here, this is on you!”

“Noted…” Raph growled, before quickly diverging off in a different direction from Simon, letting the latter run ahead towards the floating stone. He really, really hoped this worked. “Hey dickhead!” Raph screamed out, causing Dusknoir to turn away from Simon for the briefest of moments. The imposing ghost type began to charge another Shadow Ball, aiming it at Raph as he fled; however, in that moment both the stone and Dusknoir’s antenna flashed with a bright green light.

“DUUUUUSSSK!” The pokémon howled then turned towards Simon, who was still running. Dusknoir had a much clearer shot on the bug catcher than he did at Raph, and Raph knew it. Immediately he stopped running away and instead started running through options in his mind; with only a few choicesleft he reached into his bag and produced a familiar red sphere. He quickly threw the empty pokéball forward and it collided with Dusknoir’s head harshly. Instantly, the ghost type was drawn into the ball, yet before it could even hit the ground cracks began to form on the capsule’s surface. “Now, Simon!”

The bug catcher wasted no time, sprinting to the stone as fast as he could while taking out his Pokemon once again. The tower was only a short distance away, but the parts of ruined walls and stones he had to jump over slowed him down. On top of his head, Scatterbug squeaked at him. Before he could react, the stone suddenly began glowing a stronger green, before blasting a dark crimson ray, crackling with black energy. Before it got close, however, Simon felt the Snom on his shoulder leap off with all of its strength, its icy shell shining brightly as she used Mirror Coat. The ray collided with the bug and was immediately reflected back at the stone.

“Good stuff, tiny!” Simon cheered between breaths as he caught the Snom mid-sprint. The stone wavered slightly as its own attack hit it back, giving him just enough time to get close. Simon jumped onto a fallen pillar in front of the stone before leaping off and landing on top of it. “Scatterbug, Caterpie! Bug Bite!”

The two bugs jumped down onto the floating stone as he did, their teeth glowing white, and bit down hard onto the small purple cracks. A loud shriek suddenly sounded from the stone, followed by a powerful shockwave, sending all three of them flying backwards… and in the same moment, the pokéball containing dusknoir shattered. It immediately roared in pain, grasping its head as its antenna started to shudder and crackle. Raph had no idea how, but somehow attacking the stone had done severe damage to Dusknoir. He would have contemplated on how strange it was that the rock had attacked Simon as well, but he had no time to think on that. Despite the damage it had taken, Dusknoir was still very much up and healthy… and its pained rage was now turned towards Raph.

The single eye of the ghost type pokémon began to glow and it rushed forward. Dark energy was coalescing around its fist and it looked ready to strike at Raph directly. He was exhausted beyond belief and forced his body to move, but a sudden spasming pain in his chest caused him to tumble. As he falls to the ground, pain surging through him, he turns his head to see Vito, the little Spheal screeching as he charges as fast as he could in Raph’s direction… but Raph could see he wouldn’t be fast enough. He just needed a moment to catch his breath, but that moment wasn’t coming. It looked now, like it might never come.

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Aeliana Kekoa &
Ruben Sancho
Watchtower Ruins
Chapter 2-5 | Interogation

Aeliana's Current Party:

Ruben's Current Party:

The sharp, purple eyes of Anabel glared down at a pair of photos on the table in front of her. Her delicate hand slid the photos past the ‘International Police’ badge that sat on the table. One was a photo of a Clefable, Bisharp and human corpse with a stash of moonstones; the second was an image of a Diggersby burrow, stuffed full with nuts, berries and a single blue egg.

“You’re sure you ain’t reading too much into it?” A raspy voice pushed a cloud of smoke into the single beam of light that lit the room. It was followed by the face of a heavily browed woman, her scowl as sharp as the flecks of hair that made up the bob atop her head.

“I don’t believe in coincidences,” Anabel hissed back, much to her partner’s dismay. “We should question them both. Find out what they know about each other, see if their stories match what they told the rangers.” She huffed, glaring at the cackling rangers who played cards in the office just outside the room.

Aeliana reflexively glanced up in the shock of the light above her flicking off. She held her breath at the sound of the footsteps that thudded against the concrete. Her eyes widened and she sat up straight. A desperate look gracing her facial features as she watched the shadows of two women walk towards her.

“Please… Can I have my Pokémon back now? How’s Clefairy? W-What about Tampa and Fiesta?!” the pink-haired girl questioned. After being escorted to the ranger camp, the trainer had had all three of the Pokémon stripped from her possession, along with pretty much everything else she had been carrying up to this point. The rangers claimed it was for security reasons, but no sooner had they taken them from Aeliana, they shoved her into this tiny room by herself. The girl felt like they were treating her as some kind of criminal or something of the sort. “It’s been long enough, right?”

“Awww, you’re a cutie, aren’t you.” One of the two officers swooned, with an ominous air of sarcasm. A small, bright beam of light flicked on, blurring the vision of the young girl. She could barely make out the lilac hair of the smaller, suit wearing woman and the spiky bob of the taller woman in the trenchcoat who continued to tease her. “I can imagine you’ve had a long day with work and all. How much does it pay, huh? Killing pokemon? I been thinkin of gettin me a day job.” The trenchcoat woman spat, her thick Unovan accent breaking through as she struggled to keep the cigarette in her mouth.

Aeliana glanced up at the taller woman, who was now towering over her. Did she really think she was the one who did all that? Surely the rangers had shown them her Pokémon. It was highly unlikely that someone like Tampa would have been capable of all that.

“Nothing else to say? You know what Belle? I think she’s mockin’ me! If I didn’t kn-”

“Tasha.” Anabel said calmly, halting her partner’s tirade. She was staring into the young woman’s eyes and she didn’t see a liar. “Turn the lights on. Let me get this one.” She ignored any sarcastic retorts Tasha may have had and instead sat across the table from Aeliana. “I’m sorry about her. My name is Anabel. I work with the International Police. I was hoping me and my partner could ask you a few questions about an incident that happened today. I know it can’t be easy, with what happened to you, but if you co-operate, you’ll make things a lot easier for yourself.”

Anabel slid a photo across the table. This one was a photograph...mugshot of Ruben Sancho. “What can you tell me about this individual?”

Aeliana took the photo, blinking slowly. “Ruben…? Not too much, really. We graduated from the trainer’s school back in Wedgehurst. I think he got a Bounsweet as his starter Pokémon. I think he was an up and coming football star before he enrolled, but… I never really spoke to him much during our time there.” She paused, slowly glancing back up towards Anabel. She was getting a bit curious as to why she was suddenly being asked about her former classmate. She raised an eyebrow. “Why? Did something happen to him?”

Ruben looked down at the photo the smoking lady had put in front of him. He raised a brow, the face immediately striking a chord, but it didn’t bring a name with it.

“We graduated together. I think she was a dancer?” He shrugged, baffled by the question. “I didn’t see her anywhere near the egg if that’s what you’re wondering. I dunno if I could see her stealing. From what I remember, she was actually a bit of a ditz.” He rubbed his head in defeat, before he noticed the woman’s flat expression. It wasn’t like everyone at the school had to be buddy buddy, but he could understand she’d be skeptical at him not even knowing her name. “I took a lot of night classes.”

“They’re classmates. That’s all you’ve got on ‘em. Face it, this is all a big misunderstanding.” Tasha croaked, choking up a cloud of smoke as she laughed at Anabel.

The smaller officer refused to relent. She looked down at the images: Ruben holding a blue pokemon egg, while he and the ranger fled a horde of Diggersby; Aeliana standing over the corpse of a man and a clefable; a sketch of a scowling woman with an eyepatch.

“That’s the same egg she was sighted with and the shadowy slash against the wall is exactly the same as her other kills.” Anabel explained, biting a thumb. “There are no coincidences. Put them in a room together and see what they let slip.” She growled, powering out of the room.

Tasha watched on with a deep sigh.

Aeliana glanced at the door, her eyes lighting up as it opened, only to suddenly drop back into fretting as she noticed it wasn’t a ranger or one of the officers bringing back her Pokémon. “Hey… S-So, you’re here too, huh?”

“I guess so...Aeliana, right?” Ruben shrugged, unsure of any sort of protocol for addressing an interrogation cell mate, but glad to see the girl was at least as confused as he was. “I’d say ‘I’m innocent, I swear’, but if you watch movies you’ll know that’s basically a cliche now. What’re you in for?” He asked, joining her at the table with a sigh. Aeliana tensed up at the boy’s question but Ruben was far too busy preening to notice.

“I… They found me out in the Watchtower Ruins. They think I killed…” She paused, her lips dry as a feeling of nausea worked its way into her stomach thinking over the situation. “They think I killed a guy… and his Pokémon… and a Clefable… But I didn’t do anything and now they have Tampa and the others and…”

“Oh…” Ruben responded. His undivided attention was on Aeliana now. “That’s cool,” He lied. Slowly, he began to edge his chair away from her. “Hardcore...” His voice breathless and full of fear. “Mine seems kinda small now, I got caught taking an egg while I was running away from a ranger. S-stupid story.”

Aeliana’s eyes shot up. A look of disbelief gracing her features. “You can’t be serious… You don’t actually think I did it, do you?”

“No! Not at all! I believe you!” Ruben pleaded without an ounce of conviction. Aeliana’s eyes narrowed, frustration evident in her voice as she spoke.

“What about you, Mister Sports Star? You’ve been down on your luck ever since that injury, right? Maybe stealing that egg to sell it off is a quick way to line your pockets?”

“Ay, hold on don’t worry about my pockets. My pockets are good. You need to worry about working on that alibi for why they found you in a prayer circle with a couple of corpses. Unless you’re claiming it was a suicide pact, someone has to have done it,” Ruben snapped back in defense. As he finished his rant, he noticed the glass of water sitting on the table and edged just close enough that he could get to it quicker than her.

“What are they talking about?” Anabel asked, prodding Tasha, who had the radio to her ear.

“He thinks she did it,” Tasha answered nonchalantly.

“They’re turning on each other? We haven’t even played our hand. What are they planning?”

“Yeah, a real genius play here. With the case she’s laying down on him, if I was the judge I’d prosecute him on the spot. As for her, she had nothin’ to begin with. Wait...”

“There was someone else there!” Aeliana exclaimed.

The two officers waiting outside leaned in.

Even Ruben steadied his stance at that.

“A blonde lady,” Aeliana continued, her eyes moving to look down at the ground before her. “The man that was hurting the Clefairy and the Clefable… We tried to fight him off, Tampa and my Pokémon, that is. We… weren’t doing too well. He had a Bisharp so, Fiesta and Tampa could only do so much…” Her voice grew quiet, chills running down her spine as she thought back to that moment. “He was going to use Bisharp to kill us… He even had Tampa in his grasp… That’s when she showed up with a Greninja…”

She looked back up at Ruben. “She was about my height… Blonde hair down to her shoulders. She had an eyepatch over one eye, the other eye was cold and virtually lifeless. She was wearing a long, dark red trenchcoat… She killed that guy… killed his Bisharp, too. I don’t know why she interjected like that, but… before I could say much she was gone… Then the rangers showed up and… next thing I know, I’m here and my Pokémon are gone.”

“Our birdy sings. She did know something after all,” Tasha said with a smirk, putting her cigarette out on the table. She stopped as she noticed Anabel smirking. “Don’t get ahead of yourself, she saved her on a whim, it was still a coincidence.” Despite herself, she couldn’t help but smirk at the revelation with her partner. “Get the Herdiers in, we’re burying this rattata.”

TM Case:
Attract TM
Aeliana's ATC
Luggage Case
Poké Ball (x3)


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Achille Béringer || 18 || ♂️
Location: Wild Area (Giant's Seat)
Current Status: Cold and wet

Joiuse - Shadow Sneak, Fury Cutter, Autotomize, Metal Sound, Block, Aerial Ace
Proudhon - Tackle, Splash, Thrash
Alizé - Absorb, Tackle, Gust, Supersonic, Double Team, Wing Attack

Rain pounded the top of Achille’s tent while the smell of soup grew in intensity as it cooked. Three of the four tent occupants eyed the pot hungrily as it bubbled away on the small electric stove. Joiuse eyed the entrance of the tent warily, which just seemed to be her default state of rest by now. It was just a simple onion soup, but after all the running and being knocked on his ass that happened today it might as well have been ambrosia with how it smelled. Luckily there was a distraction in the form of an electronic chirping sound from Achille’s pocket.

You’re really staying in Galar for another year?

Oh muk, I forgot to tell Mireille. His sister had spent a lot of time in the lab the past few years, and he’d fallen out of the habit of texting her due to that. This was actually a quick turn around on news from her. I guess I stirred things up back home.

I meant what I said. I didn’t study two years for this recommendation just to back out without even trying.

He stared at the sent message for a few seconds. He was getting frustrated for no good reason. He did leave her out of the loop after all. He sent a second message to try and soothe things over.

Sorry. How are things going with your work?

I just got transferred to the Pokéball R&D department, so finally doing my part in rejoining the Béringers to the Pokemon world. But don’t think you can squirm your way out of this by mentioning my work. You’re really okay staying there? Not just angry still?

Muk, that was worth a try. Bringing up her research worked when they were younger.

Galar is tolerable. I walked through a blizzard and a thunderstorm on the same day, but the trainers are decent.

He scooted closer to the simmering soup and stirred it. The action drew the attention of Proudhon and the recently dubbed Alizé. The Magikarp watched the circular motion of the ladle with hungry eyes. Too hungry and tired to start trying to cause trouble, Achille assumed. Alizé, who was previously comfortable hanging from the tent’s support beam, left her perching spot and fluttered down to sit in his lap. The Noibat made it a habit of clinging to him in some way when she was outside of her Pokéball.

She was small enough that he barely even noticed when it happened, so he didn’t pay it too much mind. Hopefully it would go away with time. He set the ladle back to a resting position and checked the latest message.

Well, look at little Achille becoming travelled! Not even a single complaint that the local small town grocer doesn’t stock Pecha-Pinap Baltoid. I was afraid you decided to stay in a foreign region for three years solely out of spite.

I said it was tolerable, not that I was in love with it. Also psyduck Roland still. Remind him to get his own dream.

His stomach let out an angry growl and Achille decided it was good enough to call the food done. He switched the stove off, the simmering stopping not long after the heat ceased, before he grabbed Alizé and moved her to his shoulder. He procured a couple vessels for the soup from his bag, a shallow bowl for Proudhon and a measuring cup for Alizé, from his bag. The phone alerted about another new message. He checked it while the meal cooled a little more.

And here I was getting hopeful again. You do know stopping this little feud would probably do a lot to actually sway dad, right?

Achille frowned at the low blow. He obviously realized that, but it was a matter of principle.

I get it. I’m just going to kick his ass at least once before then. Then I promise I’ll be a team player.

He filled each bowl with a bit of the soup. It was still too hot to eat, but psyduck he was hungry. He set the measuring cup on the ground and allowed Alizé to crawl to the ground using his arm. The Noibat chirped a happy Noi Noi-bat in appreciation.

He brought the shallow bowl to the problem child, setting it down and kneeling next to the Magikarp. “Okay Proudhon,” he addressed the fish, “are you fine on your own? Don’t take this as an insult, you got beat up pretty bad in the cave. I’m not saying you can’t eat on your own… but I question the physics of this.”

The disclaimer was pointless as the Magikarp took offense to it anyways. “Karp-magi karp Magikarp!” He ranted angrily at his trainer. He rested his face against the bowl, leaning it ever so slightly off the group. The soup actually poured from the bowl to Proudhon’s mouth without any mess. An impressive feat, that was still causing Achille to cringe.

“Are… you okay?” Achille asked. “That just came from the stove. It’s still very hot.”

“... karp.” Proudhon replied quietly. Sounds like it did hurt. Regardless, he proved he could do it on his own.

Achille held up the last bowl to Joiuse, who just shook in the air at the offer. Her exaggerated “no” motion due to a lack of a pivoting head. Achille claimed the bowl as his own, sitting and checking his messages once more.

Fine, but that’s a promise. Now. Let me tell you about my adorable new assistant. The lab adopted a bunch of Heliolisk and Helioptiles to help power some of the machines.

They gave one to me and he is PERFECT. Not only do I not need to carry any more heavy spare batteries for my field tools but he also knows every part in my toolbox already. We set up an area for them to bask in the sun outside.

He opened the attached picture and, yup, that was a lot of Helio-lizards lounging on large rocks next to a corporate office. At least he found a new thing he could distract her with since the research plan failed. It sounded like she was going to fawn over her new Pokemon any chance she got for the next few weeks.

Achille smiled as he took his first bite of his meal. It was still too hot, but it beat the chill from his drying clothes. He’d let her talk about her “assistant” for now, and worry about the blizzard he had to cross getting back from the Giant’s Seat later.

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Aeliana Kekoa &
Ruben Sancho
Watchtower Ruins
Chapter 2-6 | Making of a Murderer

Aeliana's Current Party:

Ruben's Current Party:

“There ain’t nothin’ worse than a dead end, is there,” Tasha grumbled. She had been squatting over the trunk of a tree that seemed to be the last place the little dog pokemon would lead them too. Rather than barking at any enlightening evidence, the Herdier had opted to stop for a whiz and mark his territory all over the tree. “You’re sure she left?” She asked with a hint of spite in her tone as she gestured for Aeliana to join her.

"Right before the rangers showed up. She must have heard them coming and took off to avoid being caught," Aeliana nodded, accepting the blue pokemon egg Tasha decided to pawn off on her. It was heavy. Not so heavy that the girl struggled, but it made her consider how much strength it took for Tasha to carry it under her arm for so long as if it were a loose jacket. She clutched onto it and hugged tightly, not noticing the envious eyes that Ruben watched on with.

