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Hi all!

Started by nimi31 June 26th, 2019 2:36 AM
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on limited activity until December !

Castle of the Crystal
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Welcome to PokéCommunity!

I also became a proper fan around 2010, playing Pearl and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. :) Have you ever played one of those games?

And I have to agree about Absol—such a cool choice, with an awesome Mega to top it all off! Gen 3 brought great things to the franchise! Previous Generations is the perfect place to talk about it with other fans. ^__^

Speaking of which, what are your thoughts on Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
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Laverre City
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Hi there Nimi! Welcome to PC! Absol is a wonderful favorite Pokemon and honestly seems like a pretty top contender for favorite across the entire forum! Have you played any generations after RSE? Are you excited for SWSH? :)

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