She paused. The pink-haired trainer was growing more and more curious about just who this woman was. While the mysterious blonde had been quick to kill that man who had been harvesting the Moonstones and his Bisharp, her actions had in turn saved Aeliana and her team's lives.

"Who… exactly is she, anyway?" the trainer finally questioned. "Why does she have you both so worked up?" Before Tasha could respond to Aeliana’s question, Anabel finally spoke up, her Lilac hair glistening under the falling sun.

“Avril Morris. She’s left her mark at the scene of countless murders, and I don’t doubt she’s done even more than we’re accusing her of. Like you two, she was a graduate of the trainer school in Kalos, just over fifteen years ago now.”

“Arbitrary fact.” Tasha butted in, not caring for the unnecessary detail.

“Was she involved in…” Ruben asked, hesitating to finish.

“The Z incident? Stopping it probably. Many of her classmates were after all. CEO of Radicorp, Kalos’ pokemon professor and even the champions of Sinnoh and Kalos all played their part. It’s safe to assume she was among that group.”

“Damn...so she’s strong.” Ruben recoiled, affirming his reaction with an uncertain glance in Aeliana’s direction.

“We’re strong.” Tasha snapped back, chewing on the butt of a new cigarette. “This ***** is on a whole other level.”

"I don't understand…" Aeliana replied, literally regaining a foothold in the conversation as she stepped between Tasha and Ruben. "I don't know all of the details, but aren't they all regarded as heroes? I mean, I don't necessarily approve of her methods, but…"

“Heroes fall kid,” Tasha said. There was a chill in the air. Ruben especially gulped in response to the statement, glancing remorsefully down at his cast.

“This was 15 years ago, right…?” Aeliana questioned. She glanced over at Tasha. “How does one person, one wanted for a ton of murders, manage to stay ahead of the international police for that long? Wouldn’t her former classmates know something about her to manage to help track her down? I feel like there’s only so far one can get before reaching a wall with nowhere else to go…”

“Because kid, even if she was easy to just grab, you gotta get a warrant. You know how much **** we get into just for roughin’ someone up, even if we see ‘em do the crime we gotta prove it. These dirtbags get to waltz around and shoot up the town and the second we try to step in we get-”

“Tasha.” Anabel butted in. “What she means is that Avril is very good at keeping evidence at a minimum...but not this time.”

“Big talk coming from someone using a couple of kids as their prime sources of information,” a familiar voice called out. Aeliana’s eyes widened at the sound, quickly remembering it from the night previous. She looked about the area, spotting the source standing atop a tree branch just a bit further ahead. That blonde hair, the ice-cold eye, the coat and eyepatch… there was no doubt about it. Avril had found them instead of the other way around. “And here I thought the rangers in Kalos were the pathetic ****s… Looks like it goes all the way to interpol.”

Aeliana opened her mouth to speak, when she felt a sudden pull. The Greninja from the night before was present as well. With ease, it had somehow managed to not only grab hold of the egg she had been carrying, but pull it from her arms without so much as a struggle. The Greninja stared the pinkette down for a moment, hopping back and up towards the blonde woman in the tree.

Ruben noticed the trembling hands of the officers as they reached for their pokeballs. As it stood, they were the only things standing between him and an international murderer. The sight was enough to make his chest tighten. Again he looked to Aeliana. The girl was frozen stiff.

“Now!” Anabel’s broke through the ringing in Ruben’s ear. On cue, a fearsome Fearow came coursing through the trees and crashed through the branch Avril and her Greninja were standing on.

“****, Shino hold onto tha-” Avril cursed.

Before the blonde had time to properly react, she and the Greninja found themselves falling to the ground below. The Greninja tried to tighten his grip around the egg, going as far as to somehow manage to turn in the air and land on his backside to keep the egg from busting upon landing. That said, the force of the Fearow’s assault caused the egg to go flying through the air. Avril on the other hand, landed on the ground with a solid thud, groaning in pain as she lay on the ground in a crumpled heap.

“I can feel my blood starting to boil from this excitement…” Avril muttered, her voice suddenly sounding very uneven and chilling as she climbed to her feet. The blonde reached for a poké ball from her wrist, a smirk stretching across her lips all the while. “If you want to play a game, that’s fine with me… Let’s go, Sadie!”

A fierce roar echoed out through the area as the trainer tossed the poké ball forward. Aeliana felt her stomach churn as the familiar sight of an enraged and terrifying Krookodile came to stand before her. Visions of what the Pokémon had done to the man from the previous night replayed through her mind as she slowly took a step back from the group.

The officers ran forward, tossing their own pokeballs to stand against Avril’s Krookodile. With the line of defence reinforced, Ruben regained his senses. He looked over to the battlefield, where an Alakazam and an Escavelier stood against a Krookodile. He whispered a silent ‘thank ****’ that the two powerful pokemon were on his side.

As he glanced up, he noticed the egg tumbling toward the ground. The Greninja that had stolen it was picking itself up from the ground. Ruben knew it was now or never. With a mixture of fear, adrenaline and sheer determination taking over his body, Ruben dropped his crutches and sprinted toward what would have been the egg’s eventual landing spot. Even with the weight of the cast boot around his leg and the uncertainty of his recovering ankle, the athlete felt as though he’d barely lost a step as he dived forward to catch the egg just before it could hit the ground. He quickly climbed to his feet and beckoned to Aeliana before fleeing the scene of the battle.

She didn’t move.

“She’s dead. She’s gonna die, she’s dead,” he repeated to himself, readying a sprint as he noticed the powerful water type regaining its bases. Still the girl hadn’t moved an inch. He dropped his head, running past her as though he hadn’t seen her at all. His gut clenched. He stopped. “If I die for this *****…” He bemoaned through gritted teeth, beginning back toward the danger zone. As he ran, he watched what was unfolding on the battlefield in horror.

Avril’s Krookodile had narrowly dodged a focus blast from Anabel’s Alakazam and was about to launch a counter attack of her own. The Krookodile raged forward, slamming the Alakazam to the ground with a feral roar before suddenly snapping her razor sharp teeth into the side of Alakazam’s neck without a hint of remorse. It gritted its teeth and began to ragdoll the psychic type it had locked in its maw.

“Alakazaaaaam!” Anabel screeched in horror. Ruben winced. He noticed even the Greninja watched what was happening with a hint of regret. Ruben turned away. His body tensed up, imagining the detail of what was happening behind him but he dared not to turn around.

“We need to go now,” He stated bluntly, the fear evident from the sweat on his face. Without further questions, he began dragging the girl by the arm. Motostoke was in sight, but Ruben made one fatal mistake. The same mistake he told himself not to make just a month ago or even four years ago...he looked back.

“Escavelier, knock her off with Megahorn!” At Tasha’s command, the bug knight surged toward the shadowy sand croc. However, the Escavelier came to a screeching halt however as the sudden appearance of a large, yellow Ampharos stood in his way, before slamming a sparking, electrified fist right into the creature’s face.

“Can’t you see those two are having a moment…?” Avril taunted with a sneer. Her eye suddenly darkened as she spoke. “Wait your damn turn!” As Avril said those words, her Greninja locked eyes with Ruben, spotting the egg peeking from under his arm. In a flash, he stood before them. His eyes lowered to the egg in Ruben’s hand.

Once again on cue, the Fearow from earlier landed between Avril’s Greninja and the two young trainers. It lowered its back, letting four pokeballs fall onto the ground. Ruben was stunned. He looked back over to the battlefield, noticing Tasha give him a nod of assurity before frustratedly returning the Purrloin that was knocked past her and returning her attention to the battle. Ruben had to think fast. He grabbed the pokeballs and confronted the stunned girl.

“Aeliana, look. Your pokemon. I need your right now, I need you here with me. Come on.” He grabbed her, shaking her to consciousness as best he could. If they were going to hold off the Greninja, she couldn’t be running on autopilot. Not now.

Aeliana's gaze focused onto Ruben before looking down at the balls at the ground. Without missing a beat, the pink-haired trainer quickly scooped them up into her arms before turning her attention back to the Greninja standing before them. She seemed hesitant for a moment, taking Tampa's ball into her hand. Images of her team attempting to battle the Bisharp from the night prior began to play in her head. Could she really put her Pokemon through that situation again?

Ruben quickly scanned the balls with his pokedex and picked out Lesca’s. It was about to be do or die time and judging by the looks of the other battle, die time was a lot closer. He tossed the ball forward, the little grass type burst forth and read the situation. She looked back at Ruben, uncertain what exactly he expected her to do in this situation.

“Razor Leaf!” Ruben called. The Bounsweet looked her opponent up and down, then backed off. She was not about to get embarrassed alone by that thing.

Ruben looked to Aeliana, looked to his pokemon, then looked to Greninja.”Fearow, you trynna help out?” He questioned, receiving an assuring nod from the flying type. “Aeliana, I need you too. We’re a team right now, and whether we’re kicking a ball on grass or we’re fighting for our lives, if everyone’s not pulling their weight, we don’t deserve to leave on our feet.”

“...I… I mean…” Aeliana stammered. She glanced down at the poké ball in her hand. Despite her reluctance, she knew that Ruben was right. Things could just turn out worse if she didn’t even make an effort. Steeling her nerves, the pink-haired trainer gripped Tampa’s ball tighter and tossed it out onto the field. “Let’s go Tampa! Attack him with Bite!”

The gator Pokémon burst forth from the ball. Her eyes narrowed as she spotted her target, Avril’s Greninja. Her body was shuddering with anticipation, the Totodile eager to redeem herself for what had happened the previous night when she battled against that Bisharp.

Charging forward, Tampa began to snap her jaws open and shut as if attempting to scare the Greninja with her sharp teeth. Meanwhile, the said frog Pokémon nimbly managed to dodge past the oncoming Razor Leaf attack from Ruben’s Bounsweet. The sound of Tampa’s gurgling quickly reached his ears. The Greninja glanced down just in time to see Tampa jump forward and attempt to bite his arm. In one fluid motion, the Greninja suddenly hopped back, launching forth a barrage of Water Shuriken at the two Pokémon.

Before the attack could land, the Fearow barrelled in, taking the shuriken meant for the Bounsweet on its wing. Tampa on the other hand, took the attack head-on. The Totodile staggered back, but managed to keep on her feet despite taking the attack at point-blank.

“Yes Fearow! Alright, I need you to follow up with…” Ruben began, flicking through his pokedex to realise he had nothing. “You just do your thing.” With a nod, the Fearow charged toward the Greninja, launching a fury attack.

“Tampa, fall back and use Water Gun!” Aeliana ordered.

“Lesca, help her out with Razor Leaf.”

The Totodile hopped back, jaws snapping open to send out a blast of cold water. The Greninja quickly hopped up, once more dodging the Totodile’s attack. However, this left him open to Fearow’s oncoming assault. The bird Pokémon slammed into the Greninja and began to slam its beak into his body repeatedly. Greninja let out a pained grunt as he reached forward, suddenly grabbing the Fearow by its neck in an attempt to stop the assault. Leaning back, the frog Pokémon’s mouth opened wide before unleashing a chilling Ice Beam straight into the Fearow’s face. Fearow screeched with pain as the two tumbled to the ground below.

With no length of time to recover, both the Fearow and the Greninja were torn and scratched at by Lesca’s leafy barrage. Only the Greninja managed to climb to its feet following the assault as the Ice Beam had already flattened the powerful flying type. Lesca and Tampa were all that were left. All the while, Greninja's eyes lingered on the egg.

“Do we stand our ground, or do we run?” Ruben asked Aeliana, with a trepidation in his tone. Peering past their immediate threat, he could see the mess of knocked out pokemon that lay around the police officers.

“Now then…” a familiar voice began, gaining the attention of both trainers. They turned to see Avril slowly walking towards them. Her voice was calm and steady, clearly having worked out her agitation on Anabel and Tasha and their Pokémon. “I’m only going to say this once... Give me that egg. I’m tired of playing these stupid games with a bunch of stupid kids.”

"Why are they so interested in that egg?" Aeliana cautiously asked her male counterpart.

Ruben stood before the powerful pokemon and his trainer, breathless. He refused to answer Aeliana’s question. Not out loud.

As the sun began to set, once again, Ruben and Aeliana could see the silhouette of the Greninja standing before the beacon that was Motostoke in the distance. To Ruben, that was home. He shut his eyes and took a long, mournful breath. A single look behind him reminded him where he was. A dead end. He raised his free hand and lowered the egg to the ground before rolling it toward the Greninja, begrudgingly all the while.

Avril motioned towards the Greninja, signalling for the frog Pokémon to pick up the egg. Aeliana watched the duo nervously, as if she was expecting the blonde woman to lash out and assault the duo at any moment. Just as the Greninja bent down to pick the egg up, a loud, deafening gunshot rangout through the area.

“****ing ****!” Avril exclaimed, her hand quickly grabbing hold of her right shoulder.

“You are NOT...getting away from me again! I lost my ****ing job because of you.” Anabel growled. Gun pointed, she glared down the barrel, Avril’s head the target. “I give a damn if we don’t take you in alive.”

“Lost your job?” Ruben asked, a brow raised.

“We’re PIs. Not International Police.” Tasha sighed, standing at Anabel’s side with her own gun cocked. “Reason it’s taken so long it’s been the two of us working on the case for a long time.” She spat her cigarette out onto the ground. “When the cops can’t get the job done kiddos, you take things into your own hands.”

“Anything left to say for yourself, Avril?” Anabel asked with a scowl.

Avril let out a pained chuckle. “Isn’t that a bunch of hypocritical Tauros ****? In what way is this any different from what I did?” She looked Anabel dead in the eyes, smirking despite the situation she found herself in. “The rangers and police couldn’t do anything to stop Cinder… So I did it myself. I played by different rules… and I won.

Aeliana glanced between the two private investigators and Avril. She really didn’t know what to think of all of this. The longer she watched, the more uncomfortable the pink-haired girl felt. She wasn’t sure who Avril was or what all she had done. She did know that the blonde had saved her life earlier and it was that reasoning that made the pinkette feel like this wasn’t a fair ending for the woman.

Legs started working before her brain. Aeliana suddenly made her way forward. Without a moment of hesitation, the trainer placed herself between Anabel and Avril, the private investigator’s gun now aimed at her instead. Avril stared up at the younger girl, her eye wide in surprise at the development.

“Aeliana...get out of my way.” Anabel hissed, her lip between her teeth. A click sounded. Anabel tightened her grip on the trigger.

“Belle…not the kid.” Tasha’s comrade didn’t listen. “Belle…” Her finger tensed again. She pulled the trigger.

Anabel clutched onto her hand in pain. A trickle of blood running from her hand and onto the gun she dropped onto the ground. Ruben, egg in hand, stepped between the angered Private Investigator and her target. Lesca, fresh off a Razor Leaf attack, stood beside him.

“She said it better than I was gonna, but if you were gonna turn your back on everything that got you here and kill Aeliana just get her...that’s some bull****.”

Looking between the kids and the investigators, Avril took this as her time to make a hasty exit. Taking a ball of the bracelet, the trainer called out a Noivern. All the while her Greninja stood at the ready, just in case he would need to run some last minute interference. Avril climbed up onto the Noivern’s back, her eyes drifting one final time to the egg in Ruben’s arm. A quiet curse escaped her lips, with a forlorn look in her visible eye. She recalled her Greninja, before the Noivern let out a loud screech and took off into the air and away from the group.

“****! ****! ****! ****!” Anabel roared with every shot that missed the wings of Avril’s escaping Noivern.

Ruben watched her in the periphery of his vision, clutching the egg under his arm. He looked back to Aeliana, giving an remorseful expression. He wasn’t sure if they did the right thing, and something told him the answer wouldn’t come easy.

“Guess I’d better call home? Tell ‘em I ran into a serial killer,” Ruben said, his joke choking in the tension. “Not gonna be back in Wedgehurst for a long time.” He added, speaking to no one in particular, but looking to Aeliana for some sort of affirmation.

Aeliana merely rolled her eyes at the boy's comment. She moved towards Anabel, offering the lilac-haired woman a hand to stand up with. "Are you okay…?"

“Just leave.” Anabel grumbled, her eyes locked on the part of the sky where Avril disappeared from view. “You can grab your things from the Ranger HQ and just go…”

“Belle, your gun…”

“Just go.”

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Watchtower Ruins - Spirits Entombed - Part 2

...instead of an impact, or the sound of impending doom approaching, Raph heard the clanging of scales. As his shaky gaze looked upwards, his eyes widened at what he saw. A massive dragon type pokémon stood over him, it’s grey lizard-like body was adorned with larger, gold and red scales that clanged together as it moved, creating distinct and sonorous sounds. Dusknoir gazed in confusion but before he could respond, a familiar voice once again cut across the clearing.

“Kommo-o! Repel the beast with Clanging Scales!” In response, the dragon type, Kommo-o as it was called, clapped its hands together and Raph had to cover his ears as a shockwave of sound formed infused with draconic energy. It rushed forward and sent Dusknoir clattering backwards, tumbling through the air with its antenna sparking wildly, granting Raph the breathing room he needed to collect himself and scramble to his feet.

With abject shock and awe, both Raph and Simon’s eyes turned to the edge of the clearing, as standing with those same kind eyes formed into a smile was the mysterious old man. With a light chuckle he moves a hand to the fastenings of his coat and grips, his knuckles turning white with force as he does. “Now boys… you look like you’ve seen a ghost!” Suddenly the old man moves with intense speed, he leaps forward, kicks off a nearby tree and flips through the air. He moved with the agility of a Mienshao and in that same motion ripped his coat clean and tossed it through the air.

As the old man landed, he was dressed in a traditional yellow gi. The martial arts uniform was well worn but one detail shone through more than any other… emblazoned upon the chest was a symbol, a sword laying across a shield, the insignia of one who bears, or bore, the title of champion in the Galar region. Raph’s jaw slowly started to drop, just who the hell WAS this old man? “Continue as you were gentlemen! You’re on the right track going after that rock, but you seem to be having trouble dealing with its unfortunate guardian. Leave him to Kommo-o and I, we’ll keep him busy while you finish the job!” Another Shadow Ball launched from Dusknoir in the direction of the old man and his kind expression shifted into the serious and focussed form of a true master, both of pokémon and of martial arts. With movements as swift as water he leaped upwards once more, twisting his back to curve around the arc of the ghost type attack to dodge it perfectly, then without missing a beat, he let loose a battle cry so intense it shook the trees and charged towards Dusknoir to join his pokémon in the fight.

Simon watched the old master with starry eyes as he got to his feet. “That’s… ex-champion Mustard!” he exclaimed, starstruck. What was he doing here- wasn’t he living on some private island? And why had he decided to stay with them? How on earth did Raph know this legend? Simon was quickly snapped out of his trance when the stone beside him began shaking violently, glowing brighter and brighter. Suddenly, a purple cloud burst from the cracks in the stone. After a few seconds it formed a spiral shape, studded with green orbs and a similar green face in the center.

[i]”Spi...ri...tomb...[“/i] it growled as the cloud stabilized, and the face turned to look at Simon. It let out another screech at him. The Pokemon did seem weaker than Dusknoir, but it certainly wasn’t harmless.

Simon scrambled behind cover, covering his ears. He looked at Raph who was a short distance away, noticing the young man had put a hand to his chest. “Raph, you good mate? I think your ‘nuts’ idea might actually work!” he called out. The calls of Simon knocked him out of the state of wonder he had found himself in upon Mustard’s reveal. Raph vaguely remembered the name from a long time ago, but the specifics were lost on him. Regardless, it seemed Mustard was here to help them so he had no time to slouch. Finally releasing his grip on his chest, Raph took a step forward, then another, then started to push himself again. His footfalls crunched on the leaves below as he started to move towards the mysterious stone that Simon was facing.

Before too long, Vito had turned and reached his trainer's side. “Water gun Vito! Focus on the stone still, don’t let the face distract you!” Without missing a beat Vito launched upwards out of his roll and stabilized in the air, his snout opening to unleash a torrent of jet water towards the mysterious pokémon. The blast of water struck true at the stone at the center of the Spiritomb, the twisted ghost type not expecting another attacker to appear. It screeched out in surprise and pain and in the distance, Raph was certain he heard Dusknoir doing the same.

Spiritomb raged in response to its new attackers and turned its shifting body to face Raph and Vito, two green eyes pierced towards them and with a sickening laugh echoing from its gaping maw it shot a wave of black energy towards the attack Spheal, striking out at it with Dark Pulse before either Vito or Raph could react.

Hoping to attack while it was distracted, Simon looked at the Pokemon clinging to him- all of them had been knocked out by the earlier shockwave, but Scatterbug looked to be unharmed. “Quick, Scatterbug, hit it with a b-”

Before he could finish his order, the creature hopped off his arm and charged towards… Vito? Simon’s eyes grew wide as he realized she was acting completely of her own accord, and moving much faster than he had ever seen her before. She nimbly scurried under the wave of dark energy emanating from the spiritomb, before looking up and spraying a strange pink powder at it. The pink color spread along the purple wave immediately, wavering and shimmering as it grew unstable and weak. As the energy began to weaken, Vito took greater notice. The power employed by this new friend was useful! “Sphea!” Vito called in thanks before curling into a ball and darting forward, initiating a rollout the small Spheal crashed harshly into the oncoming attack but shattered the dark pulse on impact, taking minimum damage and continuing onwards at a greater speed towards the Spiritomb.

“Knock ‘em dead, lads!” Simon pumped his fist and cheered the two Pokemon on. He looked back at the Spiritomb, who was getting visibly overwhelmed by the three trainers assaulting it. The bug catcher had a rare, sudden realization. “Raph! We’re gonna seal this thing up for good!” he shouted at him. “Scatterbug, I need you to cover the cracks in the stones with String Shot!”

“Right!” Raph nodded, then turned to watch as Vito approached, rolling up a fallen pillar and launching himself high in the sky above the Spiritomb below. As the string shot attack was prepared, Spiritomb found itself assaulted from all sides, its captive Dusknoir nowhere to be found, it was now vulnerable to these two trainers' attacks. It moved to turn and float away from the oncoming attacks, disappearing into the tower, but above Vito had already started to fall from within the tower. “Vito, use Powder Snow! Now!” The tiny spheal spun rapidly in the air, whipping up cold winds around it and freezing the moisture of the fog in the air; a barrage of snow balls and icy shards shot down and struck the Spiritomb from above, digging into its stone base and finding purchase. Spires of ice quickly formed between the spiritombs physical body and the doorframe of the tower, preventing it from fleeing inside and beyond. It wasn’t a perfect freeze, as Spiritomb immediately began to charge an attack in retaliation, but any chance it had of floating away to flee was gone.

“Now!” Simon commanded. Scatterbug skittered forward and fired a large glob of string at the face-shaped ley lines in the ghost-type’s stone. The cloud encapsulating it began to fizzle out as the first shot blocked most of its source and paused its attack. The green face looked down in confusion, just in time to see another string shot fully seal it in and causing the purple cloud to fully fade away. Unable to attack, the stone shook erratically in the air as it attempted to break free. “Let’s finish this! Scatterbug, bug bite!”

As Scatterbug launched itself towards the now completely trapped Spiritomb, Vito continued to fall from above, bouncing on the ground gently, as he did so he quickly began to roll again to generate momentum. From beyond the open doorway Raph caught up fully at last, standing by Simon he called out. “Vito! Use Rollout as well, attack that thing from both sides!”

Simon’s bug leaped up at the floating stone, its tooth glowing as it bit down. At the same time, Vito ramped up the side of the ruined tower’s wall and collided hard with the keystone, a direct hit that resonated alongside Scatterbug’s own. A ghastly wail pierced out that caused both trainers to grab their ears. The ice holding Spiritomb in place shattered, the silk blocking its ability to manifest melted away and a green and purple light shone brightly from within the stone…

Then, in complete silence, the light dissipated and Spiritomb’s keystone fell motionless to the ground. It was defeated.

“ALRIGHT!” Simon threw his fist into the air in celebration, but was worried he had spoken too soon. Both trainers turned to look at the Dusknoir from earlier, only to find it was nowhere to be found, instead walking toward them was old man Mustard. His jacket re-equipped but the hood left down, sitting upon his old head, which now returned to his pleasant smile was a small round hat, black and green in colour. “Hohoho, seems like I needn’t have worried.” His eyes flashed with a sort of recognition and his smile grew into a grin, clutched in his hand was a newly filled ultra ball. Mustard had managed to capture that monster?! “Well done boys… it seems I was right to place my trust in you.”


Mustard had explained to the two new trainers the situation as he understood it. The pokémon sealed in the keystone was called Spiritomb, a ghost type pokémon with an exceptional spiritual presence. Somehow Spiritomb had managed to exert control over the much more powerful Dusknoir via the antenna on Dusknoir’s head… which apparently allowed the massive pokémon to guide the spirits of those departed. It was a little bit over the pair’s heads, but they understood enough to accept that Spiritomb had been using Dusknoir to do harm to people, it seemed to take some sick amusement in it.

The old master hadn’t stuck around for long after that, much to Raph’s annoyance and Simon’s disappointment. He seemed satisfied, as if he’d learned something important, then meandered away into the fog and mist. When Raph called after him in irritation, asking about their reward, Mustard had nonchalantly thrown a green parka and hat back… much like the one he had given Raph at the lake.

Though as he vanished completely, he mentioned that when they had grown in strength, the keystone containing the now fully sealed Spiritomb would be more than a fitting reward.

Simon had been keen on the clothes and Raph already had a set. So it was that he had ended up walking away from the Watchtower Ruins with a large, haunted rock under his arm. One he had no idea how to wake up, or how to even capture if it did wake up. What a pain that Mustard man was… though Raph supposed based on the history he supposedly had according to Simon that he deserved some form of respect.

“Mate, he’s one of the longest-reigning champs in Galar history!” Simon explained excitedly. “1968 to ‘86, he beat Opal with his fighting-type Pokemon! The man’s a bloody legend! And we- we got to see him actually fight! Did you see that move he did when-”

Then, something caught Raphael’s attention.

“Simon, can it a second yeah?…” Raph muttered, looking around the clearing they had stepped in. There was an almost mystical atmosphere about this part of the wild area, the ominous presence of Spiritomb and Dusknoir quelled, yet… “There’s still fog, everywhere, so thick I can’t even see three meters ahead of us. If this oversized pebble was the cause, then why is it still here?”

Simon looked around. “Muke, maybe there is some fairy-type pulling tricks on us.”

There was a sudden noise from the nearby fog, a shifting of padded feet along the ground. The silence of the clearing seemed to echo with some sort of presence and as the two stood still, Raph could feel the same heart clenching, spine tingling sensation he could before. Only now, it was infinitely more intense, the feeling took his breath away like he had been punched in the gut and winded in an instant, he placed his hands on his knees and gasped, staring at the floor below. Something was nearby, something unbelievably strong.

“Oi, you good?” Simon put his hand on Raph’s back, concerned that it was the second time this was happening.

Raph looked up just in time to see a pair of piercing yellow eyes shining through the fog staring at him and Simon. The fog around them seemed to thicken and the eyes focussed on them more intently. The two trainers could barely see each other and themselves… but the eyes stood out against the mist like two shining beacons. Then another sound echoed ominously across the silence, it was sharp and rang in their ears, moving through their heads back and forth like a song. Whatever this creature was it had made that sound, it sounded like it was…


“S-Simon, mo-”

Before Raph could even finish his sentence the pokémon bolted out from the tree line. It had a lupine body decorated with red plating that almost looked like armour. A blue plume of fur trailed down from its head and just by sprinting outwards and into Raph it sent him flying, clattering across the ground onto his back with a loud, “OOF!”.

Vito squealed in fury seeing his trainer get struck so swiftly and viciously, he threw caution to the wind and took off full force into Rollout, kicking up dirt as he launched himself at this mysterious pokémon.

Yet when he tried to connect… he passed through the creature as if it wasn’t even there.

Simon stumbled back as the creature almost took him down with Raph. Shakily, he pulled out his net and held it defensively against his body. “G-get back!” he shouted half-heartedly. Surprisingly, the timid Scatterbug on his shoulder was the one to squeak aggressively at the wolf-like Pokemon. It eyed the boy and his bug momentarily. Suddenly, Scatterbug hopped off Simon’s coat and landed in front of the Pokemon, putting itself between the two. She poofed up the fur on her collar and began glowing a bright white, staring down the much, much taller assailant, which watched silently. A few seconds later, the glowing faded away, leaving behind a completely new and metamorphosed Pokemon.

Scatterbug evolved!

Friend Guard
Harden - Tackle - Stun Spore

“Spew!” Simon’s Pokemon squeaked, bristling all the hair on its new body.

The wolf stared down the brave, tiny creature, unflinching. It looked at Simon. A single breath left its snout, blowing the mist around it away. Then, without making another sound, it turned around and dashed into the fog.

After the shock from the encounter wore off, Simon realized he’d be holding his breath the entire time. He quickly released it and ran to help Raph up.

With a grunt, Raph took Simon’s hand and was gladly pulled to his feet. He had been hit by that pokémon… but it had felt strange, less like a physical body and more like some power or essence blowing him clean off his feet. Vito quickly rolled over and started to rub his face to Raph’s leg gently, apologetically even, as if the little Spheal was ashamed he hadn’t been able to help his trainer. “Thanks…” He mumbled to Simon, before reaching down and lifting Vito up into his arms. “What the bloody hell was that thing?”

As in response to his question, from the clearing where they stood the fog started to recede, further and further, inch by inch. It began to disappear and fade away into nothing, until eventually the sunny midday sky and the treeline beyond could be seen clear and unimpeded. With the departure of that mysterious creature, the fog was nowhere to be found. “Huh… ask and you shall receive. Whatever it was, it seems the fog was tied to it after all.” Raph’s eyes shift down to look at the newly evolved pokémon by Simon’s legs. “Seems your little friend… scared it off?” The words didn’t seem right leaving his mouth. Evolved or not, it seemed unlikely that Simon’s Spewpa had intimidated that beast. Though Raph supposed that in the end it didn’t matter now that it was gone.

Simon picked Spewpa up and lifted her to the now-visible sky. “Hell yeah she did! Sent fido running off with its tail between its legs!” he cheered. Just as suddenly as the bug’s courage had come, it was gone, and little tears were swelling in its eyes from the thrill of the moment. “You’re a legend, fuzzy!”

Simon’s Xtransciever gave a small beep. He tapped the screen; the signal had been restored and it was now showing him their accurate location. Though Raph and him had missed Motostoke’s entrance, they weren’t far, and Simon reckoned that a couple days’ journey would get them to the city gates. Raph heard the same beep ring out soon after and as he checked his device he let out a sigh of both relief and frustration. He was glad this ordeal was over, but if it had never happened at all he’d already be at Kabu’s door.

“I think I’ve had enough training and thrill for this entire trip,” Simon said, looking at Raph. “I’m gonna go straight to Motostoke.”

“Training and thrill huh..?” Raph mumbled, giving Simon a tired look that expressed his entire opinion of the guy. Simon was… definitely a handful, but he was skilled enough to make use of his bug pokémon in a way that wasn’t useless. That alone was a feat, considering what he knew of bug catchers and the stereotypes surrounding them.

“Care for a traveling partner?” Simon grinned, interrupting Raph’s train of thought. The older trainer’s eyebrow raised just a little more than average. What a boldfaced thing to ask, this guy was as straight to the point as Raph had come to expect.


Had all that had happened not just happened, Raph would have declined on the spot. Yet he wasn’t that lucky, it had happened after all, all of it. Least he could do was keep the kid company on the way to the next city, if anything else tiring got in the way Raph could let Simon deal with it in his place too. He smirked, yeah, that was a good idea. Tucking the keystone in his bag and placing Vito on the floor beside him to roll along, Raph placed his hands lazily behind his head and started to meander in the direction of Motostoke, his pace was lazy as always, but he felt like he’d earned that this time. “Sure, you can stick around until we reach the city yeah? Just don’t chat my ear off, you pillock.”

That last sentence was just wishful thinking.

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Melody Argent

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A practice in patience part 2

Melody begrudgingly trudges several feet behind the girl and her Yamper. Now that they’re on the right path, does she really need to be here? Can she just… turn around and walk back to that tower? That seems like a good place to set up a camp for the night. She stops to consider this when her thoughts are disrupted by another scream.

“You REALLY need to quit that.” Melody scolds as she jogs forward to see what the cause of that scream was. “What now?”

“Look!” The young girl says as she points to some scattered blue and white fabric strewn across the tall grass.

“Ya know, there’s a good chance your Pikachu really hates that dress.” Melody says dryly.

“She does not!” Gia shouts. “Something tore it off her! She’s in trouble!”

Great. She can’t walk away from this now, can she? “Calm down. We’re probably right behind it. It’s too neat to have been here long.” Wind could blow the fabric away, bird Pokemon could make off with the bits to make nests out of, a herd of Pokemon could run by and stomp the fabric into the dirt.

“M-maybe you’re right.” Gia breathes in deeply before raring her shoulders back. “Okay! We’ve got to be close! Let’s go, Clary!” The two tear off once again.

“Can you no-- HEY! The fog is getting thicker!” Melody groans. She has run more than enough today. Why does she have to do this? What karmic entity did she piss off? She allows her head to fall back and heaves a large sigh before half-heartedly jogging after the girl and her electrical dog. “Slow down!”

It isn’t long before Melody’s reluctant trudging several feet behind Gia proves problematic. Even a mere ten feet away, it was becoming more and more difficult to see her. “You good up there?”

“Yep! Clary’s on the scent!”

“We’re gonna walk off a cliff.” Melody grumbles into her hand.

It’s then that Melody notices two small, red spheres glowing off to the side. She pauses her stride and glances in its direction. “That’s not ominous at all.”

“Py py!” Nightshot calls happily to the glowing orbs.

“Friend of yours?” Melody asks. The glowing orbs slowly begin wafting towards them, and upon getting close enough to touch, the rest of its features finally take shape.
“Oh, duh. Welcome back.”

“Skuuuull~” The Duskull happily waves with its ghostly arms, causing Nightshot to float off of Melody’s shoulder and return the wave.

“Sorry about--” Melody looks back in the direction they came from.

“GYAAAA!” Comes a distant scream.

“-- her.” Melody grumbles. “STOP DOING THAT!”


“... ****. GIA!” Melody calls as she looks around the fog filled area.

“Skull.” The Duskull taps her shoulder and points slightly towards the right, its eyes brightening within its skull and making the area slightly more visible. The ghost begins to float in its pointed direction with Melody and Nightshot following close behind.

Only a few tentative steps were taken before Duskull’s eyes cast a light on the situation at hand. Gia was steadily backing towards a steep incline with the aforementioned Pikachu in her arms while her Yamper stood between them and… something. As that something drew steadily closer to Duskull’s light, it began to take shape. Pointy ears, yellow fur. Another Pikachu? That’s what it looked like while obscured by the fog-- until a shadowy arm of some sort launched out from underneath the figure’s body and launched towards-- not Yamper, not the Pokemon that was growling at it and attempting to threaten it, no, it was aiming for Pikachu. Why would--

It’s a Mimikyu.

“G--” Melody only manages to get out that single sound of warning before the helpful Duskull leapt into the shadows of the ground and darted straight for the disguised ghost. In an instant Duskull leaps from the shadows underneath Mimikyu and strikes, causing both the creature and its ghostly hand to be thrown back before they can strike their target. A brave and helpful action to be sure, though the lack of Duskull’s eyes leave both Melody and Gia nearly blind once more. Perhaps it’s that inability to see that makes the sickening crack of a neck snapping sound so much louder than it has any right to be. “Please tell me that wasn’t you.”

“We’re fine--! But I don’t see that thing anymore!” Though out of sight, neither Duskull nor Mimikyu can be very far. The sound of Astonishes being sent back and forth can be heard moving around the trainers in an uncomfortably close circle.

Melody follows the sound of Gia’s voice and quickly finds her silhouette hidden behind the mist. “We’ve got to get rid of this fog. Do you have any fire types?”

Gia shakes her head. “All my Pokemon are electric.”

Probably should have seen that coming. Melody thinks to herself. Before she can think of another tactic, Gia’s Yamper lets out a sharp, pained yip. Both trainers turn to see that Duskull had been hurled at it from the fog.

And… there goes their only real way of seeing this ****ing thing. Nightshot zips over towards his new Duskull friend and Melody steps in front of Gia, knowing full well that homicidal muppet is coming for Pikachu next. “Nightshot, take Duskull and hide.”

“Py?!” The Dreepy calls in surprise.

“No time to argue, go!” Melody calls as the unsettling chatter of the evil cosplayer creeps its way louder and louder. Even being able to see, Duskull didn’t stand a chance against this thing. Dreepy won’t fair any better, especially since his best attack will go right through the fairy in a potato sack. “Trust me, I’ve got an idea!”

“Py py!” Nightshot gives a salute before phasing into the ground alongside Duskull. Clary the Yamper rolls back onto her feet and lets out a growl into the murk.

“What’s your plan?” Gia asks.

“I’m going to hope my Rookidee has Keen Eyes.” Melody says as she reaches for Bishop’s Pokeball.

“That’s not a plan!” Gia screams-- right into Melody’s ear, causing the teen to flinch.

“Tough ****, it’s the best one I’ve got.” Melody narrows her eyes as she looks at Yamper and then follows her eyes into the fog. Yamper can probably Fairy Kruger, so she has a decent idea where it is. This worked for Jasper. Let’s give it a shot. Melody thinks as she rares back and heaves Bishop’s Pokeball into the grey haze. “Bishop, use Peck!” The Pokeball quickly flies out of sight. The sound of it making contact with-- something fills the air, and for a brief instant the human pair can see as the energy leaving the Pokeball causes a bright light to appear.

“De! De! De!” Rookie shouts as his sharp little beak pecks into Mimikyu’s broken fabric.
“Sounds like he’s making contact with… something.” Melody thinks aloud. The consecutive hits convinces her that Bishop can see a hell of a lot better than she can. It’s then that Bishop lets out a squawk of surprise as Mimikyu evades his attacks by sinking into the ground. Immediately after, Yamper lets out a sharp bark of warning and rushes towards the trainers.

“-- Move it!” Melody says as she grabs Gia’s wrist and jerks her away from the cliffside. A burst of black shoots from the ground right between where the duo previously stood. The shadows give form to Mimikyu as it descends back to the ground and launches its ghostly hand for Pikachu.

“Would you knock it--” Melody growls as she swings her satchel off of her shoulder and slams it into the satanic pillow case. “Off! Fight what’s in front of you!”

The satchel-powered assault doesn’t do much, though it does knock the enraged Mimikyu back to the ground.

“Clary, use Nuzzle!” Gia screams. The yellow pup launches for the grounded Mimikyu and… adorably nudges it with her nose. Obviously it doesn’t do much, though the sparks that resonate off the haunted textile and the way it jitters and jerks show that, if nothing else, it paralyzed it. It also gave Bishop the few seconds he needed to turn and fly back for his opponent.

“Use Thief!”

Bishop glides into the sparking Mimikyu and slashes at it with both its wings and talons. The sound of tearing fabric can be heard before Bishop flies away from Mimikyu with talons full of stuffing and yellow cloth. Mimikyu retaliates by letting out a shrill shout that causes Bishop to
halt his turn around as he flinches.

Mimikyu takes the time to dive back into the shadows-- though this time, upon realizing that it’s not getting close to its prey until it takes care of the problems standing in front of it, it barrels towards Melody.

“Son of a--” Melody doesn’t have time to finish before she leaps away from Lucifer’s laundry bag, landing on the cold ground with a heavy thud.

“ROOKIDEE-DEE!” Bishop shouts in warning as he flies towards his trainer. Melody turns onto her back to see the Mimikyu spiraling down from its attack with its ghostly hand aiming straight for her neck.

She throws her arms over her throat and face and braces for impact-- and impact that something interferes with.

“Dree-pee-pee!” Nightshout calls out the closest thing he can to Melody as he phases from the ground and flies right through the shadowy-claw to bite down on Mimikyu’s already broken neck. Was it… using a normal love? Scratch maybe?

Melody jolts up from the ground at the cry of her partner Pokemon and watches as he throws the rag-doll towards the cliffside. “Nightshot! Be careful! You can’t see-”

“Py py!” Nightshot motions towards his own eyes with his stubby arms. They have a glow to them, and that glow casts a light through the fog and onto Mimikyu.

Nightshot… learned a new move? Lock On? Melody shakes her head before turning towards Gia with a confident smirk. “I’ve really got a plan this time!”

“O-okay!” Gia calls back, clearly exhausted from the sheer stress of the fight with the Pikachu-impostor.

“Have Clary follow Nightshot! Nightshot, use Astonish! Bishop, use Thief!”

“Clary, u-use Spark!”

Nightshout speedily glides down towards Mimikyu, releasing its own shrill shout, the soundwaves of which were enough to send the ghost tumbling backward. An electrically powered-pup zooms towards it next, and while this would normally be the time when Mimikyu vanishes into the shadows-- paralysis catches up to it. Another attack hits its mark and sends Mimikyu flying straight into Bishop, who rips another decent sized chunk of floof and fabric out of Mimikyu’s disguise.

Mimikyu falls back to the ground head-first. Upon landing, its broken neck twitches for several seconds before going completely still.

Even more seconds pass, trainers waiting with held breath, before Melody lets out an exasperated sigh. “I think it’ll be down for awhile.”

“Catch it!” Gia calls out.

“-- What?” Melody asks, her tone a mixture of surprised and severely undone with life itself.

“If you don’t, it will come after Pikachu again! I just know it! Please!”

That… wasn’t something Melody could argue with. By how determined it was to get to Pikachu during that battle, it might just wake up and track them down again. The punk teen’s shoulders slump. “Fine.” She says as she reaches for a new Pokeball. This is so not how she intended to use one of her limited resources… although… it is a fairy type, maybe it will come in handy if a bigger dragon comes to pick on Doom Noodle. “Guess you’re coming with me.” She says as she tosses the Pokeball half-heartedly towards the unconscious Mimikyu.

shake…. Shake… shake… ding.

“You better start behaving yourself, or I’ll throw you into a washing machine.” Melody grumbles as she picks up the Pokeball. She’s barely upright again before she’s met with a harsh tackle-hug from the green-dressed girl.

“Thank youuuu! You saved us! Right, Pikachu?”

“Chuu…” The exhausted Pikachu on Gia’s shoulder gives a short wave.

“It was…” This is usually where people say ‘nothing.’ Screw that. “-- actually a **** ton of work. Keep better track of your Pokemon.”

Gia lets go and tugs Pikachu back into her arms. “You’re right… I’m sorry.”

Melody gives a shake of her head. “I’m not the only one you should be apologizing to. Nightshot, where’s Duskull?”

The Dreepy in question looks down before shaking his head. “Dree…”

“She probably slipped away to get some Oran berries to heal herself with.” Gia points out.

“-- She?” Melody raises an eyebrow.

“Yeah. You couldn’t tell?”

“... No(?)” This girl is Valerie levels of weird. “Which way is the nearest berry tree? I want to thank… her for saving our asses back there.”

“Um… it’s pretty hard to tell in this fog… I think there’s one near the watchtower?” Gia half asks, half proclaims.

Melody shrugs. “It’s a start.” She clips the newly caught Mimikyu’s Pokeball onto her belt loop. “Will you be okay making it out of here on your own?”

“Yeah, Clary can sniff us out. Can you… apologize to Duskull for me? Unless I see her first. If I do, I’ll tell her you’re looking for her.”

“Yeah.” The very corner of Melody’s mouth turns into something that, if raised just a bit more, would almost look like a smile. “That’d be great.”

“Neat!” Gia beams. “I’m going to find the nearest ranger station. They’ll heal your Pokemon so you don’t have to trek back to town.”

Melody glances down to her belt. “Guess I’ve got to track down one of those too.” She sighs as she reaches down to collect the satchel she smacked the nefarious knapsack with. “C’mon, you two, we’re getting the hell out of this fog.”

“Py py!”


Both Pokemon cry as they fly over, each choosing one of Melody’s shoulders to hitch a ride on.

Next stop… someplace that’s visible. Hopefully.


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Valerie's Quest for 100 Friends
Poké: 1000 Friends: 5

vs. Morpeko

"Heck yeah! Look out world, this VAL-uable gal is on FIRE!" Valerie and Flame had finally stepped out from the train to take her first steps to the train's destination: The Wild Area. As far as the eye can see, the Wild Area has been filled with beautiful greenery, clear water, and the many different types of pokemon who live within them. Excited as she may be to explore, Valerie got out her X-transceiver. There's one thing she for sure needed to do.

"Luna's gotta hear about this!"

@VAL-entine: YO
@VAL-entine: LUNA
@VAL-entine: LUNA
@VAL-entine: asdfghjkl;l
@LunaBeam: I'm here, I'm here! Sorry!
@LunaBeam: What's up?
@VAL-entine: I'M LIKE
@LunaBeam: Did you make it to the Wild Area?
@VAL-entine: yea! just made it!
@VAL-entine: POGGERS!
@LunaBeam: Nice! You're gonna get a lot of pokemon, right?
@VAL-entine: damn right, girl! i'll DM you later about em' kay??
@LunaBeam: Looking forward to it! Have fun, Val!
@VAL-entine: lates!

With the news shared, it was finally time to get going.

"Excuse me!" but then came a call from right behind her. A slander woman had approached Valerie - her uniformed seemed like someone who worked with the station to greet newcomers to the Wild Area. "I'm glad I caught you! You ran out from there before I could give you this!" She handed Valerie a small brochure - it looked like a map. "This is a map of the Wild Area. This place we're right now is simply called The Meet Up Spot. From here, you can travel from all of the other spots you see there, before you reach Motostoke."

"Oh wooow... there's a lotta places in here," Valerie observed. "Thanks, lady! I gotta check out as much as I can then!"

"Well, if you're feeling up to it, I do have a minor suggestion," the lady continued on, directing Valerie's attention to one spot of the map: Giant's Seat. "A bit far off from here is a destination called the Giant's Seat, where sometimes thunderstorms brew, but does also attract some Electric-type pokemon, and even certain Dragon-type pokemon. In fact... and this is what I've heard mind you: experts are saying that the climate over there is just right now for a certain pokemon to appear... a legendary pokemon."

"A-A LEGENDARY?" Valerie shrieked. "Like.. a super-amazing gigantic pokemon that is S-tier in awesomeness?!"

"I believe it's called a Rayquaza," the lady explained. "Experts say that when the climate is just right, Rayquaza is said to roost in a certain section of the Giant's Seat. I'm not sure where that is exactly, but if you're feeling up to it, you can check it out for yourself! Otherwise, the Wild Area is filled with many wonderful things to explore, like Lake Axewell, The Watchtower Ruins..."

"Already decided!" Valerie perked up. "I'm gonna see - and make friends with Rayquaza!"

"Make.. friends?" the women questioned, but then followed up with a soft giggle. "I hadn't heard of a pokemon like that making friends with people, but you're more than welcome to look for it yourself. Just a reminder, Monostoke is beyond the Wild Area, which is all marked on your map."

"Niceness! Thanks, missy!" Valerie with Flame ran off once more, waving the helper woman a tender goodbye as they went. Now, Valerie has a destination in mind: to meet up with Rayquaza. Valerie could only recall the name from a book she had unwillingly read during her days of the academy, but that pails in comparison to actually meeting one up close. Though Valerie's end goal was simply thus: to make Rayquaza a friend, all a part of her 100 friend quest.

Yes, her 100 friend quest, inspired by a certain legend...

It all started when Valerie's grandmother first took her in. The pain of having her own mother and father not accepting who she is was heavy on her heart, but her grandmother's love helped mend it. Luckily for Valerie, as long as she had a loved one in sight, she was able to accept any surroundings she was put in, and live on with her head high.

While Valerie was putting away and organizing her things, she accidently bumped against a bookcase - which had a book that came flying out from there onto the ground from impact. Valerie picked it up, only to notice that the cover had some sort of... creature that she hadn't even seen before. It looked like a pokemon, but... she couldn't make out what it was. Curious, she showed the cover to her grandmother.

"What's this, Gran-Gran?"
"Ah... the legendary pokemon, Mew."
"Tell me Valerie, have you heard of the story of Mew?"

Long ago...

Mew was a pokemon who always loved making new friends with pokemon, and human alike. Mew is said to have the DNA of every single pokemon contained within its body, so it was able to get along with any pokemon it was able to meet. Humans were curious beings for Mew, but Mew was openly friendly towards them as well. Pretty soon, Mew was able to make countless friends... 100 even. While it was a number, Mew considered them all precious.

But then one day... tragedy struck.

Everyone started fighting over Mew. See, Mew was more than just a pokemon: it was able to do anything with its power; perhaps even creating miracles, some would say. Imagine the possibilities one would have if they had their hands on Mew's power! But this line of greed led to unbearable pain for Mew. War and conflict started to consume the world, leaving everything in Mew's path in chaos. At the end of the fighting, all of Mew's 100 friends were lost... forever. In its grief, Mew decided to hide itself from all others, hiding itself from humanity and pokemon, in order to prevent another tragedy.

The story left Valerie in thought, that following night. Making a lot of friends and then losing them all at once? In a way... she can understand that pain. She herself lost all her friends, after all. If it weren't for her grandmother, she would of been left all alone... like Mew has. In fact, she wondered, is Mew alone right now? The idea of staying hidden from everyone to prevent more trouble was nice of it, Valerie thought, but it must feel so lonely not having a friend for comfort.

Maybe if Mew were to make a friend right now...
It was then that Valerie smiled. She had an idea.

"Mew's gotta know that the world is a lot better now... alrighty! I'll make 100 friends, and then I'll make friends with Mew!"

Which led her to today. She had already made 5 friends, and 95 more to go. Still, while she had her quest in mind, there's nothing wrong with having fun along her way! For example, her current destination:

The Dappled Grove.

Valerie and Flame looked around in joy at the beautiful sight - The Dappled Grove was filled to the brim with thick shrubbery and forest, with many different types of berries from the abundance of berry trees there. The pokemon around here seemed to be enjoying themselves, playing along with each other, and eating some of the delicious berries that they were able to pick around there. All except one.

"Eh? What's up, buddy?"

Flame pointed towards a certain berry tree - underneath it, was a small yellow and black pokemon, that seemed to be trying to reach up for the berries that rested on top. It tried climbing, only for it to be dropped back downward.

"Oooh, blimey, wonder what that small ball of cuteness is..." Valerie asked, but then she remembered: "Oh! Just gotta ask the Dex!" She got out the high-tech encyclopedia that she kept with her: her pokedex. According to the professor, any pokemon she encounters will be registered in this pokedex, and if she encounters a pokemon she hasn't seen before, all she had to do was turn it on and it will play the information for her. So, she pointed her pokedex at the small pokemon.

Morpeko: Two-Sided Pokemon!
An Electric and Dark type pokemon! As it eats the seeds stored up in its pocket-like pouches, this pokemon is not just satisfying its constant hunger. It's also generating electricity. It carries electrically roasted seeds with it as if they're precious treasures. No matter how much it eats, it always gets hungry again in short order.

The pokemon, Morpeko, seemed sad, and quite hungry to boot. It definitely wants the berries on top of the berry tree, but nothing is going its way.

"Cynda!" Flame cried out. Flame hopped out from Valerie's shoulder, approaching the small electric pokemon. The two communicated a bit - with the jist of Cyndaquil saying, no need to worry, leave it to Flame! As he then faced the tree, giving it a good, strong tackle. The berry tree shook, dropping a wide variety of berries from it.

"Ohohoho! Nice job, Flame!" Valerie complimented. "That's my Flame-bro for ya!" The Cyndaquil nodded. the Morpeko gave it a delighted smile as Flame, with his long nose, pushed a fallen berry right up towards the Morpeko for it to eat. The Morpeko gladly accepted it as within seconds, it started to happily munch on the fruitful Oran berry.

"Haha! You've got the right idea," Valerie happily cheered, picking up two more berries, and handing one over to Flame. "Gosh, we hadn't eaten since we've left Wedgehurst, haven't we buddy? Let's have a break!" The trio then ended up eating berries. The Morpeko looked up at Val, giving her a satisfied response.

"No problemo, little-sis!"
"Woah-hoho, already gobbled that down? Suuuure like your berries, don't cha'? Awww, but, the Dex' said you're always a hungry pokemon, right? What happens if we leave? Will ya' be able to get more food by yourself? Wish we could do somethin'..."

Flame looked up at Valerie.

"Ooooh, you're right, Flame-bro!"
"Yeah! So check this out, Peko-sis: there's a lotta good things to eat out there in the world, y'know? Like Sandwiches, or those sweet and spicy ice-cream bars... you gotta check em' out too!"
"Peko? Peko!"
"Sooo hey! Wanna be friends? Huh? Wanna be?"
"Awesome-sauce! Hold still a sec...."

Valerie got out her XTransiever, and aimed it at the Morpeko, with her and Flame in the shot as well. "Allllrighty, ready? Annnnnd... Frieeeeend HYPE! Awesome! We're pals now!"

Flame turned towards Morpeko and gave her a cheerful cry, with her replying with an equally happy cry. Still, she was still hungry. She searched around for another berry on the ground, but when she reached for the nearby Oran berry she found...

It was snatched.

The Oran Berry was snatched up by a sneaky Mankey who was also pretty hungry. The Morpeko stomped her feet and gave it a pout. Valerie couldn't make out what they were saying, but she could guess, they were playing the classic game of back and forth "Give it!" to the response of, "Don't wanna!", until the Mankey had enough - it kicked Morpeko, sending her tumbling to the ground.

"Heeeeey, c'mon!" Valerie pleaded. "That ain't very cool of you... you... errrrrr... what the heck are you...?" Valerie opened her pokedex once more.

Mankey: Pig Monkey Pokémon!
Fighting Type! It lives in treetop colonies. If one becomes enraged, the whole colony rampages for no reason. When Mankey starts shaking and its nasal breathing turns rough, it's a sure sign that it is becoming angry. However, because it goes into a towering rage almost instantly, it is impossible for anyone to flee its wrath.

"Yeah, okay. That ain't very cool of you, you.... MANKEY!" Valerie continued. "You outta stop Mankeying around and--w-whoa, what they--" Valerie's line of demands were interrupted by a whole group of Mankey, now swarming the berry tree. They each picked up berries one-by-one from the ground, and from on top the tree since they were good climbers.

"Daaaamn, look at em' all..." Valerie awed. "Hey uhhh Flame-bro? Maybe we should do something about this!" Flame nodded, and started pleaded with them to perhaps try and leave some for the rest of the pokemon around... only for him to be bullied and kicked around as well.

"Welp, nice try..." Valerie remarked at her fallen Cyndaquil. Flame managed to get back up, but seemingly more ready to now take all the Mankey on - this time, by force. "You're fired up, huh? Right then! Leeeeet's... huh?"

Valerie then felt something strange. Like... something that made her all tingly. It was like some sort of pressure that could crush her at any moment. The Mankey could feel it too, and they all looked around, but nothing really stood out.

That was until, she slowly stood up.

The Morpeko who had been bullied around by the first Mankey gave off like... a strong, evil, dark, oppressive aura. Before Valerie's eyes, she turned from a light-yellow to a darker purple colour.

"...Peko-sis?" Valerie tried calling out to her, trying to see if it was the same sweet pokemon she knew. But she wasn't anymore.

Not with her crimson red eyes.

Before anyone could even blink, the Morpeko rushed in with her fast Quick Attack, drop kicking the nearest Mankey, sending it flying. It then grabbed the next Mankey by its tail with her powerful Bite, easily failing it around and slamming it on the ground again, and again, and again, and again, and again, until she threw the Mankey as hard as she could towards where another group of Mankey were mostly crowded towards, knocking them all down.

One Mankey tried scratching the Morpkeo, only for it to be retalited by the Morpeko hitting it square on the nose with her head, with a follow-up kick to the face. Another Mankey tried kicking it, but Morpeko easily dodged, grabbing its leg and slamming it to the ground, stomping on it to make sure it didn't get back up again. She then picked the Mankey back up above her head, throwing it towards another fast approaching Mankey, knocking them both down and out.

Eventually the Mankey all wised up and started to flee, but was stopped by the Morpeko who caught up to all of them, unleashing a strong-electrical current that was released from her cheeks: Thundershock. She zapped them, leaving them all incapacitated. When it was all over, Valerie and Flame -could smell the lingering smell of charred, smoked Mankey, overready. Beneath the piles and piles of fallen Mankey left Morpeko, breathing heavily. But soon, she noticed one Oran berry had fallen out from the paws of one of the Mankey she beaten. She picked it up the ground, and eaten it, turning her back into her lightly coloured, gentle self again, as she happily ate the Oran berry.

Valerie and Flame could only blink and watch in awe.

"Was... that boss music...?"

Level up!

Friends 5 -> 6

New Pokemon!

Used: Pokeball x1

P1 Valerie's Party


vs. Zigzagoon pt.1
vs. Cyndaquil
vs. Zigzagoon pt.2

Friend's List

Flame (Valerie's Cyndaquil)
Before Valerie started on her journey, Flame was constantly brought down and disrespected by being an incredibly weak pokemon. It trains harder than most of the other pokemon, however. After Valerie helped it to train, it was finally able to ignite the flames on its back. Now, Flame's dream is to be the strongest pokemon in all of Galar.

Youngster Johnny
Johnny's father brought him a Zigzagoon as a friend, when he didn't have any. Ever since his dad saved him and Ziggy from an accident, Johnny's dream is to become a champion of Galar with his self proclaimed top-percentage Zigzagoon. After a hard-fought battle against Valerie, the two became friends.


Ziggy (Johnny's Zigzagoon)

Arrietty Maverick
A fellow graduate from the Pokemon academy in Wedghehurst. Seems reserved, but friendly.


Wren (Arietty's Torchic)

Trainer ID

Valerie (Val) Amity

Her main goal for her journey is seek at least 100 friends - humans, or pokemon. So, she seeks to meet and obtain as much pokemon as she can for friends. She also seeks a successful endeavor within her Gym Battle challenge in Galar, in the hopes of one day, becoming champion, like many other trainers who have the same dream.


Pokeball x5
Greatball x1



Galarian Pokédex V. 8

#155: Cyndaquil
#246: Larvitar
#255: Torchic
#263: Zigzagoon

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Let me tell you a bit about my brother...
A long time ago he had the habit of biting his fingernails.
It wasn't elegant, so I told him to stop.
But he kept biting them.
So one day, I tore out all of his fingernails.


That Dream...Make it Come True!

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Melody Argent

17 | Female | From Spikemuth

Nidoran Rescue Squad - Now with 100% More Val

The sunlight peered through the haphazardly pitched tint far earlier than Melody would have liked. She lets out a small groan as she raises her arm to her head to block out the pesky rays… which causes another groan. That’s right, she took a pretty good sideways dive onto the ground to dodge Mimikyu’s Shadow Sneak. Her arm and hip are probably a little bruised from the impact. That explained the ache she felt, but it didn’t explain the warmth she felt pressed to her side. She slides her arm away from her eyes to see a mixture of yellow and blue cloth has tucked itself in with her blanket.

“... Da hell?” She mumbles as she sits up, careful not to disturb the still sleeping Doom Noodle who was asleep on her pillow. Is that… Mimikyu? It’s bottom half is the same, but its Pikachu-esque head has been replaced with blue fabric. Now it kind of looks like Lucario? “Hey.” She gives the little ghost’s stomach a light poke. “Did you let yourself out of your Pokeball?”

“Kyyyu.” Mimikyu calls as it wriggles itself awake, stretching out slowly before hopping up. “Kyu!”

“... You didn’t go kill anything, did you?”

Mimikyu shakes its head (well, its whole body) before hopping onto Melody’s leg. “Mi-kyu-mii-mi?” It taps the new part of its disguise with its hidden, ghostly hand and stares at its new trainer expectantly.

“Uh…” Melody blinks sleepily. Is it asking what she thinks? “That’s cool. I guess you had to do some repairs after Bishop ripped your clothes up, huh?” But where did it get the fabric?

“Kyyu!” Mimikyu cheers excitedly before launching itself against Melody for a hug. Its hard work has been acknowledged!

Melody blinks slowly as she raises her hand to give the ghost a gentle pat. Is… this a different Mimikyu? The one she caught yesterday was more like the second coming of Giratina. This one is… cute? “Why are you being adorable?”

Mimikyu’s hand slides out from the costume and wraps itself around Melody’s wrist as the fairy gives a gentle hum.

Melody quirks a brow. “O-kay? You wanna be friends?” Wait.

I just wanted to be friends with you~ That’s why I like to copy Pikachu~

The obnoxiously adorable song replays itself in her mind. Right, Mimikyu are jealous of Pikachu because they’re the ghosts of Pokemon who were abandoned, and Pikachu’s incredibly popular for… reasons Melody doesn’t really understand. It’s cute, yeah, lots of Pokemon are. Anyway, is Mimikyu happy now because it got caught? It thinks they’re pals now?
Melody puts on a small smile. “You need a name.” After the mishap with Duskull yesterday, Melody did remember to check if Mimikyu was a male or female after catching it. She’s the owner of a female haunted pillowcase.

Mimikyu makes a happy purring sound as it slides back onto Melody’s leg and resumes its expectant gaze.

Melody rests her palm on her cheek as she studies the now-cuddly creature. “I guess Memes is too basic, yeah?”

Mimikyu tilts its head.

Melody taps her cheek. Mimikyu’s a ghost. Haleigh named her new ghost-pal after that freaky ass kid’s movie about tearing out people’s eyes and replacing them with buttons. What’s another freaky movie? There’s that one about the haunted doll. Mimikyu’s kind of a haunted doll. “What about Annabelle?”

“Miiiii!” The ghost fairy begins to hop around the room excitedly. Guess it’s a hit then.

“Awesome. Anabelle it is.”

With that settled, Melody begrudgingly agrees to get started for the day. After getting dressed, putting the tent back into its tiny bag, and feeding herself and her Pokemon, Melody made a quick trip back to Oran Berry tree in hopes of finding the friendly Duskull from yesterday. Not a trace of her anywhere. “Do you think a Ranger found her?” Melody asks the Doom Noodle that is hooked onto her shoulder again.

“Dree…” Nightshot looks down. He doesn’t seem to have a lot of faith.

“We can ask. You guys need to be healed up anyway.”


It’s a (shockingly) simple walk to find the nearest ranger station. Melody and gang only came across a dozen or so Pokemon and all of them were at a distance. Though, to be safe, she did return Annabelle to her Pokeball… just in case another Pikachu shows up and her new friend tries to go for round two. It’s not long before Melody finds her way to one of the red medical tents.

“Um. Knock knock?” Melody speaks to the small flap that constitutes a door.

“Come on in. We don’t bite. People.” A voice calls.

Okaaay. Melody slides the flap back and steps inside. She is greeted by two Joltiks that scitter towards the entrance to investigate the new arrival.

“Woah, careful, dudes. I almost stepped on you.” Melody scolds as she steps over the tiny creatures.

“Don’t worry about them. They’re too fast to get squished.” That same voice from earlier calls. As expected, he appears to be a ranger, decked out in the black and reddish-orange getup. His hair is a short, shaggy, reddish brown, and Melody feels an instant burst of dread when she sees that he’s wearing some kind of goggles. Great, is he expecting a sandstorm? She has had more than enough weather conditions for one adventure, thank you.

“Expecting sand?” She asks.

“A ranger is always prepared.” He says as he wheels in his computer chair over to a healing machine. “Either you’re here to get your Pokemon healed, or you’re here to report an emergency and you’re very calm about it.”

“Got me. Free healing, please.” Melody takes the two full Pokeballs from her belt and returns Nightshot to his own. “You know this thing isn’t plugged in?”

“That’s what those two are for.” The Ranger points to the two Joltik, who quickly leap onto either side of the machine and begin charging it to life. “I’m Mat, by the way. These two are Nik and Knack.”

“Melody. I thought Joltik drained machines of electricity.” She says idly.

“I pay them in batteries.” Mat explains as he inputs the healing orders to the machine from his laptop. “Everyone looks good. No major injuries. Give them five minutes and you’ll be set.” Mat explains. A soft crackling breaks out from Mat’s pocket before Melody can reply.

“Mat? Are you there? Copy.”

Mat holds up a single finger. “Excuse me a second.” He says as he takes the communication device from his pocket. “Hey. I’m healing a trainer’s ‘mons. What’s up?”

“We’re getting a lot of complaints from Dappled Grove. Some kid’s working the Nidoran into a frenzy. Can you go over and check it out?”

Mat looks at Melody and gives an overly-exasperated sigh. “Sure, yeah, let me finish up here.” He sets the device down and shakes his head. “I did not become a ranger to babysit some obnoxious kids. What do they want me to do? Call his mom?”

“Is it against the ranger code to kick his ass until he goes back home?” Melody asks.
“Eh, not in those words, but something like that.” Mat gives a small laugh. There’s a few seconds of a pause before his eyes light up with an idea. “Hey, Mello?”

“... What did you just call me?”

“Melo-dy, sorry. You wanna come along? There’s three Great Balls in it for you if you help me deal with this kid.”

Now this is more like it. Free stuff. Hell yes. Melody gives a little smirk. “Sure, I’ll bail your ass out.”

“Great. Nik, Knack, you’re in charge while I’m gone. Don’t eat my laptop.” He says as he reaches under his makeshift desk and pulls out a sign that reads, Stepped out. The Joltik will heal your Pokemon. He wheels over and hangs said sign on the machine before finally standing up. “I’ll give you a ride on the Roto-bike. Grab your mons and come outside.”

“On it.” Melody takes the three Pokeballs from the machine and hooks them back to her belt. Alright, time to get some free stuff.

With the Roto-bike, it doesn’t take long at all to get to Dappler Grove. Once Melody hops off, Ranger Mat kicks down the bike’s brake and motions for the Rotom inside to come out.

Melody shoves her hands into her pockets. “I thought Roto-machines didn’t need real Rotoms anymore.”

“They don’t. This one’s my pal though. He likes to be a bike.” The Rotom in question agrees by zapping brightly.

“Weird career aspiration but okay.” Melody shrugs. “How are we supposed to find this kid?”

“My guess is he’s going to be around a bunch of Nidoran or a bunch of annoyed trainers.” Mat says with a shrug. “So we listen for sounds of aggravation.”

“BAM! Hah, atta boy there, Ziggy!” perhaps the sounds of a cheek youngster was what they were looking for. A youngster with a bad-boy looking jacket, proudly combed his pompadour-like hair after he and his partner pokemon, Ziggy the Zigzagoon made swift work of a pair of Nidoran. “That's the top percentage for ya, amirite?”

“That sounds obnoxious enough to be what we’re looking for.” Melody declares as she makes a bee-line towards the new voice with Ranger Mat trudging a few feet behind. She makes it to the top of a little hill to see a young man… combing his pompadour and-- would you look at that, battling Nidorans. This has got to be the guy. “Hey!” She calls out, giving a short wave to get the youngster’s attention. “Are you the one bothering all the Nidorans?”

“Hah? Whazzat, now?” the youngster stopped combing his hair to give the girl a sidelong look. “What’s it to ya, mate?”

Melody’s eyes narrow as she folds her arms over her chest. “You’re bothering people so much that they’re griping to the rangers.” She motions with her head towards Ranger Mat as he catches up to the two. He gives a lift of his hand that almost constitutes a wave. “So knock it off.” The teen growls.

“Are you mad?” the boy snapped. “This is our training regimen, girlie. The status of being top percentage ain’t a hunky-dory trip, let me tell ya’.”

“I’m getting there.” Melody can feel her left eye deeply considering twitching.

Mat runs a hand through his hair before giving it a shake. This is so very much not what he signed on for. “Look, kid, it’s cool that you wanna be the best and all, but you gotta… not make trouble for the rangers and tick off your fellow trainers in the process. Ya follow?”

“Pssh, who cares?” the youngster replies, burying his hands in his pockets, giving off an annoyed expression. “When I’m champ, I don’t gotta deal with all that rubbish anyway. D’you possibly know how many people will make songs about the wonder and glory of Johnny and Ziggy?”

Mat opens his mouth, seems to think better of whatever he was about to say, and takes a step back, giving a small hand motion towards Melody. Yeah. This is not in his job description.

Melody slowly balls her hands into very tight fists. “I could make a song right now about how much you don’t deserve that Zigzagoon.”

Johnny gave Melody more of a stink-eye. “...What’d you say?”

Melody’s annoyance eases as a small smirk forms. “It’ll be an Obstagoon one day, right? Someone like you can’t handle a Pokemon like that.”

“Hah, tough talk for a squirt,” Johnny replied. “But you also got spunk, girlie... I respect that, in a way. Who are you?”

“I’m Melody from Spikemuth.” That last part likely explains her interest in Zigzagoon and Obstagoon. “What are you? Besides grinding on my last nerve.”

“Name’s Johnny, top percentage of anythin’ I do,” Johnny replied firmly, giving his Zigzagoon a gentle pat on his head. “And this Zigzagoon is Ziggy, top percentage in being my partner and bro. Got a problem with that? Tough bellsprout.”

“Real original name there.” Melody rolls her eyes. “-- And what’s that even mean? Top percentage. Name one thing you’re good at besides tormenting innocent Pokemon and making life more of a bother for everyone else.”

“Heh, top percentage means top percentage, mate!” Johnny explained with a confident grin. “Lemme tell ya: one time we defeated a team who sought to use some ancient 1000 year old or whatever guy for a cannon that would destroy everythin’! And one time, we defeated a tyrant overlord to save a dimension. Now, now, this ain’t news to brag about, I know, but that’s only a taste of what it means to be top percentage. Pretty sweet, huh?”

“I really don’t see how your Dungeons and Dragonites campaign has anything to do with what we’re talking about now.” Melody says with a quirk to her eyebrow. “Look. Leave the Nidorans alone and I’ll pretend you’re not a disappointment to Piers and Jareth and the Goblin Kings.”

“Alright, alright, already you big Togepi, I get it. I’m done here anyway,” Johnny submitted in a huff. Then in his own quiet breath, “Geez, a lot less fun than that other kid…”

Melody tries to hide her surprise. She was certain this was going to come to blows-- hell, she was trying to get him to throw a punch. This was. Huh. So this is solving your problems with words. “Great. Go mess with that other kid then.”

“Wonder how she’s doin’...” Johnny mumbled to himself. He then signaled for his partner Zigzagoon, who barked in obedience. “...Yer name’s Melody, yeah? Are you a trainer too? Lemme guess: from that academy?”

“Yeah.” Melody finally lets her arms slide away from her chest and lets her fingers relax. It doesn’t look like they’re going to brawl. Shockingly he’s all talk. “Is it obvious? Do I have a post-it on my forehead?”

Johnny turned his back to her. “...When you told me that I might not be worthy of my partner pokemon, I admit, that threw me for a loop,” Johnny explained. “Maybe a long time ago, I would've believed in you just packed up and gone right home. But then… that other kid said, it don’t matter what other people think. It’s as long as you and your partner believe in each other, as friends.”

He then gave a sigh. “Alright, alright… after takin’ a deep breath and thinkin’ about it, I’m sorry fer’ pickin’ on all those NIdoran. My bad, just wanted to get stronger… so I can battle her again and prove myself.” He then gave Melody a back glance. “Hey, just to warn ya if you wanna be a champ? You seem tough, real tough, but I don’t think you can beat that kid either. Not in a million years. There’s just somethin’ about her that I… Eh, it doesn’t matter anyway; that’s what I think. Welp, see ya. C’mon, boy.” the duo then calmly left, without another word.

“Huh. Guess he’s not such a bad kid after all.” Mat points out as he stretches his arms. “Don’t know how you did it, but you struck some sorta’ soft spot.”

“Nah, I just picked at him until he gave up.” Melody answers. “... I think it was Valerie who set him straight.”


“Another girl from the academy. She’s all about… friends and junk. What he said about ‘that girl’ sounds like her.” Melody rolls her shoulders. “That was weird-- and you could have handled it yourself.”

“Eh, maybe.” Mat replies with a shrug. “But I hoped if I hung back, you really would write a song.” He grins playfully.

“I’d have to come up with something that rhymes with ‘obnoxious.’” Melody says as she watches Johnny walk off. Now she’s kind of curious. What did Val do? There had to be more than a friendship speech in there. Guess she’ll have to throw a message into the chat next time the older girl streams.

“Dooodododoodo… / Ray - quaz - a, Ray - quaz - a, / Rayquaza is gonna be a champion! Dododo…” as if the perfect timing wasn’t such a thing already… here comes a familiar pink-wearing trainer. Singing a tune with her acquired Cyndaquil and Morpeko, no doubt on her way to see Rayquaza, a pokemon rumored to be roosting on the Giant’s Seat. “Chaaaaange into a Ray - quaz - a - ful champion, toooooo… save the Galar region…”

Mat glances over his shoulder when he hears another human voice. One look at the girl and he immediately becomes pretty sure Melody has some kind of summoning powers. That's got to be this Valerie. "Hey, Mello?"

"Excuse me?"

"-dy. Is that Valerie?"

Melody turns to see one walking friendship speech and... a new friend it looks like. Good for her. While Melody wouldn't admit it, she did have something akin to respect for Valerie for having a goal and sticking with it. Even if the goal is ridiculous, she has one, which is more than Melody can really say. "... Hey, Happy." Melody raises her hand halfway before awkwardly dropping it. "... She might not see us. She lives in her own world."

“If Rayquaza could get further closer / I wonder what that would be like? / Whooo! I’d be so haaaaaappyyyy… inside my heaaaaart…” Yup, she’s in her own world. Nay, in her own universe, as she continued to trot on.

"What's that trope... crouching Persian, hidden badass?" Mat asks. There's got to be some reason why that youngster is so certain his new pal wouldn't stand a chance.

Melody shrugs. "Let her go."

"Don't you wanna--"


Mat's Rotom bursts out of his watch and zooms towards Morpeko. He knows this one!

"... Or not." Melody huffs.

“Peko?” Peko turned her attention to the incoming Rotom. She was curious about it at first, but ultimately stuck to her eating.

“Meh?” Valerie noticed that her Morpeko was lagging behind. “What’s up, Peko-sis? And… whoa is that a Rotom? And… HEY! Double-whooooa!?” Ah, now she notices Melody. “Mel-Mel! Where’d you come from? Hiii! Suuuup! Like, O-M-G, you like, teleported like an Abra or something, woooow!”

"Sweet Zamazenta I want her to be our new Champion." Mat grins.

Melody does her awkward half-wave once more. "Hey, Happy." She greets. "... We've been here. For like ten minutes. Pay attention! This place is dangerous."

"Bzzzzt! Bzzt Bzzt!" Rotom hums, electricity sparking from his body as he flies circles around the three new arrivals. The girl gives off a lot of electrical energy!

“Haaah? Dangerous?” Valerie inquired, rubbing her temple with her two index fingers. It looks like she had no idea. But perhaps… “Ooooh, Mel-Mel, are you talkin’ about those Mankey? Causeeeee Peko already dealt with them all. Like, imagine playing a game of UNO-WN and having a card that makes your opponent draw like, the entire deck. And wins you the game.”

She really doesn't know. Oh, geez, she can't let this girl keep wandering around on her own. The rangers will end up picking her out of a Nidoking's teeth. Melody begrudgingly makes her way down the hillside. "Well, yeah, Mankey, and Gurdurr, and Nidokings butting heads, and evil Mimikyus." A pokeball strapped to Melody's belt wiggles at that last part. "Lots of... stuff."

“Evil Mimikyu’s? And… lots of stuff? Hmmm… hmmm… yeah, makes sense, I guess things can be a little dangerous,” Valerie agreed a little bit too… nonchalantly. “Right, right! Your warning is all in the vault now, Mel-Mel! Buuuut we’re still gonna meet with Ray-Ray, so even if it’s dangerous, it won’t stop us cause this Val-iant gal is on FIRE!”

"Ray… Ray?" She needs a dictionary to keep up with this girl. Most of the time she can follow since she occasionally tunes in for a stream (on a different name, throwing out the occasional troll comment) but that's a new one.

“Duuuh, Mel! Rayquaza!” Valerie clarified. “I’m sooo gonna meet with Rayquaza, and become friends with it!”

Oh geez. She is going to die. Melody can only stare in disbelief. "Alone?"

"You got this, Val-iant! I'm rooting for you!" Mat calls from the little hill. Looks like she earned another fan.

“Haha! Thanks man!” Valerie called after. “Well Mel-Mel, gotta make like a Spoink and bounce… oh but WAIT, WAIT, aaah, I keep forgetting - BAM!” She got out her XTransiever. “Wanna be buddies with me? Huh? Whatddya say!?”

Well... that will probably be the quickest way to learn if she actually meets Rayquaza... or gets eaten by it. Melody kicks one of her feet back and shoves her hands into her jacket pockets to grab her phone. "Yeah, sure. Let's... do it."

“Heck yayaz! New friend for the wiiiin! Just hold still a sec…” Valerie then quickly approached Melody, wrapping her arm around her, and holding the Xtransiever so that the camera pointed to the both of them. “Alrighty, ready? Annnnnd…. Friiiiiiend… HYPE!” A new image appeared on Valerie’s Xtransiver: her new buddy Melody, a fellow aloof graduate from the academy.

“Woohoo! You and I are buddies!” Valerie cheered. “Hey! If there’s anything you need Mel-Mel, Sliiiide me a DM on Chatter anytime! Till then, lates, Mel! Ray-Ray’s awaiting, sooo I can’t drag-on here! Cyaaa!” Valerie then happily ran skippily off, with her two pokemon quickly following her behind.

If she's going to do this, she might as well do this right. Melody holds her own phone up and taps the side to activate her camera. With the hand visible on screen, she raises the classic 'rock on' symbol. She decides against smiling... the only person who could get a non-forced looking smile out of her was Elias. She doubts Val will mind, the lack of a smile fits her... aesthetic.

Once the photos are taken, Melody tucks her phone back into her pocket. She feels like she should get a pin or something now. Or she should see a little bar over her and Val's heads growing. "... Thanks. I"ll... keep that in mind. If I ever need anything." She lifts her hand up to flash the symbol once more, this time flashing a very discrete smile as Val takes off into the sunset.

"I guess... if anyone could be Rayquaza's friend, it'll be her." She thinks aloud. "Good luck... Val-Val."

"She's a breath'a fresh air." Mat says as he strides down the small hill. Two newly healed Nidorans hop along behind him.

"Bzzt bzzt!!" Rotom sparks happily.

"She's... unique alright." Melody shrugs.

Mat taps his elbow against Melody's. "Your great balls, madam." He says, holding out the three blue and white balls.

"Sweet. Thanks." Melody says as she collects the three balls and tosses them into her satchel.

"... Hey, Mello?"

Melody sighs. She's going to accept this nickname. It's easier that way. "Yeah?"

"I didn't get to see you in action or anything but... ya didn't look like you were gonna take any junk from our pal Johnny. I thought you were gonna knock his clock off when he said you'd lose to her... and ya didn't."

Melody shrugs again. "She probably could."

"You just started your journey, right? Most kids don't give up 'til Kabu at least."

"You can't give up on a goal if you don't have one." Melody taps two fingers to her head and gives a half-hearted salute. "See ya round, Ranger."

Mat huffs as the punk teen starts making her way through the grove. His Rotom zips back into his watch and he gives the screen, now Rotom's face, an affectionate tap. "Maybe they'll learn from each other. Their journey's just beginning, after all."

Melody caught... a friend?


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Rosa Valdés // 17

CHAPTER 2.7 - Red-Eyes Black-Hat

Rosa walked with the Snorunt in her arms. The Pokemon had grown restless after sitting idly by in her bag for hours on end, though it had become somewhat fascinated with the glowing stone that had been placed next to it during its slumber.

“Runt?” The Pokemon questioned, turning the small stone over in its mitts a few times. Rosa had no personal attachment to the item, so she’d allowed the icy ‘mon to have at the stone. The Snorunt had spent the past thirty minutes trying to crack the thing through various means. It’d tried biting, headbutting, throwing it against random stones, shoving it towards Rosa in hopes that she could do something about it, and everything in between.

“I don’t know either, girl.” Since they’d started the trek back to her bike, Rosa had managed to snag a reading on the Pokemon. She recalled the creature’s dex entry, wondering if the thing about being visited by a Snorunt and prospering would hold true or not.

Whether it was for prosperity’s sake or not, the gears of fate were turning, and Rosa had long since been caught up in the machinations of their unseen operator. Every piece on a chess board has its role. Every pawn has a price, for no one life in war is expendable. Every action has its reaction, and every battle has its own set of consequences and rewards regardless of its outcome.

Unbeknownst to her, Rosa was about to face her first true battle at the hands of this system.

- - - - -

The pair walked through some freshly fallen snow, finally having made it back to the place where she’d first encountered Nat. Her bike was covered by a soft and fluffy veneer of clumpless snow. Rosa placed the Snorunt on the ground, giving it time to frolic about before she had to go back in the girl’s bag.

“Fifteen minutes, alright? I know I’m not really your master, but try not to wander off too far, yeah?”

The Pokemon glanced up at her for a quick second and then nodded its head. “Runt!”

Rosa smiled. It was good to see the Pokemon having gotten over its traumatic experience so quickly. She watched as the Snorunt quickly waddled through the snow, creating a sort of maze as it circled around on itself time and time again.

The trainer dug around in her bag for a few seconds, searching for the busted styler. She looked at the device which was still crusted in a stubborn layer of dirt and dust. Luckily it had been far enough away from the Ranger’s body as to not be burnt by the Sizzlipede.

It was a newer model than what she was used to. Then again, it had been nearly eight years now since she last had the chance to hold one for herself - it would be odd for the technology to have stood stagnant while everything else in the world progressed so rapidly. Rosa pulled up the sleeve of her sweater and held the device against her right wrist.

“Doesn’t look too bad.” She let out a quick sigh as she pulled her sleeve back down. “Maybe I’ll see about getting it looked at in Motostoke. Although…”

If the device were actually registered to a deceased Ranger, it would be hard to find anyone willing to fix it. And even if they did, what would they say when they found the data stored on the device didn’t belong to her? Was she sure she even wanted to use the thing? Maybe it would have been best to just give it to Nat after all.

She shook her head. It was too early in the morning to be thinking this hard about the moral ramifications of taking the device. Her eyes felt extremely heavy, but she was dead set on getting out of the chilly climate before making camp for the night. She pulled out her Pokedex and checked the time.

“Seven ‘til five. I wonder if that Snorunt’s going to come back… it’s been thirteen minutes already.”

“Ruuuuuunt!” The Pokemon called out as it hopped through the snow back towards Rosa.

The girl smiled. This feeling wasn’t too bad. And then she noticed it. The Snorunt wasn’t hopping out of excitement or glee, but in a panic. It was trying to catch her attention. Rosa quickly reached into her pocket, pulling out one of the two balls within it for protection.

“Snorunt! What’s wrong?” Rosa called out, placing her finger lightly on the ball’s button without tapping it. She didn’t want the poor thing to get the wrong idea as it hurried back up to her.

“Runt! Runt!” The Pokemon stopped in front of her and began to jump up and down frantically. The Pokemon motioned and nudged itself back towards the direction it had come from, hoping that Rosa would take the hint and follow.

“You want me to go with you? But we just got-”

“Runt!” The Pokemon exclaimed, cutting the girl off.

“Okay, okay. I’ll come with you. I guess I need to see whatever’s got you so excited.”

But she didn’t have to go anywhere. The second she took a step in the Snorunt’s direction, she noticed what it had been pointing towards. There was a Pokemon slowly and methodically tracing the steps that the Snorunt had made in the snow when it had first run off. But… there was something odd about this Pokemon. The trainer looked closer, hoping to see what kind of Pokemon it even was.

“Isn’t that… one of your friends from before?” Rosa looked down at the Snorunt, watching as its eyes filled with tiny tears. The Pokemon vigorously shook its head in both agreement and disagreement. “I don’t really know what that means?” She said, questioningly. “So it’s not one of your friends?”

The Pokemon shook its head no.

“So it is one of your friends then.”

The Pokemon shook its head no again.

Rosa sighed. “You’re really not making this easy on me…”

The Snorunt began to shake as it quickly turned to look around it. Rosa wasn’t sure exactly what the Pokemon was searching for, but it gave up quickly enough. The Snorunt wiped its tears and then looked up at the girl.

“Runt.” The Snorunt placed the stone it had been holding down at Rosa’s feet before turning to face the approaching Snorunt. “Runt. Runt Runt Snorunt.”

“Uhhh, okay?” Rosa bent over and picked up the stone before looking up towards the two Snorunt that were now having a staring competition between them. “That Snorunt…” there was definitely something off about the Pokemon. Its eyes… its whole body… It felt like the Snorunt’s beady red eyes stared through its foe and straight into Rosa’s soul. The girl laughed uneasily as she rose to her feet. “H-heh. What’s up with that Snorunt?”

“Runt!” The Snorunt which had been travelling with Rosa stepped over to block the opposing Pokemon’s glare. She threw out her arms, making her tiny body as big as she could. “Runt! Runt Runt Runt, Snorunt!”

The opposing Pokemon smirked as an icy stream began to escape from its mouth. “Snor… Snorunt.” The red-eyed Snorunt rushed its opponent, moving much quicker than any Snorunt Rosa had seen so far. The Pokemon burst through the snow and got right into the Snorunt’s face before letting out an unsettling scream. “Runt!”

The Snorunt which was blocking the path to Rosa flinched, taking a small step backwards as it slightly recoiled from what it had expected to be a physical attack.

“Runt.” The Pokemon whispered in a mocking tone. The icy stream which had been flowing lightly from its mouth thickened into a powerful Frosty Breath attack which forced the opposing Snorunt hurtling backwards.

The Snorunt bounced against Rosa, knocking her off her feet and into the snow. “Ow!” she exclaimed instinctually. Her gaze slowly raised to meet the opposing Snorunt’s, who was now standing over her. The Pokemon grinned evilly, its red piercing eyes beating into hers. There was an apparent blackish-red aura around the Pokemon which the girl had only just noticed.

“Runt Runt.” The Snorunt whispered as it reeled its head back. The frost built up around the Pokemon’s mouth as it inhaled deeply, ready to release the final blow. Rosa fumbled around her pocket in a daze.

This was it. A point blank attack from a deranged Pokemon. This was all that her life had come to. Everything she was, that she’d hoped to be, that she would have liked to learn and experience… it was all moot. The girl closed her eyes, her fingers only having just brushed against the ball in her pocket as the Pokemon began to bring its head down. There was nothing to do now but accept it.

“Ruuuunt!” The Snorunt cried out as it bashed into the red-eyed Pokemon. The poor thing’s body was covered in a frost which had caused the snow around it to freeze together and stick to its body. The Pokemon lumbered towards the deranged Pokemon, wincing in pain with each step. “Runt.” The Pokemon shook its head. “Runt Runt Runt.”

The red-eyed Snorunt wiped the frost from around its mouth and grinned. “Ruuunt.”

The Snorunt got up in the face of the red-eyed Pokemon, taking in a long, deep breath with each step that it used to close the distance between it and it’s foe. “Runt!” The Pokemon screamed out, hoping to get a similar reaction from the Astonishing move as its opponent had gotten from it previously.

“Ru-Ru-Ru.” The Pokemon chuckled as it rose to its feet. “Snooorunt.” The Pokemon doubled itself, and then doubled again, and again. In just a few seconds, the red-eyed Pokemon had surrounded the Snorunt with body doubles. “Snorunt.” A black, Shadowy Ball appeared between the Pokemons’ hands. “Snor-Snor.”

The Snorunt’s eyes widened as it was struck from all directions with the attack. Only one of the moves damaged it however, sending it tumbling off into the distance due to the direct hit. The deranged Snorunt turned slowly, dispelling its doubles as it met Rosa’s eyes again.

“Snoooorunt.” It whispered. “Snooooorunt.” The Pokemon took a step closer. “Snoooor-”

Rosa gripped the ball in her pocket and quickly tossed it out. “No!” She screamed.

“Muuuunchlax.” The Pokemon burst free from its ball and looked around. “Munch?” It questioned, chewing on the leftovers in its mouth.

“That Snorunt… it tried to protect me. Even though I’d barely even done anything for it. We have to make things right Ezra! You have to beat that red-eyed Snorunt so we can heal the other one!”

“Munch.” The Pokemon looked disappointed.

“If you win, I’ll be sure to buy you something good in Motostoke.”

“Munch?” The Pokemon’s eyes lit up as it turned its attention to the Snorunt in front of it. “Munch.” Ezra grinned wide as it intertwined its claws. “Muuunchlax.”

The Snorunt grinned. “Snorunt? Snorunt, Runt Runt.”

“Munchlax?” The Pokemon exclaimed, taking a step back.

“Runt.” The Snorunt’s grin changed to a grimace as it took a step forward.

“Munch.” Ezra shrugged. “Munchlax… munch.”

The Snorunt’s grimace faded as it stopped in its tracks. “S-Snorunt?”

“Munch.” Ezra stated firmly.

Rosa stared in utter confusion as the two Pokemon had their whole back and forth. “What even is going on here,” she muttered to herself before slapping her cheeks. “Get it together, Ezra!”

“Munch munch!” The Pokemon waved its arm over its head without looking back.

“Snorunt.” The Pokemon lowered its head, having lost some of its previous confidence.

“Ezra, that Snorunt should be slightly weakened from the fight it had with Snorunt earlier! But don’t get caught off guard, its got some dirty tricks up its sleeves and its attacks are strong!”

“Munch?” Ezra questioned, tilting her head slightly as she looked at the Snorunt’s body. “M-muuuunch?”

The Snorunt sighed. “Snor. Snorunt, Runt.” The Pokemon motioned towards Rosa before spitting on the ground. “Runt.”

“Munch!” Ezra shouted, baring her teeth at the Snorunt.

The red-eyed Pokemon smiled and then beckoned Ezra to come at it. “Runt.”

“Munch!” Ezra rushed at the Snorunt, baring its teeth and ready to strike.

The Snorunt dodged out of the way of the slow-moving Pokemon and lashed at its fatty back with an Icy Wind. The Munchlax swung around, throwing its tongue out to Lick the Pokemon as it retreated. The Snorunt tumbled over, wiping the spit off in the snow before being Tackled deeper into the snow.

“Munch!” Ezra called out in between its successive Bites across the Snorunt’s body.

“Runt!” The Pokemon refused, blowing its Frosty Breath against the Munchlax’s face each time it pulled back to attack again.

“This is looking bad…” Rosa muttered as she felt around in her pocket for the other ball. It might be kind of cheap to go two on one, but this Snorunt was too strong to leave to just one of her team. “Wyatt… we need your help.” Rosa tapped the button on the ball and then released the Whismur into the snow at her feet.

“Whis?” The Pokemon asked quietly.

Rosa nodded her head. “A sneak attack. The Snorunt’s attention is solely on Ezra right now. You can sneak up and finish the job. You’re both too weak to do this on your own, but if… we… act together…” her words slowed as began to mull over the meaning of her own speech.

Wyatt wasted no time, however. The Pokemon had gained a small amount of confidence over the past few days. Now it had the chance to act on that confidence and help out not only its master, but a partner. The Whismur quietly waddled over towards the trench that Ezra had pushed the Snorunt into.

“Whis…” Wyatt whispered to itself as it made it to the edge of the pit.

The Pokemon watched the reciprocative attacks between the two. Each blow seemed to wear the other out more and more, and despite the intensity of Ezra’s attacks, it was slowly becoming apparent that the speed advantage of the Snorunt would see it win out before the Munchlax could land the finishing blow.

It was up to Wyatt to end this, just as Rosa had said. The Pokemon glanced over at its trainer who was lost in thought. The Whismur nodded its head, taking the girl’s words to heart. It was strong. It was powerful. Its voice was its greatest strength, and with it, it could avenge its friend.

Wyatt leapt into the crevice, landing squarely on Ezra’s back. The two Pokemon immediately looked up at the new addition. Ezra’s eyes widened, realizing what was about to come. The Munchlax ran through an array of emotions in the span of a second before landing on acceptance. She wrapped her arms around the red-eyed Snorunt and closed her eyes, ready for what was to come.

Wyatt reeled back, opening its ears and taking in a massive breath. “Whiiiiiiiiis!”

The two Pokemon shuddered. The Disarming Voice continued as Wyatt reeled. The Pokemon pushed itself to its limit, crying out to the point that it passed out from lack of oxygen. The Whismur wheezed as it struggled to refill its body. Rosa, having been snapped out of her daze, rushed over to the pit to check on the Pokemon. Both Munchlax and Snorunt were out cold, but Wyatt was still sitting there shaking as it tried to regain control over itself.

Rosa reached out and pressed the pokeball against Ezra before scooping up Wyatt. “You both did so well.” she cooed softly.

“Snor…” the Snorunt which had been travelling with her crawled through the frostbitten grass to the edge of the hole. The Pokemon looked up at Rosa with tears in its eyes. “Snorunnt.” The Pokemon cried as it fell into the hole. The Pokemon caressed the face of the red-eyed Pokemon, and then rested their heads against each other.

“Is that… one of your friends?” Rosa asked, placing Wyatt back in his ball.

The Snorunt looked up at her, its eyes heavy and its body weak. “Snooor.”

Rosa nodded her head. She only had one of the herbs, but she’d be able to carry the red-eyed Pokemon with her to a healing station. The trainer fumbled through her bag for a few seconds before pulling the herb out. She crushed it up between her hands and then reached out towards the Snorunt that she’d been travelling with.

“Snor.” The Pokemon swatted away Rosa’s hand.

“It’ll make you feel better. Remember how it helped the Snorunt yesterday? It’s good for you, even if it tastes bad.”

The Pokemon shook its head. “Snorunt.” It rolled over on its side and motioned towards the red-eyed Pokemon. “Runt.”

Rosa looked at the Pokemon with a confused expression. “Are you sure?”

The Pokemon nodded. “Sn- Snorunt.” It reached back out towards the Pokemon’s face, rubbing its little hand against the attacker’s peak.

Rosa shrugged. “I guess I can carry you with me until we get to healing instead…”

“Runt.” The Pokemon shook its head. “R-Runt.” It motioned towards Rosa’s pocket which held the two filled balls.

The girl reached into her pocket and held out Ezra’s ball. “You want this?”

The Pokemon nodded. “Runt.” It motioned lethargically between the herb and the red-eyed Pokemon, as well as between itself and the pokeball.

Rosa shook her head. “We only stayed together because-”

“Runt!” The Pokemon cried out at the girl. Its eyes were filling with tears and it had begun to shake. “Runt… Runt, Snorunt.” It shook its head slowly before looking over at the red-eyed Pokemon. “Snorunt, Snor-runt.”

Rosa nodded her head in understanding. “Alright… I got it.” The girl reached out and lifted up the red-eyed Snorunt. She cradled the Pokemon in her arms and gingerly fed it the crushed herb. “Come on, eat it all up.”

The Pokemon slowly opened its eyes as it munched on and swallowed the herb. “R-runt?” The Pokemon questioned as it rolled out of Rosa’s arms. As it hit the icy ground, something fell off of the Pokemon. “Runt?” The Snorunt looked around and then gazed into the hole where the other Snorunt lay. “R-R-Runt?” The Pokemon’s eyes filled with tears as it gazed back up at Rosa. “Snorunt.” The Pokemon shook its head before taking off back in the direction it had come from.

Rosa reached back into the hole and pulled out the Snorunt that she’d been travelling with until now. The two watched as the other Snorunt rushed off back into the treeline. The trainer pulled out an empty pokeball and held it up to the Pokemon in her off hand.

“Are you sure about this?”

“Runt.” The Pokemon nodded as it closed its eyes.

Rosa smiled, happy that she was able to have a consensual capture with such a quirky Pokemon. “Alright. In that case, I welcome you to the team, Yzma.”

The girl pressed the ball against the smiling Snorunt. The ball glowed and shook in her hands a few times before finally making a clicking sound. As much as she wanted to sit around and celebrate her first real victory in battle, she needed to get the Snorunt taken care of. As it stood, Wyatt was the only Pokemon in her party still relatively healthy.

Rosa turned to walk back towards her bike as she stepped on something and nearly slid out into a full on leg split. “What the heck?” She muttered as she pushed herself up out of the snow. She reached over after getting to her feet, picking up the clump of material. “Is this what fell off of that Snorunt from before?” She looked the item over for a few seconds and then shook her head, putting it into her bag with the rest of her random items. “Guess I have two things I need to have looked at in Motostoke now.”

- ₽20
- Notebook and Pen
- 3 Pokéballs
- Galarian Pokédex V. 8
- Rosa's ATC
- Old Rod
- Simon's Knit Wooloo Sweater
- Rotom Brand Electric Bike
- Dawn Stone
- Wishing Piece
- Busted Styler


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Achille Béringer || 18 || ♂️
Location: Wild Area (Lake Miloch)
Current Status: Somehow colder and wetter.

Joiuse - Shadow Sneak, Fury Cutter, Autotomize, Metal Sound, Block, Aerial Ace
Proudhon - Tackle, Splash, Thrash
Alizé - Absorb, Tackle, Gust, Supersonic, Double Team, Wing Attack

Snow whipped around painfully around Achille, the chill in the wind stinging his eyes and nose. He’d had enough of the cold already, but sucking it up and trudging through the blizzard was the fastest way out of the Giant’s Seat and back on the path to Motostoke. So he clenched his fist tighter inside his pocket and trudged on, ignoring the nagging voice in the back of his head telling him to be afraid of the snow after the last incident.

Clinging to his back underneath his jacket collar was Alizé. The little bat had crawled up there while he was disassembling the tent and refused to leave. Although he had been initially hesitant to become the tiny pokemon’s trainer, her instant and often very literal attachment to him did make her an ideal teammate in the bonds sense. She would need work on the independence and self-confidence side though.

Only inches behind him was Joiuse. The Honedge matched his pace carefully and watched the snow from behind his shoulder. It hardly needed mentioning that the paranoid ghost-type did not approve of the limited visibility right now. Still, Achille was happy to have her next to him in these muk conditions. She was jumpy, but had good sense for a sword.

A strong wind blew across the field suddenly. Achille raised his arms in front of his face to stop both the piercing cold wind and the fat snowflakes being pushed along “Putain de Merde!”

“Hooonnne.” Joiuse chided, barely audible over the wind. Okay… Achille was mostly happy to have her along right now.

The wind began to die down, and Achille could check his surroundings again. The bridge over Lake Miloch was just visible several yards away; an indication he was still on the right track to escaping his bleeding storm.

Da-ru… Ma-ka...

Something was audible over in the distance, but just barely. Achille had to squint to make out anything, but there was a shape running across the bridge. Whatever it was happened to be pretty small. Achille felt no danger in walking closer to get a better look.

Daru… Maka… Da-ru...

As he got closer to the bridge he began to make out the shape and sound better. The tiny shape looked to be a white, circular Pokemon running with a disk like object. It also appeared to be running across the bridge, which made Achille stop his approach. What is it running from? The voice was still largely lost in the wind, but he was beginning to be able to hear distinct sounds.

Ma-ka… Daru? The Pokemon could now see him as well. Achille could now identify the little ice-type pokemon as a Darumaka, something he recalled looks completely different in Galar compared to the ones back home in Kalos and those in Unova. The tiny monkey-like pokemon continued it’s hustle across the snowy landscape while clutching a black record-like device.

Once the Darumaka got close enough, it jumped onto Achille’s leg and quickly scurried up the young man. Climbing around and onto his back, the Darumaka ultimately decided to stay behind Achille’s shoulder, opposite of Joiuse. Achille reached back to prevent Joiuse from making any rash decisions, gently guiding her in front of him and away from the newfound passenger.

“I want to see what’s chasing it,” He reassured the Honedge. Her wary glances towards the ice-type told Achille he made the correct call in moving her in front. He felt a rustle under his collar and heard several angry “Noi, Noi, Noi”s; Alizé was not too happy about the Darumaka’s sudden appearance either from the sound of things.

Achille shushed both of his pokemon and gestured towards the bridge. A distinctly human shaped figure started crossing from the other side, stopping upon seeing Achille. The figure watched for a second, then continued towards the trainer at a slow, but steady rate. As it neared, Achille was able to make out features like a pristine, all-black suit underneath a heavy black coat. The man was tall and lean, easily towering a good half-foot or more over the teen. Despite the ongoing blizzard the man’s salt-and-pepper hair was flawlessly combed back. Achille also noticed the man’s nose was crooked and bent, likely from multiple fractures, as well as a faded scar on his upper lip.

Something about the man set off warning bells in Achille’s head. Likely his cold, gray eyes, narrowed in on him like a hawk on the hunt.

“Good evening trainer,” the man said, just loud enough to be heard over the blizzard. “Hand over the Darumaka and the technical record, then be on your way.”

“And why should I?” Achille shouted back. “It doesn’t seem like your pokemon, and you don’t look like you’re trying to catch it. Who are you anyways? Ranger? Aether? Plasma?”

“None of that concerns you,” the stranger shouted back. His previously stone cold expression was starting to show a touch of annoyance at the pushback. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a pair of strange pokeballs. These were a dark steel color with an odd black spiral on the exterior. “Now, hand over the Darumaka, child. That is a command and not a request.”

“Now I’m definitely not handing it over, léche-cul.”

“It’s a shame when children are hurt on the job,” the man said coldly, his eyebrow twitching a bit at the insult but otherwise not visibly reacting. He released the pokemon inside of them, revealing a lethargic and emotionless Bergmite and Darmanitan. “But I suppose this will prove a proper lesson on sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.”

Something about the way the two pokemon were acting caused Achille’s stomach to sink. He felt the Darumaka grip the back of his jacket and looked back to see it staring at the Darmanitan. From behind his head the flapping of wings told him that Alizé had taken flight, with Joiuse now in a defensive position as well.

“Very well then. Number Two and Number Three, use Power Snow.”

At the man’s command the two Pokemon robotically opened their mouth and let loose a full powered Powder Snow aimed directly at Achille’s group. Achille jumped to the side while Alizé and Joiuse flew away from the attack.

The Darumaka jumped off of Achille’s back. The small monkey launched its own Powder Snow and charged the Bergmite. The stranger gave a command to dodge, which the Bergmite dutifully did. Achille pushed himself up and formulated a quick strategy.

“Alizé, you’re with me. Joiuse, I’m trusting you to mostly be on your own. Get hits where you can, but I want you to support me and Darumaka.” The Honedge took off towards a position between both Bergmite and Darmanitan. Achille took off towards the Darmanitan with Alizé right behind him. “Alizé, start us with a gust!”

“Dodge it Two.” The suit-clad man interjected quickly. “Use Curse, Three.” A small gale of cutting wind was formed by the Noibat’s wings, but the Darmanitan was able to roll away from the worst of it. Snow was flung around from the impact of the wind, creating a very short lived smoke screen. Joiuse finally reached her position between the two battles and let loose a horrible Metal Sound into the smokescreen.

On the other side of the battlefield the Bergmite’s eyes began to glow with a purple aura as it’s moves grew even more sluggish. The Darumaka jumped at the Bergmite, but it’s tackle didn’t appear to have much impact on the now “curseified” Bergmite.

“What the psyduck did you do to them?” Achille demanded. “Why are they so lifeless? Why are you just calling them by a number? Who the psyduck are you?” In his rage he nearly forgot to give a command to Alizé, and the Noibat just hung in the air awaiting an order. “Alizé keep using Gust, don’t let it get close.”

The bat’s wings beat even faster, sending more waves of cutting wind into the snowy smokescreen. Meanwhile the Darumaka continued it’s assault. The monkey rained multiple bites on the Bergmite, but the attacks appeared to have difficulty breaking through the icy mites armor. The gust assault on the Darmanitan continued as a glow within the snow slowly grew in intensity. The glow reached a critical mass and then exploded, clearing the smokescreen. At the center of the explosion was the Darmanitan, except instead of the jolly afro’d ape it now looked like a two faced snowman with a pillar of flame for a nose. Despite the energy pouring out of the pokemon its face didn’t reflect the energetic rage he expected, it just stayed the same blank stare.

“As I said, child, none of that concerns you. Close the distance Two and Ice Punch. Three, Rapid Spin the pest off of you.”

Muk, Alizé is extra weak to that. Achille realized that a full powered punch from the Darmanitan would probably take the Noibat out of the fight. “Try to dodge it Alizé!”

The Darmanitan suddenly leapt towards Alizé with its hidden legs, surprisingly quickly. The ape’s arm emerged from the body of the snowman, its fist covered with snow from the body. The little bat flapped as hard as she could, but she couldn’t generate enough force to escape her foe’s attack. Achille winced as he realized the Darmanitan and Noibat were on a collision course.

A blur shot out from the side and intercepted the fist before it could make contact with Alizé. The bat remained floating, the ape fell to the ground, and the blur was spiked into the snow. The piled up snow prevented Achille from seeing who took the attack, but he had to hurry to take advantage of the situation. “Hit it with Supersonic, quickly!”

Alizé returned to a glide, closing her eyes and pointing her ears at the emotionless pokemon. An ear-piercing tone came from the speaker-like indents in her ears. Achille and the stranger covered their ears in pain, and the Darmanitan began to look unsteady on his feet. A few feet away a silent Joiuse emerged from the snow, brushing off flakes of frost with her ribbon-arm. “Oh merde, good save!” The Honedge flashed a thumbs up, then sped off to assist the Darumaka.

The Bergmite pulled its legs close to its body and began to spin on the ground. The Darumaka had to stop its bites to even hold on. Darumaka’s grip gave out after a few revolutions at max velocity. The tiny monkey was thrown off the Bergmite and bounced a few times before standing and slapping his face a few times, a Work Up move.

“Tch, let’s try that again,” the suited man scolded. He pinched the bridge of his battered nose with a frown, but his frustration had still not become outright anger. “Tackle the target, Three. Two, hit the interloper this time.”

Alizé looked ready to dodge this time, darting back and forth in the air rapidly. The Darmanitan wobbled on its feet, barely able to follow the rapid bat. Perfect, he’s absolutely bewildered. “Try to pick up the pace, Double Team!” The bat accelerated further, becoming a blur and eventually appearing as three different bats flying in a twisted pattern through the air. The Darmanitan clenched its fist, but couldn’t focus its eyes onto a single target. The burning snowman tried to leap at its target again, and stumbled from its vertigo. The pokemon ended up spinning around and flailing its arms, accidentally hitting itself and crumpling into a pile.


A cry came from Achille’s left. The Darumaka and the Bergmite were quickly closing the distance for a mutual tackle. The Darumaka’s face livid with anger while the Bergmite remained a blank canvas. The two collided, each ending up an immovable object to the other’s unstoppable force. Darumaka wrapped its arms around his foe, and the two continued their sumo match, digging their feet into the ground. The tiny monkey found a grip on the ice chunk and redoubled its efforts.

“...dar...ru...MAKA!” The pokemon shouted, actually managing to lift the Bergmite a few inches off the ground. With a grunt it launched the helpless Bergmite a few feet into the air and was thrown onto its back by the exerted force. The triangular pokemon reached the apex of its flight about six feet in the air, and began his descent to the ground. There was a loud swish as Joiuse flew in from the sidelines with a timely Aerial Ace. The sword pokemon’s sheathed blade spiked the Bergmite into the ground, kicking up a small explosion of snow.

Snapping his attention back to his own battle, Achille realized the Darmanitan wasn’t even able to stand back up. The snowman struggled to stand upright again, falling under the weight of its “head”. The snowman’s flame cleared the snow in sweeping lines as it stumbled about. Finally the disoriented pokemon crashed onto its back, where it finally dropped its arms and stopped moving.

“Yeah, how do you like that, grosse merde?” Achille pumped his fist at the victory. Sure, they appeared weaker than normal, but he beat a full grown Darmanitan with a young Noibat. “Now why don’t you psyduck off and leave or send out something stronger next time?” He pointed his finger at the stranger and smirked. Joiuse moved in front of him again, floating between him and the stranger while the Darumaka and Alizé continued to stare the man down from their position.

The stranger withdrew both Darmanitan and Bergmite to the strange pokeballs, causing Achille to grit his teeth and Darumaka to angrily begin another charge. The man didn’t react to the threat and returned the black pokeballs to his coat pocket. His mouth twitched into a smirk as he reached inside of his suit and withdrew another black pokeball, but with the yellow stripes that Achille was used to. A normal Ultra Ball. The Darumaka stopped the charge upon seeing the new pokeball, huffing for breath and creating little water-vapor clouds with each exhale.

“If that is what you want, then we can end the play time early.” The tall stranger bounced the expanded pokeball in his hand a few times, and Achille wondered if it would be a normal pokemon that emerged from it. Before that question could be answered though, the man raised his hand to his ear and covered it from the wind. “Now?” He demanded into the earpiece Achille didn’t even notice before. “Fine, I’m on my way back. I’ve bagged a few.”

Without a further word the man turned around and began heading back over the bridge.

“Where the psyduck do you think you’re going?!” Achille shouted, who the psyduck was he to issue a challenge like that and then run away. “Not going to back up all your connerie?”

The man stopped and turned his head, but didn’t meet the teen’s eyes. “Try to stop me if you want. We’ll see if that was… ahem… bullmuk or not.” Then he continued on his way. Achille grit his teeth and clenched his fist, but didn’t give chase. The Darumaka also growled in frustration, but did not follow. Soon the strange man disappeared into the storm, and Achille exhaled the breath he had been holding since the man looked back. Psyduck that guy’s smile is unsettling.

His reflection was cut short by the sudden fuzzball attached to his cheek. Alizé had dived at him as soon as the danger had passed, clinging onto his face before dropping down to his shoulder. “Yes, you did a good job.” He assured the Noibat, smiling at the bat and scratching her head with the tip of his index finger. Alizé happily squeaked before crawling back towards his collar and returning to her spot in his jacket.

“Oh, and Joiuse,” Achille said, acknowledging the Honedge in front of him, “great job today. Thank you for the save earlier.” The sword just did her nodding motion in acknowledgement and returned turned towards the Darumaka, who was staring dejectedly at the bridge.

“So, I don’t know who those were to you,” Achille said, kneeling down next to the pokemon. It looked back at him, but didn’t otherwise move. “I do know you probably won’t find that guy again staying here though.” He let his words sink in for the pokemon as he reached for an empty pokeball. Psyduck it, I’ve already picked up one partner because I felt sorry for them.

He pulled out a normal red and white pokeball, expanding it to capture size and setting it in the snow next to him. The Darumaka looked at the pokeball, then Achille, and then repeated the cycle a few times.

“Look, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. I will be going all over Galar for the League Challenge. I’ll meet a lot of people out there. I’m not saying we even have a good chance of finding him, but I think it’s better than hoping he comes back here.”


“If it means anything, I’m pretty impressed with your fight there. I think we’ll work well together.”


The Darumaka looked back at the bridge and sighed. It pushed itself back to its feet and faced Achille, picking up the pokeball. It raised the pokeball over its head and dropped it, causing the ball to open. Darumaka disappeared into the pokeball and it fell back to the ground, giving a few weak wiggles. The capture confirmation sounded before the pokeball burst open again, releasing the now captured Darumaka.


“Good to have you aboard… Ignace.”

New Pokemon:

Male // Inner Focus
Powder Snow // Tackle // Taunt // Bite // Avalanche // Work Up

Got Item
TR: Rock Tomb

Pokéball x2
Old Rod
TR: Rock Tomb


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Catherine Carlisle
18 | Female | From Wyndon
Indra (Male, Swift Swim) - Rain Dance, Hypnosis, Bubblebeam, Double Slap, Mud Shot, Refresh
Stampede (Male, Swift Swim) - Water Gun, Smokescreen, Twister, Focus Energy, Dragon Breath

Heroes of a Sort

“Who the hell are you?” One of the punk wannabe trainers demanded.

Catherine sighed. “A reluctant interloper apparently.”

Her Horsea had forced the Krabby and Sandile back as she and Indra had climbed down. Now she was standing between the two trainers and the injured, growling Manectric. It was a very surreal experience and she felt as though she hadn’t quite figured out how she got there, but there she was.

“We saw it first, shove off.” The second of the trainers punctuated that sentence with a rude hand gesture.

“Yeah!” His twin added.

Catherine looked the two of them over again, shaking her head like a disappointed parent. “Honestly, I wish I could, but my Horsea here likes to play hero.”

“If you know what’s good for you, drag that little runt off.”

“Look,” Catherine replied exasperatedly, “That’s not going to happen. So just make this easier on all of us and leave. I’m not in the mood for asking twice.”

“Psyduck this. Claws, use Metal Claw!”

The attack came with little warning, but it wasn’t exactly unexpected. The Krabby rushed forward, one of its pincers shining with a silvery, metallic sheen. It shot its claw forward like a piston towards Catherine’s Horsea… and hit nothing.

The Horsea easily dodged the attack, hopping to the side with much greater speed - it was still raining after all and Catherine had come to the conclusion that, like Indra, it had the Swift Swim Ability.

“Horsea - ugh you need a name,” Catherine started to command, “Stampede, I guess, use Dragon Breath!”

There was a moment of delay, Stampede taking a second to realise he’d just grown a name out of nowhere, then he retaliated. At close range, he blasted Claws the Krabby with a torrent of violet, sending the other Water type tumbling back towards its trainer.

“Snapper, get in there with Bite!” The Sandile rushed in now, running past his partner in an attempt to slam his jaws shut on Stampede.

“Indra, Bubblebeam!” Catherine interjected, taking advantage of the pair’s focus on her Horsea.

Snapper lunged for Stampede, but just before the Ground type could reach him, a surge of high-pressure bubble bombarded him and Indra’s attack smashed him to the side.

“I have more than one Pokemon you know,” Catherine said dryly. She wasn’t sure if it was just because she had been to a formal trainer’s school or what, but the way the twins battled seemed pretty sloppy to her. “Honestly, you’re lucky this Manectric is injured or you’d both be toast right now.”

“Shut up, rattata!” One of the twins snarled.

“Yeah, we’re going to catch that thing and use it to get a gym challenge recommendation. We’re going to be famous!” The other one added.

Catherine scowled at the disgusting pair before her. “So you were going to take advantage of its injury and then leave its egg behind? Is that about it?”

“What of it?”

“Nothing much, just that the both of you are repulsively selfish,” Catherine said, “Stampede, Water Gun on the Sandile.”

Much quicker on the uptake this time, the Horsea leapt up high and unleashed a powerful stream of water at Snapper. With a sharp command, Claws moved in front of the Ground type to shield it from the super-effective attack, being knocked back by the force of Stampede’s attack.

“Indra, Bubble Beam!”

“Poli!” Indra cried out determinedly, releasing another potent Bubble Beam at the opposing Sandile. Snapper was too slow to avoid the attack and was send flying past his trainer by the barrage of bubbles.

“Get your muk together, Snapper!”

“Claws, Razor Shell!”

The Krabby charged forwards again, a jagged blue glow encasing one of his Pincers. He tried to slash Indra, but the Poliwag skipped out the way with a giggle. The Krabby continued to ineffectually swipe at Indra, but with Swift Swim in play, was far too slow.

“Dragon Breath, Stampede.”

The Horsea interjected, ducking under one of Claw’s wild Razor Shell attacks and getting in front of Indra. He then, at close range, unleashed his flame-like Dragon Breath. Claws was catapulted by the force of the attack.

“Dig!” Snapper’s trainer commanded. His Sandile obeyed, diving into the ground like it was a pond and leaving a hole behind. “Not so great now that you don’t know where we’re coming from, are you?!”

Catherine didn’t respond. She was focused on the ground, looking for any sign of the incoming attack.

“Don’t get distracted, Claws, Razor Shell!”

The Krabby charged forward again.

“Indra, Double Slap!”

Catherine barely looked up from the ground as Indra easily intercepted Claw, twirling past his Razor Shell and repeatedly smashing the Krabby into the ground with his tail.

“Now, Snapper, get the Manectric!”

Catherine whirled around, she had been so focused on her opponents she hadn’t even been thinking about what the Manectric had been doing. Snapped exploded out of the ground, slamming into the Manectric’s injured leg and knocking it off its feet. The Manectric howled in pain and fury.

“Water Gun, Stampede!”

“Into the hole, Snapper!”

Snapper dove into the hole, avoiding Stampede’s attack.

“Great idea.” Catherine smirked, “Into the hole, Stampede.”

Without a moment of hesitation, the Horsea hopped into the hole in pursuit of Snapper. A moment later, a faint rumbling was heard as violet light flashed out of both ends of the Sandile’s tunnel.

The rumbling stopped, then immediately started again as a narrow geyser erupted out of the Sandile’s original entry point, Snapper flying out of the hole with it and landing unconscious next to the pair of trainers.

Stampede hopped out triumphantly soon after, turning his attention to Indra and Claws just in time to witness a counter attack.


The Krabby began to shake, wiggle and thrash wildly. Indra was buffeted by the attack and knocked rolling back towards Catherine. Stampede hopped forward to take up the fight.

Then a bolt of lighting dropped from the sky with an ear-splitting, thunderous sound and bathed the area in bright yellow light. The surprise Thunder attack struck Claws and immediately took the Krabby out of the battle, leaving him knocked out in the middle of a smoky crater.

The injured Manectic limped forward, electricity crackling over her body as he growled low and viciously. The twins backed away, recalling their fallen Pokemon.

“Try saying your sorry, maybe she’ll pretend you mean it,” Catherine offered.

The Manectric growled again and the twins decided to forgo the suggestion and immediately took off at a run.

Catherine watched them go, sighing to herself as the distance between the siblings and her increased. She turned and looked down at the Manectric. “Well uh, that’s that. I guess your egg is safe.”

The Manectric snorted, turning around and hobbling back towards its nest. Catherine was about to comment on how ungrateful that was when, suddenly, Indra interrupted her.


It was a tone she hadn’t really heard yet. Similar to the familiar sound she had come to associate with confusion. It took a moment before Catherine decided it was surprise. But what was so surprising?

The answer came when she looked back towards the Manectric and saw it moving back towards her with its egg gently grasped in its mouth. It placed the egg in front of her and then stepped back.

“Oh no,” Catherine said, understanding dawning on her, “Absolutely not. I’m not raising your egg for you. You can do just fine a job of keeping it safe on y-”

She was cut off by the Manectric growling at her and nudging the egg forward towards her.

“Oh fine.”

Spoiler: Inventory
- Expensive PokeGear
- Pokedex
- 800 Poke (On ATC)
- Egg

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Pia McGuire
Wild Area - Rolling Fields

Chapter 2-1 / Two birds with one stone

Pia sighed at the sight of a wide open field with several small forests, huge and small lakes and icy mountains. What a day this had been. Graduating from trainer's school, receiving a Pokémon, bonding with said Pokémon, going on a train, meeting her humiliation and on top of that the girl with her Pichu only just now arrived in the wild area that they would have to travel through to get to Motostoke. Thankfully they only had to get through a certain part. While Milla looked very excited, Pia was less ecstatic about the idea. Not that she hated being outside, it was knowing that she might had to sleep in the wilderness with wild Pokémon ready to prey on her petite figure and her even smaller Pokémon companion.

As the pair made their way through the grassy fields, occasionally seeing the sight of a pack of Bunnelby hopping around in search for food, Pia reminisced on the situation that unfolded on the train. She was so hasty in leaving after losing like that, that she conveniently forgot to pay Aeliana her winner's money. She didn't want to say that was her reason for leaving so quickly... But it was one of her reasons for leaving so quickly. She opened her purse and counted the Poké dollars that she still had. The amount was 450... not an awful lot but considering Pia was born and raised in poverty, this was already a lot of money to her. Yet she knew she wouldn't come far with this amount. It was nearly enough to afford a room in a cheap inn or Pokémon center. Pia was a good actress, she could act like a damsel in distress to get them to offer a room for a cheaper amount. She'll just act like she never knew any comfort! Which... isn't entirely lied.

"Hey you!" The girl suddenly heard a few meters away from her. It seems like she was so lost in thought that she didn't realise she was coming across a trainer. "Yeah you!" The boy called out again at Pia. The girl in question raised an eyebrow at the young man with seemingly no manners or social abilities to know that what he was doing was pretty rude.

"You has a name. It's Pia. Can I help you?" The girl tried her best not to sneer back at the boy but she did sound rather strict which startled him.

"A-As a matter of fact, Yes!" He bowed a few times in front of her. "I'm sorry, mi- I mean Pia! My name is Kit!" The boy hastily said. "I've been trying to catch a Pokémon for a few days now but I haven't been able to catch a single one! I've lured them with berries, I tried to make booby traps with pit falls and! and! I also tried to call for them! Nothing is working! I saw your Pichu and I thought... maybe you can help me!" Kit clasped his hands together and with a shimmer of hope appearing in his golden brown eyes, he pleaded.

"I-I see..." Pia eased her composure and glanced at Milla. The Pichu raised her shoulders and tilted her head. She could only guess she was waiting on what Pia would decide. Seeing how it was already pretty late in the evening and the pair still had to search for a roof above their head for the night so Pia's first thought was to refuse. For that reason she turned around and waved. "I"m sorry but I'm rather bu-"

"I'll pay you 500 Pokédollars and.... and!" Kit yelled, squabbling with his arms in an attempt to stop her.

Pia's eyes spoke a trilogy of books hearing the sound of Pokédollars... and a generous amount too for just showing someone how to catch a Pokémon. She immediately turned around with the brightest of smiles and thumbs towards herself.

"Alright, Kit. Sounds like you got yourself a teacher." She exclaimed. Milla facepalmed at the sight of her trainer changing her mind so quickly over money.

"Awesome!" Kit cheered.

Spoiler: Inventory
  • ₽450
  • 5x Pokéball
  • Galarian Pokédex
  • Xtransceiver
  • Broken Flashlight

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